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August 23 Live Feed Updates

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Will/Mike/Erika/Dani in bedroom, random conversations, lots of laughter, joking around

James/George outside, James working out and explaining the facts of BB life to George, James explaining some of the early weeks of strategy

George asking questions about things, why did they want to get rid of Nakomis, or did James want to keep Diane... asks about SOV alliance and when/where their troubles started

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Dani and Erika are in the red room. Dani is wearing the big dark glasses and crying, as she eats something. Erika tells her she needs to talk to Dr. Zachary, and she is really helpful to her. Erika asks what Dani is feeling.

Dani: You know, the smart thing is to keep this man, but it's not. It's just not.

Erika: MM Hmmm

Dani: I am behind a rock and a hard place. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Erika: I know.

Dani keeps crying and eating, with the big sunglasses on. (Those sunglasses get around --ed)

Dani: What made him finally realize his errors?

Erika: I don't know. He just said, "You know what, E? I realize now I made a mistake." (CG)

Dani says that Howie was not the one who was after CG--it was Janelle all along, and Janie said horrible things about George.

Dani says that George has watched BB for 5 seasons.

Erika asks if Dani thinks so, and Dani says yes--George refers to things about certain seasons and yet claims he didn't watch it.


Will and Janie are in twin beds, facing each other. Will is saying that BB brought him in as the evil hitman. He says it is what he does. Janie says "But you're not going to do that to me, right?" Will smiles at her and says, "You're not going anywhere." She says okay, she trusts him. He says remember what he told her that night she was so upset? She says he told her, "You're not going anywhere."

Will: And you didn't.

James says he told her that if James stays, he would go after Will, and it would be a "bloodbath."

Will asks if she likes Miami or not, and she says she does.

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(ed lol it's official, Janelle/Will MUST be dating) they are playing cards, he accuses her of cheating because she forgets if it's 2s or 3s that are wild

meanwhile, James/George still going over the season, James decides Howie is the only one that hasn't lied to him this season

J: you have to understand, in order for me to stay in this game, you have to go home...

G: what happened with Jase?

J: he threw stuff/etc

G: but if you do things like that, you get bounced out

J: that's why he didn't make it to sequester either time...

James says Howie/Janelle/him all 3 expected Howie to stay

CG says he is prepared to leave, if he does he'll shake everyones hand, you have to go out in style... you are remembered by that

J: Janelle and I said that, we hope he isn't remembered for that, because he didn't do anything else, he didn't win any comps

CG goes over his outfit for tomorrow night... sombrerro, clown feet, a flower, and an added surprise I can't tell you, you don't think it's too much do you? (ed. gotta love CG! time for me to go... have a good evening :) )

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Dani cries some more, says she is spent.

Dani: I know James is leaving tomorrow. I just know it. I know he is going tomorrow.

Silence from Erika.

Erika: Do you know how Janelle is voting?

Dani: She's gonna vote to keep him.

Erika: She is?

Dani: I'm sure of it. (Silence)

Dani: You know, I don't know. She wanted to backdoor him.

Erika: That last veto. That was a bad throw (James throwing the veto to Dani). I watched, and I was like, (makes Ugh sound).

Dani: The vote's probably gonna be 3-1.

Dani says that they should have put Nicole in the house. She then says "Oh, yeah, she said she didn't want to do it." Then she says that they should have put in Dana instead of her.

Erika asks why?

Dani says it would have made more sense. Dani counts off the girls that are left from BB.

Dani again says that they should have put in Dana and not her.

Erika: Stop. You need some Ramen (Roman? Ramen?). Can we get this girl some Ramen?

Dani says this is a bad game. There are so many twists and turns. It is psychologically tormenting.

Dani: Any Survivor person watching this show--You want a twist--Here comes James--You want a twist, put Survivor people in here. They will lose their mind.

Erika: I remember I told Lynn I was considering doing this thing, and she was like, "You're SURE?"

James enters the room. He is playing with his mic.

James asks what it in the pasta, Dani tells him red sauce, olive oil, parm. cheese.

James gripes about his shoulder hurting.

James: Think George is going to recycle that tinfoil, or keep it all in his bag?

Dani says she doesn't understand why George is keeping it, and asks Erika why.

She says as "a momento."

James asks if she is going to take off the shades?

She says she has been crying too much today.

James says she is going to miss him.

She says "Of course I am."

James: Oh. Easy solution! Vote for me to stay. Then you don't miss me and you put up with me.

Dani: You're funny.

James: And serious.

Dani: I know.

James leaves.

Erika: He's very calm this time around.

Dani looks like she is going to explode.

Erika: What? What are your thoughts?

Dani: Tell me why I should keep CG again?

Erika: I don't know. I don't know any more.

Dani: What are you doing?

Erika: I don't know. I can't stop thinking about it, but.

Dani: What does your gut tell you?

Erika: They are both dangerous in their own right. But I know if James had gotten HOH the last time, he would have put me and CG up. Right?

Dani: Not if I woulda begged him.

Erika: He would have had to have done it right then and there.

Erika says he wouldn't put Janie up.

Dani: You think he's lying?

Erika: He's too concerned about votes.

George comes in the room.

Erika asks him how he is, and he says "Good!" in a chipper way.

George's luggage says "Chicken George." Dani asks if that said that originally. He says no. They changed it.

George: You guys enjoying the tiki hut?

They say yes.

George: If I depart, you guys can take it over. But I doubt that is going to happen.

Erika: What? That we'll take it over?

George: Yes. (George laughs).

George mentions the Dr. being afraid.

Dani says it should have a sign: Hazardous to your health.

Erika asks if Boogie is still in bed, and Dani says yes.

Dani says she needs "Top Roman??" and Tylenol Migraine. The good stuff, so she can sleep. She will sleep until nominations, wake up to ask who is nominated, and she'll find out it is her and she'll ask them to wake her up when she's evicted.

Dani wishes she could sleep the whole time in there.

CG says it is funny that his daughter wrote that people she works with watch him snore.

Dani says she is the only one who tolerated him snoring.

He laughs.

All three sitting in silence now (Well, CG is lying down in silence, on his stomach on the bed with a hat on and sunglasses).

Food talk. CG wants Popeyes or KFC. He loves the mashed potatoes and gravy. Dani says they are the worst mashed potatoes, but everyone loves them! Erika says maybe they have drugs. Dani says that maybe it is the slight taste of styrofoam cup that people like?

Dani says that they had no sponsors of food!

George thinks maybe something about the marguerita party was a sponsor.

Dani wants sushi, Top Ramen and Tylenol Migraine.

Dani says that the lady in the DR said something "that just ticked. Me. Off."

George: She made you mad?

Dani says she can't talk about it.

George is saying he should ask for a bread maker, to use with slop.

Dani says he needs to try slaffles. She suggests vanilla and sugar in it.

(Mom is on the phone so I have to go--ED)

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445pm BBtime

james/mike b talking in backyard:

james......well, its you and will playing for each other and me and dani playing for each other, it is what it is this year, there's not going to be any of that 'holy fuck'......(explaining how obvious each of there alliances are)

danielle and erika are in the red room co-miserating...nothing new being said there, same old rehash....until george comes back in to 'his' room, and BB announces an indoor lockdown

erika says its for the HOH practice run, everyone says 'crapshoot'

james and mike b complain about having to go inside, and hope they get to practice the crapshoot tonight

chicken george comes out of the blue with 'this will really be a bummer if i leave'...everyone gives strained laughter

james refers to george (while talking to mike B) as 'jorge loco: crazy george'

george tells mike b that he is making a sifter for the slop (i know....??)

he's poking holes in a piece of paper

mike b is going to cut his hair himself, while danielle looks on

james says howie's hair looked like shit when he left

somehow everyone else migrated out of the redroom, leaving george in there alone to make his sifter....now that i have a better look, it appears to be made out of a peeled open paper cup instead of just a piece of paper

(if you are reading this because you dont have live feeds, now is definately one of those times that you can take pride in having saved your money, this is boring as hell)

awwww....george is eating his slop, and erika asks if his sifter worked, and he says no :( he tells her there is no hope for that stuff

she plays around with it to see if she can 'sift' some slop

mike b. comes and asks george to help him trim his hair...and of course george is happy to help ( :)he needs a paper bag,not a haircut)

mike says he is going for the 'messy uneven look'

they say that george looks like a fulltime barber anyway, he just needs a cigar hanging out of his mouth

the weight george has lost is really really apparent today!

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Quick update to add to the Janie and Will convo earlier:

While laying in their beds, Will asked Jan if she liked Miami and she said yes. He then asked her if she was open to change and she said yes. She said she liked it but it was small, South Beach that is. He asked her if she was committed to what she did there and she said not really but she liked it. He said "I do have a pending license there, it would be easy to establish myself." Then they just layed there and smiled at each other for a few minutes before turning over to go to sleep. (Separately, of course.)

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they hear noises from the back yard and guess its the sound of BB building something for the HOH setup, and complain that they are going to be locked in forever, and again bet its a crap shoot

ok, george takes a secone paper cup to make an attempt at a slop-sifter....he wants to make it easier to swallow by sifting the 'dust' out of it

janelle and mike b are in hoh, whispering about they are glad its a crapshoot, janey says she wishes they would give her her xanax so she would just sleep all the time

janey: james keeps asking how im voting, and i hate lying....james has not been treating me like he used to so i dont care, he is so obviously with danielle....he expects my vote i think, it would be different if he werent with her and was asking me to not vote him out

mike b: imagine me you will and chicken george at the end? that would be a dream!

janelle:final six will still suck because danielle and erika will still be here

mike b: maybe between the two of us we can keep winning hoh

janey: i'd like us to be in final 3

mike b: that would be AWESOME

janey: i know james is gonna tell me 'if you vote me out, dont expect my final vote

mike b: oh everybody is gonna start that shit

janey: marcellas did that to me too

(the hammering from their backyard is really really LOUD)

janey:i think they'll do endurance again for final 3

janelle tells the story of their final 3 hoh competition from last year

james has his arm around danielle as they sit together on the couch in the bathroom, she still has her sunglasses on, they are talking to erika who is trying to make her face look different(ok, shes just washing her face :)

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HG in inside LD.

CG in kitchen eating slop

Dani sitting alone in bathroom talking to herself. Saying she is done, mentally spent, & wants the game to be over.

James in the bugroom changing clothes

Boogie & Janelle in the HoH talking about how Dani has been crying all day & Jan thinks the HoH comp will be a crap shoot. Janelle says James told her if she voted for him to leave she would lose his jury vote. They say Dani has to go because she would get voted in the end & Erika is an ass-kisser. Talk turns to HoH comps from season 6.

James goes to comfort Dani. Will & Erika come in. Dani says she needs to talk to Dr Zachory. They says she should go in & ask to speak to her. (Guess they have a Psychiatrist on duty at the BB house) Dani mopes off to the DR & goes in, she says "Hi ladies, I have a request" then I can't hear anymore.

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janelle and mike b are looking at the pictures in his HOH room, one pic has the o'connell guy that was on one of the Bachelors....janelle asks if he is still with that girl and mike says he is

janelle says she and will were in diary room for 2 hours and they were really funny

she leaves to go downstairs

when she gets to the kitchen will sorta tackles/hugs her

erika now discusses her days of being a professional dancer, and she was on a few music videos...and says that they were no one that anyone would know..and that she was on soul train once

will accidently pulled off some little flame shaped light fixture on the wall, and freaked out that he didnt mean to break it...james sticks it back on and says its ok...erika jokes that it comes out of his stipend

danielle says she is pms'ing

they all bitch about how it is only 530, they are obviously bored

(and now so am i, that's it for me tonight)

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James/Dani in RedRoom trying to count votes, same old stuff, Dani still in her shades...

Boogie, George, Will, Erica, Jani at table playing cards (not all playing but feeds keep going to Foth before i can get a close look)...Boogie is no longer there he's in SR, looking for something CG said no there's plenty in there...

more Flames!!!!

I think i'll step away and ckeck back in a bit!!!

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janie and will walking.

they talk mostly of how will and boogie jumped up and down excitedly when janie won pov.

J: think everyone will congratulate me when I win hoh?

W: no. well... okay probably actually.

WIll telling Janie he hopes Erika tanks hoh.

W: if you or i win hoh, no matter what Dani or erika is gone. there's no way around that.

W: if e/ d win... you and i WILL go up. we help boogie win pov.. take me off. george goes up, send him home.

J: if you both go up if i win pov you're still safe.

W: even if erika wins hoh.. FLAMES.

if hoh is tie breaker with WIll and Janelle, she's going to throw it to Will.

W: okay

W: whys dani crying.. does she know he's leaving

J: yeah. i think so

W: how?!!

J: probably by the way we're acting.

W: d thinks you're voting to keep him so theyre trying to sway erika...

Janelle told James he had her vote.

W: remind dani of your truce, and tell her you're going after CT. blame it on me 'will did this', etc.

W: this is when they game gets really hard emotionally right

J: yeah

W: when the show was over, the people who were my friends ie mike boogie, understand it's a game and you can continue your life journey with them. Those that drained you emotionally, just disappear.

J mumbles something i can't hear.

W: you'll probably stay friends with Kaysar and Howie.. james hmm i dont know. he was 1000% ready to throw you under the bus so i mean.

W talks about how Erika is obsessed with big brother.

W: Dani was robbed. So was Erika. Danis top priority is to bring money home. James wants to be a husband and look good.

J: james puts too much pressure on himself.

W: you're single, normal, fun.. your goal is to win, but no ulterior motive. THis is a fun joke to me and boogie, boogie lost his mind years ago...

W likes kaysar because he's a good sport. W says James has absolutely no fun and never enjoys himself.

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Dani is telling Erika during solitary confinement, that was when she went over the edge, she became a freaking mess. She said it was the party that pushed her, they made her do the dirty work. Erika said Boogie didn't take anything.........Dani said okay, Will and James made her do their dirty work so let them think she has their back.

She wants James out, she says it isn't right to lie to people and shove them out the door. Dani says they will keep James and Janelle won't put up CT because they saved James, so I think Dani wants James out. (you know how she gets into her talk sometimes, it is hard to follow her.) Erika says she is confused, Dani says CT is on the outs with Janelle, so they will want to keep James to help fight against the women. Erika says it is a smart plan but she doesn't agree. Dani says go ahead and do what you want but she will sit across the room and point at Erika and say "I TOLD YOU SO". Dani is sure it is going to be a two two vote and Boogie will save James. She is really wanting Erika to vote out James so there won't be a tie. Erika can't promise Dani she will do that. Dani is so sure she has figured out the plan and it will be two two. Erika keeps saying she made a promise and she is bound to save "him".

Dani wants to know why Erika is torn all of a sudden, something is eatting at Erika to make her so confused. Erika didn't answer and Dani says talk louder, we need to hear you. Erika says James is a huge threat, she is afraid he will turn. Dani says he will turn on everyone to get what he wants. Dani says fine you make your choice, I have made mine. Dani talked to Dr. Zach and the doctor says don't feel guilty, you need to do what is best for you. Follow your gut. Dani says her gut says get rid of James and that is what she is going to do.

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Dani is repeating how she doesn't have time for the pain, no way, uh uh, no way, no time for the pain. Erika keeps trying to tell her side of not voting out James and Dani just won't lisen. Now Erika is making Top Ramaen noodles after seeing Dani's noodles. Boogie teased Dani about crying for noodles, how tight that was. Erika went back and said something to Dani and Dani keeps saying no I am not budging. Dani believes Will that James will never put up Janelle if he wins HOH.

Dani and Erika are hording the noodles under a bed.

So after Erika listen and comforted the crying Dani all day, now Erika is upset and almost crying and all Dani can do is say, we just switched roles, why you so sad now? We need to go see the doc together so we can come out in the same mood. Then she starts singing and dancing around the kitchen while Erika sits and watches with a very sad face.

Boogie got something to eat and went outside while Janelle and Will are still walking.

Erika and Dani going back to the red room, Dani is asking for more wine.

Dani is telling Erika if she hadn't won the veto she would of went home. Dani is rehashing the past and saying how she knew what she needed to do and it broke her heart. No more, she is doing what she wants to do now, what is best for her, no more, uh uh.

Erika wants to be Dr. Zach's best friend. Dani is talking about how she cried the whole time, Doc thinks she must be crazy. Dani says "he" will affect her game, he flip flops to much. Dani says Trust me like we trusted you when we brought you into our alliance. Dani keeps giving examples of how they have had to vote people out they didn't want to. Dani says "love ya miss ya" Erika says if they keep James in the game, it only strengthens Janelle. Dani says she needs someone to take care of chill town. (to be honest, the way Dani is talking in circles I am starting to doubt she is voting out James, she might mean CG)

Dani just keeps talking about "him" and how she needs him out. Erika is talking at the same time about how CT will vote if one is on the block.

Okay, Dani just promised that James will go after CT, CG well she has no clue what he is going to do, so I am thinking that she is talking so fast and in circles, she actually is trying to get Erika to vote out CG NOT James.

(Not meaning this to be an insult, but Dani is really hyper and talking in her ghetto way tonight so it is very difficult to understand her. Even Erika can't finish a sentence without Dani butting in.)

Dani just told Erika that all this time they have been thinking Janelle has been running the show, but it is really Will. Erika says "haven't I told you this all along your just now hearing me."

Erika is now whispering about who CT, James and CG will put up. This is ending up in a debate about who they get rid of, if James stays Dani is safe, if CG stays Erika is safe..........how are they going to settle this?

Erika wants her and Dani to go talk to "him". Dani says okay. Erika leaves the room, Dani stays and plays cards. Erika goes and gets CG, he was playing cards with Boogie. Erika returns to Dani and says he is coming. Erika tells Dani she hates that he will go out with all this controversy swimming around. Dani yells Yeah...............

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CG is talking about how with not eatting, not sleeping and worrying he got hit with a cannon ball. He says that they have gotten to know him and he goes with his heart, but what it comes down to is this, they all come here to play for the money. He knows who needs the money, it would change their life, make their lives better. At this point in the game that is what he is going with, he understands certain things that he lost focus of and he has been sorting that through is mind. They call go there and play but in the future, how is this money going to turn around someone's life. Both girls agree. CG says he lost complete touch with that and he has it back now. Janelle interrupts and wants to know what is going on. She says everyone went to the gym together and she is alone. CG invites her to stay and then goes on to say, this is what life is. Dani says is that what your feeling? Janelle asks if they want her to leave, they say no but she leaves anyway.

CG goes on to say also ladies, you guys keep in mind there is only one winner. Like the doctor said, there is 13 losers and only one winner......from his point of view as the oldest guy here, he totally adores all of the people, he really means it and that is what is hard for him. All of them have been very special to him in their own ways. It would be alot easier if everyone was fighting and throwing things, but it isn't that way here going down the back stretch. He says that is what really is going to make the final game messy, it is going to get real messy coming up here. He does, as far as his situation goes, he will only have to work up the votes tomorrow and if they were sitting here they would do the same thing. He is piecing everything together and seeing his mistakes, but he did do damage control and saved Erika but he realizes only one of them can win the money. He would of loved to of had time to go over the sceneros before nomination but he didn't have time and there are going to be two people in that chair and they need to get rid of the person that is going to get between them and the money. He tells them they have huge hearts but they have to get rid of the person that is better than them, who can beat them. He tells them it is all about the competition really. The girls are saying NOTHING. CG says he hopes he helped them but they have to understand whose life is this going to change? CG says he lost, the polls had him ahead, no one was touching him, in the last big brother but that plan blew up and he sunk like a rock. He could of used the money but he is okay to, if he hadn't lost the money he wouldn't of started at the bottom and worked his way up. He says it is all about the money, pick someone who will do something with it worth while. Honestly the girls have to consider who is the best player that is going to compete against them. He says he knows they are having a hard time with this, and he isn't going to tell them what to do.........Dani says NO we don't know what we are going to do but we have to go with our hearts and reasonably. She tells him he told her to do what is best for her in the game, it is so difficult.

CG says he understands and in the end it is going to go down ....how is it going to work out in the end. That is all. Dani wants to know if CG gets HOH will she be nominated. CG says he cleaned that up in the room Erika helped him out and if she hadn't set him straight he would of put Dani up but it is over now and she is safe. Dani says okay. CG says all I can tell you is this, I am not happy with something and I hope you trust me and leave it at that. Erika ask and CG says he doesn't want to say but he isn't happy about something at this time. Dani says she is glad someone can see something is going on.

Both girls say they understand. Dani says she is a black and white person, not a gray person. CG says she will get it soon, but just do what will benefit themselves. Erika is going out on a limb and CG doesn't have to agree, Dani says yes he does. CG says Erika knows and maybe she can tell him, but Erika knows and CG leaves.

Erika says CG is upset because Janelle swore up and down that she wants Will out of the house and now he sees her all up in Will. CG feels Janelle lied to him. Dani is still saying how CG didn't clear up if he was going to put her up on the block (but I heard him say she is safe and Erika is telling her the same thing) Erika says her guts says save CG but Dani says CG doesn't trust them and he is trying to be saved. Erika says it isn't that he doesn't trust them, he doesn't want to hurt his family by going after someone popular.

sorry phone, will be right back, maybe someone can take over.

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perfect timing!

just tuned in.. E/D alone

E: james is too crafty. he has to go.

D: he just told you you're safe. he said he's [?] gonna vote for the person who needs the money most.

E: james will give it to you.

E: so marcellas was gonna scumbag me huh

D: he brought it up to me...

D says if D went along with it, M probably was willing to, but D would not let him.

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okay back.......

Erika is laying down and Dani is giving her that smug look and tapping her foot. CG came back in and said something but I was on the phone and missed it. Sorry.

what ever he said, must of been good, Dani is speechless now. They are talking about how CG talks in code and Dani is saying how he is dragging them from one point to another to another. Erika says she still can't get over how Howie sat outside and repeated every single thing she said to James. Dani just keeps saying uh uh, uh uh uh uh. Erika says James is to crafty, he has to go. Dani says he just told you absolutely nothing, he just told you that you are safe and she is definately safe, but when it comes down to the final two, he is going to give the money to the one who needs it the most. Erika says that would be you, Dani says no she has an income so it would go to Erika. Erika says CG feels Dani is the best player in the game, Dani asks why he doesn't feel Will is the best player in the game.

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talk mostly of marcellas. nothing interesting

in the BY is everyone else (but James)

Janie used to work at diary queen

Will used to work at Baskin Robbins

Will spoon feeds Janelle ice cream. they go inside to cook.

CG/ Boogie chat strategy.

Boogie wants to know what's going on.

CG says that Dani and Erika is debating on whether or not to keep CG. Boogie said he guesses most likely they will ask CG for a deal, and E/D will get CG to feel like CG owes E/D. Boogie says "you understand you're not going right. "

B:"Janelles voting James out. Wills not staying up till 5 AM for nothing." they're afraid it's 2-2 and you'll know who voted against you. i'll break the tie and keep you and you'll gun for them at that point. which you will anwyays, because we're pretty much running out of targets.

CG: the sides are going to war no matter what. it's inevitable unless you walk out the door.

B: they don't take a stand. they graviate to the power. it's smart,but transparent.

CG: thats why i never go around asking for votes. it's up to them guys to decide.

B: thats why dani has been crying all day. if you want----

Will calls boogie inside

B: you need me? *pause* ok. excuse me CG. i'll be right back.

CG [alone] send me home. i don't wanna get involved

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Erika is really surprised that Marci thought he was safe clear to the end. Dani says that is why she was crying so much. Erika says his speech didn't help him stay. They talked about Janelle coming in the room, Dani said that Erika was pretty straight forward about that.

Now discussion about how both James and CG are waiting to see who is with them by the votes. Erika is so confused and Dani agrees she is confused now to. Dani wants CG to tell her what is going on and stop this talking in codes. She says CG doesn't trust Dani, that is why CG doesn't want to talk to her and that upsets Dani I think.

Silence in the room now. Now Erika ask Dani if she is sad, Dani says he made it worse because CG won't talk to her.

Will and Janelle in the kitchen, Dani walks in and Jani wants some of Dani's noodles. Dani tells her where to find them, (not the ones under the bed)

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Mike and Erika in HOH room.

Erika is now considering voting out CG. She inquires as to if it "really matters."

Erika saying she'll do whatever he wants, obviously [her words, not mine], because he is her primary alligance.

They chat but Erika really does sound on the fence.

Boogie asking if she'd rather be in the hoh comp next to cg or james. Boogie realizes CG is a wildcard, but james is a tougher competitor.

Boogie vents to Erika how "this isn't last time." and will really DOES need to win something.

B: if he can get through medical school i think he can figure out who won the veto week 3.

Boogie saying he likes the #'s dwindling. he speaks of a kaysar/ will/ marc fight (why don't i remember this?)

B: dani is very persuasive.

E: i feel like im in btwn a rock and a hard place.

Boogie wants Dani to be the sole vote against CG incase CG wins a crapshoot.

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Dani goes to James bed and says she is trying to get Erika to vote for him to stay. She wants to know why he hasn't packed, he says he will pack tomorrow. He is tired, said it hit him like a ton of bricks. She ask if he wants some noodles. She leaves and he goes back to sleep.

She's back and wants him to wake up and go play pool. He finally gets up and ask if there is any pizza left.

Erika is up in HOH with Boogie. Boogie is telling Erika that Will has to stand up and win something this year. If Will can get through medical school, then why can't he win an HOH?

James is asking Dani where Erika is, Dani tells him up with Boogie. James says Erika is a terrible actress. The two are playing pool, not talking game now.

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B: i need to go downstairs. will yelled at me earlier for staying in here too long.

W/ Janie making pizza

Boogie tells the hoh convo to Will and Janie, as it happened.

Will clears up the convo with boogie/ CG to Janelle.

J : what else did he say

W: dunno i haven't been apart from you.

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James wants to know if Dani has been talking to Boogie and Will, she says no and he gets stressed and says why not? Dani explains that Boogie and Will says it is okay, not to worry. James tells her oh okay.

Boogie is out now and James wants to know if they can evict Dani. Game talk stops while Dani and James plays pool and Boogie folds towels.

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Will and Janie's pizza is done.

BB: Will please reattatch your microphone.

Will is telling how small his appliances, tables, and fridges were in BB2. W says there was never enough food.

J asked why they didnt bitch about it

W says trust him, all they did was bitch

J feels the pizza they made is better than the pizza they [bb] give them

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James tells Boogie that he is folding the towels wrong. Boogie says he was waiting for James to say something. Boogie and Dani want to know why he is like this and James explains that he didn't have any chores when he was at home, once he moved out his first place got so bad he had to do something, now it just bothers him when things are out of place.

James tells Dani he hates her, when she ask what he said he says I love you Dani, I love you Boogie. Boogie says remember I am not voting this week.

Now Boogie joins in the pool game, Dani wants this to be a cuts throat pool game. Before Boogie came out, James was actually being nice. Now that Boogie is out there James is being rude and errogant and complaining about everything.

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Janie and Holly became friends after the show.

holly called janelle after the show. she got the # from sean, the handler.

W:Diane hates holly? why?

J: she's blonde.

W: that'll do it.

J: so holly said.. watch out for diane, she's crazy. she didnt seem crazy in the house, did she?

W: not at all. not at all.

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