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September 18th Live Feed Updates


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3:45 PM BBT: Long and boring day for viewers. Maggie and Ivette are now walking outside. Talk turns to the jury questioning they are anticipating tonight. They make up questions they think will be asked like:

- most strategic move (Ivette: breaking up the Sovereigns)

- what got you to the final 2 (Maggie: protection of The Friendship and Sovereign evictions)

- what would they do with the money (Maggie: send parents on a vacation and gifts for loved ones, animal shelter) (Ivette: give to family and send youth group on a mission)

4:11 PM BBT: Ivette is extremely worried about April and what and how she will ask things.

4:30 PM BBT: Still walking and talking. Ivette adores Eric and it hurts her when people say bad things about him. Ivette says she doesn

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Feeds Back

Ivette thinks Jen hates her. Rachel hates her and is happy Maggie is there.

Maggie doesn't like the fact that they made her feels like she doesnt deserve to be there because she didnt win enough competitions.

The feeds are back talking about Jury questions

Maggie says "apparentely I am not seen as a strong player"

and they asked Ivette why she did not choose her family first?

not one person was nice says Maggie

they are saying it sucked

April asked MAggie if she threw comps or were there just better players

Ivette said April shocked her the most by her throwing the comps comment

maggie: i never been told so many times that i didn't deserve anything so much

ivette: janelle is the only person who told you that, so don't even take it fuckin personal.

looks like Ivette could win

Maggie: "I feel like someone just f**ked me in the ass and forgot to use lube." :blink:

Rachel asked Maggie what she would have done differently

someone asked her was the defining moment for her in the game...

Howie asked Ivette when she started playing with Integrity, talking about lieing about James Swearing on the Bible..ect...

hmmm Howie could vote for Maggie after that...

Janelle asked Ivette why she didn't throw the comp when it could have benefited her family

BEau is the least bitter person on the jury. Beau asked MAggie what her stradegy was after eric Left

maggie had regrets about the kaysar thing and breaking a promise (in connection to a rachel question)...rachel repiled "i know you're not the one responsible for that"....pinning it on ivette.

James asked MAggie if she Evicted her own team to get where she was

Maggie said she made it clear to James that she would have prefered him being evicted way earlier :lol:

Jennifer asked Maggie who's Idea it was to evict Kaysar?
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Ivette up and feeding fish. (Don't know if BB woke her or not)

Ivette now doing some dishes. (hearing tapping in the walls)

Maggie getting a little restless.

Maggie up now, went to BR, Ivette putting lotion on her legs.

Ivette making coffee and Maggie back in bed.

Ivette took coffee to table in BY now walking around BY.

Guess Maggie couldn't get back to sleep, now in SR changing batteries.

Got coffee now going to BY

Maggie only slept from 4 to 6. Ivette said exhausted from jury questioning. She slept.

Maggie still wired from Q&A session last night

Mag doesn't think Iv messed up speech to jury

Iv said Rachel is so proud Mag is at the end and hates every second she (Iv) is there.

Howie said to James on interview, see I told you we should have gotten rid of Maggie.

Mag & Iv playing gin rummy now and idle chit chat

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Mag and Ive playing cards and talking about where Ive could go to get pregnant. I guess Ive feels more confident now about winning the money because she is talking about when she wins the big money she can fly anywhere to get the best possible medical care to have her baby. Mag is telling her where the best fertility clinics are in the USA and that she could go to Europe.

Now they are talking about the rules to a game Mag is teaching Ive. Can't put my finger on it but I get the sense that Mag isn't as upbeat as she normally is and Ive is more comfortable.

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Looks like BB gave them a puzzle. Both laying on floor in LR turning pieces and trying to put puzzle together.

Mag saying I think we will have this done tonight. (I don't think so lol)

Talking about poppys in the puzzle (assume they mean flowers)

Earlier heard them say something about clouds

Iv just said 1000 piece puzzle.

Some talk about q&a session with jury last night

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Maggie and Ivette are walking laps in the backyard. They are discussing the first eviction and how they thought it was strange that janelle was pushing so hard to keep ashlea, that was the first thing that got them to start thinking about the pairs.

M: Jenn wasnt bringing anything to the table, she was silent. You know how much shit april got for being a gossiper.

I: She(April) was like 'Janelle called me a gossiper' and was "Ahhh'

M: He(Beau) got away with murder compared to everyone else.

I: April keeps on she wonders why i acted one way with you but she'd say the same thing and I'd get upset, but she'd just keep on.

2:50 PM BBT: BB gave the HG's dominoes, a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, UNO (a card game) and gummy bears. Maggie says eating gummy bears is like having sex to her.

3:32 PM BBT: Maggie says she thinks they will get the puzzle done tonight. They proceed to sort out pieces and flip them over.

5:20 PM BBT: Maggie says she's leaving on Tuesday to BB and Ivette says there's nothing BB can do about it!

6:35 PM BBT: Ivette is exhausted. Maggie has butterflies in her stomach anticipating the end. Ivette can't wait to see her girlfriend and mother. Ivette's girlfriend, Tush, was born in Georgia and is 26 years old. Tush has a brother who's 40 and Ivette calls her "Georgia Peach."

6:45 PM BBT: Ivette wonders if the jury will be flown in tomorrow. Ivette and Maggie both say their handlers didn't tell them anything. BB: Stop that! Maggie wonders how they are going to keep the handlers from talking to them.

7:00 PM BBT: It's an evening stroll in the backyard for Ivette and Maggie. Maggie revisits Janelle telling her she always looked shocked and says she should have told Janelle she looked shocked when she was evicted. Both Ivette and Maggie can't wait for the end. Maggie wishes the show was tonight or tomorrow. Ivette just wants to go home.

7:25 PM BBT: Maggie didn't always want to be a nurse; she originally wanted to be a doctor.

7:35 PM BBT: Maggie says the jury had an hour together before the questioning last night. Maggie says Janelle had to explain why she was there. Maggie says April was the first person she liked in the BB house. Maggie realized that James and Sarah and Howie and Rachel were couples the first night on the surfboards. Maggie's strategy with Eric was to separate. Maggie realized Janelle and Ashlea were a pair when Janelle was campaigning to get Kaysar evicted.

7:47 PM BBT: Maggie said in the beginning, Jennifer didn't bring anything to the table, she was silent. Maggie says April took a lot of heat for being a gossip. Maggie said Beau got away with murder compared to anyone else.

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