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Monday July 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Guest 6Borders

5:24am BBT: Back and Brit thinks it's Sunday and they decide it's Monday and do a few whot

outs to family. Brit asks "you remember seeing me at the airport" and reply is "we sat right next to each

other" and we get WBRB.

5:26am BBT: Back and they are talking about the other HG's and they have no idea how anyone really is

until they have been threatened {my opinion of Jeff & Jordan when it finally happened to them -6Borders}

Talk is about loyalty and no point in lying to each other, and the (basic phonyness)...and how stupid it is

to throw comps (especially in the 2nd week).

Brit says she has to butter up Devin because Pao doesn't have to do anything... Zach says just win the comp...

back to Pao giving Brit the wrong answers (Battle of the Block). Brit says he asked Pao before the comp is

she was going to throw it but when they went into the comp Brit knew..the night before the comp Brit says Pao was

acting sketchy and wanted to sleep wih Brit. We are back to Pao & mom's grave...

5:31am BBT: WBRB & Fish

5:34am BBT: Feeds are back and teh Brit/ZackCody crew are back on the jello shots and the same conv.

they had yesterday (and about 20x since), how Zach could not go to bed and Devin was watching what time

Zach went to bed.

{this conv is so ridic and redundant I am not going to report anymore until they get off this one-way train}

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Guest 6Borders

Sorry, I don't see the white board today but just letting everyone know that

I have cancelled my feeds and will no longer being doing updates after the

approx 6am conv. in the BY between Brit, Cody and Zack about animals and

they thought it was so funny after neuter that the dogs' testicles swelled up, and

the (obvious) abuse after the dog suffered when it chewed up the new Oaklie sunglasses..

"I lost it and grabbed him by his back...."

(covered up as "I just threw the dog on the bed and cuddled it" after

the others shushed it).

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7:07AM Zach, Brit, Cody still up talking in the BY. The POV ceremony hasn't happened yet, they speculate Devin won't use the POV, but Brit plans to give a speech to the house(asking Devin to not use it?) and Cody hopes she puts Paola 'on blast'.

7:12AM Brit:"I understand if I go home after Powpow and Victoria, it's a game. But to go home before them..."

7:15AM Cody/Zach/Brit decide to head inside and make slop pancakes/drink a protein shake, but no plans to sleep yet.

Zach:We can have orange juice right? (no) Peanuts? (no)

7:25AM F1/2 Brit cooking, says she doesn't even feel all that tired, despite not sleeping. Zach watching, says he isn't tired either, "but I slept all day yesterday." F3/4 Sleeping HGs

7:30AM Zach is eating the slop pancakes Brit made. He says they are delicious, really good, great.

Brit:"You have to try to get creative with this crap, cause it sucks."

7:36AM Zach is done with his slop pancakes, heads off to parts unknown, leaving Brit as the only visible HG awake, quietly eating still.

7:48AM Brit heads to the WA, takes a shower on the COLD/slop side, then heads to sink to do womanly morning things to her face

7:58AM Amber is up to use the WC, passes Brit at the sink, who tells Amber she's getting ready now for POV ceremony, to avoid the rush that occurs. Brit wishes she could get her sleep schedule back on track, "but it's so hard." Now she is getting tired, but the day is just starting.

8:01AM Amber showers on the HOT side. Brit starts to talk to her (hard to hear due to the shower), and we get WBRB...

8:03AM ...back, and F3/4 is still Amber/Brit whispering, F1/2 sleeping HGs(no wake up call yet).

8:12AM Amber is done showering(much longer than Brit's HNot shower). Brit says the hardest part of HNot is when she is stressed like now(prior to POV ceremony).

8:25AM Amber/Brit doing make up, Brit hates getting ready in BB house.

Amber: The lighting?

Brit:No, I like making silly faces in the mirror, posing, and I don't want everyone seeing that.

They agree the best way to stay out of the house conflict is to sleep, "like Donny... but at some point, it will be nice to have people in the house you can talk with and confide in"

Brit feels like she won't be going home if she stays on the block, but "I don't understand how someone can hate me so much one minute, then want me to stay the next"

Brit says she told Devin "You can send me home now if you dislike me, but that won't keep you safe from the people that want you gone."

8:30AM Brit:"There is one other person I know I can't trust. I knew this person was different, I called them out on it the other day, and they lied to my face. People say they are loyal... why go out of your way to say you are loyal... I'm not going to play my game that way, I'd rather just say nothing at all" (She never said who!)

Brit:"Just so you know, I never make it clear who said what when I'm talking to someone" (I noticed!)

8:38AM Amber:I'll be honest with you, from day 1, I told Powpow I would do what I could to help her stay here. But I have to do what's best for my game.

Brit:At this point, I can't worry about what I don't know, not until after the POV ceremony.

8:47AM Brit/Amber still doing makeup/small talk

Amber:BB was so nice to us yesterday, it makes me wonder, ok, what's the twist?

8:52AM Brit/Amber finish with makeup, head outside to get some sun before the expected POV ceremony later today.

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#BB15 9:04AM Amber and Brittany talking abut how they expected the girls to be catty n the house. Amber says the girls are much nicer then the guys. She wishes Joey had stayed and Devin had gone home.

#BB16 9:23AM BBT Amber and Britt continue to chat about their life outside the BB house. All other HG sleeping on feeds.

#BB16 9:42AM Britt and Amber still the only ones awake. Enjoying the BY. All others still in zzzz land!

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10:20am BBT Hayden taking a shower on the HOT side of the shower. Jocasta and Victoria in the bathroom doing their ADLs.

10:21am BBT Brittany and what sounds like Amber outside on the hammock. Not much going on there either. Paola gets called by BB to the diary room. Then a few minutes later she gets called again but BB only calls her by name.

10:24am BBT Devin stops Paola on her way to the DR. He tells her to meet him in the living room on the couches. Then she is to go straight up stairs after he does. (What a bully! Treating her like she is his daughter.)

10:25am BBT Devin making "Peete's Coffee."

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10:25am BBT Devin pretty much orders Paola into the Bee Hive room. She is not happy. He is talking down to her. Devin says that he is going to going to grantee her safety. In the bathroom Victoria tries to tell Hayden that something is happening between Devin and Paola and he doesn't seem to care.

10:28am BBT Devin comes into the bathroom and asks Victoria and Hayden to leave to talk to Paola. (Really, who does he think he is?) He tells her to calm down and wake up and then come to talk to him. Doesn't let her get in a word edge wise. She says something that causes Devin to say "don't threaten me" and he storms off.

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10:34am BBT Victoria, Hayden, and Devin in the kitchen getting coffee. Hayden and Devin go up to the HoH. Devin apparently gets fluff and fold. Devin tries to explain the deal with Paola and how "it may not go down." He wants Caleb to vow to Paola safe even though Caleb wont tell Devin who else will be up there.

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10:01am Brittany and Amber are playing a game of pool.Derrick in Ice BR getting ready to go back to bed.Donny making breakfast then goes out to the BY to eat it.

10:06am Victoria doing ADL'S in WA. Brittany now going to go lay in the sun Donny ask her if she is going to go to sleep now and she says I can't I am so tired I cant lay down.
10:12am Donny going to brush his teeth . Hayden is now up going to change his battery and says "time to get up for the day I said". Brittany and Amber are laying out on the hammock.
10:21am Devin tells Paola at the veto ceremony don't show no emotion and don't say anything OK and then walks off from her.
10:24am Devin tells Paola he means it don't throw a fit or show emotions or you will ruin everything and then you will go home.He says Paola you are being ridiculous right now you are already showing emotion you are going to ruin everything I promise I will keep you safe she says I don't care I want to go home and he walks out the door.
10:30am Devin goes to the WA as paola takes a bath and tells her to trust him and then starts saying what is wrong with you right now? I am done talking to you and he walks off walking through the KT says stupid what is wrong with you you are safe.
10:34am Devin and Hayden are going to the hoh rm to talk. Devin says so um potentially the deal I told you might not go down but Paola will be safe I just want to make sure that if things shift that paola will be safe cause she is very emotional right now but I have to change things up and go back on things today but we need to get some strong players out . Just until the meeting if anyone ask just keep it quiet. Hayden says OK cool man and leaves the hoh rm.
10:47am Paola goes to the By and tells Brittany that she just talked to Devin and we got into a fight and she repeats what Devin told her about what Devin told her that she isn't allowed to ask for votes. She says I am pissed and Brittany ask her if she is OK though? She says yeah I just cant stand him going up to me and telling me what to do so if I explode today you know why.
10:52am Donny goes and tells Brittany that she should go lay down and she said it is so cold in there so he tells her to get her blanket and lay it in the sun and warm it up then go in there and lay down.
10:56am Brittany is now going up to the hoh rm but Devin doesn't open the door. She leaves and goes back to bed saying I can not sleep in that have not room.
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11:35AM Donny/Amber/Paola on the patio, talking about Paola's option's for her POV speech. Amber suggests she just stand and pose, not saying anything. Paola tries a few poses, then Amber feels bad cause now Amber can't use that idea if she is on the block.

Paola: "Obviously Devin wants to keep me on the block, because he wants Brittany out"

11:42AM Donny talks about hosting the POV comp yesterday

Donny:(holds hand to his ear): "Mission control"... "what people at home won't know, is there was a 'mission control'

Amber: You had someone talking to you?

Donny: A little

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[Posted for Kitten]

11:02AM BBT: Paola telling Amber her conversation with Devin and how Devin tried talking to her while she was int he shower and telling her not to lose it she says I was getting pissed at him he talks down to women. then he kicked Victoria and Hayden out of here while I was in the shower so he could talk to me and I told him I ain't talking now I am in the shower then he stormed out of here.

11:17AM BBT: Devin is in the HoH room going over his speech for the PoV ceremony and how he will tell Brittany that he respects her as a woman and a mother and he refuses to leave a single mother on the block and he will use the PoV on her.

11:19AM BBT: Amber and Donny are sitting in the backyard talking about it getting hot outside. Paola is in the kitchen making breakfast.

11:27AM BBT: Paola tells Amber she is so mad at Devin. Amber tells her at the PoV ceremony to say what she has to say to him, "If you want the whole house to hear," and Paola says, "So it is my time to shine?"

11:31AM BBT: Donny asks what Paola is thinking and she says, "I'm thinking about my veto speech first one is, 'Please don't use the veto on me I would rather stick my head in the toilet than stay here with you another week.' And number two is, 'If I stay I stay if I go I go I don't really care.""

11:52AM BBT: Nicole and Christine are now up and getting dressed for the day.

There's just general chatter between Paola, Donny and Amber in the backyard.

12:16PM BBT: The feeds are back, however it doesn't look like they did the PoV meeting yet.

12:20PM BBT: The HGs are being put on outdoor LD, so the PoV ceremony should be starting soon.

The HGs are on an outdoor lockdown while Devin preps for the PoV ceremony.

12:30PM BBT: The feeds have switched over to the Jeff interviews.

1:20PM BBT: The feeds are back. Devin has used the PoV on Brittany and nominated Zach in her place. Either Paola or Zach will be evicted.
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3:20PM BBT: Christine and Nicole whispering. Christine is telling Nicole about the bomb squad.

3:31PM BBT: Devin and Caleb are in the HoH. Caleb is telling Devin about his conversation with Hayden. Says he told Hayden he would cover him. Devin wants to call Hayden up to the HoH. Says he wants to reassure him.

3:43PM BBT: Devin explaining to Caleb that Donny will save Paola and that Jocasta came running to him that she was sorry about his daughter. He says that Zach is going home. He will deal with the tie breaker.

3:48PM BBT: Devin calls Hayden, Caleb and Frankie to HoH He tells them that he knew he was taking Brittany off right after the Veto competition. He just didn't know who to put up.

3:51PM BBT: Devin is telling Hayden that he is going to protect his alliance and will do what he has to do.

3:52PM BBT: Devin says he broke his promise to Zach because Zach had side work going on.

3:54PM BBT: Devin tells Hayden that he is guaranteed to jury. His word.

3:58PM BBT: Devin is inviting Hayden into the bomb squad. Says he would love to have him onboard and that they protect each other. Loyalty is the biggest part and Zach is leaving because of loyalty.

3:58PM BBT: Devin is inviting Hayden into the bomb squad. Says he would love to have him onboard and that they protect each other. Loyalty is the biggest part and Zach is leaving because of loyalty.

4:05PM BBT: Devin tells Hayden that the bomb squad will always have the votes. He has to join.

4:11PM BBT: Devin says that he was there for his daughter's birthday and he is now good. He then says that he talked to Paola this morning. Says she threatened him if he didn't use the Veto on her. He says he told her that he guaranteed her safety.

4:15PM BBT: Hayden and Frankie leave HoH. Devin tells Caleb that they are never out. Just like Dan, they will survive.

4:18PM BBT: Hayden and Frankie head into the bee hive. Derrick comes in. Hayden says he feels they should keep Zach. Frankie says his gut is telling that what he chooses will be wrong in someone's eyes. He can't be neutral anymore.

4:23PM BBT: Christine is called into the bee hive. Frankie tells her that Devin just invited Hayden into the bomb squad. In HoH Devin is telling Cody that he has the votes.

4:32PM BBT: Devin is using the HoH RV to point things out to Derrick again. Derrick is saving that Zach wen over the line in bringing up meds and kids.

4:39PM BBT: Caleb tells Hayden and Christine that he doesn't understand how people can not be loyal to who they promised. He may not like them but he made a promise.

4:53PM BBT: Caleb leaves the bee hive and Christine and Hayden talk. Hayden telling her that Devin didn't give him a choice but to "join". Christine says that Hayden would be the bottom of the barrel.

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11:02AM BBT: Paola telling Amber her conversation with Devin and how Devin tried talking to her while she was in the shower and telling her not to lose it she says I was getting pissed at him he talks down to women. then he kicked Victoria and Hayden out of here while I was in the shower so he could talk to me and I told him I ain't talking now I am in the shower then he stormed out of here.

11: 17AM BBT: Devin HoH room going over his speech for the PoV ceremony and how he will tell Brittany that he respects her as a woman and a mother and he refuses to leave a single mother on the block and he will use the PoV on her.

11:19AM BBT: Amber and Donny sitting in the backyard talking about it getting hot outside Paola in kitchen making breakfast.

11:27AM BBT: Paola telling Amber she is so mad at Devin Amber tells her at the PoV ceremony to say what she has to say to him if you want the whole house to hear and Paola says so it is my time to shine?

11:31AM BBT: Donny ask what Paola is thinking and she says I am thinking about my veto speech first one is please don't use the veto on me I would rather stick my head in the toilet than stay here with you another week.And #2 is if I stay I stay if I go I go I don't really care. Donny says I would say I have enjoyed being on the block for three weeks and would like to stay another three weeks. Amber says just stand up and pose and don't say anything at all then sit back down.

11:52AM BBT: Nicole and Christine are now up and getting dressed for the day. In the backyard is general chit chat with Paola and Donny and Amber.

12:09PM BBT: WE now have FotH maybe PoV ceremony

12:15PM BBT: Not the PoV . HGs are getting ready for the PoV ceremony with general chit chat going on and Paola practising her pose.

12:17PM BBT: All HGs are heading out to the backyard for looks like an OLD.Frankie says here we go as he heads to the backyard.

12:24PM BBT: Everyone in the By as derrick is called to the DR and Devin is in the HoH room getting ready for the PoV ceremony.

12:26PM BBT: We are now on Jeff as the PoV ceremony gets under way

1:19PM BBT: poaloa say it doesn't matter they are going to vote Zach to go home. Zach tells Frankie don't get upset everyone still trust you and Frankie says I don't know why you would do that to me it is just terrible. Frankie says I was your friend I had your back .Zach says I am staying this week and I will have your back.Frankie says well Cody and Derrick won't even look at me. Frankie leaves and Zach says stay and Frankie says I have nothing to say.

1:23PM BBT: Zach says I called you out I called Caleb out and Frankie says I know and walks off.

1:25PM BBT: Paola tells Zach in the storage room that she wants to go home . he goes outside and says I feel good I got that off my chest Paola says in the Fire bedroom that she didn't throw that competition. that Devin wanted to but she didn't throw it.

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5:01 PM BBT Christine and Hayden are very animated in the bee hive room right now. They are sharing their stories about Devin. Caleb and Derrick are on the patio. Caleb says that Zach wanted to go home all along. Derrick said he never wanted it to get this crazy so soon. In the SR Cody is promising Zach his vote.

5:07 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are in the Have-Not room laying down. Zach and Frankie think that the alliance is probably no longer salvageable. Zach says the only person he really needs to talk to is Caleb. Frankie "You did exactly what you said you wanted to do. You will either go home or form a new alliance. You hit the reset button." Meanwhile Caleb is wanting to go talk to Cody but Devin tells him that this is not the time. Caleb goes anyway.

5:12 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are in the hammock. Cody is telling him that despite what happened, he is going to give Zach his vote. He already knows Devin has had his doubts about him but that isn't enough to make him change his vote. Caleb talks about Zach being homesick and no longer caring. Cody talks about how everything Devin does is personal. He says Devin can't keep it game. Caleb "Both of them went against the alliance. Both of them did."

5:17 PM BBT Caleb is telling Cody that he will remain loyal to those he promised loyalty to. Meanwhile Frankie and Derrick are also in the BY. They think the key is to patch things up with Caleb. Derrick "We can't have one of us on the block if we have some missions to do. I hope we get some cool ones." Derrick is telling Frankie the magnitude of getting America's vote when the cameras change. Meanwhile Hayden and Paola are in the beehive discussing that the entire house is split. Hayden feels that no one in the house wants either her or Zach gone so it may be days before they figure out what to do.

5:22 PM BBT Feeds 1,2 are on Hayden and Paola in the bee hive room. Paola is trying to determine where she may stand with the votes. Hayden is being elusive. Feeds 2, 3 are on Cody and Caleb on the hammock. They are saying that they just need to survive three more weeks and they can relax at jury. BB calls them all in for an IDLD. Hayden "I really hope it's a banner or something. They better not be doing it for more drama."

5:28 PM BBT Devin and Cody are in the SR. Devin is trying to script him on what to say to Caleb later. He wants Cody to stress to Caleb that he is sticking with the alliance. In the beehive room Derrick is reading scripture to Donny and Caleb. They are discussing the blessings behind frustrations.

5:33 PM BBT Cody, Amber, and Christine are in the rock BR. They are trying to figure out what to say to Nicole. They need to tell her something. Frankie and Victoria are snuggling in the fire BR. They think that Cody and Zach are best friends now. No one against Zach will ever get Cody's vote. Frankie tells her that anyone that votes for Zach to stay will have both Caleb and Devin after them.

5:37 PM BBT Derrick and Donny are in the beehive talking about Team America. Derrick tells Donny that they are now three votes together from now on. They both agree that voting differently could cost each of them five grand. Derrick says that if they don't win the whole thing, they have the potential to earn fifty grand in ten weeks. Plus, one of them will have a good chance of getting America's Favorite Player. Derrick says "They gave us an alliance. Who could ask for a greater gift from America?"

5:42 PM BBT Derrick to Donny "Three is better than two. We can see where the majority is going and if we have to flip it, with three people, we can." They both think that it's best to keep the alliance a secret for now. They think Frankie would agree because he is a performer and he needs the money. They will reevaluate later if it appears that Frankie is going off on his own.

5:45 PM BBT Donny and Derrick are still in the beehive talking about Team America. Derrick explains that America has chosen them so America must think that they are all trustworthy. He trusts that America will not steer them wrong. They would rather be evicted being with America behind them than as a villain. He references that Dan took America's tasks on and left the game a hero. They agree that none of them will play as individuals unless they get to final three.

5:55 PM BBT Derrick to Donny "Before, we had no idea who to trust. Now we do. They would never pick an Evil Dick. They wouldn't pick an Amanda. They would only pick nice people."

6:02 PM BBT Jocasta, Amber, and Frankie are in the fire BR. They all say they have no idea what they are going to, especially since Paola and Zach both want to stay now. In the KT Paola is telling Victoria and Derrick that she did not intentionally throw the POV. Derrick says he believes her because she wouldn't have answered her question correctly if she had. She says she didn't want to get up and get her glasses because Devin was behind her and staring at her. She says it was a lose lose situation. Derrick says that he will not judge her for ever doing anything that she feels she needs to do.

6:05 PM BBT Frankie and Jocasta are now alone in the fire BR. "If you have a big player on the block, you have to take a shot. That's how you play this game." "What do we do? Leave him here and next week he wins HoH and takes us out?" They both agree that they are not primary targets but Zach on the block may be too much to pass up.

6:11 PM BBT Amber is telling Frankie and Jocasta that she heard she was called into the DR last night when she was sound asleep. She says she feels bad, like she ignored one of her parents. Meanwhile Paola is campaigning in the KT to Derrick and Victoria. She keeps talking about Zach's behavior and how he publicly called her a liar. Derrick says she is doing things the right way and to just keep it up.

6:13 PM BBT Frankie "Well, I am going to go to bed." BB "Frankie, please go to the Diary Room." Frankie "Perfect." The rest of the HGs start doing their nightly shout outs to loved ones.

6:18 PM BBT The HGs keep talking about people outside of the house in the form of shout outs so we keep getting switched over to Jeff's interviews.

6:20 PM BBT Amber, Nicole, Hayden, Christine, and Victoria are in the rock BR. They are talking about Hayden and the missing hotdog. He was a good sport about it when they hid his hotdog. Derrick, Donny, Jocasta, and Paola are still in the KT but they are now talking general chit chat. It appears that BB locking them all indoors together has mellowed out the atmosphere.

6:26 PM BBT BB opens the BY back up to them. Jocasta goes outside to play cornhole. Paola is in the WA with Christine telling her that Zach was bullying her. We have lost visual on camera 3 and 4. We only have sound there.

6:31 PM BBT Paola is still talking to Christine in the WA. She is getting very animated. She keeps talking about Zach throwing everybody under the bus. He was really mean to Victoria by targeting her with all of his Frisbees. She compares him to Devin when he talks to girls. She thinks they both bully girls with the way they talk. She calls him a Devin but smaller.

6:36 PM BBT Brittany, Hayden, and Nicole are whispering in the rock room. She says an army is so much stronger when you trust the people who are in it. Paola goes outside where Victoria and Jocasta are talking about general stuff. She quickly changes the subject to how honest she has played her game and how Zach called her an Fing liar who throws comps.

6:39 PM BBT Frankie is whispering to Christine in the WA. He tells her that it appears the general opinion of most of the girls is to get the guy out. He said he can't read Caleb yet but he is probably safe either way. They discuss how the theory is that Hayden is now on the bomb squad and he replaces Zach. They don't think Hayden would vote Zach out though.

6:44 PM BBT Jocasta is telling Paola about the importance to not be a single vote against a majority. From home, she never really knew how easy that could happen. She makes a weird face and asks Paola if there is something on her nose. Paola "Yes, a booger." Jocasta "Oh man." Paola "You can go ahead and pick it." Jocasta "I'M NOT GOING TO PICK IT, DO YOU HEAR HER?"

6:47 PM BBT Brittany is talking to Frankie in the rock BR. She says she does see some honesty in Derrick's POV speech. She does believe that he now has bigger targets and means it when he says he can't send the single mom out. However, she hates it that she is on slop for two weeks and still doesn't know who to trust.

6:55 PM BBT Derrick comes into the rock BR to talk to Brittany. He tells her he came to the realization that Devin knows more about her than he does and he feels guilty about that. She admits to him that her and her husband are not legally divorced yet. They are only separated. She tells him that a small part of her fears that he will use her being gone for three months as a reason for him to take the kids from her. She also gave up her job for this. She just wants to stay long enough that she can take her kids on a trip. She says if pouring her out to him (Devin) got her the veto then so be it.

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7:02PMBBT Brittany, Hayden finish their chat in the rock room, they both get up and head out. Frankie whispers to Derrick in the KT. They are talking about Team America strategy again. It is muffled as Frankie sprays a pot in the sink. Derrick makes his way to the WA and chats slop cuisine with Victoria as she layers her makeup. Oh the toilet may be clogged... a seat cover was in the toilet and Derrick flushed it. Victoria says she stands up to use the toilet! Derrick flushes a second one, it works so it's not plugged.

7:13PMBBT There is a corn hole game adjustment. They are down to 5 bean bags so they are doing 2 and 2 then only to 11. Christine and Frankie have figured it out. Amber and Caleb are talking alliance in the Fire room. Nicole is with them and they will be alright. They get up to work out and head outside. Victoria has her make up on and is going to work out too. Jacosta, Paola and Zach are in the hammock, Donny is in the lawn chair next to them, small talk.

7:25PMBBT Hammock talk has turned to wiping bums. Jacosta is being funny, asking if you dig it in or rub it around with that little cloth to clean up with. The hammock crew is giggling. Hayden, Paola, Amber and Donny. Amber says she is working out in 10 minutes whether or not Victoria comes out. Jacosta says when Julie comes out and says Paola is still in the house, she has to lick his ear and we get cut to Andy's interview with Jeff for 30 seconds and back to the feeds.

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7:35PMBBT: It is revealed that Hayden did his laundry for the first time in 17 days last night. (Ewww) Hayden is in the hammock and does not deny this fact. It's a chilled atmosphere around the hammock, lots of small talk and one liners. Derrick and Brittany are in the KT trying to figure out a decent slop concoction.

7:40PMBBT: Bok choy, tomato paste and slop is edible but "Not that good." According to Derrick (but it looks decent!) Paola is doing laundry, Donny is going to throw a few shirts in the load as well. Brittany is eating Derrick's slop cuisine in the BY while chatting with Jacosta. Frankie and Nicole are playing pool.

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8:00PMBBT: Frankie is up in the HOH telling Devin what has been happening in the house. It is a repeat of other convos. They count down who is voting Zach out and Devin rehashes his earlier convo with Caleb. Frankie assures Devin that Brittany is "warming up" to the idea of working with him. Pao and Britt are no longer enemies. Devin just wants Brittany to go upstairs to get to know her, not even talk game, just talk. Frankie says he will tell her to go make him something in the kitchen "With her top off" Devin groans, "Frankie you don't even know, I like her. I like really like her." Frankie leaves, Devin heads into the HoH WC. YES! This time he washed his hands!

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8:15PMBBT: All the feeds are in the BY. Small talk, giggles. Frankie wants to know the ASL "symbol" for America. Christine says she won't do it, she doesn't want to get yelled at. She was told they could only do "spoken English word" in the house. Frankie starts his Southern voice, flirting with Hayden. It is very funny. His mannerisms and voice are hilarious.

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8:25PMBBT: Caleb has the connections in Nashville. He is talking about Amber again and how is shall "woo" her when she goes to visit her sister with a white horse and carriage. Paola says "You are in love!" Jacosta says "He is in like!" Caleb says the first date is the most important. Caleb says "To be honest, I don't know if she likes me like that because she hasn't told me." He hopes they will at the least be friends after the show. The BY couches they are talking about movies and good performances.

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8:32PMBBT: Amber is now in the hammock. Paola and Jacosta are talking about relationships. Paola is too independent, she is the dominant one in the relationship. Jacosta feels she should sometimes be more dependent. Paola says she is a tough cookie with a thick skin. Jacosta says you need to learn how to depend on a man to handle the situation.

8:35PMBBT: Cody is telling Derrick about walking into the convo in the BY between Caleb and Devin. Cody is feeling betrayed by them. He is angry about Zach being on the block and the others going against an alliance member.

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8:43PMBBT: General chit chat continues in the hammock. Cody and Derrick talk (vent) in the hive. Cody feels like he can not trust Caleb, he has more trust for Devin. He can't vote against Zach even if it is going against the alliance. He is frustrated with Zach's nomination being against the alliance as well. Derrick reminds Cody that he can not trust Devin too much, Cody replies "Ya I can't trust him at all."

8:50PMBBT: Derrick continues to talk to Cody. He telling Cody that he will do what he has to in order to keep them in the game. Derrick hopes Cody has a good enough relationship with Nicole to keep them safe. Derrick says if it is Victoria or Brittany, they will still be safe. They are unsure of Jacosta and who she would put up.

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8:57PMBBT: Derrick and Cody bounce scenarios around, trade info, debate the possibilities. Caleb, Paola and Jacosta chit chat in the hammock. Caleb thinks because Devin is HoH and he put up Zach, they should honor his request. Caleb tells the girls about the bad things Zach has said and how it frustrates him and Devin. "He has no respect for women at all with what he says." Caleb says Zach's family is "Filthy rich" and Paola and Jacosta are in shock from these revelations.

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#BB16 9:22 PM BBT G just being lazy I the BY. General chit chat. No game talk. The hammock crew is sitting quietly.

#BB16 9:45PM Frankie and Amber eating dinner at the KT. Donny and Zach sitting on BY couch just chatting. Donny telling Zach not to blow up (in his charming Donny way).

#BB16 9:58PM BBT Nicole and Brittany chatting on the hammock. How people are always going to choose sides.

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:43pm bbt: Zach in the by with Frankie, Cody and Hayden saying no chance in Hell he is going home on Thursday.

10:46 pm bbt Frankie giving the by group good night kisses and hugs

10:48 pm bbt Cody is telling Zach, Hayden and Derrick that he told Frankie he would like to know if he (Cody) is a target. Now the group is talking about Frankie and that he would vote with the house

10:53 pm BBT Cody and Hayden are giving Zach advise on what to say to people to get the votes to stay.

10:58 PM BBT Donnie joined Cody, Zach, Hayden and Derrick and now is Zach's chance to talk to Donnie about his vote. They are discussing how Devin strong arm's the house to try and get them to do what he (Devin) wants.

11:00 PM BBT Donnie said this time it is not going to be a unaimous vote. Donnie wants to know if Zach won HOH how would he work it...back door city? They are all talking about going against Caleb and Devin

11:07 BBT Frankie has joined the girls in the fire room talking about Zach now. Frankie is telling the girls that the guys are outside and confident that they have the power.

11:10 pm BBT Frankie is telling the girls who to work for votes to get Pao to stay.

11:12 pm BBT Donnie, Cody, Derrick and Hayden just told Zach that he has their vote

11:15 pm BBT Christine and Nichole are telling Brittany that Devin is asking them if he should go for Brittany and they are all laughing about it.

11:20 pm BBT back in the fire room the girls and Frankie came up with a name for an alliance "the flaming queens"

11:23 pm BBT Frankie thinks Devin came into the house to play like a bully and now he is trying to appologize to make ammends. Frankie: Devin is a monster in the game but he has to go. Frankie said Zach is a huge target on the block and why would they not want to get him out. Frankie wants the girls to tell Zach that he has their vote just so things don't blow up.

11:32 pm BBT Donnie, Hayden and Cody in by talking about who to trust and Donnie said they need some girls on board. Donnie thinks Caleb should go before Devin because he is very level headed and that would take care of Amber/Caleb team.

11:34 pm BBT Zach and Frankie in SR and Zach is asking Frankie what he should say to the girls to get their vote.

11:37 pm BBT in the fire room Frankie is back talking to the girls about how many votes Pao has to stay..then FOTH

11:42 pm BBT Pao is telling Jocasta and Amber that they will not get a target on their back if they vote for her to stay

11:47 pm BBT Derrick is in BY giving Zach advise about everyone thinking what did they tell Zach that he will use against them because he is blowing up on people.

11:49 pm BBT Derrick telling Zach to go out with class if it is a tie vote and Devin votes for Zach to leave.

11:50 pm BBT Zach thinks he has done well, he has not done anything he regrets. Derrick telling Zach to give it one-hundred percent and go out with a smile if he has to go.

11:54 pm BBT Derrick telling Zach to campaign, dont blow up other peoples game and appologize for offending anybody.

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