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Wednesday, July 23 Live Feed Updates


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10:18 PM BBT The majority of the HG are around the KT table eating a meal Frankie has fixed for them. An announcement comes from Production telling them to clean the bathroom and the mirror. Hayden, Amber, Christine, and Cody head that way. Amber throws a piece of tissue at Cody and he tickles her down to the ground. She throws another piece at him and he tickles her again. She tells him to stop or she's going to 'Hit your Mister.' [They'd better watch it or Caleb is going to hunt them down! --brotayjax]

10:28 PM BBT Frankie is telling everyone about what he said when was alone in the HOH room earlier. Cody is finishing cleaning the WA by himself while Amber brushes her teeth. They flirt throughout. For the most part, Cody is hands down 100% responsible for cleaning the WA. Frankie heads up to the HOH room by himself, lays down on the bed and puts on the headphones to listen to some music.

10:35 PM BBT Zach comes out of the HOH WA. He and Frankie do a little dance for a second to whatever music Frankie is listening to and then Frankie goes to the WA. Now Zach is listening to the music. Feeds switch to Amber, Derrick, and Caleb in the LR and Hayden, Nic, Vic, Donny, and Christine in the KT. Cody is called to the DR. Derrick tells Amber that Brittany is in one of the BR. The HG discuss sleeping arrangements.

10:40 PM BBT Donny and Victoria go into the beehive room and do step-up exercises. Donny, "Ooooh, we're going to be sore!" Meanwhile, Derrick and Amber are talking about the fact that they need to get some sleep because they keep going into the live show with a lack of sleep.

10:44 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are in the HOH room talking about his grandfather. Zach says that he's never met anyone who talks about his grandparents more. Frankie says they've always been a permanent fixture in his life, he's named after him. He brings up how great the story is about when Frankie "came out" to his grandfather. His grandfather said something along the lines of 'why are we having this conversation? who gives a f*ck? will we love him any less?' He says that his grandfather was obsessed with craps. Zach is listening intently and you can tell he truly cares about Frankie. [For those who didn't read earlier, after Frankie broke the news to the HG, Zach went into the Have-Not room and cried by himself... this was around 5:25 BBT]

10:53 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that his grandfather passed away last night, when he was doing the 'Frank' character for several hours. Zach asks if it's OK for him to call him Frank. Frankie says that's fine. Caleb comes upstairs. Meanwhile, all the HG who are awake (Jocasta, Derrick, Donny, Victoria, Christine) are in the LR where they are discussing accents. Donny thinks this is the season with the most accents ever in the house. Back up in the HOH room the guys are talking about clothes. Zach doesn't spend a lot on his clothes. Caleb says that if there's one thing he takes pride in, it's his clothes.

10:58 PM BBT Something is going on with Hayden and Nic. Hayden is laying down in bed in the fire BR and Amber is talking to him. He's cranky, but it's unclear why. He says, "F*ck No. Make sure you tell her that." Amber leaves and comes out to tell Nic. She and Amber talk for a minute. Amber calls Cody over. Nic goes to talk to Hayden. She is unsuccessful at getting Hayden to warm up to her. When Nic comes out of the fire BR Cody and Amber are laying down and tell Nic she needs to lay down in between them (so Caleb doesn't come down and find them together). Nicole looks very down.

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11:05 PM BBT Caleb is telling Zach that if hoh is endurance he will be one of the HOHs. Zach says he hopes so, so that he can cheer Caleb on from the sidelines. Zach worries that if both HOHs are not members of their alliance, then one of them will go. Caleb says that would be dumb. Zach uses Jocasta as an example. Caleb thinks she would put up Vic.

11:20 PM BBT Caleb leaves HOH with Spanky the monkey. Cody comes up to HOH and chit chats with Zach about the ants and when to sleep. Zach goes over his conversation with Caleb. They think him bragging is such a joke. Everyone else awake is in the LR not speaking. Caleb talks sleeping arrangements, then quiet. Derrick joins HOH they talk about production and we get fish.

11:35 PM BBT Christine is in HOH now talking about a previous conversation that was had with Vic. Downstairs, Caleb has gone to bed. In the WA Nicole verifies that Jocasta is keeping Donny. Jocasta confirms that to be the truth. They part ways. In HOH Zach says that next week if they get Caleb out then they will be the detonators plus Hayden, Nicole, Vic, and Jocasta. They would control 90% of the house. Brit then joins them and Cody realizes his blanket and monkey are gone.

11:45 PM BBT Christine finds Cody's blanket behind a pillow. Cody thinks it was hidden from him and he says game on. Christine discusses Amber and the fact that she was into Devin at first. They mention her not liking white guys. Cody asks Brit if they had met outside the house if he had a chance. She says if he wasn't who he is maybe. She says he flirts with everything that moves.

11:55 PM BBT General chit chat about HOH tomorrow in the HOH room. Downstairs Derrick and Frank are talking about Amber in the KT. Derrick thinks she is way into Cody and they had no idea she drives a BMW.

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