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Friday, April 17 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:31PM BBT: The HGs are making playing

Cards. and that's all that is going on right now.

10:45PM BBT: Arts and Crafts nite continues

in the BB house with making playing cards. And now

its coffee time.

10:45-11:00PM BBT: The crafts are continuing in the house, the HGs are

just chatting about what card games they like to play and such Willow and Sarah are in

the HoH bathroom listening to the IPod.

11:05PM BBT: Brittnee says she doesn't like to cook, and only does it when she has to. Her mother thinks she can't cook. It appears that all of the playing cards have beem made. Now they just need to dry overnight. 

11:10PM BBT: Brittnee is finishing cooking the potatoes for dinner, and Godfred, and Bruno are finishing their game in the the HoH room Now it's Ashleigh's turn to face off with Godfrey who beat Bruno. 

11:16PM BBT: Brittnee is talking to Sarah and Pilar about her trip to New Orleans. And a coffee shop that she went to. She is talking about Connal street that's where her hotel was. 

11:20PM BBT: Brittnee comes into the the HoH room, and tells Ashleigh it's dinner time sorry Have-Nots. Ashleigh finishes the game with Godfrey and heads down for dinner, baked Potatoes.

11:25PM BBT: The HGs those that are not Have-Nots, are now eating their dinner, Zach is in the DR, Because something is up says Willow. 

11:31PM BBT: The HGs are eating and talking about hash tags on like facebook.

#BBCAN# 11:40PM BBT: The HGs are talking about instagram has they eat dinner, Also talking about playing strip poker.  Sarah is called to the DR.

11:45PM BBT: The HGs are now finishing up their dinner, and just chatting.

11:50PM BBT: JP and Godfrey have beem put on the block. JP says he doesn't have to do anything about being on the block until after the veto is done. Brittnee comes in and talks about coffee. 

11:50PM BBT: Willow is talking about Emitte from season 1 trwitted that the game play from BBCAN2 for Halfax was lacking and the folks in Season two went nuts over this. BB is have sound problems it's going in and out on all feeds. 

12:00AM BBT: the HGs are thinking that there is a competition coming up tonight because there has been a lot of consturction in the backyard. (But we know that's for the next twist where a former HGs will be coming back.) Zach is now doing a card trick.

12:05AM BBT:  even though the cards are still alitlle wet, they are playing a card game.

12:15AM BBT:  Ashleigh, and Willow try to pick up Pilar, Zach is called to the DR,Now they think something is up, Willow is now throwing the football to Bobby. It landed on 

the top of the lights. They get it to roll off with a broom.

#BBCAN 12:20AM BBT:  Now time to get ready for bed, take a shower time Pilar and Ashleigh and Sarah, are in the washroom.  and Willow is still tossing around the ball with the boys.

12:35 The guys want to play a trick on Ashleigh who is in the shower, they are going to pour a bucket of cold water on her, while she is in a hot shower. They have a slop bucket  Kevin pours it on her and she screams. Kevin says the HoH told me to do it.

12:45AM BBT:  The HGs are getting ready for bed so that's a wrap night


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1:00-3:00AM BBT: Zach tells Jordan and Ashleigh about how bobby has a Brigade plan to have the Chop Shop get in individual alliances. They then talk about the plan for the week, Zach says, "It sucks to have to backstab Bruno and Bobby this early in the game."

Jordan tells Zach he doesn't have to go through with the plan. Zach says, "I will 'cause it is what needs to be done."

Zach and Jordan both want to draw HGs choice in the veto drawing and both want to pick Willow to play for them as she is weak. They then say if she wins though it will suck.

Zach worries that Sarah might win PoV and then take a shot at him. Jordan says, "No, she will run any idea she has by me first." Jordan assures Zach that if he goes on the block next week that they have the votes to save him.

Before going to bed Zach and Ashleigh had another talk, He tells her that Bobby and Godfrey can not win HoH next week or else he might be in trouble. He then tells her that it is hard to do this to Bruno since he knows Bruno would never do this to him. Ashleigh assures him it is the right move.

Zach says he hope that the Diaper Alliance knows what a big move he is making for them.

He then says I know Bruno and Bobby would be my two biggest allies. "I hope Kevin is ready to battle and win competitions." Ashleigh thinks he will be and also Kevin will always be a target ahead of Zach.

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 8:34 am BBT Lights are coming on in the BB house, but still no movement from the houseguests.

 8:47 am BBT Brittnee is up and she went in the DR to get her meds. She made her way to the SR to change her batteries. Feeds switch to BR where Pilar and Kevin are sitting up in bed and Bobby just climbed out of bed and is getting dressed.  

 8:50 am BBT Sarah is up from the HN room and meets Bobby by the stairs. They start talking and BB gives them a “Please stop talking about production.” Bobby asked Sarah (who is now sitting on the LR couch) if she has ever seen it dark in the house and Sarah said no.

 8:56 am BBT Britt and Sarah now on LR couches. Britt told Sarah that JP asked her if he gets HG choice for veto comp, if it is okay if he picks Britt and she told him it was okay, but she don’t understand why he wouldn’t pick Kevin.

 8:58 am BBT Bobby told JP that BB is still working on the comp outside so it must be a comp of all times.

 9:05 am BBT Feeds one and two show JP in the KT eating alone. Feeds three and four show the main BR with HG”s up, but there is no sound to hear what they are saying.

 9:09 am BBT Zach made his way to the KT from the HOH room and fixed himself some cereal. Britt and Sarah walked in the KT and they are talking about how the HOH room is always freezing then we get FOTH.

 9:16 am BBT Feeds come back up and we hear BB say “please wake up, nap time is over”

 9:18 am BBT Up in the HOH room we see Sarah, JP, Ashleigh and Zach. Sarah is telling the group that she is going to make her own power of veto. Then she and JP joke around about it.

 9:19 am BBT JP said so this is day 30 and we have been away from society for a month. They are now talking about the things that they miss. Ashleigh misses driving so they discuss what kind of car she has.

 9:22 am BBT the other HG’s discuss what kind of car they have and Britt is in the HOH room also. She does not have a car right now, she sold it before she moved, but she is in the market for another one.

 9:23 am BBT Sarah does not drive, she does not have her license and so she uses the bus.

 9:27 am BBT Willow, Pilar, Kevin and Bobby in the main BR talking about what they are going to have for breakfast.

 9:31 am BBT HOH group still talking about cars and getting into accidents. JP spilled his water so he is cleaning it up.

 9:33 am BBT Zach just called to the DR.

 9:37 am BBT Pilar walked in the HOH room and the group is listening to Brittnee’s story about an accident she was in then Pilar and Ashleigh left the HOH room.

 9:41 am BBT in the main BR we have Kevin and Willow finally crawling out of bed. Bobby is in there too and says we will have some good sunny days hopefully. Willow and Bobby leave the BR and Kevin still getting dressed.

 9:43 am BBT In the KT we now have Bobby, Pilar, Bruno, GF, Britt, Willow and Ashleigh. HG’s are making food with just general chatting going on.

 9:46 am BBT Feeds one and two now on FOTH. Feeds three and four show Britt and Sarah sitting in the hall chairs whispering about trusting Zach and how he made an enemy out of GF now. Britt said it is not fair how they are stuck with girls that are incompetent. Sarah said maybe not, maybe they are just doing what they think they have to do. They think it will be easier to get Kevin to turn on Pilar then to get Zach to turn on Ashleigh.

 9:50 am BBT Sarah went to brush her teeth and left Britt sitting in hall chair by herself.

 9:51 am BBT BB just announced for Bobby and Jordan to wake up because nap time is over.

 9:52 am BBT Feeds one and two back up in the KT. Willow is making food and apologizing to the HN’s for making it in front of them. Willow just said this is the first thing she has made and then she was called to the Dr.

 9:58 am BBT Ashleigh and Britt in WA doing their makeup. Someone is in the shower because we can hear the water running, but not sure who it is.

 10:00 am BBT The water went off in the WA and we hear Pilar say that yesterday was her mom’s birthday and she forgot to wish her a happy birthday.

 10:03 am BBT Zach and JP in the HOH room discussing how everyone trusts Zach. Jp left the HOH room and leaves Zach to listen to his music. Feeds switch to KT with Willow and Sarah talking about a dishwasher.

 10:05 am BBT Willow asked if Sarah and Scott are common law and Sarah said yes they have lived together for more than three years. Willow said they changed the law in Nova Scotia it is common law now after six months of living together. We hear BB call JP to the DR.

 10:09 am BBT Kevin entered the KT and gave Sarah a hug and said good morning. Bobby, Willow and Kevin now in KT fixing food while Sarah is just sitting at the counter in silence.

 10:11 am BBT Willow and Kevin are teasing Bobby that he has a special veto and he can take it out now.

 10:13 am BBT In the LR we see JP and GF playing with the cards that they made. Bobby, Bruno, Willow and Sarah are watching the game.

 10:14 am BBT Sarah wonders what is going on outside because BB is still out there working.

 10:16 am BBT Willow stated that something is up. JP asked her if she was quoting herself and she said yes. Sarah is going to shower today because it has been two days since she showered.

 10:18 am BBT Willow said she wonders if the feeders are wondering what they are doing with the game that they are playing. GF said yea throwing candy on the ground. Now they are talking about BBUSA and the game big booty that Rachael played.

 10:20 am BBT Willow just described to Pilar what she made for breakfast and it is the first thing that she made in the house on day thirty.

 10:21 am BBT Now the discussion in the LR is different types of olives there are and how good they are. JP just lost the game to GF.

 10:26 am BBT Still general chatting going on in LR. Up in the WA Britt and Ashleigh still putting on their makeup. JP walked in and he is talking about the game he just played with GF

 10:28 am BBT Bobby walked in the WA and is now brushing his teeth. Ashleigh said to him good job because he did not leave the water running.

 10:29 am BBT Bobby said his tooth does not hurt anymore. Ashleigh said that is weird considering half of it fell out of his face.

 10:30 am BBT Feeds switch to JP and Zach in the HOH room. JP said that Zach don’t have to do it because it is his HOH. Zach said it has to be done; he can’t play an emotional game. Zach is just thinking if he doesn’t do it. Jp said yea they will whip out the knife and stab you. Zach said if he doesn’t do this they will lose all of their game play with Sarah and Britt.

 10:32 am BBT Still in the HOH room Zach said it is a tough move because he is losing two guys that aren’t coming after him in the next couple of weeks. JP said we will figure it out, Newport always does. Now they are speculating veto today and JP asks if he should go all out and try to win. Zach said it doesn’t matter. JP wants to win something and Zach said we will figure it out then JP leaves the HOH room.

 10:36 am BBT Ashleigh walked in the HOH room and Zach told her not to go in the bathroom for at least five minutes because JP was just in there and it smells. Ashleigh went back to the WA by Britt.

 10:37 am BBT Sarah and JP in the main BR talking about Zach’s decision. Sarah wants to talk to Zach and make sure he is confident in his game, to remind Zach that Graig and Bruno was working together and they were going after Zach and they were going after the couples, this is good for Zach’s game. JP said that Zach is scared if Bobby wins HOH next week then he is going up. Sarah said, but we have the votes. Sarah asked JP what is with Ashleigh and how much do they know. JP said that she thinks that JP, Ashleigh and Zach are working together.

 10:40 am BBT Ashleigh walked in the main BR and interrupted JP and Sarah’s conversation so JP got up and left.

 10:41 am BBT Sarah asked Ashleigh how does Zach feel and Ashleigh said good. Zach knows that he can’t play the game emotionally. Ashleigh said she feels so sad and it is going to be a weird three days, then commercial interruption.

 10:43 am BBT Back to Ashleigh and Sarah. Ashleigh said she feels bad for him (not sure who) Ashleigh just wishes it was in an instant because three days of living and worrying about a back stab. Sarah said if he was on the block they wouldn’t even be talking to him. Sarah said that Bruno will know that Zach got him before he could get Zach. Sarah said that GF is so much smarter than he lets on. Ashleigh refuses to talk game with GF.  

 10:47 am BBT Ashleigh said that GF terrifies her and he would be the last person she would want to win HOH next week. He is a scary player because he is all over all of the time. Sarah suggested that Ashleigh say one or two things to him and see what he says and make him think that they have his back. Ashleigh said there have been so many people telling her that GF talks about the girl’s alliance and the couples. Ashleigh said that people dismiss GF and feels like he will roll to the end. Now they are talking about the ceremony and how great GF played that he was surprised.

 10:50 am BBT Ashleigh doesn’t know why the board doesn’t say anything and that is what is making her nervous. Sarah said the logic is there that if Bruno is not going to win at least he won’t have to go to jury and can go home to his family. Ashleigh said that Bruno is so good that he has made an emotional connection with everyone in the game. Sarah agreed and started talking about the veto comp.

 10:54 am BBT Ashleigh and Sarah head to HOH room and Sarah wanted Ashleigh to ask Zach if she could use the HOH shower. Willow was in the HOH room and said that Zach is in his shower right now. Ashleigh is leaving the HOH room and Sarah said she will tell Zach that Ashleigh said it was okay if she showers in there. 

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 11:01am BBT: Sarah and willow in HOH rm talking about  when they was picking teams and it was done so backwards.Sarah says ok so hoe does a couch not  know how to pick teams. Willow says slow down you are making me nauseous. Sarah laughs and says ok lets talk about Sindy with an "S". Willow leaves the HOh rm.

11:09am BBT: Zack talking to Willow and Sarah about the POV today and Willow says she does not want to shower if she is going to play in the POV cause it would be a waste of a shower. Willow then as i Wonder what Bb would say if we both (Sarah and Willow) got in the shower together? Zack says nothing.

 11:14am BBT: Willow finishes her hair and then says she has to put make up on. brittnee comes in the HOh rm and lays on the bed with Sarah.Willow is saying how loud the building outside was lastnight. She says it sounded like they was scraping up the floors.

11:22am BBT: BB calls Zack to the DR and Sarah says uh oh something is up.

11:24am BBT: In the LVR Kevin and Bruno are playing mancalla as  Godfrey, Ashleigh, Pilar and Bobby watch them.

 11:27am BBT: Pilar says is it weird that the couches are not moved yet? The guys says yeah. She tells them there is something going on.

11:38am BBT: In the HOH rm Willow is listening to the Ipod and brittnee is waiting to listen to it. Kevin is laying on the HOh bed. Sarah in the HOH shower. 

In the LVR the mancalla game is still being played. 

11:49am BBT: Zack, Jordan, Pilar and ashleigh in the KT eating and just general talk going on.

In the HOH rm BB tells Kevin to wake up that nap time is over. Sarah is putting lotion on her legs and Brittnee sitting on the couch not talking.

11:59am BBT: Bruno is walking around the KT with the football as Jordan is eating.  In the HOh rm Willow is talking to Kevin and brittnee and Sarah   about the Hg from last year and who she would have gotten with.

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 12:05pm BBT: willow, Ashleigh and Kevin laying on  the HOh bed talking about how drunk Godfrey got the other night and how bad he was hung over.

 12:12pm BBT: Pilar is french braiding Sarah's hair and BB tells Sarah to put her mic on. Brittnee tells Pilar she misses Candles as she always burns candles and has a glass of wine to relax.

12:14pm BBT:  Bruno and Jordan  are in the KT cleaning. Bruno says My wife will be so proud.Jordan ask where is everyone? In the HOh rm probably? Bruno says  yeah probably. Jordan says i just want to get the draw going for the veto so i can breath easier.

 12:17pm BBT: Bruno says we will be ok this week. Jordan says yeah i just want to win the POV so i will be safe. Jordan tells Bruno that zack told him he was going to go up but I told him obviously i don't want to but i trust you and we will go from here. Bruno says yeah i was kinda shocked there. Jordan said i would have been too if Zack hadn't have told me.Bruno says it will all work out man. Jordan says yeah i know but its a game and we will all have to go up .

12:23pm BBT: Just general talk going in the HOH rm Brittnee says Guys it is so boring in here. Willow says something is up i want to pick players for the POV comp.

12:26pm BBT: Bruno and Jordan are gathering the cards they made lastnight and are going to try to play  crazy eight.

 12:33pm BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar are in the HOh bathtub taking a bubble bath. Pilar asking Ashleigh if she likes zack and she whispers obviously.Pilar says she has to be careful with Kevin.Zack walks into the HOh bathroom and they say hi to him and ask him if he wants to join the bubble bath. he says no i don't think i will fit.

12:40pm BBT: Ashleigh tells Pilar that she wants to take Brittnee out of this game so badly cause she plays with her emotions.Pilar says i want Bobby to go and ashleigh says and Godfrey. Pilar says i want Bobby to go first. Ashleigh says yeah it might have to be a backdoor, Pilar agrees.

 12:42pm BBT: Ashleigh says if bruno goes home this week then Bobby is going to be mad so as long as  Bobby, Godfrey or brittnee doesn't win HOh next week we are good .Ashleigh says and Sarah we don't know what she will do.

12:47pm BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh are now talking about what dresses they want to wear and Kevin comes in and ask if there is room for one more and they tell him yes come on in. They ask him to come closer and they give him a bubble beard. Ashleigh says he looks like young Santa Clause. He says he is going to go get lunch and for them to enjoy their bath.

 12:53pm BBT: Zack and Kevin in the STR talking about what votes they have to get Bruno out this week. Kevin says we have 5 and if it blows up then i will pull Willow aside and tell her that i was thinking of turning and tell her everything Bobby comes in and talking stops. Bobby leaves the STR and then Brittnee comes in.Kevin then leaves  the STR.

12:55pm BBT: Most HG in the KT making food for lunch. Pilar and ashleigh still in the  Bubble bath giving shout outs  to friends and family.

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1:00pm BBT: Pilar says she wants to play this POV comp but yet i want to host too. Willow says this is going to be an intense comp. She then says i want to play in this POV.

1:08pm BBT: Most Hg still in Kt eating or playing cards. Pilar and Ashleigh in the bedroom getting dressed after their bubble bath.

1:16pm BBT: All HG in KT area just playing cards and walking around and eating as everyone is talking at one time about  food and the card game.

1:33pm BBT: Hg still eating and playing cards Just general talk going on .

1:53pm BBT: Most Hg at the KT table playing cards. Sarah is washing dishes.

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 2:19pm BBT: Hg are excited about the evicted HG playing in a comp. Kevin says they was all drenched. Jordan says i seen the screen as we was playing cards and i seen them playing  and i was like i haven't seen this game before. Kevin saying we have to win the next HOH guys. Zack ask who will be the most  Chaotic and they say Risha. Bruno says Risha will be out for blood.  Hg are very excited and walking all around the house.  saying someone is coming back in later today so we have to win HOh next week. Godfrey says whoever comes back guys we send them back out.

 2:22pm BBT:Godfrey and  Kevin, Bruno and Bobby says who ever comes in man they have to go. Bruno says whoever comes in is going right back to that group and you know that group is going to be reunited.

2:24pm BBT:Most Hg in the LVR talking about what if the evicted HG comes back for next weeks HOH or if they don't come back till Wednesday and be HOH. Sarah says why would they do all this work to have someone come back in and be slaughtered? Brittnee says never a dull moment in here BB never a dull moment.

 2:28pm BBT: Hg talking at at one time about the Evicted Hg and who wants it more. Sarah says i am about to pass out here. BB calls zack to the DR. HG says that Naeha wants it bad and Johnny too.

2:29pm BBT: Bruno says wow those are  five fierce competitors up there right now man.  Godfrey says  imagine if the POV is the same as  the evicted HG are doing right now?

 2:34pm BBT:  Brittnee comes in the STR with Zack, Sarah and Jordan, Jordan says if Risha comes back then she loves zack and Graig was hurting  you could tell that. Sarah says who ever comes back we will take the heat but we have the votes anyways. Brittnee looks at the camera and says Graig i know you didn't think i had it in me but i back doored you bud.Jordan says if Johnny comes back he will jump right back in no problem and if Sindy comes back i can pull her back in. 

 2:38pm BBT: Ashleigh , Brittnee and Sarah in STR talking about if Graig comes back then brittnee and Sarah are screwed. Ashleigh says no he wont be back he was struggling so i see Graig falling then Risha then Johnny and Naeha then Sindy and Sindy will be coming back is what i think.

2:40pm BBT: In the HOh rm Bruno, Zack and Willow are talking Jordan is also there. They say they have to win HOH next week. Willow says it sucks we just lost a week now. Jordan says well now we know that when we get to jury no one is coming back this is it. Willow agrees. Bruno says Sindy isn't bad if she comes back. Jordan says Johnny is a great player but he isn't strong.

 2:44pm BBT: Sarah comes into the HOh rm and says this is so messed up. Willow says there wont be a veto today so they will; come back in and their chip will be in there to play POv too.

 2:46pm BBT: Bruno says Risha spent 23 days in sequester she did not look happy. Willow says she will be out for revenge. willow says they all looked strong out there though. They say no one should have 2 lives in this game there should just be one. Bruno says the only one that deserves to come back is Naeha. they all agree with him. Bobby says  man they were battling hard man. They say how epic was that arena  that was set up and the uniforms.

2:49pm BBT: Bruno says we all said it at the beginning that if anyone ever came back in this house they would leave again. Willow says so you think next Wednesday will be a double.? zack says that will be messed up if it is.

2:52pm BBT: In the LVR  Ashleigh, Pilar,brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey talking about if Graig comes back in but Pilar says Graig did not look good out there so i do not think he will be back. Godfrey says anyone could win that challenge. BB calls all Hg to the HOH bedroom. Everyone in HOh  and Sarah says we got each others back guys and whoever comes into this house we will be nice to them but they will know that they have  no way in hell of making it.

 2:55pm BBT:Hg are sitting in HOh rm not saying alot . They are all in a panic as to who will come back and when they will be back in the house. 

2:56pm BBT: BB comes on the speaker warning the HG to watch their language. Bruno is called to the DR. WE now have FOTH.

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