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  1. I am really liking him and his game play. Subject to change at anytime.
  2. I hope they listen to her. She has it figured out. Listen James.
  3. Unfortunately, that is true straykat.
  4. It would be great if the endurance lasted a long time!
  5. weselntxs

    John McGuire (Week 5)

    He makes me laugh. I hope he stays around for awhile.
  6. I'm glad he saved himself. Jackie did good, too.
  7. Tonights Battle of the Block was very entertaining! I liked it alot.
  8. It took me awhile to like him. I enjoy his DR. He is funny. Hope he stays around.
  9. I enjoyed the blog and your thoughts. I didn't have a problem with the font. I thought the page was clean and readable. I look forward to your next one.
  10. Wow...what about that train story. Is she super woman?
  11. weselntxs

    7/2 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    You are probably right! Yep. should be interesting.
  12. Thought he was kinda cute and funny. I hope he stays around for awhile.