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Monday July 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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(Lets get this party started, I'm here with you for the next four hours. Hopefully these house guests go easy with me tonight.)

12:02 BBT Frankie and Brittney in the kitchen talk about slop and finish cooking cookies in the kitchen. Frankie readjusts his tank top to expose his midsection and both him and Brittney join the backyard group, asking everyone if they want cookies in a southern girl (?) accent.

Hayden, Derrick, Caleb, and Cody play corn hole while Christina and Nicole, now joined by Frankie and Brittney, watch by the pool.

12:09 BBT A solid few minutes of laughter from Nicole and Christina as they still sit next to the pool which Frankie has crawled into. Frankie still continues to talk in the southern accent, but the laughter is too loud to catch anything. Brittney has disappears back inside I believe, and Devin comes outside and makes his rounds saying goodnight I believe. The laughter continues on and off from Nicole and Christina and prevents nearly anything from being understood.

All Cameras are focused on the BY as Caleb, Derrick, Hayden, and Cody continue to play corn hole and Frankie, Nicole, and Christina watch by the pool.

12:19 BBT Christina disappears inside to refresh her drink and use the restroom. Not a minute later Nicole, a giggling mess has to run inside holding herself to use the restroom. Seems Frankies accent has sent her over the edge and she about pees her pants she laughing so much.

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12:30 BBT Our same group is outside. Franki continues his southern valley girl accent, fanning himself with his hat. Frankie "Oh they put the pillow into the hole". "Oh stop with all these calculations" (Toward Christine). Seems this accent has its own name Clara Bell Dupree/Decree. The three spectators continue to giggle and comment on how the game, corn hole works.

12:33 BBT The game ends and everyone scatters. Looks like Cody and his partner have one.

12:38 BBT Nicole, Christine, and Brittney whisper in the BY by the chairs about votes as Cody works out with weights across the BY. Brittney says that she knows she has Cody, Derrick, Amber, Nicole, and Christine's votes. She says that Frankie has sworn up and down that he is going to vote for her, Brittany, to stay. They discuss the other house guests votes but the conversation breaks up as Hayden joins the girls and talk turns to food and working out.

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12:10 AM BBT Brit and Frank are in the KT talking about how to pitch keeping her safe to everyone. Frank advises her to pitch how loyal she is. Brit says that another female in the house (I think Pao) is a liar and deceitful. She continues by saying that if they both stay, she is going full force after her. The rest of the HGs are playing or watching corn hole.

12:20 AM BBT Cody, Derrick, Caleb, and Hayden are playing corn hole. Frank is doing funny voices in the HT. Christine and Nicole are laughing hysterically. Devin comes out and says his good nights. All four feeds are in the BY.

12:35 AM BBT Not one change. Franks accent is that of an older southern sounding woman. The girls cannot stop cracking up every time it speaks.

12:45 AM BBT The game has broken up. Frank and Caleb have gone inside. Frank talks about sleeping soon but Caleb isn't tired. Frank says he feels like it's going to be a calm night. Hayden joins them and they speculate about what the HOH comp will be on Thursday. In the BY Brit is talking to Nicole and Christine. She found out Pao threw the BOTB and is very upset. Brit is trying to figure out votes. She wants noms to stay the same because she wants Pao out. Christine says that if Victoria goes up then Victoria will go home. Brit says she just wants Pao gone. Hayden comes over and they stop talking game.

12:55 AM BBT Frank goes up to HOH and asks what he talked about with Caleb. Frank said not game and then went over, verbatim, what was said. Christine joins them with her toast. Devin says that he has two options for what to do with veto. One tests the loyalty of the alliance (probably putting up Zach). He informs them that if he does go with this option that it in no way means they shouldn't trust him or that he will put them up ever. Christine asks him if this will single other members of the alliance out, and Devin says that it is a potential issue. Frank says if Devin goes with this option he will be willing to hear out why. Devin says this is only plan B for right now and that it won’t hurt the alliance because they would still have the numbers.

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12:45 BBT Cody and Caleb talk in the BY by the hammock about what is going to happen tomorrow as far as competitions. Talk turns turns to how none of the house guests smoke, Cody is extremely grateful for this saying that the smoke makes him sick.

Devin, Christine, and Frankie are in the HOH Bedroom talking about denying the Bomb Squad if it is brought up. Devin talks about a member that might be spouting out things and jeopardizing the alliance, that this person said that if he was put up that he would spill about the alliance. Devin says he went to talk to this individual to just talk and the individual blew up and said that he was done with the game and to just take Brittany off the block and put him up. Devin is now bashing Zack, now using his name talking about Zack calling Victoria a B and complaining about her mannerisms.

01:00 BBT Devin, Christine, and Frankie still in HOH Bedroom. Devin says that his plan A is to take Poala off and pick Victoria up. Plan B though is to not put Victoria up and take Brittany down, and I believe put Zack up instead. Devin is taking so fast it is hard to keep up.

They run through putting Zack up on the block and how votes might work. Christine and Frankie chime in every once in a while, with a nod and a small comment in agreement with him as far as putting Zack on the block. Devin talks about what he might say in his speech and how votes might go in this option. The one problem they see with this is that Zack will blab on the Bomb Squad.

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01:10 BBT Devin is now alone in HOH bedroom reading the bible. The camera zooms in to the pages the top of the page showing "Self Control"

01:20 BBT Devin talks about being attracted to Brittany (?) with Frankie in the HOH bedroom, and how he asked her to come up to the HOH bedroom later tonight so they could get to know each other. He promises Frankie up and down he is going to "separate church and state" if anything comes from it but that he doubts it as he, Devin, is not her type.

01:30 BBT Christine, Cody, Brittany, Frankie, and Nicole are in the Kitchen. Christine plays with what they are calling a slop ball. Frankie tells Christine it looks like a testicle and this throws us into a few rather interesting conversations about men parts and medical conditions surrounding them.

Frankie leaves and they talk about how Nicole needs to go to bed and who will tuck her in, either Cody or Christine.

01:39 BBT Christine and are the only ones left in the Kitchen. They don't stay put for long. They sneak across the house to crouch in front of the have storage room and jump out when Cody exits. Nicole "I'm gonna pee." The incident is rehashed with everyone as they filter in and out of the kitchen.

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1:05 AM BBT Coday and Caleb are in the hammock talking about Amber and how he plans to take her out when they get out of here. Then he says he is going to go to his hometown and she what "kind of prey" they have going on there. He says the more people that leave between now and then the easier it will be to talk with her. Back in the HOH the Zach bashing is going on. They talk about Zach calling Victoria the B word and other terrible things he has said about her. Devin says he pulled Zach aside on like day 4 and told him to never disrespect a woman that way but he didn't listen. Devin says he is over it. He then goes to say that plan A for veto is to take Pao down and put up Victoria. Then he goes back to talking about plan B and counts the votes he would have if Zach went up.

1:15 AM BBT Devin tells them all to keep it quiet outside the HOH room. Devin says they know Zach will explode and he says that Frank and Christine need to just stay calm and not freak out over him exploding. They are both acting very agreeable. In other parts of the house, Brit and Nicole start playing pool. Nicole thinks Christine went to bed. Derrick heads outside and sits with Hayden by the HT to talk about what it's like on slop. Frank and Christine have left HOH and Devin is now reading his bible.

1:25 AM BBT Christine, Cody, and Caleb are in the WA talking about what Devin talked about in HOH. Christine gives him a small run down but she doesn't want to talk while Caleb is so close (He is in the potty room). Caleb exits that room and looks in the mirror to pick his nose for a sec. In HOH Frank leaves the shower and tells Devin he is headed to bed. Devin says he has a crush on Brit but that he feels like he isn't her type. (What the actual heck?) He then repeats that he has a legitimate crush on her.

1:35 AM BBT Derrick and Hayden still talking by the HT when Frank comes out and looks through the clothes in the BY. He complains because ants are all over everything. In the KT Frank has gone back in and joined conversation going on between Cody and Christine about Caleb and Amber. Christine talks about Caleb following her everywhere, especially if Amber is talking to a guy. Back in the BY Hayden are talking about their dream arrangement of HGs going into jury. They talk about this week’s vote and agree they don't care who goes this week out of the girl options (Victoria, Pao, and Brit).

1:45 AM BBT Frank heads into the BY and joins the conversation. Back inside, Cody is absolutely wired and joking around with Christine and Nicole. He went into the STR for something and the girls waited outside the door and scared him when he came back out. They got him for a second and have been cracking up over it ever since. Devin figured out how to dim the lights in HOH and a minute later we hear BB say knock it off and Devin stop that.

1:58AM BBT Devin heads outside to talk about getting the lights dim to Caleb. He starts running back and forth to get the outside cameras to follow him. In the KT Cody is making eggs and talking to the girls about a prank he pulled back home. Nicole then tells a story about her friends and scares they would pull off. Devin and Derrick are playing corn hole. Caleb is in the KT telling Christine how to pick of girls where he is from.

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Guest 6Borders

2:33am BBT: (brief recap into this conversation).

Caleb and Frankie have been talking about Devin using the veto. Caleb has been saying

that if Devin uses the veto and takes Brit off and puts Zach up then Devin has gone against the alliance and

Caleb is done because they said they would not go against the alliance.

Frankie says he doesn't think Devin should use the veto and Caleb agrees. He says if Devin does then

he should put up Victoria and let the two girls battle it out (campaign). Caleb thinks Brit should leave

and Frankie agrees. Caleb is going to take a shower and Frankie says to take it upstairs. Caleb says he

can't wait until there are only 6 people (left in the house).

2:37-2:45am BBT: Frankie and Caleb have moved into the beehive. Frankie says he's been keeping his

mouth shut but now he has to say something. Frankie said Zach has been telling everyone that Caleb

is the one who threw him under the bus. He said he's concerned that Zach is (basicaly) a loose cannon

and he's been stirring stuff.

Caleb says Devin has the right to know. Caleb says when he asked Amber if she trusted him and she said

I think I do. Frankie says that came from Devin and Zach is trying to blame everything on Caleb.

Frankie says he wants it simple and straightforward to the jury.

Frankie says Zach wants Devin out so bad and brings it up 4 times a day {more like 20}. Frankie

says he keeps telling Zach since Devin is HOH why are they even talking about it. Frankie says

Devin definitely knows that...doesn't know if Zach has specifically told Amber that he thinks Caleb thru

him (Zach) under the bus with Devin.

Frankie tells Caleb he still trusts Caleb, Devin, Amber and Derrick with his life. He says he's not sure

about Christine but she won't do anything son. Frankie is most concerned about Zach. Frankie says

when Devin canvassed everyone Zach and Cody both said they wanted Brit to say (which he says is dumb,

you tell the guy in power what he wants to hear). Frankie says he's just been listening and trying to stay out

of it but Zach is throwing up red flags.

Caleb says he never said a name to Devin, just said a couple of people in the alliance are throwing up

red flags all over the place but again never said a name {sheesh, my dogs could have figured out who

Caleb was talking about -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

2:47-3am BBT: Caleb is asking Frankie who told him that there were ppl in the alliance they could not

trust and Frankie says "you guys (Devin & Caleb) did". Caleb is back on Amber and how much it irritated

him that Amber would have any notion that he would be untrustworthy.

Frankie again reiterates that is why he's been quiet and if Zach wants to go they need to just let him go.

that he has to make the choice. Caleb says he's not going to just say thanks everyone and walk out

the door, he's going to bust out the alliance. Caleb says Zach told him that. Frankie says that just

proves the point that Zach is a liability and right now he trusts Zach less than Devin. Says Devin has

been nice and jovial. Frankie says Amber definitely wants Devin gone and Zach to stay.

Frankie says he doesn't know how clear-cut that is and Caleb says that conflicts with him.

Frankie says what they have with Devin he feels has been real since the beginning. Frankie says

he feels Devin would never throw them under the bus and that's better for their game, and he has

no idea where Zach is at.

Caleb says he's going to talk to Amber. Frankie says it would be good to

go have that conversation with Devin. Caleb is lost and says "about what" and Frankie says about

everything and ask him what he is going to do with the POV. Caleb says he told him what he should do

but he's going to do what he wants and now ask them (the alliance). Frankie wants to keep Devin

and Caleb is obviously not comfortable with that. Frankie says they should keep Devin until jury and

Caleb says that's fine if he's the first jury member.

Frankie says Devin is the king of unpredictibility and he (Zach?) is the queen.

Frankie asked if he talked to Zach today and Caleb says yes and Frankie replies

that Zach was talking shit before that. Caleb says all he said to Zach is that he was talking

crap and he didn't trust him or Devin. Caleb says he didn't give any names to anyboyd,

that Zach told on himself. Caleb says Zach told him he wants to go home and told Caleb

he wants to go home but he's going to blow everything up. Caleb says he told Zach

that makes no sense that 8 ppl have been keeping him safe and that would show no

loyalty {welcome to BB Caleb -6Borders}

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02:00 BBT General Chit chat in the Kitchen between Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Cody, and Caleb. The subject changing every few seconds. Frankie has been called to the DR at some point during this time.

Devin and Derrick continue to play corn hole.

02:14 BBT Cody and Derrick are in the BY playing a game of pool, Caleb soon joins them. They talk about Zack and why he wants to leave: slop, missing his family, Devin. Caleb goes back inside and the Zack conversation continues. Cody and Derrick both say that Zack has told them both that he told Devin he wanted to go home and agree that the reason he wants to go home is because he is homesick.

Christine joins the boys now by the pool table [These HG will not sit still]. Derrick asks Christine where her head is. She says that she is defiantly not talking game with certian people, Caleb. She also says that Devin is trusting her with a lot of information on the game and how she is going to wait after the veto to decide what she is going to do. She tells the boys that Devin looks like she might take down Brittany. She says that Devin doesn't really trust Cody anymore but still is ok with Derrick to some point.

Hayden joins the group outside and the game talk breaks up.

02:25 BBT Derrick, Cody, and Christine are alone in the BY again. They talk about how why Devin has no reason not to trust the and how they need to play nice while he is HOH. They are again interrupted as Hayden joins the group, followed by Nicole a few minutes later.

Caleb and Frankie talk in the Kitchen about Zack. Caleb says that if Zack is put up on the block he will have no part of voting him off and how he has been talking to him and trying to change his mind about leaving and how Caleb will fight for him until Zack walks out the door. Frankie says it all depends on how Zack is acting tomorrow to as what will happen. If nominations stay the same Caleb says he is voting for Paola to stay as that was the deal and why its a better option to keep her: shes weaker, will throw comps. Nicole walks through saying goodnight.

02:38 BBT Frankie and Caleb are in the Beehive. Frankie tells Caleb that Zack says that Caleb threw him under the bus about wanting Devin to go home. Frankie tells Caleb that what is stiring the pot is Caleb running to Devin and telling him everything, Caleb doesn't seem to be getting Frankie's point. Caleb says that he didn't throw Zack under the bus, but just said in general that alliance members wanted him out but that Zack was the one that ended up saying that it was him.

02:45 BBT The talk in the Beehive room between Frankie and Caleb continues to be about Zack and if the Bomb Squad can get him to calm down and actually want to stay. Frankie says that Zack is starting to look better than Devin. They comment that Amber wants Devin to leave now and Zack to stay and how it is odd because Zack is basically going around and saying he is untrustworthy. They continue to agree that they need to keep Zack from blowing up and relieving the alliance.

02:50 BBT Zack makes a short appearance in the BY looking a bit rough before going back inside. Hayden, Derrick, and Cody are also in the BY playing pool. The three boys retire to the hammock and talk about who deserves to stay in the house/who is playing the game, Jocasta and Paola have not been playing the game at all or very well.

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Guest 6Borders

3am BBT: BY, Derrick, Hayden, Cody, Devin

Derrick is telling Cody to repeat something from earlier that it's 3am and the only

reason they are down here. Devin is speaking but apparently he doesn't have him

mic on (and apparently BB doesn't care) because I can't hear what he's saying.

3:03am BBT: BB tells Devin to check his mic. Derrick says (to BB) you don't want

to miss this stuff.

3:03am BBT: Fish & FOTH so apparently we have technical difficulties

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Guest 6Borders

3:08am BBT: Feeds are back and Devin's mic is working. Talk is about Play Station 2.

Talk is now code words. Devin says Briton for Brit, Devony (combining alliance names).

Someone says Britain is a county and Devin says even better, I'm half English.

Devin is going over past alliance names "McCranda"., etc.

Brit joins the groug and talk changes. Someone (?) says they need to go to the DR

and get some stuff off their chest. Brit says what did I do. Derrick says we are all just

talking about how we hate the country of Britain.

3:13am BBT: We go to Fish and WBRB.

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03:00 BBT Devin joins Hayden, Cody, and Derrick in the back yard. Devin spills the beans about waiting up for Brittany to get up and talk with him. He says it is making nominations tomorrow weird. We then get WBRB.

03:08 BBT We are back. Devin says that him and Brittnay's showmance name should be Britain. Devin is all smiles and can't seem to stand still.

Just as Devin goes in Brittany comes outside and joins Hayden, Cody, and Derrick. As she joins them they joke about how they were talking about how much they hate the country Britain. And we get WBRB [Come on BB this is good fun you're interrupting-Tess]

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Guest 6Borders

3:15am BBT: Feeds are back. The BY crew are talking about socks and sandels

and in the BB house anything is acceptable but people who wear sneakers to the

beach should just go home.

3:16am BBT: Foth and Fish

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Guest 6Borders

3:17am BBT: Feeds are back.

Caleb and Frankie are still talking in the beehive. Caleb is back on Amber and how he told he

he would take her as far as he could but she has to trust him and if she is saying all that stuff

week 2 they won't make it to the end.

Frankie is saying tomorrow they will talk to Zach and find out where he's at and they have a

lot of work to do. Caleb says he needs to lie down. They leave the beehive, Frankie to the WC

where he's awaiting his turn for Hayden to come out.

Caleb asks Hayden is Amber outside. Hayden says no and tells who is in the hamock. Caleb heads

to the bathroom and calls to Frankie who is in the WC and tells him Zach is in the kitchen. Caleb

is walking thru the house and Frankie comes galloping (literally) after him.

Zach is in the storeroom and Frankie has him cornered, asking him what he wants. Zach is

mumbing...Frannkie says is that your final answer? Zach is having mic trouble too and I can't hear

what he is saying. Frankie mic is also either not working or he's muffled it.

3:23am BBT: Brief Fish/WBRB and we're back

Zach says it doesn't matter if Zach is on the block, either way he's prob. staying. Frankie says

why not go talk to him and not go on the block at all. Zach says he doesn't know but he's not

going to just get onhis knees..he's over it.

Frankie says but if he puts you up this will all just blow up. Frankie says he wishes it wouldn't

happen at all. Zach asks what Devin said and Frankie says he won't tell me what he is going to do...

but Devin wants everyone on the same page. Zach is not buying this and proceeds to Devin is

shady, wants an alliance but wants everyone to just do what he says.

Frankie is trying to explain the way the game works, he's up there (HOH) basically you do what the HOH

wants. Zach says he does want to stay for Frankie's sake, the Bomb Squad.

Frankie relates the conversation he just had with Caleb. Says Caleb is still denying (that he mentioned

any names). Zach says better for his game that I stay.

3:28am BBT: Brief Fish/WBRB

Frankie says we stick to the original plan to get to jury. He says as much as they want to do it (get Devin out)

he doesn't know if they can do it. He says the whole thing with Caleb and Devin is they think they can

win any comp they want to and it doesn't happen that way. Frankie says they have to repair....tells

Zach if he wants to stay go to the HOH and say he couldn't sleep and went crazy, that if he blows up

he will go home and create chaos. Zach wants to know who would vote him out and Frankie says Caleb,

Amber...the whole alliance.

Frankie says people don't like those kind of displays (blowing up and busting out the alliance).

He says he (Devin) has all the power. Zach wants to know if Devin said anything about putting up Zach and

Frankie tells him no. He says Devin told him there were 2 options and if someone stirs the pot Devin will

make a decision that is good for everyone.

Zach is still not really buying Frankie's damage control. Frankie says we stick together and make it to

jury or we don't. Zach says he thinks it's better for his game not to stick together...he's not saying he's

going to do that but to keep it between him and Frankie {which is like telling the whole world}.

Zach says he's going to stir the pot and make Devin think he (Zach) does not care if he goes home.

Frankie says then he's going to keep his mouth shut. He tells Zach he's not writing his name down, that

he wants to work to help him.

3:34am BBT: Fish and WBRB (again)

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03:17 BBT We are back, again. Cody, Devin, and Brittney are no sitting around the hammock talking. Devin brings out Brittney a plate with two pickles on it telling her he was just thinking about her. Brittany is saying what all he might have done with them: poisoned them, stuck them in his pants.

03:22 BBT Frankie and Zack are in the supply room talking about Zack wanting to go. Zack doesn't think he will go home regardless if he goes up against Paola or Brittany. Zack says that he is only going to blow up on Devin and not the alliance, he also says he is tired of being told what to do. Frankie says that if Zack blows up he is going home as he will be creating chaos, that he is becoming Alex. Frankie is just trying to calm Zack down.

Hayden and Caleb are whispering in the Rock room about Zack, just general things. How their is conflict between Devin and Zack and how Zack might be getting better.


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Guest 6Borders

3:34amBBT: The feeds are back and then 3:35am BBT we have Fish again

3:36am BBT: Zach and Frankie are still talking in the storeroom.

Zach is saying "it's the Bomb Squad, it's not Devin & Caleb"

In the BY Brit says she tried to go to bed and fricking Victoria had every blanket.

They wish they could sleep outside. Brit asks what they miss most and Derrick (I think)

says tormenting my dad. Other than kids they miss their dog and going to the beach,

hot showers, being able to lock the bathroom door...silly stuff.

{doubt there will be any game talk since Brit is there}

3:40am BBT: Back to Zach & Frankie in the storeroom. It sounds like the same old

conversation.(the sound is really bad).

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Guest 6Borders

3:43am BBT: The conversation with Zach and Frankie is still going on.

{Basically this is the big dog with the bone and the little dog trying to talk him out of giving it up and neither side

is getting anywhere}

Zach is asking if what he's saying is making sense. Frankie tells him everything he's saying is perfectly

true. There is a lot of mumbling going on. They hug,more mumbling. Zach says it is what is is...

then says (I think) you better make sure I get to jury. They head to the kitchen, Frankie for water, then to

the yard.

Frankie is saying he selpt the best he ever slept in his life.

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Guest 6Borders

3:48-3:54am BBT: Looks like just Brit and Cody in the hammock. Brit says something

about her back being like a block of ice and then asks Cody "is that what you guys

were talking about...Britain?" and he says yes.

Frankie joins Brit and Cody in the hammock. He says he can't sleep and...

(Brief WBRB/Fish).

3:504:05am BBT: Devin and Derrick are playing cornhole and Frankie compliments Derrick on a shot.

Brit asks Frankie what is going to happen today. He says let me consult my

crystal ball...he has lots of theories and nothing will be proven until it happens.

Talk turns to his shorts and OPI nail polish.

Frankie says it's frustrating not knowing (what is going to happen)

Brit says should she run around as Brett (her alter-ego), and Frankie says that will

go over really well, she can be Brett, Alex's BF (in case you just joined Alex is Joey's alter-ego).

Frankie says whatever will be will be and he's so tired. He asks Brit is she's spoken to him (Devni?)

tonite...she says just a little bit.

There are a few moments of silence (other than the corn holl bags) and then Frankie wishes Brit

and Cody good night and leaves. Brit whispers something which was either "nut case" or "in that case"

Cody tells Brit try to stay in good graces. Brit feels like if she goes home and Pao stays that would be

dumb..she doesn't know if Devin is that dumb to send her home for pride. She just doesn't know what

his plan is. She says Devin told her to come up to HOH and they can get to know each other and just

talk. Brit does not believe anything Devin says. Cody says it's been a hard week and Frankie has been

so far up their asses he's getting pissed. They agree Frankie has been playing the entire house

{Bingo...no more calls, we have a winner -6Borders}

Cody & Brit discuss Devin's possible stragedy. Cody is praying Devin takes Brit off the block.

Brit says he's (Devin) bipolar and they (BB) needs to change his meds. Cody says Devin actually

thinks his stragedy is legit...says poor kid. Brit has tried to think every possible stragedy and whatever

happens at the ceremony she is going to have some announcement to completely throw this game.

Cody says sometimes that compulsive stuff backfires. Brit says what compulsive stuff and Cody say

putting him on blast. Brit says she's not going to do that. Cody says Devin talks on having a crush on

Brit and does he think they are f'ing stupid. They discuss Devin's paranoia and have a good laugh

about how Devin can read lips. Zach says the 500mg of Adderal he takes. They laugh about how

pissed Devin is that they are all out there talking.

They say that Devin is heading to the beehive with Frankie and Zach says they are going to talk about

him because he and Frankie just had a 20 min conversation {when are these people going to learn to

stop spilling everything to Frankie???}

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Guest 6Borders

4:06am BBT: Devin and Frankie are in the HOH. Devin says let's talk about sports.

Frankie says how about the Steelers, and he played middle-back in volleyball and he was

really good {can't wait to see where this conv. really goes}. Devin is eating and says

keep talking about sports. Frankie talks about he loves ice hockey and ice skating.

Devon says he wishes they had alcohol so he could do the POV drunk. Devin is

playing silly senarious of his POV speech being drunk.

Frankie says he had a good conversation with Caleb. Devin says "when" and Frankie

says "downstairs" {I love answers like that}.

Devin says he knows Caleb is pissed that Devin hasn't told him anything. Frankie

says no, well annoyed. Frankie says Caleb doesn't think it's a good idea to out up an

alliance member and toold Caleb thru it step-by-step.

Devin says Zach knows it was Calen but Caleb never told me it was Zach.

Frankie is running his damage control again and if Zach wants to go there is nothing they

can do but they will carry him to jury. He says he got Zach thinking. Devin says you didn't

tell him that's what I'm going to do and Frankie says "so". Frankie repeats the whole

conv. about who has Zach's back. Devin says did you tell him no matter what we still

have to say him (to protect the alliance). Frankie says Zach said he didn't want to blow

up the Bomb Squad and Devin says "he said that".

Devin says he's trying to explain to Zach that if you are talking shit you have to come and tell

and then it comes around days or weeks later then I can't trust him.

Frankie says it makes him very nervous. Devin says if he goes that route there is nothing

you can do but deny. Devin says he thought Zach would be more beast mode in comps and

Frankie says he sucks. Devin talks about when they paused in the comp to fix something...

and of course WBRB (4:16am BBT)..feeds come back and Devin is still talking about the comp

and another WBRB...back and Devin is talking about how he balanced the pieces and he knew

what he needed to do.

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Guest 6Borders

4:18am BBT: Another WBRF & Fish

4:20am BBT: Feeds are back. The BY crew is talking food and sleep and how

Brit goes in to sleep and they all say in 15 miin she will be back.

Talk is how many more days on slop. Cody doesn't think anyone has ever been

a have-not during an hoh comp.

4:22am WBRB/Fish briefly and back.

Zach is talking about this morning he was talking to Amber... and Cody and Brit

immediately tell him STOP...they explain he has to stop talking to Amber {good advice}

Brit is explaining that Amber is super sensitive and manipulated.

Brit says Day #1 when she walked in it would be Caleb, Devin and Amber.

She does not think Amber knows what she is doing and Cody disagrees

Brit wants to know if Amber would vote for her and they says she would vote her her to stay.

4:25am BBT: WBRB/Fish briefly and right back.

Zach is still talking about he's not a push-over and he's back on the same old story, expect

now it's how stupid it would be to put Zach up. Cody is on Devin's whole stupid scheme

and now he has a crush on Brit.

Cody is relating some of Devin's scheming, says Devin doesn't trust Cody or Zach at all.

Talk about how much Devin looks in the mirror, puts on make up and shaves 3x a day and

how they are not (basically) jumping every time Devin wants something.

Brit says he keeps wanting her to come up there. Cody and Zach say please do it. They think

Devin is 3 personalities, they believe Devin thinks they are all crazy, and how Devin always

says "I never said that". Finally Cody says he can't talk about Devin anymore.

Talk turns to Pao. Brit says if she stays and I stay...ohhhhh. Talk is about how Pao eats and Brit

would backhand the shit out of her daughter if she did that {Uh Oh...CPS is going to be on this one}

Rehash of how Zach hates Pao and Pae deliberty didn't get her glasses so she would have an excuse

to lose the comp {I think I was here just about this time for the same conversation yesterday -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

4:35am BBT: Frankie comes out to wish/kiss the BY crew good night.

4:36am BBT: WBRB & Fish briefly.

The BY crew is now Brit, Zach and Cody talking about rallying the whole house against Devin

and that the whole house is already against Devin and then WBRB (4:37am BBT)

4:38am BBT: Feeds are back and the convesation in the BY continues about how Devin

is going to rip off the door, slit your throat with a butter knife, is she talking about me...

Cody again does not want to talk about it {me either}.

Talk turns to fav colors.

Zach turns the conv right back to "there is no way he's going to come out here" and

again not to do anything until after the veto ceremony, they are going to go crazy in the house.

Zach says who is dumber Devin or Pao. Cody says get off of it dude. Brit imitates Devin

doing a challenge. It's just the same old general conv.

4:42am BBT: Fish and WBRB and back

{BB needs to turn down that music or fix the dang feeds}

4:43am BBT: Feeds are back and talk is general silly stuff.

Then they talk about the airport (seeing other hg's maybe and we get WBRB again)

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Guest 6Borders

4:46am BBT: Brit is saying she thinks Devin worked something out with Pao and

Zach says (heavy sarcasm) 'You think??"

Conversation is back to yesterday about the same time about Pao swearing on her mom's grave

{I am in a time warp here} and who would go off and who would go up.

Brit says she asked Devin to keep nom's the same and she's not sure if he's going to do that.

Zach says he's going to say Pao and put Victoria up. Asks Cody what he thinks and Cody says

outside this house he would have bugged out on both Caleb and Devin.

Brit says Devin wants to be a good person and have integrity but he has some mental stuff

in his head. Zach says the first night in the house Devin was talking so much game for 2 hrs. about everyone

and nobody knew each other. Brit says baseball and stuff has messed things up for him.

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Guest 6Borders

4:53am BBT: The BY Early Crew (Brit, Cody & Zach) still talking about Devin.

They say they didn't think it would get intense this early in the game. Brit is relating

a conv. she had with pao on 4th of July and Pao was drunk and telling Brit how she

deserved to win...Brit told Pao to (basically) shut up cos she was drunk.

Talk turns to travel, where they want to go....Australia, Thailand.

Cody says when he traveled with soccer he never got to see anything

Brit asks the guys who their celeb crushes are. One of the guys says Selena Gomez

{not sure who..video feeds are so bad I am pretty much working on voice}

Brit is talking family and her ex didn't have tatoos at first but then he got tats of


4:58am Brief WBRB/Fish

Feeds are back and Brit is talking Vegas for her 21st B'day. Talk is back to the tat

Brit's hubby has and now that they are divorced he's going to turn it into Pancho Villa or something

(Fish and WBRB).

5am BBT: Feeds are back and talk is about tatoos.

5:01am BBT: Brit is wondering about their parents watching and what they are thinking. She

is worried about finale and her parents meeting Devin's parents (brief WBRB..happens so often I can't

even record the times and get anything else in).

Talk is back to Pao and the POV and Brit hopes Devin won't use the veto cos she does not want

Victoria to go home. Cody (I think) says that is what is going to happen.

Zach is back to Devin crying over his daughter and then he does this and going to say Devin is the worse father ever...back to Zach provoking Devin to punch him and he's gone {sorry Zach but BB already diffused that one}.

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Guest 6Borders

5:06am BBT: Brit is talking about some "crazy nasty" skydiving experience (dream) where everyone was doing

something to each other {sleep depravation & slop produces this would be my guess}

Brit is going over the votes she "for sure" has {like that ever works out on BB}.

Cody says Caleb doesn't have a mental game...Zach says he only has a social game {really??}

Brit is going over who does not want her here.

Talk turns to the people who do nothing {I'm officially replacing 'floaters' with 'do nothings' -6Borders}

5:14am BBT: The BYC (back yard crew), ZCB (Zach, Cody, Brit) are discussing if this week were not

what it was what they would have done {totally moot issues now so I am taking a break}

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