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September 5, Live Feed Updates

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3:05pm bbt

Zach has the camera, and he's only getting help from Dick on picture ideas. Jameka and Eric are watching Dick/Zach take pictures in the back yard. Zach complains that all the pictures are of him. Eric suggests a picture of Eric mimic-ing Dick. Dick says Eric is liking that idea too much, but Eric defends it saying he likes pictures that relate to the week's events. Daniele is missing, probably still sleeping.

Meanwhile, Jessica is still in the bathroom doing her makeup.

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Dani got mad at Zach for being irritating and opted out of the picture taking. Jess is very cheery as she packs for tomorrow. Eric had a nose bleed but it's stopped.Jameka is outside sunning herself. She said her tan was uneven. {?}

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4:00 PM BBT Eric is trying to reassure Jessica again about his feelings for her and his determination to get them to the final two.

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I do not know if this is the place for this but Real Moderator is announcing that Janelle will be on Feed 4 tonight and that you can ask her questions.

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Eric and Jessica talking in the bedroom. He asked her if there is anything she wants him to do or say for her. She asked like what, and he said any conversations or anything she wants him to say or promise to D/D. She said no, she was fine. She said he was scaring her. He said he didn't mean to, his focus is scattered over a trillion things and all he meant was that if there is anything he can do, that she wants to happen, then just let him know.

Dick and Zach in BY. Zach was asking if BB edits the HoH blog, or delete part of the pictures. Dick said they told him no cursing, but they let most go through. He said they put all of the pictures on the website. They then talk about the HoH comp last week. Dick and Zach agree they don't want to do one like that again. Dick said his legs just got better yesterday. Dick said he had spaghetti legs and could barely walk afterward.

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Eric and Jess in room talking about their noms for next week. Putting up Zac etc. Theya re also talking about the final and who they would be against.. They are talking with confidence about there presence in the house.(she has no idea of the MAC truck driving down the PCH, heading for her)

They share a few laughs at their plans for detroying the house and making it to the bank....

Watch tomorrow folks, glue yourself to the feeds, cause its bout to get rough in here.!!

Lets get ready to rumble...Jess:How is Zack still here...ahhhh ahhh.Eric...why are you making the beds...back to boring in 1.5

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Eric told Jess that he thinks she and Dani are going to the end together. He feels the guys are in a bad way. Jessica isn't sure, then asks him if he feels like she is staying this week. He said he is pretty sure of it, she said she thinks so too. Now they are doing Jedi training about days, past comps, minutes, hours, etc. Earlier, Eric was saying Jameka is annoying the others with slamming doors, and her over all attitude.

Dick sneezed several times. Zach said bless you each time, Dick said someone knows to wait until the third. He then sneezes a fourth time, and said he fooled them all.

Eric is saying close to the end, it isn't who you are sitting against, but what you win to get you there. (PoV or HoH) Talking of HoH being the tie-breaker, and some Zach bashing. They said he thinks he has been pulling the strings and masterminding the game, but he has just been under the radar. Jess asked how he is even still there. Jessica has all of her clothes laid out and ready to pack. Jess said she is trying not to take a nap today so she can sleep better tonight.

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Zach was asking what to have for lunch. He said he had't eaten much today. Dick asks what he had, and Zach said nine eggs. Dick was incredulous, that Zach had 9 eggs and thought that wasn't much. Now they are saying they want food sent in tonight. They loved the ribs, both would like those again. Zach mentions some Tex-Mex place, and they say the In-and-Out burgers went over pretty well. Zach said at this point, he would take Costco food.

Dick wants to go lay down, and wants to make sure Zach will wake him up. He tells Zach to not fall asleep or forget to wake him.

Eric asked Jessica how Old Dirty Bastard died, and she didn't know who that was. Eric said Wu Tang Clan, and she is still clueless. Dick comes in and sticks his head around the corner, just watching Jessica. Eric said Dick was lurking around the corner, and she screams. Dick thought that was funny, and mimics her as he goes in the bathroom.

Zach goes into the kitchen to find something to eat, and burps loudly several times.

Jess continues packing, and trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. Dick comes in and asks Eric and Jessica to wake him around 5:30 or quarter to six. He said relying on Zach is like relying on a cuckcoo clock. They said no problem. Zach goes into the workout room to see what Daniele is doing. He checks her mileage and speed/calories burned, then leaves when she is unresponsive.

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zach and Dani are on 2 feeds. Zach is watching Dani work out. In the other 2 feeds Eric is watching Jess pack. He's got that rat from the Cat competition on his bed. Eric and Jess are talking about all the stuff Jess has accumulated and that she'll have to sit on her suitcase to try to get it zipped up. He offers to help her pack and she says no thanks (and he keeps asking her why). they are comparing how they pack. (Eric rolls/Jess folds). He wont let up on her packing style and she says "Eric have a little faith in me!" he said ok and that he woul be there to help her repack when she needed.

Dani says she can't wait to come home because there are all this great music she's had in her head this summer. Now Dani is on warp speed running.

Zach has gone to go BBQ something and Dani has slown down her running now. Jess gets shoe advice for tomorrow and he says wear the black shoes. He keeps pestering on the packing and she says "Eric I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm kind of busy.... Stop talking!" (and he listens (well slows down)! Good to know she has that effect on him. Lord help us when she doesn't stick around tomorrow! ~Sf49rminer).

Dani's feeds now switch to the backyard. Jameka is chilling in the hammock. Looks like she is watching Zach BBQ. Now Zach is rearranging lawn chairs and cleaning up the BY. there is no conversation happening....

4:45 Random FoTHs for the past few minutes for no aparent reason.

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Zach asks Dick (in Eric and Jess's room) if he was planning on cooking (looks like chicken) tonight. Dick said he wasn't really planning on cooking. Zach said he was going to throw them on the grill, so they don't go bad. Dick told him to cook the steaks, too, as they are looking kinda rough, and he (Dick) will make burritos or something tonight. Dick goes into round room and shuts the door so he can take a nap.

2feeds on Jessica packing, other 2 on Dani runnin on the treadmill. When Zach was in earlier, he asked Jess what she was doing. She said packing, he asked where she was going. She said she could be leaving tomorrow. No response from Dick or Zach.

Zach goes back in to workout room to watch Dani run. she is cooling down now, walking slower. She is talking about some medicine she got in the hotel when she got sick from the air conditioning or ventilation system there. She had to see the doctor.

Dani said she can't wait to get out and go home, whatever home that might be, and make a CD of all the songs that have been going through her head all summer. Zach and Dani tqlk about groups they like. Zach is offereing suggestions for Daniele, warm salt water, she said no, or blackberry leaves. He said the boiled leaves are supposed to soothe the throat. She goes back to running again.

Jess is still packing, and said when she came, her mother had to zip it for her while she sat on it. Eric reminded her she has about 50 items more now, she said no, then remembered the luxury comp (and the rat, woobie, etc) and said yes. Eric offered to help her roll her clothes, and she said she would be fine, there is an extender. Eric said he will help her in a couple of hours. She realizes she hasn't packed her shoes, and takes everything out to start over. Eric asked if her shoes could go into the BB bag, and she said that was for the new stuff. Eric giggles at her inability to pack.

Eric said to remember to leave out pajamas for tonight, she said she already did. Then she said she isn't going to wear any...Eric said he will be there, but he will have clothes on, she asked why, didn't he like to feel free. He asked if she wanted to shake on it, she told him in case he hadn't noticed, she is quite busy and to stop talking to her.

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Eric thought his suitcase was a lot bigger than Jess's, but when he went to go get it, he realized they were about the same size. He told her not to forget her wedding dress, she said she was going to burn it. She has all of her stuff crammed into the suitcase, then gets on it with her knees, trying to stuff it in further. She has stuff everywhere! She keeps saying, "oh yeah, this is going to work" and laughing. She keeps getting more stuff, and putting it on the pile. (she would need 2 suitcase the size of her one, and it still might not be enough) Eric said he can't look, and Jess said can you imagine what they had to search through every day. (Before the show in hotel sequester).

Feeds show Jameka laying out. Zach is at the BBQ.

Eric starts to say one thing on the application he didn't understand was "name the five things"....FoTH. When back, Jessica said she is ready to zip her suitcase. She tries to close it, and the lid is still vertical. She said oh yeah, this is going to be done soon. Eric just smiling about it. More FoTH, not sure why.

Five minutes to a 5 hour indoor Lockdown!!!

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Zach is still cleaning up the backyard and arranging the patio furniture. Dick comes out. Zach asked what he was doing up. He said they are about to have a five hour lockdown. Zach said it was inside, and Dick said so? He sits down to have a cigarette. Zach said at least they will have grilled food tonight. Zach and Dick talking about thinking they were going home when they were on the block. Dick said after he worked a deal with Eric, he still wasn't sure if he was BSing him.

Jessica continues to try to pack. She said "bigger suitcase, Mom". Eric asked if she tought her mother was watching, and she said watching and laughing.

Zach is done cooking, and said it is making him hungry. Dick thought that was why he was cooking. Zach said he already had a salad. Dick asked if used 5 heads of lettuce. Zach comes back and he and Dick continue talking about it being a game, it isn't life or death. Dick said when Zach was nominated, they were afraid he was going to pull a Jen. Zach said he ran 3 miles on the treadmill then he was fine.

BB called for the indoor lockdown. Dick told them to wait 2 minutes until he was done with his cigarette. Dick and Zach are still bashing HG's no longer there. Zach said they are all pieces in a board game. Talking about Mike being an idiot when he taunted Dick. Who did he think was going up? Zach was happy Amber is gone this week. He said it is so much better without her.

BB calls for a LD again, and they go inside. Dick is going to lay down again. He said he has laid down for 12 hours and slept about 3. Zach sits down to eat, Jameka goes to check on Jessica's packing progress, and Jessica said she is going to need a nap after all of this. Jameka said no naps allowed. Eric and Jameka are helping her pack, and she thanks them for it. Eric mentioned that she wouldn't let him help the first hour. Now making comments about her clothes. Eric said girl clothes are a lot smaller than boy clothes. Eric asked Jameka if she needed help, she said no, she is an expert packer. She used to go on vacations, so she learned how to pack. Jessica said this is a three month vacation, and they said they wouldn't particularly call it a vacation.

I am out.....can someone take over?

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5:20 BBT; just came in, but it looks like they (Eric, Jameka, and Jess) finally finished Jess' packing and apparently got the suitcase closed. They're pretty proud of themselves.Brief cut to outside couches (remember they're on lockdown) but nothing interesting. All four feeds back on the bedroom, where jess is lying in bed while Jameka continues her own packing.

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Jess and Eric alone in the room now; she's lying on the bed and he's kneeling next to it hugging and whispering to her. As usual, she's not rebuffing him but is not responding much.

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Very low conversation about what Eric would say or do if Jess left. Sadly, they need to upgrade the mikes (or my hearing.)Jess comments that tomorrow's going to be a long day. They kiss, then she goes back to flirting; "I hate you sometimes." "Which times?" "All the times." Eric points out that she hates him sometimes because he's mean to her; just imagine how he feels about her. "You love me!" she replies.He's still just standing by the bed staring at her (and talking) while she's lying in bed. (Theirs is a very weird relationship...) (I can't take much more of this; pleeease show us something else!)

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Eric has left Jess's room, and feed four had a brief look at Janelle before going black.Aaaand he's back now in bed with Jess (three feeds; fourth is black.) We caught glimpses of Dani and Jameka during the brief view of the rest of the house.

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Feeds 1,2, and 3 on eric and jess

Feed 4 on JANELLE

(Live chat I think starts with her in about 10 minutes)

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(LOL) Dani enters the room, sees them in bed face to face, and quickly leaves. BB: "Eric, Jessica, please do not obstruct your microphones." Eric complains that his is stuck in his mouth, and adjusts it.

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Janelle and some guy on feed 4, holding up a white poster board, writing something on it marker but i can't make it out yet

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Live chat about to start; I'm switching to feed 4 for now. Anyone else want to take over?

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janelle on feed 4 with a guy named Lamarie

we hear music in the back ground

now he is introducing himself and janelle as the biggest badest player of BB

he asked her about Will Kirby, he says they are just like before, they are still really good friends,

he is busy with his life and she is busy with hers.

they don't talk everdaybut still friends

he asks her about rachel

she hasn't spoke to her in a while but keep in touch

now talk about eric

she likes him in the first 3 weeks but she thinks dani is the best player, playing strategic, playing the best game

janelle thinks jess is leaving tomorrow

she knows that jess was going to go after dani next anyway so dani was smart enough to get her out this week

now talk about acting, she says she's not into tv and acting

she said she'd have to move to la to do that sort of thing and she doesn't want to move out there,

that's not her life style and enjoys her life she has now

she keeps in touch with kaysar, howie, boogie and will

texts marcellas sometimes and she got a nice email from james not to long ago

about america's player

she thinks it's a disadvantage because it's harder

she is talking about what happened at the veto comp

she is not threatened by that little weasel, he is her least fav player

she heard him talking trash about me

"they" told her not to be mean to anybody, treat them all the same

everyone was telling him omg eric she hates you

she said the comp lastest about and hour and a half

she got to walk behind the walls and could see the hg's from inside but they couldn't see her

they are talking about jen and he asked her what she thought it would have been like if she were in there with her

she said she liked that jen was a positive person

she probably woudl have did ok with her

talk about the sparks between her and dick

she said he was very charming

he's like a diamond in the rough

she thinks he's funny and there was a lot of flirting going on

she has a boyfriend and he will be at the wrap party with her

talking about the hg's talking with her asking about her life now

talking about the convo's with dick and how he was flirty and asking to light her cig for her

she confirms that 1 5 3 means "i adore you"

she thinks that their nick and dani were geniune

she met nick and she cooked dinner for him and even made dessert

nick and her boyfriend got along really good, talking about football

she asked him if he loved dani, he said he doesn't say that word "yet"

she invited him to her house for a BB party and it was just her and her boyfriend and her bf and Nick

she is rooting for dani and dick

she said she didn't think zach was creepy at first when she watched him on the feeds

she sold her marci doll on ebay

she made a nice little sale there, cha ching

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a caller wants to know if she would ever date dick if she didn't have a boyfriend

she said she thinks he is very attractive

she's not into the abuse that he did to jen but she thinks he really has sex appeal

she thinks dani and dicks relationship is one sided, she thinks he's trying and she doesn't want to deal it in the house right now, with all the cameras

she said she was really bothered by how eric treated the other hg's and comments he made about inscest between dick and dani

and she mentioned some of the other hg's comments he made

he asked if she woudl be playign the dani is playing,

she said yeah basically she knows that eric and jess woudl have gone after Dand D so she is smart enough to know that jessica had to go this week

she said it's a game, you have to get rid of your threats and dani is playing for her and her dad and she's doing smart

she said that she didn't think BB was rigged, it can't be, it's illegal, plus it just really can't be, he asked about DR sessions and don't they throw out things to make you think different than the way they know you are going, she said they give both sides and you just think about all senerios, but ultimately you go with your own mind and way of thinking

because you can't believe anything the DR tells you, because they are there to see how you handle pressure and different senerios

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Real Live Chat With Janelle

Real: Asks where Janelle is at with Dr. Will.

Janelle: They're still friends, and they haven't talked as much. There still is a friendship, but both are busy.

R: Do you still talk to Rachel BB6?

J: I haven't spoken to Rachel in so long. We do e-mail. Last saw her last year at the wrap party and this year as well. She'll be there at the finale for BB8.

R: What player do you think has played the best strategic game?

J: She was a fan of Eric the first week, but lately has made bad decisions for himself and Jessica. Thinks Daniele is the best strategically, and is making moves for her and her father.

R: What she thinks if Dani goes against Jess?

J: Jess would have done it first. Thinks Jess will be eivcted tomorrow.

R: When will she next be on tv?

J: She doesn't do acting anymore and doesn't want to. Doesn't want to move out to LA after doing it for 5 years.

R: Who of the BB cast still in touch with?

J: Howie, Kaysar, Boogie, Will, texts from Marci and an e-mail from James.

R: Howie will be doing a chat next week.

R: Is America's Player and advantage or disadvantage.

J: Disadvantage. Thinks Eric is using it for his advantage with knowing who's popular.

R: Do you think he'll vote out Jess?

J: Was in chatroom last night, and knew a lot of people wanted Jess out. Looks at Joker's polls and Jess has higher than Jameka to get out.

R: What happened with you and Eric in the comp?

J: He's just weird and a total doochbag for saying that.

R: People were worried writing in to tell you not to worry.

J: I'm not worried about the 5'5 guy. Eric said more than what was shown. Said she was nasty. Says Eric was talking a lot of crap about her before she came out. BB told her to be nice to everyone and she said she wouldn't have been mean anyways.

R: How long did the veto comp take.

J: About an hour and a half. Different camera angles. Got to see BB behind the senses.

R: How would you have dealt with Jen in the house?

J: Doesn't know how Jen would have reacted with her. Would have been tolerate of eachother. Says she's like Jen and Dani. Says she clashed with Maggie and April in BB6 because they were bitter and Jen wasn't bitter.

R: Was she Boogie's ringer?

J: Hasn't talked to Boogie about that.

R: Do you think a more diverse age group would have been more interesting?

J: Yes. Some more older people would have been nice. A lot of people complain if young and hot people aren't in there.

R: What were the flirting about with Dick?

J: Dick started winking at her and was very charming. Doesn't want to take him to the back room and bang him. He's the diamond in the rough. There was a lot of flirting going on. Says she has a boyfriend and she's very happy with him. Got to talk to the HGs about things, non strategic. Dick asked if she was enganged. She said no, and Dick then said that he still had a chance. Dick offered Janelle a cig and she took one.

J: She's met Nick and thought he was really cool. She made him dinner and dessert. Says she liked Nick and Dani's relationship.

R: Did he reach out to you?

J: I reached out to him on myspace and told him she was in MN for the summer.

R: Has BB made your life better or worse and did you not want to be on the show?

J: BB has been good to her. It's been really positive. Nothing she regrets.

R: Who's your favorite HG?

J: Dani, Dick and Zach.

R: Do you watch the live feeds?

J: Yes.

R: Have you kept your Marci doll?

J: No, she sold it on EBay for a nice sale.

R: Anymore commercials?

J: Was on a Dodge commercial for CBS.

R: Would you date Dick if there was no boyfriend?

J: She thinks he's really attactive to her, and his personallity is attractive to her. Not when he's bashing Jen, but when he's nice.

R: Do you think Dani treats Dick the same as he treats her?

J: No, he treats her better, and she probably just doesn't want to do that infront of cameras.

R: Who do you think the least of this season?

J: Eric Stein. Doesn't like the comments he made about Dick and Dani and Zach. Like his game play, though. Doesn't like how he's said things about Jen.

R: What's your myspace.

J: Janelle P....

R: Did James every apologize for his comments on BB7?

J: YEs, he sent a nice email this morning, great timing. Said he was sorry.

R: How would you have played this year?

J: Would get Jessica out. Dani has great strategy.

R: Anything you would have done different on BB7?

J: Yes, I would have gotten rid of Boogie, but kept Will. Wouldn't have helped Boogie win that veto that week.

R: Would you do BB again and who would you want with you?

J: Her BB career is over. She's a retired BB reality star. She'd do TAR with Dick or Nick or Dani. Doesn't know about with Will.

R: Do you ever feel like BB7 was rigged?

J: No. It can't be rigged. The producers can go to jail if they rig it.

R: Do yo uthink the DR is influencial?

J: With the DR, you don't know what to believe. They give you both. You can't beleieve the DR. They do make you think on certain things. On BB6 when James and Howie were on the block, the DR asked what she would feel if Howie went home, which she wouldn't do, but it got her thinking.

R: What advice do you have for people who hook up on the show?

J: I wouldn't say to seek them up, but it's only for the show. if it happens, go with it. You can't fight it.

R: Is it true you went to cooking school in Russia?

J: Did go to Russia and had two Russian exchange students live with her at home. They thought her how to cook.

R: Are you and Nate still planning on coming to LA to see the Spice Girls?

J: Yes, but not might LA.

R: Should BB do husband and wife episode?

J: It'd be cool, but would the viewers like it? It might be boring. No new budding romances.

R: Would you do your own talkshow if offered?

J: If offered, yes. She loves to talk.

R: Replace Julie Chen?

J: You can't take Julie Chen away. She's apart of the show. Every year.

R: Do you think you would have joined forces with Danielle if Boogie and Will didn't pit you two against eachother?

J: Had SOVs and everyone was against them. Dani voted with them, but thought she would be the first one they'd go after her. Doesn't think Chill Town pitted them agaisnt eachother.

R: Trying to get Kaysar to come with Howie next week for chat.

R: How does the POV work? If you win the veto and use it on someone, can you be put up?

J: Seriously? If you win the veto, you're safe.

R: Is there another Chill Town ringer?

J: She doesn't know. Doesn't Chill Town know Dick?

R: How long does it take you to remove yourself from BB?

J: With James, a year. Once you're out of the house, they vote strategically because they don't want to look bad.

R: What do you see playing out?

J: Jess will go, and the maybe Dick or Daniele. Thinks Eric's been throwing HOHs so viewers can't tell him who to put up. Thinks he'll win HOH tomorrow since viewers won't be able to tell him who to put up. Thinks Eric falling is on purpose. Says BB told her to cheer for everyone. Thinks Eric will win HOH and Dick leaves. Thinks it will be Dani for HOH after that. Thinks it will be Dani, Jameka, and Zach. Used to watch the feeds all the time. Not much going on now. Loved the feeds when the week Dustin left. Says she would click off if Jess and Eric were on the screen. likes Jess when she's alone, or with Eric, just not with Eric. Doesn't think Jess really wants to kiss Eric. Thinks Eric is genuine, but not Jess.

R: What do you think about Jameka and how much she talks about The Bible?

J: That's what she wants to do, and talk to The Lord, and she shouldn't be hated on for that.

R: What did you think of Amber's play?

J: I don't know. Would have liked to know what her strategy was. Thinks she got better towards the ends.

R: Do you think she's that emotional, or just the game?

J: No, really like that. Knows how she feels.

R: What do you want to do with your life?

J: Wants to live life to the fullest. Is going to move to MN next year. Going to Miami in a week, and then open a doggy day care in MN.

R; Who's your favorite designer?

J: She lists different designers.

R: What other show do you want besides BB?

J: Big Heroes fan. Miss Amerca, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe.

R: Watch movies?

J: Transformers. Biggest movie of the summer. Going to watch Halloween this weekend.

R: How do you like the AP affect of the other HGs?

J: Doesn't affect the HGs everyday, unless you get evicted. Would suck to get voted out if the viewers hate you.

R: Can he say no?

J: He can fail. He's failed many. He said he can't tell anyone. Won't tell until after the show. Makes it harder for him. Thinks it would help if he could tell people.

R: How you would have responded if you were in Jen's shoes?

J: You need to call Dick a beefcake and give him attention. Jen didn't do that. He needs to be buttered up. jen didn't do that.

R: Have your views of HGs changed after you've met them?

J: No, everyone's the same.

R: What make up do you use?

J: Mary Kay and Dior, Chanel, MAC.

R: How will you react with Eric at the wrap party?

J: He won't talk to me, there are other people to talk to.

R: Do you think Eric's challenges are hard?

J: Some are too easy, some are dumb. He thinks America loves him, he's delusional.

R: What type of endurance comp would you like to see?

J: Says the final 3 HOH comp with the lock hurt and was the hardest ever in her life to do. Hips still hurt.

R: If you could have any job?

J: I don't know. To go to fashion shows and judge the fashion designers.

R: If you were Dani's big sister, how would you tell her to deal with Dick?

J: She only has on father and if she loses that, she's be sad.

R: What would you add to the house to make the last few weeks to make it entertaining for the viewers?

J: More alcohol.

R: What would you put in the BB house?

J: A bigger pool, a glass elevator. A huge mini bar outside, a tiki bar with anything you want, big lights, big beds. Almost dressed up as Alice for the veto comp.

R: Are you sure you didn't influence any of the HGs while at the veto comp?

J: No. They were nice to her.

R: Do you think the jury will vote good?

J: Thinks Dustin won't be personal. Amber will vote with her heart. Jen, best player.

R: Why do you think they aren't showing the sequester?

J: Thinks something's going on. Thinks Jen was packing her bags when she was there for the veto comp. Maybe they're sequested separately.

R; Banner plane?

J: I didn't do it.

The interview is now over, and next week will be Howie and hopefully Kaysar as well.

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In the house:

7:05 BBTEric, Dani and Dick in kitchen chit chatting. Eric's making food. Jameka's at the dining room table. D/D have left. Eric's sitting at the bar.

Dick and Dani in the bathroom. Dick's wearing a red wig with a red bow and painting his nails.

ETA: Devil horns, not a red bow. He just walked through the house and said devil. He just took the get up off, sat at the bar, and put his legged up on the table.

Eric, Dani and Dick talking about who's the oldest/youngest in the house. Dani asks if Carol was the youngest, and Eric says yes. (That would be a trick question for the HGs if asked who's the youngest. No one but D/D know that Dani's the younest.-lala)

Eric's called to the DR. Zach joins D/D at the bar. Eric gets a glass of water to take to the DR with him. Dani says he always does. Eric says as much as he talks, he gets cotton mouth. he jokes, see you in three hours, and Dani says no joke.

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