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Zings for HG


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Carroll Caleb... Popeye called and wants you to be his body double. ZING


Milo  Zach the Ritalin Company called they want you to be their Poster Child. Zing


Milo Caleb Moe and Larry called they haven't been the same without you.Zing


Carrol  Victoria....cover girl called and they said they don't have any more cover for you girl! ZING


Tamara Alyssa  Christine , you are just like the wicked witch. All you need is a green face . ZING


Tamara Alyssa Christine, the mean girls called and they said you are not a part of their group ZING!


Carrol  Christine the Wizard Of OZ called.... He wants his broom back.... Zing!!!


Tamara Alyssa 1.2 , Christine Is coming for you , 3,4 better look the doors


Milo  Christine Robert Englund called he wants his Freddy Krueger Mask back. Zing.


Tamara Alyssa  Christine, the knife stores wants all their knifes back!


Tamara Alyssa Cody, you are as useless as dead batteries! ZING


Carrol  Donny duck dynasty called... They said its time

To come home


Tamara Alyssa  Caleb, now the bunny slippers want a restraining order against you lol ZING


Milo  Caleb the Bunny Slippers got an order of Protection so you don't boil them zing.


Jodi  Frankie. You'd get a tan easier if you didn't live in your sisters shadow. Zzzing


Tamara Alyssa  Frankie, Tyra banks called ! She wants her fierceness back! ZING


Jodi  Zach. Your boss called. ...oh, that's right, you don't have one. Zzzing


Milo  Derrick the Wardrobe department from Revenge of the Nerds called they want their Clothes back. Zing


Tamara Alyssa  Caleb , I got a special delivery for you from amber ! A restraining order! ZING


Milo  Cody do you want some Cheese to go with Your Whine Zing.


Jodi  Caleb. You call yourself "beastmode" but you can't even win Amber's attraction. Zzzing....I'd make a remark about Victoria but just like your presence within the house noone would care. Zzzing.


Milo  Caleb RJ Aquino called he's suing you for Plagiarism Zing.


Tamara Alyssa  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who keeps staring at me? Oh Victoria! ZING


Carrol Christina the Ginsu knife factory called.... They want their knives back...ZING!!!


Tamara Alyssa  Zach , roses are red, violets are blue and you my friend are a fruit loop dingus! ZING


Melody  Christine...roses are red, violets are blue, Tim wants a wife that's true! Zing


Tamara Alyssa  Cody , you are not a dog . Stop sniffing derrick's ass. ZING


Tamara Alyssa  Victoria.. The horses want their hair back ! ZING


Beate  Frankie, My Little Pony wants her mane back....zing


Melody Fogle Caleb.....you are a lyrical dingus.....Zing

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Michelle  Donny uncle si wants his beard back! Zing


Tamara Alyssa  Caleb you are the king ! King of dingus' ! ZING


Michelle  Cody zac efron called said to tell you he isn't your type, because he isn't married zing...


Tamara Alyssa Christine you are just like Monday, nobody likes you ! ZING


Desiree  Christine- the next HOH you win - your letter will be divorce papers Ziinnng!


Tamara Alyssa  Is that the grinch over there? Oh wait it's just Christine ! ZING!


Duchess  Caleb, what do you and a sponge have in common?....you're both self absorbed.....Zzzzing!!


Duchess  Christine, Tim called.......no wait, he hung up....Zzzzing!


Jodi Cody. Your gameplay is as non existant as Christine's marriage vows. Zing!


Carrol  Caleb what do you have in common with the Macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons.... Your full of hot air.... Zing


Milo  Frankie Justin Beiber Tweeted he wants to know who you are and why you keep dropping his Name.Zing


Carrol Christine the LA county sheriffs department is looking for you.... All the local dentists called and want their laughing gas back. Zing

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