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  1. Maetera

    Pick your BB17 winner!

    Vanessa is the only one of the final three that deserves to win...imho. Steve has been all over the map and I sometimes wonder if I may have liked Liz had she not hooked up with Austin (yuck!) Then againnnnn, Liz's way of speaking makes me crazy-uhhh.
  2. Maetera

    9/23 (Finale)TV Show Thread

    1. Austin will be creepy and/or obviously try to promote himself for some future job. Yuck! 2. I rank this season pretty low. Most of the houseguests were incredibly boring, stupid and clueless about actually playing the game. Yawn! 3. I'd like all newbies; real people who actually want to play the game. Less scripting and manipulation by the producers. More than anything... I wish they would actually have a season of "Expect the unexpected" - real changes in the order and types of comps, etc. i get so tired of the houseguests knowing exactly what is coming up and when it will be happening... and then feigning surprise on the live show when there is a 'double eviction', etc. Oh, I guess the qualifies more as a suggestion but I wish Julie would not give the number of votes for each nominee at eviction so people would start voting individually instead of the mostly predictable en masse votes and/or give America a vote. It would be interesting to not know who is going to be evicted each week
  3. Good points! Speaking of Liz... Did anyone else catch how she was holding her playing cards? Upside-down. They're all idiots.
  4. Maetera

    Worst season ever in BB History

    I'm not sure the entire house, collectively, had enough brain cells to keep the human race going. :::smh:::
  5. I could not have said it better! I agree completely. I'm endlessly baffled by folks (both houseguests and viewers) who lose sight of why the houseguests are all there... It's to win the game, not make friends. After all these years, we all know there is lying and manipulation; it's nice to have alliances but one can't lose sight of the objective and that is to win!
  6. Maetera

    Worst season ever in BB History

    This is the first season I've watched where I was so disinterested in the outcome. I can handle unlikable characters but this final group is both unlikable AND boring. This cast also seems to be the most incredibly stupid group of people ever! I mean, who on earth would leave an obvious 3-person alliance (Liz, Julia and Austin) in the game?! Liz should have been the first, not the last, of the trio to evict... that way you would be breaking up two 2-person alliances, plus, early on Julia hated Austin. ::shrug:: ::rolling eyes:: ::shaking my head::
  7. Maetera

    America's Favorite Player?

    I have to agree with linda60639. Overall I think James played a gutsy game, made some decisive moves (in a sea of wimps) and also managed to be entertaining and likable. I'm fine with Johnny Mac winning it but my pick for AFP is James. My biggest fear is that Jmac and James will split the votes and allow one of the losers to get it. I've always suspected that the producers manipulate the AFP vote so it will be who they perceive is deserving; It's wrong but it may not be such a bad thing. I've been able to vote 20 times on two different days; but not at all today but ::shrug::
  8. Maetera

    Pick your BB17 winner!

    I want Vanessa to win because she played the best game. I think Liz will win because I fear both Vanessa and Steve will take her to Final Two and I believe both would lose to Liz. If Final Two is Vanessa and Steve, I'm not sure this jury is capable of voting on game skill rather than emotions.... So it's a toss up.
  9. I'm not sure why Vanessa or Steve would take Liz. After all, Liz already has 2 guaranteed votes and Julia and Austin would have had time to sway other votes. Like her or not, Vanessa deserves the win due to her masterful control over pretty much the entire game... of course it didn't hurt Vanessa's game that most of the houseguests were total idiots. If the format of the final competition is guessing what jurors said, I think Vanessa would be more intuitive and would win over Steve. I think she should take Steve to final two so she can sell the jurors on her gameplay over Steve. If she takes Liz, that would be a mistake because it could be argued that Liz played a good game (when she wasn't in bed with Austin... Ewwwwwww!) Sadly my primary reason for disliking Liz is how much I detest Austin! (Creepy and full of himself) P.S. I wish none of these three had to win, for a variety of reasons, but it is what it is. I was hoping James would win.
  10. I'm not a Vanessa fan but at this point she's the only one left actually playing the game... Well, James too. I liked Johnny Mac until he threw the comp. For that, he set himself up to be evicted. You *never* throw a comp unless you're in a position of power - he wasn't. Meg and Steve are both pretty worthless and James is outnumbered. Unfortunately, that leaves Vanessa and the three idiots...and they have the numbers. The only hope might be whoever comes back in but it may be too late. As an aside... I've never understood why Liz was not a major target once Julia entered the game. That would have broken up two pairs (Liz and Julia, Liz and Austin) and what has turned out to be a power trio now. They're idiots but numbers count.... Especially since Vanessa controls all three. Austin is the biggest moron because he doesn't recognize that if he and the twins are the final three, they'll say "buh-bye Austin". This season has had me shaking my head more than any other. Go James!