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September 5, Live Feed Updates


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looks like Daniele is getting ready to go to bed? She has her PJs on... Zach is in the kitchen. Dick smoking and Eric in the HT with Jessica. Jamkeka is on the couch and decided to go open the wine.

Dick has joined Zach in the kitchen and so has Daniele. Not much conversation going on.

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9:00PM BBT: BB: "Houseguests, please go to the store room." They got white wine and Heineken beer. 9:30PM BBT: Daniele, Dick and Zach are in the kitchen chatting while Jameka, Jessica and Eric are outside. General chit chat. 9:50PM BBT: There really isn't much going on. Zach and Daniele are talking about Zach's bog tomorrow and Zach is trying to work out the date today. Meanwhile... Outside Jessica, Dick and Jameka are talking about some of the competitions they've had this season. Eric is MIA, probably in the DR. That's where he normally is. [oops, my bad He was changing his clothes - Jem]

10:00PM BBT:

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10:33 BBT

Outside Jameka Eric and Jess talking ..Eric talking about threatning about them voting for Zach at the end if they dragged him 'to the end"

Eric talking about Dani being populare and Jameka says she's a complainer unlike Janelle....Eric says Janelle was "a huge bitch" to people she didn't like...

Eric saying Nick was popular..not Dustin or Jen...

Jameka saying Dick is like a "chef Ramsey" type situation because its entertaining..Eric agreeing that it "wasn't entertaining" to us because they had to live it but for other people to watch..

Eric can't figure out why Zach would be popular because "he's not funny in real life" saying "he hasn't made us laugh once"

Eric talking about Jameka's DR "will be hilarious" [they're not]....

Inside Zach Dick and Dani...laughing about Jess talking about next week HOH and POV because she's going to be evicted....."you'll find out" when the DVD comes out Dick says mockingly...

Kidding around with Dick 'hooking up" with Jameka.....

Dani popping zits and she is annoyed by Zach coming in asking "so what are you doing"

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10:42 BBT

Zach heads to hid HOH telling Dani "I'll be up for an hour" "listening to tunes" and heads up there with lights off..

Downtstairs Dani is in the kitchen by herself bagging the cookies she made earlier and cleaning up..

Outside Dick talking to Jameka Eric and Jess ..Eric saying he's never watched "The JImmy Kimmel Show" despite watching the "Man Show" [great shows]..Dick telling Eric about his Jimmy Kimmell Show story...with "Anna Nicole" talking about saying to her you're a hot piece of ass" saying he was with Slash[G-N-R fame]....[he's told this story at least 20 times so i will sapre you this 21st time]

Jameka "How did she gain all that weight" [umm eating too much]

Dick name dropping or has been name dropping..

Dick goes into the kitchen and Dani talking about her bruises......complaining about people "ruining things"....Dani talking abot being hated by them [Jam Eric and Jess]

Dani talking to Dick wondering what to say..like it was last minute or stratetigic when they evict Jess..."Kail told us to do it" or "It was a banner".........

Complaining about people either cleaning for appreciation or not doing at alll....Dani "his dishes are filth when he does them" calling him "the worst dishwasher ever"

Dani saying "I can't clean the bathroom" because of her allergies....Dani saying that people who are nominated don't clean saying to Dick "you did it too"

Dick still saying his shoulder and rib hurts..

wow these two are really bitching about being slobs..Eric's turn wondering "what his apartmen6t loks like" and what Zach's dishes looks like...

their bitching is in high gear tonight....

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11:00 BBT

"i'm not looking forward to finding a new place" telling Dick who asks if she's going to live alone...Dani "I hate roommates" Dick "so do I" but rent is to high...Dani wants to find a place witha yard for Mufasa...Dick saying its hard to find a place that takes pets especially people like her who let their "dog pee on the rug" annoyed by that Dani says so she doesn't get her "$400 deposit" back..

Dani still cleaning the kitchen...while complaing "it drives me crazy" and "It makes me angrey" about Zach snoring and when Nick was there he snored and sometimes Jameka...

Dick "i drove everyone crazy" from the get go.....

Outside Jameka giving Jess advice saying "i have absoulutely no problems" going home....and Jess say she doesn't either...

Jameka saying "whatever" "if I stay its good if I go its good" saying she will be "so pissed " you two don't make it to the final two"..now Jameka thanking Jess saying she helped her out....saying "I wish Eric can week" next week at HOH..saying he could win "if he had to" Jess agrees.....telling Jess "you know you absolutly have to" and Jameka saying she supports her "100%" and Jameka wonders why Dick is being so "pushy with" her being evicted.....and saying "i would never" campaign against Jess.....Jess "I don't want any crying" telling them "I want game faces on"..saying that they know "the next three people" out the door.

"this game" both lament........

Jameka "this house these people this game" talking about her speech Thursday....saying he last speech was mainly to "you and to Eric".......

Talking about it being hard speacking because of live TV...and Jameka saying how her heart was pounding when Joes was evicted calling it "a big mistake"....Jameka trying to play rewind...woulda coulda shouda........

Jameka telling Jess ed "looks out for Daniele" and not the other way around...saying she's all done with the father daughter thing "I can't"

Jameka Jess pity party goes on..........woe is me mode in full throttle

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11:16 BBT

"to the J"s" "whoever stays make it to the final two" Jameka and Jess toast......now their are talking about all the votes they have wrapped up in the Jury...

Jameka talking about Zach being "a liar" for saying he was alone when he "had an alliance" ....Jameka "maybe I'm some kind of woman's advocate"........Jameka saying to Jess she would have every vote except Jen who's kinda on the fence.....

Jameka says Eric asked if they said anything to her....but was careful that "ed would try to get information from Eric"

Jameka saying that "om my gosh I would be so quick to put them up" if she's around but wants Daniele gone..

Jess saying "Zach can't win this week" and Jameka calling Zach "he's ridiculous" saying "people are annoyed by them" and really don't have friends......but rather "associates" and both he and Jen consider friends..

Inside Eric telling Jameka "hates you guys"...Dick "fuck her and her self-entitlement" Dick mocking Jameka going "hmm mmm hmmm mmm" [so funny]

Eric tells them "I'm playing for second" saying that the jury "has to select someone" even if its the "lessor of two evils"

Eric making fun of Dustin "he's an asshole"...Dani saying Jameka gets "so upset" making fun of Amber in front of her....talk turns to jury House dreading spending time with those people.......abd the "sit down talks" and Dani says she doesn't need to be fake....Dani about Dustin "I really despised him" and Eric is certain he was the biggest bitch asshole in his DR sessions...

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11:31 BBT

Eric talking Top Dani trying to drive the point home for a Jameka eviction..

Outdoors Jameka pleding her undying devotion and loyalty to Jess if I go...

Jameka complaining about the last POV.....and wonders when she will get the one where she will shine.............talking about previous POV's

Eric talking about the Jury to Dick and Daniele...kinda reminding them about the votes......

Dick "the bottom line is we're here and they're there" and Dick goes outsdie to invade their pity party....

Dick goes out and plops on the couch...and lights up.......

Jameka and Jess stop talking about their evictions.......and talk turns to the booze.......sayting it sucks they don't get it on Thursdays......

small chit chat ensues....

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11:46 BBT

Eric now saying Zach is so overconfidence saying his perverted comments "have died down"...Eric bashing Amber but Dani says she could see herself having luch with her couple times a year despite her stories "that were uncomfortable to hear about".....Eric bringing up the "drug use" "pants shitting" and "bloody balls" stories...

Dani bringing up the "boob story" and Eric says this guys must be a tool to get excited about "180lb woman's flat chest"

Eric sublimanlly brings up the jury votes.........

Talking about whether there is a reunion show....

Talk turns to wrap party and how people will act from mike trashing us all or Jameka killing us....and Jen bashing .."rare breed insane bitch fantasy land" Eric says......

Dani saying "it sounds exciting" for two weeks left...

Jen bashing again........

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11:55 BBT

Dick talking about his parents..their lives...and says "my dad's my dad".......

Jameka "peole are funny that way" when it comes to step kids...Dick said he use to date women with kids but doesn't do it anymore....Jess says that the kids start getting attched...and Dick said he stop seeing a girl when her two year old started calling him Dad...

Jess "what's everyone doing" Dick says what they're doing is what they are..."sweet" Jess says..

Dick asks how Jameka was doing.....and Dick says he can't believe she asked where Eric's vote was going [we'd like to know that too]

Jess saying "she doesn't want to go"...and both says they say if they do they go........

Jameka returns....saying "i forgot to check the time" and dick guesses right and say its around midnight....

Eric come out to get his laundry and says he wants to be part of the stories that they are discussing.......

Jameka saying she ca't believe how much she eats in the house as she shoves cookies into her mouth..Dick saying its outta boredom......Jameka saying she should have more self-control...as she apologizes to Jess for starting to devour her cookie.....

Laundry talk ensues.....[soooo exciting]

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12:11 BBT

Dick talking to Dani about going to bed....but will probably stay up for awhile..

Outdoors Eric has Jameka helping folding his clothes with here being thrown for a loop for Eric's petite size....saying he wears a "boy's small"

Eric's laundry party continues....

In the bathroom Dick and Dani talking..."Zach's going to be so depreesed" not having the HOH anymore...saying "he's going to go crazy" because he gets to sleep late.....

[not too much interesting happening]

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12:18 BBT

[hmm 2 nights before an eviction no campaigning, deal making...begging or pleading..what we get ] is talking in the bathroom bewteen Dani and Dick "going to bed" and threatning BB to call them to DR now..before thay go to bed.......Dani said BB told her there will be DR sessions tonight..

Dani screams "eww" as she find the dolphin crash undies "on my pillow" though she was laughing.....

Dani goes to bed

Outside Jameka bashing Dick about being high through his children's birth......talk turns to clothes.......

Jess ask about his three or four syllable words...and Jameka says it is an East Coast thing...........Eric saying his quick witted smart friends.......and that's the company he keeps...Eric talking about his friends..Jess saying she wants to meet "cook".....and Eric goes through his friends....

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12:32 BBT

Outdoors Eric Jess and Jameka are the onlyt ones up as Zach Dani and Dick have all gone to bed.....

A lot of reminiscencing of what things were said and done...all of which has been posted before.....

We get FOTH for what seems no reason at all...

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12:40 BBT

Jameka talking about Erica getting played and Eric called to DR[get his AP eviction instructions].......

Jess "how would you react to that" and "what can you say in that situation"..talking "I felt horrible for her" ..Jess "that would suck" ......

Jameka saying she could wait to be outta the house and outta these circumstances....

Jess wondering if she could live a normal life after getting used[let us know when you get out]

Talk continues......sayingDaniele has won the most but Jess is right up there too......Jesss saying shee needs to "win some damn POV's"

Jameka hoping if she wins she goes on a winning spree of HOH's and POV's [lol]

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12:51 BBT

We have all four feeds on Jameka and Jess talking about Janelle whether she's gained weight saying they couldn't tell with the dress she had on or whether she was a little drunk or had been drinking.......

Jameka did notice her ring she was wearing............

they continue to talk about dancing and cheering...[quite unintersting]

Jameka telling Jess she would like for her to "see some of the tapes" from her collegiate cheering days.....

Jess says Witchta St cheer is either 1 or 2 in the state.......

their cheer talk goes on..........

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1:01 BBT

Eric out of DR brushing his teeth talking to Jameka about some cut on his nose......Jameka goes to get her lip gloss and Jess is outdoors waiting outside by herself....

All feeds on Jess by herself.........

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1:07 BBT

Eric comes out talking to Jess about a well needed trip to the bathroom...telling him it was fun "to hang out with Jameka " "i love her" and Eric says "me too"..asking if he cried in it..saying he got choked up....

"yours was pretty bad and long" Eric tells Jess.....actually "iwas happy with it" wondering what BB will end up showing...

Eric "i have declared this the single most boring day of my life" asking what it would take to get a "connect four" jess doesn't know what that game is ...but would prefer "Trouble"....

Eric says..."I think Jameka's mad I'm not voting for her" [looks like Jameka was AC choice for eviction]

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1:13 BBT

Eric going on about jameka being mad he's voting to Evict her.......and calling her "demented' to think otherwise..saying he left a nice message "if" she goes and Jess says "IF" and Eric says "when"

Jess says she doesn't want to give a speech on Thursday and Eric says he can write a crazy one.......Eric talking about leaving if its before her he will be choked up.....and if its after he'll go crazy a cursing everyone is out.....[wow this should be good]

laughing about Jameka saying "yo mamma's a bitch"

Eric offering how much of his prize money to say it in the event she gets evicted....and Jameka "eric..I'll do it for free"

[i'm calling it a night be back tomorrow..night all]

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1:45AM BBT: Jameka arguing that you have to get a masters degree before you go to medical school. Eric and Jessica try to prove her wrong.

Eric, Jameka and Jess talking about playing the flute, being a "flute player" or "flutist"

Eric says one of his key traits is that it seems like he is not paying attention when he really is. Jameka says Jess is smarter than him.

Jameka forgot what she was going to say and now moves on.

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1:55AM BBT: Discussing Jameka telling dick "your mama's a bitch" and the order of how it happened. On eviction day of Dustin, dustin was stretching and dick was "giving him the eye" and dick said to jameka "look at the big ass." Jameka says the house is full of characters

Jess says you have to get an 85 to get a B at private school and a 93 for an A. Then it goes back to "your mama's a bitch"

Someone (I missed it, maybe zach?) said that Eric takes crystal meth and was on anxiety medication, but he is really on thyroid medication. Eric points out that it's funny that Zach picked Eric for houseguest choice and then eric barely beat him in the pov.

Eric says with the money he would 1. invest in dolphincrash 2. buy nick a monkey 3. remove jen's tail.

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2:15AM BBT: Eric saying that they all have bit their tongues in the house, but wouldn't of in real life. Jameka says when dick threw the "green thing" she asked herself "is this guy for real"

jameka tells eric refering to dick and standing up to him "if and when he is rude to you at the wrap party, do it"

eric says that danielle said today that she never knew about jen claiming to kiss nick in the first few days. nick had said that he tried to kiss her hand in a silly way with a bunch of people around. jam says that they were actually under the covers. eric says that nick and jen were together for 3 days and then all of a sudden never again. eric thought it was a common known fact but danielle said doesn't know. jess and eric thinks that a kiss really occurred. nick had a smirk on his face the whole time when he made his "production" about jen and nick kiss. eric was glad he was not part of that whole situation at all.

jameka forgot what she was going to say again. she blames it on the wine. jess blames it on the slop. jameka wants eric to use jess's concealer for the live show. she is upset about how close the close-ups are.

talking about "snarly" and "gnash teeth" because jameka doesn't know what they mean (did amber rub off on jameka too much?-ed)

Talking about group diaries and jameka wanted to go do one but jess didn't. talk about a group diary with zach's penis and then foth

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2:30AM BBT: eric saying how intriguing is must of been after jess won hoh the first time when jameka started yelling at dick. eric thinks he had the most spastic reaction in big brother history when he was excited that jess won because it was the ultimate "fuck you"

one of eric's bigger mistakes in the game he says was with how he reacted when they were going after him that week. says it was strategic but he wishes he would of just said "go fuck yourself"

jam asks what they think the week that she would be the target if she hadn't given up the hoh's and they think it would be the same.

eric says he is going to study the house tomorrow but he doesn't want other people to copy him. they said that zach is hiding from the three of them and eric says that zach is afraid of them. eric calls him "this season's chicken george"

talking about how joe felt threathened by amber at the beginning because she was with dustin. eric asks "who wasn't he threatened by" and eric thinks that he could've done better. jam says she liked him but didn't trust him. jam says at the time dick wasn't an ass so she was really torn between dick and joe.

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3:00AM BBT: dick is up and with others in by

a really exciting conversation about how to wipe your ass after you shit. eric supposedly wipes "back to front" and they are making fun of him because he is getting shit on his balls. eric says there is no way, he is clean as a whistle, but they all insist no one wipes the same way that he does.

dick says the whole discussion is uncalled for and still believes that eric has shitty balls.

eric can't believe they haven't done a segment with dick's farts. now eric and dick says that jameka makes "runaway farts" and she says there is no way, she always claims them. now jameka talking about when eric farted while she was eating cereal during LD. dick telling a story about farting at the movies and a guy freaked out about it, so he just farted again.

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3:20AM BBT: eric complaining about 10:30am wake up calls because they don't even do anything. jameka thinks that they just have to get up for DRs.

Talking about the weather - happy that it isn't so hot. they talk about the jury house being evacuated last year and think it maybe happened again this year.

dick and jessica tell eric he is an exaggerater because he says he was drowning in a pillow...

they move inside to go to bed. dick complains about whoever did the dishes did it wrong. jess and eric dance in the bathroom

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