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August 9 & 10 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:15am BBT

Michelle/Keesha/Renny/Dan still talking about high school

Keesha says she is going to bed. Renny says so is she.

Michelle says she smells something. She says it smells like burnt wires. Dans says they have to be ready at 10am. Michelle says she didn't hear that. Dans says yeah they said it earlier. Michelle still saying she smells burnt wires. Dans says BB is looking for it (not sure they are)

Michelle says she likes Matt, maybe they will cross paths in Boston. Dans says does he live there still, he thought he was moving to CA. Michelle says no she thinks he still lives in Boston

Michelle asks if it's true that the wrap party will be limited because of the orgy last year and Dan says whaaa?? Michelle says that is what she heard.

Renny keeps screaming FEAST! FEAST! they are all laughing. Renny says goodnight, they all tell her goodnight

Michelle/Dan/Memphis talking about the food comp earlier with the past hgs. Michelle doing a run down with each person saying something nice about each of them.

Ollie/April are in seperate beds whispering about Jerry and how he gets on their nerves (couldn't catch all of it)

BB "Ollie/April pleaseput on your microphone" April says she has hers on Ollie says he doesn't but will put it on (now I know why I couldn't hear)

It sounds like they are wanting to talk /apologize to Jerry. Ollie mentions being the bigger person. ollie called Keesha a 30 year old loser that works at Hooters. Back to whispering (inaudible) and giggling. Ollie now trying to get April to tell him somthing he doesn't know about her. He says something deep, then says no something juicy. April says she had sex 7 times in one day with the same guy. Ollie now trying to think of something to tell April. She calls him a chicken. Ollie says okay I'll tell you. Then tells her that he slept with 3 girls that were all friends over a period of 2 months. April acts shocked. April jokinly says she doesn't trust him. They are giggling. (they are in the same bed now) Now they are saying they need to win POV tomorrow. April says if it comes down to the both of the for HOH she will throw it to him. He says that is sweet of her but she doesn't have to do that (changing feeds)

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12:37am BBT

Memphis/Michelle/Dan in BY talking about Libra and how she talks in the house versus when she is on tv with Julie. Memphis says she is a good speaker but America is probably going what the hell with the difference between the two. Michelle brings up all the questions Julie asks Libra. She can tell it's jabs at her.

Michelle jokes around with how much she talk to the camera. Dans says he jsut said that last week sometime. Michelle ask if she really talks to the camera that much (umm yes) Memphis says yes. Michelle says BB says not to talk to the camera TOO much, then laughs.

Now they are talking about what it looks like when you walk out. They can hear how loud it is.

Memphis says they told them not to swear so much. He says they don't just bleep it out, they have to have something to cover the mouth because you can read their lips. Michelle says they need to have a delay. Memphis says by law they have to have like a 5 second delay anyway. Convo is jsut jumping all over the place. No game talk.

12:54am BBT

Michelle/Memphis headed off too bed (not together)

Michelle looks like she is about to get a shower up in HOH (yes, she is)

Dan downstairs taking a shower. Everyone else in bed

Camera keeps zooming in on Michelle taking a shower in HOH. Zoomed in on her ankle tattoo (couldn't tell what it was) then zoomed in from ankle to thighs (trying to see her naked I guess)

1:10am BBT

Michelle now out of the shower. Dan still showering (he has taken twice as long as Michelle and she shaved her legs)

1:11am BBT

Dan done...finally. Talking to the camera ( before exiting the shower) saying for the internet people if we are hoping to get a show tonight, he has no intentions of showing his marbles

Dan "who is 24 and still get pimples? I do I do"

Dan starts singing we get a quick FOTH

Dans starts singing "cleaning the ears out, cleaning the ears out" as he runs q-tips through his ears

Says "what happened tonight in the BB house, let's recap. Nomination day, nominations" Dan picks up his ? (swimsuit) and says 32 days without a wash and still going strong, chlorine is just as good" Dan says "if you like me, don't let me loose my teaching job. Please start a website, Save Dan's job .com" Dan says he will be eternally grateful to whomever starts that site, "SaveDansJob.Com"

Dan finished in bathroom, heads up to HOH, rings doorbell. Michelle has the water running while brushing her teeth and doesn't hear it. Dan heads back downstairs and wonders through the house ( no one is up) heads to his bedroom and says goodnight to Jerry, after a few seconds, Jerry says "goodnight Dan"

Everyone in bed except Michelle who is finishing up getting ready for bed.

1:24 am BBT

Michelle start humming and we get FOTH...

Feeds back. Michelle keeps hearing noises ( I can hear it too) and says to BB "you guys trying to scare me on purpose"

Michelle flipping through the spyscreen with her sunglasses on. Takes sunglasses off and heads to the potty. comes out washes hands.

Talking to herself.

Michelle in bed reading her letter.

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12:05 PM BBT - Dan/Ollie in LR laying on the couch not talking. Michelle /April / Keesha talking in the HOH room about how people will act at the rap party.

12:07 PM BBT - Keesha talks that she dislikes about flipping out on people. Michelle says she agrees.

12:08 PM BBT - Jerry to the DR. I catch Renny walking in the LR and Ollie asked her if she played in a POV competition.

12:09 PM BBT - Renny then leaves and we have silence in the LR.

12:11 PM BBT - Talk in the HOH room is about earthquakes.

12:17 PM BBT - Talk in the HOH room is now about how ridiculous cost of the houses are.

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1:10 BBT: Everyone except Keesha and Libra in the kitchen discussing pro football. Renny is cooking something. Libra and Keesha in their beds. Everyone in the kitchen seems to be in good moods. Still no talk of who won POV.

Now Renny in her bed. Silence in there. I take it neither of them won it.

They have not played POV yet.

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