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Sunday, April 26 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:14am BBT  Willow, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee are talking cold sores.  Willow thinks her time should be up in the ketchup suit and goes to see if she can take it off. 

1:17am BBT  BB gives the HGs a three minute warning before they close the BY down.

1:33am BBT  Bobby jumps into the HN room with his mask on and scares Godfrey.  People need to start respecting the HN room he says. 

1:38am BBT  Willow and Sarah are just having a general chat.  They head to bed and Willow goes to sleep with Pili.  Lights are still on.

1:42am BBT  Pili is not used to people talking game with her.  They usually speak to Kevin instead. 

1:53am BBT  We have Foth right now

2:30AM BBT  We still  have Foth right now.  We’ll be back tomorrow. 

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2:35am BBT  Wait…the feeds just came back on.  The HGs are in the BY with their masks on and having their masquerade party. 

2:40am BBT  The HGs are confused as to why they got this at 4am in the morning (it’s actually 2: 40).  Willow is a little bitter that she is still in the Ketchup suit. 

3:00am BBT   The feeds have come back again.  The HGs are snacking and just generally chatting.  Time to sign off, see you tomorrow.  

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5:00pm BBT:  The majority of houseguests are sleeping.  Ashleigh and someone (Pili?) are asleep in the BR. Britnee, Zach, Bruno, Bobby, Sindy and Kevin are sleeping on the red couch

5:07 pm BBT: Brit and Sarah talking in the BR about how Sarah didn't really sleep just rested.

5:08pm bbt: Brit and Sarah talking in the BR about the couples. Britt saying that the girls would get upset if the boys put the game first.

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9:12PM BBT Bruno and Bobby out walking in the simulator. Sindy and Britt in the HOH talking to Pili. Willow and Sarah in the kitchen. Sindy is pitching Pili non-stop with scenarios explaining why it would have been better for Bobby to be on the block. Godfrey briefly comes through the room. Britt is sitting mostly quietly and is trying to eat. 


Outside Kevin and Sarah now switched into the simulator and are learning how to work it. They are on a trip across Canada with the scenery projected on a huge screen in front of them on the BY wall.  They make the car move by walking on parallel treadmills set up inside of the mock car. 


Sindy still pitching away when Willow comes in looking for some shoes and Pili takes the opportunity to escape. 


Pili now in the kitchen with Ash and Zach complaining about Sindy going on and on when the writing is on the wall. Ash tells her the next time to just tell her to zip it. 

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9:20PM BBT Kev and Sarah call out to Johnny to go back to med school.  


Pili still complaining to Ash in the kitchen with Zach there mostly just eating. Bobby comes through dressed for the hot tub and asks Kevin and Sarah what the weather is like on their trip. Kev asks for some sunscreen that he forgot to pack for their road trip.  


Britt and Sindy still in the HOH with Willow. They are talking about maybe going tubbing as well.


Ash calls out to Kevin and Sarah wanting to know what is cuter than a Goblin as they want another nick name. Britt has joined them in the kitchen and they are all talking about the road trip and where they will go and how long it will take. Bobby jokes that they just passed Graig on the road. They figure that they will have to take five or six turns each of an hour to complete the trip.


Outside Sarah is talking about Godfrey and Britt being on slop multiple times already. She now calls out that they are on highway 1 and Kev adds they are in Vancouver but British Columbia is a mile away. 


Ash Bobby Ash and Pili hit the store room for food and Bruno joins in. Back in the kitchen Ash declares several times that she loves dips. Bruno is munching on some chips at the counter. 


Sarah is explaining a reality TV show about murders that occured on an estate with the butler as the host. to Kevin as they walk away. the kitchen crew comes to the back yard carrying their snacks and Kev asks if they are bringing road trip snacks. They are not sure if they are allowed to or not and keep moving on out to the hot tub. 


Cam 4 gives us a brief behind the walls view then all four feeds land on Kevin and Sarah who are now discussing the footage on the screen and Sarah says that it is stock footage. They agree that Canada is so beautiful. Sarah calls out that someone left the salsa out and now they both declare that they are hungry and will eat some slop after their shift.

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9:36PM BBT Kevin thinks the car is their version of the Magic School Bus since they can travel across the country in 4 hours. Willow flashes by acting like a hitchhiker and they start talking about a time when Kevin hitch hiked once. Now they share stories about incidents that happened to them in Cochran. Kevin rattles off the names of places where he planted trees when he was doing it. He remarks that they have a nice casual pace set and Sarah agrees.  She also had a friend that planted trees one summer and she loved it. Her friend ran for student council president at university and did it as a spoof and talked about ridiculous shit like "We need a campus that parties more." The lights change and then the scene does to and they say it is raining and then snowing and flakes start to fall in the BY. They are in Alberta now and others come running to see and shout. Kevin has put on a hoody and Sindy tells them to put on the windshield wipers.  They all decide that they should pull over but Sarah says they are driving one hell of a vehicle and it is souped up.  She does not think it will rain as there is a camera there and the treadmill and the feeds cut to FOTH.

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9:48PM BBT Feeds back on with the two in the car sitting changing into coats and hats. Sarah calls out that it is dangerous BB and eventually they stop the treadmill.  Kevin and Sarah announce that it is going to get sweaty and Sarah says that is the whole point. They think each other looks really cute and the treadmill resumes running. Kevin delcares that the visibility is not the greatest right now. Sarah is told to fix her microphone. she does and then puts her gloves back on.  Someone calls out to them that they have now done 20 minutes. They announce again that they are in Alberta and wonder if they can stop by to see loved ones. 


Feeds three and four now show Sindy and Britt in the Have Not room talking about Bobby and his veto. It will take two weeks to get him out one to flush the veto then the next to actually vote him out. They go out to the BY and tell Kevin and Sarah that they are so adorable in their winter garb. 


Back Pili and Ash decide that they should all take naps now while they can. Ash calls out that their snow is also in the kitchen now. Pili knocks a water bottle off the counter and declares that she is a disaster. The gals call out to Johnny that they love him.  


3 and 4 switch to the hot tub where Zach, Bobby and Bruno are soaking talking about getting together after the show. 


Sarah talking about a time when she and Scott made a trip through an unexpected snow storm and how scary it was in reality. The snow is really coming down now.


Hot tub crew discussing how long their shifts will be now. 


Feeds 1 and 2 move to the HOH bathroom where Pili is complaining to Willow now about Sindy's rant a little while ago. Willow tells her that Sindy said to her that before she goes she wants to make sure the house is going big. Willow says Sindy just loves to talk and Pili is saying she can't deal with this any more. Ash chimes in that if she wanted Bobby up so much then Sindy should have one HOH herself. Ash thinks that she and Zach could very likely be on the block next week, but Willow does not think so. Ash says if Godfrey is the next HOH, and Willow says he would do Zach and Kevin as they want to break up the showmances but will gun for the guys first.  Then she retracts and says she never talks game with Godfrey ever.  Pili says one of us just needs to win HOH and it blows that she cannot compete next time. Willow says she will be OK next week. Ash says if she won she would put up Godfrey and then talk to Bobby as she is sick of everyone putting up Britt and Sarah. She would tell him to his face that he was just a pawn and to show that the Chop Shop is not together. Hopefully he will buy into to and if Godfrey wins the veto then Britt or Sarah will have to go up. 


Other two feeds back on the pair walking through the snow storm.


Willow does not know who she trusts more Britt or Sarah. Ash wants to talk with them but not have a conversaton. Willow declares that she is so hurt by Sarah because she did not tell her about the plan to bote out JP. Her reason was that Willow would have told the other side which Willow admits she would.


Pili leaves the room and Ash asks her if Pili would take Kevin over them and Willow says she seems to be falling so hard but who knows if it is real.  Willow says that Zach has always had her back and Ash too, but they are still at ten people.  Pili returns with a tampon. Ash saying that Britt and Sarah will be easier to beat in comps than Bobby and Bruno and she would rather compete against the gals then the guys once they have to start turning on one another. Willow says that they have time yet and right now Sindy is more dangerous than Bobby and this way he has no reason to be stressed out. Pili says again that you two or the guys have to win HOH. Ash repeats that if the guys are nominated and one wins the POV then one of the two showmance ladies will be the replacement. Willow leaves to go ask the DR for some beauty supplies.


Kevin and Sarah still walking along. 


Pili and Ash talking about options and eventually having to get rid of the boys. She says that if Godfrey had not won the veto then she would have seriously considered voting him out over Sindy. She realizes that if they are sitting next to their fellas at the end the guys will win, but she does not want to be the one to take Zach out. Bobby Zach and the boys are the big comp threats, but she did kick their ass in endurance, except for Bobby. Pili is more scared of Godfrey. Ash says everyone in the house has one person, but Godfrey. Like Bruno has Bobby and for that reason Godfrey has to go. Pili says that he was her target from day one as she always thought he was so dangerous. Ash says the only game talk he ever had with him was like day three and he tried to talk about a first six alliance. 


Outside the snow has finally stopped and the road trippers are removing their winter garb. 


Ashleigh is told to please fix her microphone. Pili saying she could be stronger mentally and she needs to turn her emotions off. She wishes she could have been more direct with Sindy about wanting her out. Ash wonders if they are allowed to sleep and decides to close her eyes and try to see if she gets yelled at.


Outside Bobby and Willow are talking to the roadtrippers about where they are and then they all start shouting about the traffic and a crazy Canadian driver. Ash and Pili hear the shouting and bound down the stairs to see what is up.  


Cam 1 and 2 in the bedroom where Sindy is sleeping and Zach is changing. Godfrey comes in to change.


Outside they decide they are on the road from Alberta to Bamph. They all seem to recognize places they are passing by. Zach in the kitchen alone. FOTH

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10:29PM BBT Feeds back with Zach and Willow now at the wheel. He is eating chips from a bag. 


Upstairs Pili appears to be alone in the HOH room. She is lying on the bed playing with her split ends. 


Zach announces that his achilles are taking a beating. Zach after taking a swig of water says that they may bet to see Calgary. Willow thinks that would be cool and it is also cool that she has done the drive they are on right now.  


Inside Sarah is eating at the counter with Bobby and Kevin in the room doing their own things. 


Willow says the task is going to be hard when they are all tired later tonight.


Bobby making a pot of coffee while Sarah is eating mayonaise on something.


Zach and Willow now talking about what will happen if the other side wins HOH and he is on the block. He is figuring who would have to vote to keep him. Bobby now handing fresh batteries to Zach and Willow. They are talking scenarios still and how they know who Godfrey would put up.


Up in the HOH Pili Ash and Kevin talking about Sindy again and how annoyed Pili is that Sindy keeps campaigning to her. Bobby delivers fresh batteries to them then leaves the room.


Outside Willow complaining about how Sarah is giving her the runaround about who her big target is. Feeds once again faid to FOTH.

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10:41PM BBT Feeds back with Sarah Godfrey and Bobby in the kitchen and Zach and Willow trudging along. Godfrey commenting about BB loving these long challenges. Godfrey says this is not so bad but Sarah points out that they are just in hour three of 24 that they have to do. They start talking about rotating sleeping arrangements and no matter what they will be tired tomorrow. They say there is also the anxiety of not knowing if it is going to pause and then they have to redo the 5 hours. Sarah announces she is leaving for a nap.


Outside the determine that tomorrow is Monday and Zach says he wants a physical comp so much.  Willow asks Sarah to go to the DR to ask for nail polish remover and Almond milk, Zach adds paper towels to the list.


Willow tells Zach he could always win the veto if he was on the block, but they should just think positive. Zach says it has got to be a double this week and Willow agrees.


Inside Godfrey talking about clothing that BB did not allow because of Logos that he is looking forward to getting back. 


Willow thinks it would be weird if BB started blowing wind at them. 


Bobby leaves and Sarah passes by and passes the shopping list along for Godfrey to take to the DR. 


Zach wonders what time it is and Willow thinks it has only been ten minutes, but Zach is right that it has been about a half an hour.


Upstairs Keven and Pili in the bed kissing and talking about how cute she was last night when she was drunk.


Feeds switch to Britt and Sarah in the Have Not room still talking about how smart it would have been for Pili to put Bobby on the block and how she never told Pili it was OK for her to go on the block. Britt does not trust Bobby. Sarah telling Britt that she talked to Kevin and said he did not looked shocked by Sindy's disclosure about the Chop Shop and his reply was, "Good read." He said he loved Sarah and Britt and would never come after them, and Britt wonders why then is she on the block now.  Sarah speculates that the guys are talking smack about their girls and how the ladies are just doing what the guys tell them to do.  They know that Pili would never put up Kevin but if she did vote him out then instead of just one ally she would have everyone in the house wanting to drag her to the final 2 as they all feel they would win against her.  Britt going back to talking with Pili about how it will take two weeks to get Bobby out and how Pili just said I know and that she didn't always make the best decisions. 


Zach and Willow still walking and chatting about nothing in particular.


Britt and Sarah still talking about Kevin and how all the details Sindy provided started to get her panicked as she did not think they had the numbers.  Sarah says that Kevin told her in confidence that they were closer to striking at Bobby and Bruno than people think to which Sarah says DUH what else are they gonna do? She says she told him that if people think that she and Britt are a threat then they are crazy and they have to have bigger targets than them. Britt comments about how people act different when they are in power than when they are not. She says that they need some kind of a miracle that is beneficial to them. Sarah thinks they are so chicken shit that they will try and back door someone always using Britt and herself as pawns.  She says he should use Ash and Pili as pawns that way if the boyfriends win veto they will use it and open the back door. Sarah is told to put on her microphone.

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11:00PM BBT Zach and Willow talking about not trusting Sarah further than he could throw her. Bruno brings them some snacks and they ask if they are near the end of their shift. He checks and says they have another 15 minutes and Ash and Pili have the next turn.


Back in the Have Not Britt is saying she does not trust Kevin and then they both talk about how he seems to be a different person and even looks different now that he is letting his facade down a bit. Sarah does not see how the showmances think they can carry on this way and not be targeted. It has worked to their advantage that there have been so many changes this season that they could deflect attention away from the pairs. Sarah says that the two sets of guys should go after one another next week if they win HOH and it is all a numbers game. Bruno and Bobby need to see that they are better off with them. They think that Willow is weak or emotional and will probably throw the next HOH. They think that Pili and Ash are not doing a very good job of staying away from one another and Kevin and Pili make out at every opportunity or group situation. Britt asks if it was easy to walk on the treadmill and is told yes.  Britt says she saw the strain on her face as she was trying to talk to Kevin while they were walking and the others kept coming by. Sarah reminds Britt that when she talks to Kevin that she does not know anything about him having known about the Chop Shop before Sindy's big reveal.


Outside Bruno and Willow getting ready to end their shift and are wondering where the replacements are.


Back in the Have Not Britt is getting up to check on laundry and tells Sarah that she hopes she wins. They talk about how many slop cakes they ate today and Britt departs. 


On the red couches are Bruno and Bobby just resting silently. 


Zach and Willow walking quietly now too. Zach misses the boys best home and Willow suggests he give them a few shout outs, but he says they will not be watching the feeds now. He starts talking about Friday Night Lights. Willow says the book is good too and Zach has never read it.

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11:20PM BBT Willow starts dissing Sarah again complaining about how she will never say who she wants to nominate and the feeds fade to a brief FOTH. Feeds come back to Willow joking about being a drunk driver and how they are on drugs and it is getting weird and another brief FOTH. Britt comes by and they say that they are now in Bamph and Britt is called to the DR. They decide to switch shifts and have Ash and Pili go next. Sindy is outside getting prepped to take her turn. Willow advises her to be careful getting in and Britt comes out of the DR as the feeds go to FOTH once again as they have for every driver transition so far.

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11:25PM BBT Feeds come back to Britt and Willow in the car. They are getting very excited as they are currently driving through downtown Calgary. Sindy is now ready to replace Willow and we get FOTH as Willow asks BB to stop the treadmills so they can make the change.

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