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    Vast and Varied! Family, friends, just about anything that takes place outside (camping, hiking, canoeing, beach, etc). My favorite reality shows are Dirty Jobs (I love that hunky Mike Rowe!) The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor and Hell's Kitchen. I love to travel. I've lived in So. California, Florida (most of my life), and Maryland.
  1. Checking in for the season! Hello old friends (UVP, King, WickedOne(where is she btw?) and all those I'm forgetting!) and hello and welcome to those who are new.
  2. MellyMel


    *Vent*.......ugh, gross, disgusting...chomp, chomp, slurp, slurp, smack, smack....yip, yip, yip...that's all I see and hear from Nastalie...my four year old has better table manners and chews with his mouth closed more than she does. *End Vent* I just wonder how she's going to feel when she gets out and realizes how many people in America can't stand her?
  3. MellyMel

    Help?!?! Big Brother

    I didn't want to start a new thread for silly questions I have, so this seemed the place to post.... Is it just me, or does it seem BB is giving this set of HG's way more "stuff" to play with then in seasons past? I don't remember any artsy craftsy stuff until like the very end (Dick and Danielle sitting doing crafts at the table the last few nights of that season)...these guys have playing cards, badminton, tape and markers (their names on their cups and beds???) and now tie dye- Natalie (the other one) had to use nail polish on paper towels to do her portraits. I just have to wonder if BB thinks these guys are that boring, or perhaps quash some of the fighting and aggression this cast has they try to distract them with *toys*? What happened to long nights of beer pong - it was good enough for Jess and Eric!!!! (This season would have been so much better if Jessica had come back on instead of Jesse - although I have to wonder who Jeff would have liked more - Jordan or Jessica...hmmmm)
  4. Seals up your room tightly then.... FRAPPPPPPPPP!!!

  5. *Powwwwww* Man, I missed doing that! =P

  6. MellyMel

    * Natalie *

    I haven't posted in a few seasons...and I haven't had time to read much here this season yet, (so pardon me if it's already been posted!) but I've nicknamed Natalie "The Tattler" - she reminds me of kids that run and tattle on each other to a parent the moment someone says or does something ...I hope she goes sooner rather than later!
  7. MellyMel

    Can't Decide Who To Root For

    I'm with ya TCS....I am not bothered/offended by much of anything, but these girls just love getting half-naked don't they? Heck, last year everyone was so careful (well aside from E.D.) about changing/bathing/showering...this year it's almost like they were paid to do it to get the viewers watching and subscribing!
  8. MellyMel


    The constant hair flipping, the annoying little girl whiney voice (not as bad as Daniele but close!), the shirt tugging (striped off the shoulder shirt she had on the other night on BBAD), the list goes on and on...she annoys me to no end, and I don't know how or why so many people think she's so danged attractive? When I constantly see her flipping her hair, and butt hanging out of everything she wears it so reminds me of Jen (BB8) and her unitard days!
  9. Puts ants in ur pants *cackles*

  10. MellyMel

    Live Feed Updaters

    Not doing the 24/7 feeds this year, but I do have After Dark available and will update as I can! =) Good to see you all again! =)
  11. I'm listening! =)

  12. MellyMel

    Secret Tunnel In Backyard?

    I believe this is BB8 UK version.........where's Cajunboiler? I think he keeps up with the UK version...
  13. MellyMel

    Tuesday 8/14 Show

    Different strokes, for different folks! I don't think anyone is being hateful, everyone is simply voicing their opinions, to which they are entitled!
  14. MellyMel

    Tuesday 8/14 Show

    It says 10 for text message (which I don't do) It never says I'm cut off when I vote online, but it may only count a certain amount from each IP address? We have 4 computers....all voting for dustin....not sure how many will count, but we're voting!
  15. MellyMel

    Tuesday 8/14 Show

    Oh how I hope Dustin is eating his nasty diary room words on Thursday!