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  1. Thinking of you Carol. You are missed

  2. Keep my boy in check for me honey, God Bless

  3. rest in peace my friend you will be missed very much here

  4. Rest in Peace. You are already missed.

    Love you!!

  5. Rest in Peace Carol.

  6. 9:55 BBT Josh...Sharon....Natalie and Adam are dogging Sheila for whining so much about being on the block...Shelia has gone to the blue bedroom and turned out the lights......She is crying.....and saying keeps saying "I miss you" over and over. I guess to her son. Natalie had taken off her bathing suit bottoms and is running around outside the hot tub saying it is time to go skinny dipping
  7. To Live Feeders and Picture/Video posters

    Thanks to everyone at Mortys for doing a fantastic job of keeping us updated. This is without a doubt the best BB website on the Net. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into it. That is why I keep coming back every year. Thanks for helping make this a great BB season!
  8. Season 8 Podcast

    This is the first time I have gotten the Podcast to work. I have only watched the very first one showing the recaps from all the past seasons and thought it was excellent. It brought back so many people and events that I had forgotten. I had so much fun watching it. I know this takes a lot of work and a lot of time and I just want to says thanks for all the really great memories! I have just downloaded all the rest of the Episodes from this season onto my Ipod and will continue to add the newest one each week. You all have done a great gob! Thanks so much!