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  1. Is there that much of a shortage of people wanting to play Big Brother that these houseguests are the best they could find, with Jackson and Jack being the worst!!! And why do they recruit people that don't know anything about BB? This season is horrible in so many ways! And IMO production keeping Jackson in the house and helping him cheat is not only wrong in every reason, they are enabling his abusive and destructive behavior. There should never be a HG living in fear of another HG. And he's off his meds!!!! WTF!
  2. Listen to Jacks racist comment last night about Kemi.... Calls her an "entitled aff" I think the ppl he said it too, look uncomfortable but I really wish someone would've said something. He is so ignorant! I am one who thinks the race card is used way too loosely and recklessly today, by a certain group of ppl to incite race baiting against a certain other group of ppl (government) HOWEVER, IMO Jack absolutely continues to make racist comments, intentionally, especially about Kemi. I think its equally disgusting that BB allows it to continue Jack you are in for a rude awakening when you leave the BB house!!! And your little buddy, Jackson, too Flashback to conversation..... Friday night 8:53pm BBT Cam 3
  3. OMG!! Get over yourself Jack!! She's so young! Giggling & hair playing while he's being a pompous ass. I wish he'd just STFU!!!
  4. I'm picturing Fessy going crazy at the jury house and really LOL!!! A terrific Sunday starts with a delicious cup of coffee & a real good laugh!! Haven't commented in a LONG time but had to thank u!!!
  5. 7:40BBT GM, JUDD & ANDY celebrate in the SR... GM said AMANDA is convinced she will put E up bc of AAryn being nominated & going home. They are so excited & GM said she will put Mcnasty up & at least one of them will go home. Think Judd said Amanda will be all over GM. She agrees
  6. OMG cant wait to watch. 1 more hr till it airs in AZ...the LONGEST hr but sounds like its worth the wait & DVR is ready to go
  7. 9:46AM BBT: HG'S SLEEPING PEACEFULLY! (however EXCEPT for "E" they r prob dreaming about how to make their leader/queen happy! ugh!)
  8. 8:50AM BBT Ginamarie & Helen are awake in the LR GinaMarie laying on the couch Helen & GinaMarie are laughing & talking about about the wake up music "Vanilla Ice song" "Nothing can stop us now" "your body is a wonderland" They are sweating {??} Sounds like they gave them 5 songs. GinaMarie rocks out to this every morning. Helen feels like she just had sex {no visuals needed} & she needs a shower. Aaryn, Amanda & McCrae are being told to change their batteries. GinaMarie to Aaryn: "I have an idea...you drop down your battery & I'll throw one up to you" Aaryn just came down & changed her battery. She doesn't want to go back upstairs because she knows she is going to be called back down in a few min. {for DR??} Aaryn & GinaMarie now talking about "Ice Ice Baby" FOTH for a few min
  9. 6:40 BBT GinaMarie, Amanda, Helen & Elissa are Have nots Aaryn & Andy talking in the HOHR. Aaryn: Helen doesn't understand why I'm putting her up & why Amanda & McCrae are not being put up.Aaryn telling him her nomination speech to Elissa & Helen is going to be something about you are a power duo & she has her own power duo that she needs to look out for {Aaryn & Ginamarie} She needs to look aftr what is best for them & if the roles were reversed she believes GinaMarie & Aaryn would be nominated Andy says "totally" Andy says he loves that everyone in the house doesn't think they are together. Amanda & McCrae knows we are all together {F4} but they dont know that "we are together" & he would cut them loose before Aaryn She also told him not to say anything but Amanda told her earlier that anyone who takes Andy to the F2 will lose. Andy disagrees (of course) He says we played polar opposite games so you can argue it either way. Aaryn is concerned that Mcrea will "EF" things up because he cant keep his mouth shut & afraid he will tell Helen that shes the target. "He's bad at keeping secrets" Andy says he won't say anything. He's smarter than that. Aaryn: I know he's smart but I also know he's looking out for himself. {umm this is the BB house} 7:20 BBT...Trivia....must be nominations
  10. 5:41 PM BBT Trivia continues...... glad to be back posting....been a LONG time! not enough "crazy" in my life so just got the live feeds :-)
  11. Spencer is getting all my votes. Dont like his ignorant comments! Dont think he has any game at all and.... I actually had to turn away from BB afterdark the other night because while he was in the HOHR, talking to Andy, Judd & I think McCrae he was laying on the couch picking his nose, then he rolled around in his fingers what ever he picked & if that wasn't bad enough he then put the same hand down his shorts. ewww!!!!!!!! he makes me believe they really do forget about the cameras!!!! (it was either last night or the night before) YUK!!!!
  12. 9:26am BBT: HG still sleeping! [turned volume off...snoring bothering me & I'm not trying to sleep!...valleyofthesun]
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