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    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    Is it just me or has BB found the most nasty people they could this season? It makes me sick to watch the 'cool kids' make fun of people like Nicole and Donny. This two-faced stuff comes to easily to a lot of them that you have to wonder if they are playing a game or if that's how they really are.
  2. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    As much as I want them out, the mean girls do provide controversy and conflict. I just hope if/when they're gone the rest of the house doesn't turn into complete boredom like it did the season whatshername (I think she was a nurse) won.
  3. BlondeAndSoBlue

    BB 15 excitement level, 1-10

    I'm anxious to get this show on the road! My husband and I got married on 12/12/12 and then in May he was diagnosed with diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. He had surgery to remove a 'private part' tumor and we've had our first round of chemo - five more to go - three weeks apart. Last year I managed to get him to watch BB with me and I'm hoping this year I can really get him hooked on watching to help take his mind off things when he's feeling sick or down. I hope this year's cast is as entertaining as some (not all) of the past seasons have been!
  4. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    I'll admit it - I've mostly been a lurker. I've watched BB since the beginning and I also remember when the feeds were free (the good old days). I've really appreciated the posters doing the updates so I'd know what was going on during the day while I was at work or what happened at night after I had to go to bed. This year, however, I've suddenly joined the ranks of the unemployed (hopefully not for long) so I'm really looking forward to BB starting. I've subscribed to the live feeds (through Morty's, of course) but I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford BBAD this year. On the bright side, I'll be able to stay up later since I won't have to get up so early to go to work so I'll be able to watch the live feeds longer. Hopefully, they won't be showing FOTH as much as they did last year - and that sappy, annoying music. Yuck! Anyway, hi everyone. Here's hoping we have an entertaining BB summer.
  5. Rigged or not, I'm looking forward to BB starting. (I just try to 'think' it's not rigged. )
  6. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Jordan - BB 11 Winner

    This is the first time in a long time that the person I wanted to win actually did win. Way to go - Jordo!
  7. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Thursday "Live" Show 8/13 (Show being taped not Live)

    Loved tonight's show - loved it, loved it, loved it!
  8. BlondeAndSoBlue


    OMG, I am sooooo sick of looking at Chima and listening to her laugh and complain. Does she do or say anything that doesn't involve one or the other?
  9. BlondeAndSoBlue

    * Lydia *

    Oh man - I was almost to the point of forgetting 'the nerd herd' and now I have to remember them all over again. LOL
  10. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Tonight's Live Show 4/27

    The finale has to be live - otherwise, what's the point?
  11. BlondeAndSoBlue

    The Best Final 2

    I, personally, haven't liked any of the Final 2's. I may have been for one or the other but never for both of them. So my vote goes for 'none of the above', I guess.
  12. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Did You All Like This Season

    I neither hated or loved this season. I was glad to have it since TV sucked with the writer's strike but I really couldn't seem to find a houseguest that I was really rooting for. This was the first season that I seemed to watch BBAD more than the live feeds - not sure why - although, at times, it seemed someone was awfully quick with the FOTH button and it drove me crazy. I wish they would quit with the music and just show either the guineas or the flames or something - most of the time I also have TV on and I was half listening to the feeds and half watching TV and all of a sudden you have that jarring music going - just cutting the sound would be fine with me. I hope BB10 has real people and not these 20-something wannabes.
  13. BlondeAndSoBlue

    What Kind Of Cast Would You Like To See?

    I'd like to see them give the 'couples' twist a rest for a season. Real people, no history with another HG, a mix of age groups.
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    I heard Sheila say that she played a strong game. When? (Don't get me wrong - I would have been just as happy seeing her go to the Final 2. It just made me laugh to hear her call her game 'strong')
  15. BlondeAndSoBlue


    I was hoping for a last minute switch-up like Adam winning the last part of the HOH and not throwing it to Ryan (if he really did throw it) - or Ryan deciding to take Sheila - just was hoping for anything that would make it more exciting and unexpected at the last second. Cudo's to the final 2 - however they got there. It won't bother me if either of them win. Last year, I really disliked Dick and Danielle - still do.
  16. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Tuesday, April 22nd

    I sure hope you're right, Marty.
  17. BlondeAndSoBlue


    I think I was trying to say that Adam has to convince Ryan that it is better for Adam and Sheila to go to the finals together instead of Ryan going to the finals at all. However, it was 4 something in the morning so who knows what I was thinking.
  18. BlondeAndSoBlue


    Now, Adam has to figure out how to convince Ryan that it's in Ryan's best interest if Adam takes Sheila to the finals instead of Adam. As fast as Adam can talk maybe he can convince him without Ryan knowing what he's agreeing to? (I still remember Adam telling Sheila that he was going to tell Ryan whatever he wanted to hear in order to get him not to change the noms. I guess he pulled it off in the end.)
  19. BlondeAndSoBlue


    At least Sharon's mouth is now safe. I was very worried about her chewing it off.
  20. BlondeAndSoBlue

    Thank You Live Feed Updaters!

    I'd also like to add my thanks to Jem and all of the updaters for their hard work. I'm sure what they do takes a lot of their personal time and I appreciate them all doing it.
  21. BlondeAndSoBlue


    Oh wow, 2jks, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. What's really weird is that a co-worker died yesterday from a massive heart attack. (50 years old and no previous heart problems.) We were all shocked - still are. Anyway, I was about ready to climb thru my puter screen and tell Adam to shut the @^%$# up after he got Ryan to shake and hug on voting out Sharon. Thought he was gonna let his mouth running make Ryan have 2nd thoughts about the switch up. Also, I wish we could get CBS and Grodner to understand that the true BB fans get and watch all of the BB stuff we can individually afford. We get the feeds, Showtime, read the message boards and STILL watch the CBS episodes even when we already know the outcome. They could still keep the Diary Room sessions secret but I'm sure the reason they won't do it is because then they would lose some of their ability to creatively edit the programming however they want to. Anyway, I'm glad they switched it up last night and kept Sheila. Can't wait to see Sharon's face cause she seemed to be feeling pretty secure.