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August 9 & 10 - Live Feed Updates

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3:30PM BBT: All 4 feeds switch to Renny and Dan in LR, Dan is reading the bible out loud. Renny asks him to read the first part again. Dan asks her if she thinks she is there for a reason, in the house. She said yes, that she is showing Amercia how sweet she is, how loving she is, how mean she can be, then laughs. She asks Dan why he is there. He thinks it is to show him what he has at home, and to appreciate it more.

Dan asks what happened to Renny's toenail. She said a big can of tomatoes or tomato sauce fell on her toe...it fell out of the bag. Dan asked if she had on open toed shoes, and she said yes. She said it was a big tomato sauce can, about the size of a coffee can. She was trying to decide how big it was. Said it hurt a lot. She lost her big toenail because of it.

All 4 feeds switch again...to Keesha in bikini in the bathroom washing. She goes outside, all cameras follows her to BY. Memphis said he is waiting for April and Ollie to self-destruct. He said he was watching them last night, and could see it was getting tense. Keesha said she can't wait for that to happen. Memphis said it will have to happen before it gets to two. Keesha laughs and said Renny said "she has to go now" Keesha thinks Renny is funny. They said Dan, Renny, Keesha or Dan would put her up in a heartbeat. Keesha said April was so fake last night, saying to Renny how she was so wrong about her. Keesha said Renny saw right through it. Memphis said he wished Jerry would see how threatening it was to have April and Ollie together in the house. Keesha said Jerry got to touch April's boobs, he would never see it. Memphis said it is too bad, because if it was anyone else, Jerry would see what a threat it was to have two people that close in a game.

There is something in the pool with them, it was sucking on Keesha's toe. (Not sure what it was). Keesha and Memphis talking about who would be put up. Keesha said it has to be more game and less personal. Jerry needs to see it is going to get tricky, and he will be the odd man out of April and Ollie.

Keesha said it sounds like 9 people are a lot, but it's not. She said one HOH and two people on the block leaves only 6 people free. Memphis said next week will be even less. Only 3 votes will be needed to be saved. Before long, the people with the numbers can tell HOH what to do. Keesha said "we ned to break them up soon, very soon" (April and Ollie)

Keesha said Memphis hasn't had a run in with April. April is trying to make it that way. Keesha couldn't remember what it was she said. Memphis said he rare talks to her. He said the only conversation was after he was nominated. Keesha said it was because he had the car. Memphis doesn't have his mic on in the pool so it is hard to hear him. He said he never talks to her, Keesha said she doesn't want to talk with her ever again. She said if April gets HOH and puts her on the block, she still won't have anything to say to her. (we can only hope!)

Memphis gets out of the pool, dries off, and goes to the shade to put on his shirt and necklace. He said he needs to find out exactly when he can take it off. Keesha laughs and said yeah, that sucks.

Memphis washes up in the bathroom. Libra comes in, he asks how its going, she mumbles something, nothing else said.

(gotta go, someone please take over?)

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4:09pm BBT

Memphis comes out and looks at the camera and askes when he can take his onion necklace off. Michelle thinks around 5pm, so in one hour.

Keesha is like I don't know what the eating habits are in this house.

Memphis: no more eating after midnight tonight. (guess they are back on slop)

Keesha: yeah i guess so

They go into the house.

Michelle: I was like in the DR for two hours

Renny: when you do want to start cooking these.

Memphis: around 4:45pm

Camera shows the burned hotdogs and a burnt bun

Just general chit chat, they are preparing things for supper time.

BB: Ollie please put on your microphone

Michelle: I think Libra is in the diary room. So it might be awhile. So how is that pasta salad coming along. I think I will have of that with my hotdog.

Dan do you want me to cut up some of this (onion) Do you want any onions Keesha.

Keesha no i don't think so

Dan where is a onion masher when you need one.

Just general getting stuff ready for supper tonight. Libra has come out of the diary room and has went outside. BB has place FOTH on and off for the last 10 minutes now.

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5:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Keesha, Renny, Dan, and Memphis on BY sofa. General chit chat about what they want to do after BB. Renny is planning a trip to Cabo, San Lucas.

The HGs are giving Dan a hard time for feeding bread to the birds when the BB back yard dwellers don't ever see any birds there. This leads to talk of eating turkey and chicken and Memphis discusses eating Ostrich legs at the fair, which Renny is quick to tell him that can't possibly be true. Memphis says maybe it was Emu. Renny still isn't buying it. Dan just wants to see some birds. Memphis jokes the next time they see a helicopter they need to make an S.O.S. sign.

Memphis says he isnt' wearing any deoderant. With a necklace of onions, he says "what's the point".

5:10 PM BBT Feeds switch to April and Ollie in the kitchen. April is fussing at Ollie and Ollie is defending himself. It seems they gave each other the cold shoulder last night. Ollie says he thought she wanted to be left alone last night and April took it that Ollie left her there last night. They admit to having a love hate relationship. Ollie asks April to admit that she is mean. She doesn't see it, but Ollie says it's sexy and turns him on......................(and turns me off so I'm going to watch tonight's show.)

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(just jumped on, sorry didn't know we didn't have an updater-smooches)

8:18pm BBT

Keesha, Renny, Jerry and Dan all outside talking about Survivor and the food comp with the past HGs.

April, Ollie and Michelle sitting in spa room talking about Craig Ferguson.

No game talk at the moment, just general convo's.

8:25pm BBT

April, Ollie and Michelle still in spa room bashing Libra. April saying that Libra went to the DR to ask to go home so she doesn't have to go to sequester.

April/Ollie telling Michelle that Keesha/Libra pulled her aside and told her it's not fair that April only has one target, which is Memphis and they have 2 targets which are Jesse and Michelle. April says she told them that she won HOH and will do what she wants and if Libra and Keesha want to play it like that then April can send them home this week (meaning when April was HOH). Aprils says Libra yelled at her saying are you threatening me?? Ollie says then she jsut completely flips and acts all nice. April and Ollie continue to tell Michelle about Jerry coming to them last week and said he wanted to go home so he wouldn't have to be on slop. They all leave the spa room and Jerry says to Ollie that the game is off (pool) Ollie says why? (Didn't hear the answer, feeds change to Keesha on couch) Keesha leaves to take a shower. Dan walks in to make some more bird feed (bread crumbs)

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8:38pm BBT

Keesha and Memphis went to the spa room and were talking about April and how much they don't like her. Memphis says Michelle asks hom why they don't play anymore, Memphis says, I guess the same reason we don't all sit down for dinner together. Feeds change to Renny in HOH with Michelle. renny ask Michelle what she thinks about Dan. Michelle says she still mad with him over the Jesse vote. Renny says it was with Libra for like an hour. Michelle says Libra ask to use his bible, so it may have been about that. Michelle going over Dans reaction after the blow up over Jesse eviction. (it's the same story that we have heard for 3 days) All 4 feeds on this.

Renny going back to Dan being with Libra for an hour, she timed him. Now they are speculating on Dan being AP. They think maybe Libra has something to do with also. Michelle thinks maybe Dan's girlfriend was suppose to come in the house with him and couldn't so they found a replacement with Libra. Michelle says maybe that's why she asks Dan about AP all the time. It could be one of their tasks (these 2 are delusional). Renny says Dan came to her and says "can I ask you a question" Renny says yes, of course. Dan's asks her if she could've taken the designer dresses or the letter from home, which would you have taken. Memphis says I know what she would do and Dan says no, I want her to answer. Renny says she told Dan she would have to think about that, and Dan says "really?" Then Renny says she told him that she would take the dresses, Dan says "I can't believe you would say that" Michelle says maybe in the diary room they told him to ask. Renny says maybe it was one of his questions to earn money. They are both saying Dan can't be trusted. They both agree that they like him but things just don't add up. Renny leaves HOH.

8:55pm BBT

Keesha sitting in spa room alone (still hasn't made it to the shower) She looks like she is taking her nail polish off. (all 4 feeds on this exciting event)

April/Ollie/Jerry outside playing pool. 2 feeds still on Keesha on her polish


Michelle and Renny now in spa room with Keesha. Keesha has Renny check the spa temp, it's 110, Keesha is waiting on 120. Michelle now telling Keesha about what she and Renny just talked about with Dan. Keesha is agreeing with them that something is not right with him.

*gotta run soon, if someone can take over*

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Keesha just told Michelle and Renny in the spa room that she thinks dan will try to keep libra

they REALLY think he has something to do with AP and now they think Libra may be in on somethign with dan

michelle is going over the convo dan had with jessie about monica and the big "hug" and the heart to heart they had 2 days before he left

they are now talkin about the weird questions that dan asks and the times he asks them

all 4 feeds are on them discussing dan and how weird he has been acting

renny brings up how he stayed in the room today for 1 hour hour, she timed them

they are talkin about how they are just starting to notice how those 2 D and L have been "finding" time to talk by themselves ( paranoid much? )

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10:36 BBT

In hoh Michele is talking to April about Dan....Michele sayiing that Dan was America's Player..."America was trying to screw him" and vote for Jessie...April saying why would he go "against his two closets friends in the house"..and "Jessie" ...They are talking maybe Dan got orders to vote out Jessie and not to stick out he got Libra and Keesha to flip..saying "that might be a possibility"

April "its wierd" he turned on Ollie Jessie and Jerry..talking "he doesn't wear the cross"

Michele saying all of a sudden he started hanging out with Libra......Michele saying her and Dan said they were the last people to vote....Michele said Keesha said Libra wasn't the last to flip....

They are trying to figure out how and why the vote went..

Michele saying "that's something I did on my own" talking about her nominations...."it made sense" to me and everyone else...saying it waouldn't have been smart to put up Reeney....April saying "they knew" they were going up since the day before they were talking shit about Michele..

They head to the tub...April saying she was worried when Michele said she wanted to talk to her....They go back to talking about Dan being AP and his denials about it....April saying what bothers about Dan.........if BB "specifically came to Dan" and wanted her girlfriend..the they weren't going to "leave an open book" and they would "use him for something else"....saying BB "lets put you in this scenario"...April remembers...Dan says "if I was AP.....then April you must be a triplet" and playing with his sister..saying Reeney was Jessies mom..........saying "Memphis and Angie are exs"..April saying "he had so many different scenarios" like "me and Keesha are best friends" April tells Michele......

April "why did he come up with that" about the variety show and "why was he the host" and to act "as quiet" and then do that....April saying he has "never com eclose" to winning HOH or poV..

Jerry comes in with Michele and April in the tube....Michele tells him they were trying to figure out the AP..

Jerry says Memphis came out saying "this is going to turn into a bad game" and Jerry wonders if something is going on..Michele says no and they go back to why would Dan turn on him...Jerry "because he's America's Choice"

Michele trying to connect Dan and Libra saying how they "both came up with the same story" about being the last to join the flip..

April and Michele basically repeating what they just talked about with each other..to Jerry..

Jerry says Dan laughing and Libra's walking around "all sad".......Michele saying they were overheard saying no one would ever expect them to be together...Michele telling Keesha Dan will try to get people to vote to keep Libra....April says Dan said "can I talk to you later" saying she's going to talk to him to see what he has to stay..

Michele thing America turned on Dan and forced DAn to flip the vote..in order not to stick out...

Talking about his "tears' at the diner and his insistance on "go last"

Michele think Dan gets money for using the HOH bathroom.....when asked to use the bathroom...saying Keesha said " don't snoop through her stuff" and Michele said that she wanted 1/2 of her money that he makes..

Michele saying he wanted to wear panthouse "over our head" Michele "either he's really wierd or he's America's player"

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10:59 BBT

Their suspicions of DAn continues......Jerry saying why Keesha doesn't talksaying they should at least talk..Michele saying she doesn't want to talk to Libra and reeney will do whatever Keesha says...

Michele OMG....Dan was suppose to go out week 2 and "Libra said" to put up Steven instead of Dan....saying to Jerry "Libra did" when ask who wanted to put Steven up..

Michele "Holy shit" she got Jessie to change nominations.. and Libra is "collabrating with him".....Michele "they are working together" "that makes fucking sense now" Michele says about Libra's wanting Steven up..

Jerry wonder why Keesha wanted Angie out...April and Michele "because of Libra"

Jerry thinking it might be "a double double" and they are "not ware" and are getting seperate instructions from America..

Michele saying "Dan's a teacher" and Libra taught..or worked for a school....Michele saying Dan won't shower with girls but will sleep in the same beds....they think that's suspicious...

Jerry saying Reeney "jus adores Dan"...Jerry wonders why Reeney made his breakfast....Aprilsays because she promised him..he says heknows that "but why"...

Michele says Reeney caught Dan talking to the mirror.....

April says he's "smiles at himself" in the mirror...and brings it to others atttention when they do it....Jerry says that "he leans back and puts his hand up like this" and looks in the mirror...they don't know what it means...

April "why would he turn on his own alliance" to go with "Libra and Memphis",,Michele "it doesn't make sense"

Michele says Keesha was "crying tears of happiness" when Jerry won PoV because she had the votes to stay...and Libra didn't win.

Talking about HOH Michele says she expects reprisal......Ollie comes in...

Ollie wonders what going on...Jerry "it's all about Dan" "they think Libra's in it too"...they repeat what they just told Jerry

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11:14 BBT

They fill in Ollie...Ollie asks if the people "downstairs" believe this about Dan..Michele "those two are fucking working together"

Ollie says he caught DAn and Libra "ballin together" ...Reeney says according to Michele that she heard it through the door "the wouldn't coralate us being together"..

Ollie saying why would Dan want to have a meeting "and bring everyone in" if their minds were made up...

Michele says basically saying the same thing said in previous posts...though she said had he got to play PoV he would have used it to save Libra...

Ollie listens wonder "what's the purpose" about all "the wierd stuff" and Michele "call him into the DR " all the time..

Michele "ooh" she just remembers that Reeney told them that the producers and BB told her to pick Dan as the host..

Ollie says theres always a twist and Jeery says he gave names of relatives to BB....Ollie "libra's a plant"

olllie "you think there's a couple"...Ollie {talking sense} saying they couldn't know each other she's from Texas and he's from Michigan...

Reeney comes in...."where are they" ...Jerry "inthe tub"..Reeney "everybody"

asking them if they want "to see the midget"..Reeney gets on her knees puts on shoes on her knees"does it look like a midget"....April "she does"...Michele claps "that is so funny"

Michele asks Reeney who her favorite from food comp..she says "jen but would have liked to "dr Will...April says she would like to see "marcellas"...Reeney turns it back to her midget act...saying another show tonight...

April says she's wearing the afro on Craig Furgeson..

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11:31 BBT

Dan and Memphis talking outside..Memphis telling Dan no way that Libra's staying...

Memphis saying "i really don't think too much into things' saying being abck "with Libra...going on people like to jump to conclusions..

Memphis saying "me and you" are safer bet than "ollie and April" for Michele to join up with..Dan said he was ppissed off Renney was talking about that alliance with him Jerry ollie "it was just dumb"

Memphis "we've got to win HOH or our being in this house is not going to last" Dan "if Jerry wins we're done"...Memphsi saying Jerrys "living ina fairy tale" and says "lets play a game together"......

Mephis saying "best case scenario"..Dan says "Kessha wins"..Memphis "yeah"

Memphis saying "they know I'm going to put them anyway" saying it doesn't matter...about ollie and April..Dan saying maybe if him Memphis and Reeney are up to maybe throw HOh and says at this pont it might be to risky.....

Memphis "we have to" get rid of one those two{April and Ollie} and April leaves...then get Ollie and get Jerry out..saying voting wise if Jerry stays "were fucked" saying he "doesn't trust him at all" and fake it being cool..

Memhis saying him Dan reeney and Keesha need to win "the next two HOHs" and it will be an "all new ballgame"

Memphsi saying final 4 works if "were two of the four"...saying he would put up them two and Dan would vote one of them out...{forgets to mention PoV].."we can't have Jerry or April in that equation" saying if would fuck up everything..

Dan says Memphis is April's main target even before Keesha.. saying he doesn't know why.."because she couldn't work me"....

Dan "i just got to survive tomorrow's meeting and I'll brethe easy" memphis saying he'll "be fine"

Memphis saying he would like seeing Apriland Ollie on the block together and see them "implode" Dan says he couldsee her campaign and Ollie not...Memphis "why" and that "she would still go"

Both talking that Jerry won't use the POV and take the chance of "pissing" Michele off.

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11:47 BBT

The Dan witch hunt.....continues in the HOH and Dan supposed pairing with Libra...

Talking about DAn refusing to wear the unitard"but he'll wear Reeney's fucking clothes"

Michele telling America "I'd rather be a fool to think that" then not think that at all.

Ollie saying Dan said "were even now right" refering to Ollie's betrayal from week one... and saying the could "work something out"

Michele telling Ollie Libra told Keesha that she wanted Dan to play POV and he would use it to save her...

Down stairs in Hippy room Libra and Keesha talking...Libra "we've all said some things..its a game".."last night it was just crazy..{tears} this game hadn't got to me until you said you didn't want to talk to me anymore"...going on that "pretty much did me in"..saying she takes blame....Keesha "I don't treat people like that in real life"..Libra "I still want to be your friend when this is all over"

Libra "its going to get uglier" last night I was devasted..Keesha saying she didn't know it would affect her like that saying she just wanted peace...and "I was losing my mind"..Libra said "I asked to leave last night..Give Me MY SUITCASE" saying she slept in the DR for a couple hours last night..

Libra saying "I'm going to vote for you" if she makes it to the end...telling she can't let "the game take you there" and that you get so upset...

talking about how to deal...libra saying "I stand by it" the decision....and feels "i'm taking the brunt of it"..Keesha saying it was 4 not just her...Libra "i know its ok..I need some rest"....saying even the "words ollie spoke to me"..didn't hurt like her words....and Keesha says why she made the desinger clothes comment..Libra saying "it was "all in jest"..Keesha saying "it did" offend her.....Libra says it was just blurted..."I'm sorry again"..Keesha "I'm not a mean person"...Libra "people can tweak it" and make it sound more than it was..Libra apologizes again..

Libra "i've seen your wardrobe and I think you're fine" going on all about all her namebrands..

Libra "I've learned my lesson" Libra talking and aplogizing in circles...

Libra saying she was going to talk to her "before I left" even to et "a fuck you" outta you..Libra apolgizing yet again...

It was a rough day today..talk about solitude...solitary confinement" saying "I felt like I was in the twilight zone"

Libra saying wre "fiesty" and Keesha says BB told her they were the most fiesty out of all they seasons...

Libra wonders if she'l have a job when she gets out of the house and we get foth

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