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Wednesday, April 30 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Worst Day Ever!

We only have 8 days to go and almost all my regular updaters took off today! I know Chief will help out if he can around 10AM and DRG and Indigo will be on tonight around 10PM, but that leaves 12 hours in the middle, while the girls are trying to figure out whether to keep Adel or Sabrina! Unless you pitch in and post updates I won't have content for the update page during these hours.


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#BBCAN@ 10:10Am BBT: Morning. HGS up doing ADLs. Another full day of flip flopping.

#BBCAN@ 10:20Am BBT: Neda and Jon are in BR. Neda says she hates the way things are going. Jon clarifies that they have a final 2 together. Hes not going to campaign to Heather for Adel to stay. Feels it would be throwing Neda under the bus. Meanwhile Sabrina is really pressuring Heahter in the WR saying the only way Heather will make it if she takes her. (Hard watching 2 screens to catch everything)

#BBCAN@ 10:21Am BBT: Jon tells Neda that she knows her game better than he does.

#BBCAN 10:24AM BBT: Neda tells Jon what Heather was mentioning last night. Says Heather is 50/50 on who to bring to the final 3.

#BBCAN 10:27AM BBT: Neda wont tell Adel (evidently she has flipped again) because he will blow up and tell Heather how Jon wanted to send her home. That would guarantee, in her mind, that Heather would not take Jon to the final 3.

#BBCAN 10:28AM BBT: Jon says he came in this week not caring who went this week because he was confident on winning the Veto in the HOH. Now, however, he is so unsure.

#BBCAN 10:30AM BBT: Reassures Neda that she is the only one he can confide in and trust. Feels she will be the one he will be the closest to outside BB.

#BBCAN 10:31AM BBT: Checking in with Heather and Sabrina. Still in the WR doing their ADLs. Adel is still on the hammock.

#BBCAN 10:33AM BBT: Jon and Neda in the HOHR doing Jedi training now.

#BBCAN 10:34AM BBT: Adel comes into the WR to brush his teeth. "Whats with the smile Sabs. I have a migraine." (Adel is wearing his sunglasses)

#BBCAN 10:36AM BBT: Jon questions Neda if she felt there was any reason to not take him to the final 2 with her. Obviously she says no.

#BBCAN 10:46AM BBT: Adel is up campaigning to Neda in the HOHR. Says that if he goes home tomorrow, he will be a bitter jury member along with Allison and Arlie. Really trying to convince Neda for her vote.

#BBCAN 10:47AM BBT: Jon walks in to the HOHR and yells "OHHH CAMPAIGN CITY UP HERE EH?"

#BBCAN 10:51AM BBT: Adel leaves and Jon asks what he said. Neda " I HATE when people try to come up and tell me what to do and try to bully me. He said he would be a bitter jury member if he went home this week." Jon says " People really don't know you in this game"

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11:27am BBT: Everyone is hanging out on the couch. Adel has the camera out, taking pictures. The three girls on the couch, with Jon laying across their laps, everyone sucking their thumbs. Adel holding Jon like a baby, Jon holding Adel. Jon crawling around on the floor, Heather holding her nose and predenting to look in his diaper, Adel and Neda pretending to spank him. Jon sitting down, with the 3 girls all kissing him. He looks ridiculous dressed like a baby with 3 days worth of beard LOL Now they're all looking through the photos, and Heather remarks she can't believe that the fans wanted to see pictures like this. And now we have pinching cheeks and "coochi, coochi, coo!" photos.

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#BBCAN2 11:00AM BBT: HGs take a break from their drama and are eating.

#BBCAN2 11:13AM BBT: All HGs on the green couch now. Jon gets called to the DR.

#BBCAN2 11:15AM BBT: Adel asks if Heathers hair is really blonde. "Yea, I like it that way. Being naturally blonde."

#BBCAN2 11:21AM BBT: Sabs is in the WR by herself while Neda is braiding Heathers hair on the couch. Adel is laying watching them. Jon comes walking in with the camera. "The fans voted online, and what they want to see for pictures is the HGs feeding, burping and changing my diaper."

#BBCAN2 11:25AM BBT: Adel starts by laying Jon down on the couch and changing his diaper for the camera pics. Adel covers his face with to mask Jons butt sent. Starts to pour baby powder on him. Neda steps up to feed Jon from a bowl.

#BBCAN2 11:27AM BBT: Sabrina has to burp Jon. He straddles her on the couch and she simulates burping. (These are really funny)

#BBCAN2 11:35AM BBT: HGs still taking pics with the camera.

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11:33am BBT: Baby photos continue. Jon on the floor while Sabrina tickles his feet. The girls think about all 3 of them getting into Jon's diaper together, until Jon takes it off, then there's a chorus of "Ewww" and "Gross! Don't think so!". Jon remarks, "well, I have been wearing that thing for 6 days, what did you expect". Now Jon is holding up all 3 girls- Neda on his back, with Sabrina and Heather each hanging off one side. They all agree that photo's the best one.

Jon takes the camera and takes a photo of Neda. She gets upset because she's not wearing makeup, so doesn't want any close ups of her. Makes Jon delete it. Sabrina pretends to punch Adel, then to strangle him Homer/Bart Simpson style. More photos of them all flopped together on the couch. One of the guys mentions maybe going to take a shower or something and they both wander away from the couches a bit while the girls keep looking at the photos they took.

11:40am BBT: Jon says Adel's eye is looking much better, Sabrina says the blue pills must be working. Adel is excited that he might be able to take off his sunglasses soon, once his eye looks normal again.

Now they're trying to set up the camera to take a quick video of them saying "Canada you asked for it, so you got it, Jon's baby pictures!" hoping the video will be put up online along with the photos they took.

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#BBCAN2 11:47AM BBT: 57 photos and they are done with the camera.

#BBCAN2 11:52AM BBT: Heather in the WR while Sabrina is taking a shower. Adel is cleaning in the kitchen.

#BBCAN2 11:53AM BBT: Heather is excited to see what the fans say after the show. Wants to know their thoughts and who their favorites were. Neda perks up "Clearly Jon is" Heather asks "I wonder if there is anything else we get to do today?"

#BBCAN2 12:00 to 12:05PM BBT: Adel is out on the hammock. Jon and Neda go into the HOHR real quick to confirm stories on what they will tell Sabrina. They go into the WR and talk to Sabrina who just got out of the shower. Sabrina says that if she has to lose, she wants it to be against Jon and Neda. Jon and Sabrina confirm to Sabrina that she is not going home and that they are not going to tell Adel. Sabrina will act as if she is going home, and then will act surprised when the eviction occurs. Sabrina reiterates that she doesn't want to lose to Heather in this game.

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#BBCAN2 12:12PM BBT: Jon showers. Sabrina and Heather still in the WR. Heather says she is surprised he is showering in the WR and not the HOHR. Jon "Oh yea...I forgot." Heather "Its gonna suck so bad if Neda wins the HOH and I can't see her HOH room"

#BBCAN2 12:18PM BBT: Jon wanders out in the BY and checks the cameras to see if they are pointing to anything in particular. Doesn't see anything and check the HT door. It is still locked.

#BBCAN2 12:22PM BBT: Awkward silence in the BR between Sabrina and Adel. (Sorry, just used to them bickering) Adel gets up and goes downstairs. Talks to Jon in the storage room, but can't make out what they are saying.

#BBCAN2 12:32PM BBT: Adel corners Neda in the HOHR about walking in on Heather and Sabrina in the BR. He says he is about to start calling out Heather for her actions, and Neda says "No don't, its fine. We need to keep Sabrina calm." Neda goes back into the WR and tells Heather and Jon that she thinks Adel will start causing havoc. She mentions how Adel walked in on Heather and Sabrina putting on her Bra. Heather scoffs and says he is getting so paranoid. "I was literally putting on her bra."

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#BBCAN2 12:37PM BBT: In the WR Jon says that he finds it ironic that when they take Sabrina to the final 4, if she wins anything, she is going to the final 2.

#BBCAN2 12:43PM BBT: Talk in the WR is about super powers now, and Jon says" We should probably get back to who's going tomorrow. So Sabrina is staying 100%? Hundo? 1 Billion %?" Neda and Heather say yes. Jon "Whatever, I dont care"

#BBCAN2 12:44PM BBT: Heather shows Jon her tatoo. "I swear it was smeared." Heather "It was, I shade it in everyday because isn't finished. I didn't have time to get it done."

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#BBCAN2 12:55PM BBT: HGs making lunch. Neda is trying to talk to Heather in the SR, but people keep coming in. Heather "I'll talk to you later in the bedroom."

#BBCAN2 1:07PM BBT: Sabrina doing her hair. Adel, Neda, Heather, and Jon down eating. Heather said that her goal coming in was getting past week one, then getting to jury. "Anything else is gravy" Neda is just grateful to be here. "You shouldve seen how many people tried out for this. The lines were long." Adel "I just cant get over how quickly you got a call back." Neda "Seriously, I was walking away and got the call"

#BBCAN2 1:17PM BBT: Neda and Jon out laying in the hammock. "I love alone time" says Neda. Jon says "If Sabrina makes the final 2, she will win." They continue the conversation to the point if they are in the final 2 together. Jon lists down votes and thinks Neda will win over him. Neda thinks Heather is now wavering on taking Sabrina to the final 2.

#BBCAN2 1:17PM BBT: Up in the WR Heather reassures Sabrina that she is safe and that she needs to play like Adel is being blind-sided.

#BBCAN2 1:25PM BBT: Heather joins Jon and Neda out at the hammock. Still going over votes and how it may play out. (Love how they are downplaying whether they would get votes or not)

#BBCAN2 1:26PM BBT: Jon sighs "ahhhh..I can't believe we are keeping Sabrina in this game. I swear that if she wins HOH, I will be livid."

#BBCAN2 2:00PM BBT: HGs out at the hammock. Neda came out earlier with a garbage bag and colored straws. She is assembling them together to make larger necklaces and bracelets.

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#BBCAN2 2:06PM BBT: Adel says he has his speech ready for tomorrow. Sabrina says, "If you doing something to me during your speech, I will put my foot up your @##" Adel responds. "It's not all about you burrito"

#BBCAN2 2:06PM BBT: Adel says he has his speech ready for tomorrow. Sabrina says, "If you doing something to me during your speech, I will put my foot up your @##" Adel responds. "It's not all about you burrito"

#BBCAN2 2:11PM BBT: Jon evidently got knocked out in a hockey fight. "I was so bitter."

#BBCAN2 2:18PM BBT: Adel didn't think Ika was hot when he came in. Jon said he doesn't think anyone was his type in the BB house and that he wouldn't date anyone of them. He thinks everyone who was gorgeous, just not his type.

#BBCAN2 2:18PM BBT: Jon views that if a guy doesn't give a girl the attention they want, they will become closer. Sabrina says she always wants someone she can't have. Heather says that she has a lot of friends who are not like that and will go find someone who gives them attention.

#BBCAN2 2:25PM BBT: Sabrina tells a story of when she let her guard down at a club. There was really good looking guy at the club dancing. She notices he is paying attention to her.He comes up to her and they hit it off. They are dancing the night away, and she was enamored with him. Right at the end, he says. "If my girlfriend sees these pictures, I'm so effed" and walks off. Just stuns her.

#BBCAN2 2:36PM BBT: Stories are being traded about flings and hook ups everyone has had.

#BBCAN2 2:40PM BBT: Heather is still in the DR. They all head up stairs. Jon gets on the scale and tries to get the cameras to look at it. They wont move, but move when Sabrina shows her bra. Jon then proceeds to brush Neda's teeth. Heather is out of the DR now and is up in the WR with the rest of the HGs.

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#BBCAN2 2:48PM BBT: Jon is wanting to take a bath. BB chimes in with a 15 minute warning. "The backyard will be off limits." Jon says to go ahead and close it because nobody needs to go outside.

#BBCAN2 2:53PM BBT: Adel is taking a bath while Heather Neda & Jon are in the kitchen. No real game talk.

#BBCAN2 2:57PM BBT: "If nobody is not coming back in the game, there has to be a huge twist coming." says Neda. Heather "Do you think so?" Neda "Yea"

#BBCAN2 3:08PM BBT: Jon and Sabrina go up to the BR and interupt Heather and Neda. They say they want a moment to talk and get up and leave. They go to the WR. Neda goes over what has happened with Heather. Sabrina goes into the WR and they boot her out. Neda tells Heather that she is afraid that if keeping her is allowing her to "skate" to the final 2. (For someone who is being supposedly kept safe, they really are trying to make her paranoid.)

#BBCAN2 3:11PM BBT: Sabrina ends up in the BR with Jon and Jedi trains a bit. Heather and Neda are talking whether Jon thinks Sabrina would take him to the end now. (whispering is making it hard to pick up on everything)

#BBCAN2 3:16PM BBT: Both Neda and Heather are scared that Sabrina will slide through to the final 2.

#BBCAN2 3:16PM BBT:Heather doesn't understand why Jon is tripping out. Neda says it's because he likes to have control of things.

#BBCAN2 3:18PM BBT: Neda tells Heather that she told Sabrina earlier that she would be stupid to take Jon to the final 2 with her. So anything Sabrina says is her trying to play a game.

#BBCAN2 3:22PM BBT: Heather "At least we have a fighting chance against Sabrina."

#BBCAN2 3:23PM BBT: Heather" We really need to win both the HOH and the Veto"

#BBCAN2 3:23PM BBT: Heather "Why do you think Jon wants to take Adel" Neda "I think that Jon feels he would get taken to the end with Adel over Sabrina."

#BBCAN2 3:26PM BBT: Heather and Neda both feel that Sabrina is horrible in her game play and that they can see right through her.

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#BBCAN2 3:30PM BBT: Neda "What should we tell Jon we were talking about" Heather " Just that since we are the ones voting, we wanted to make sure who we wanted to take to the final 3."

#BBCAN2 3:30PM BBT: Jon is listening to music in the HOHR while Adel takes a bath. Sabrina is in the BR folding clothes while Neda and Heather are still having their private moment. (I would like to thank everyone else for staying silent so that I can try to hear these 2)

#BBCAN2 3:38PM BBT: Back in gossip central. Heather is talking how much crap Sabrina is stirring up. And like that Sabrina pops her head around the corner. "Wanna go chat?" "Yep, we were literally just going to come get you" Heather, Sabrina and Neda go to the BR. Heather informs Sabrina that they are keeping her. Sabrina hi-fives and hugs both.

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#BBCAN2 3:39PM BBT: Sabrina "Does Jon want me to stay?" Heather ..long pause " I dont know" Sabrina asks. Neda responds. "He's on board."

#BBCAN2 3:49PM BBT: Sabrina gets Neda alone in the BR. "If I get the choice, I swear I'm taking you to the end."

#BBCAN2 3:51PM BBT: Sabrina is making her pitch to Neda on why she should be taken to the final 2. She really feels that the only person in jury who would vote for her is Rachelle.

#BBCAN2 3:56PM BBT: Heather has Jon in the WR "I think it is the best decision to have Sabrina stay." Jon "Fine. If that is what you want. If she makes the final 2 she will win."

#BBCAN2 4:00PM BBT: Jon to Heather. "I think we are both in the exact same position. The only chance of winning, is right here." gesturing between the both of them.

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#BBCAN2 4:07PM BBT: Jon swears that if he wins the veto and Heather is on the block, he will take her off. He swears on everything. Parents, Grandparents. He will take her to the final 2. They hug. Jon "If you feel comfortable with Neda, then that's what we will do."

#BBCAN2 4:14PM BBT: Sabrina is fact checking. She gets Jon in the HOHR and asks if he was seriously going wanting to save her. Jon says "I was the one who initially brought up keeping her over Adel." She then says that Heather came in with Neda and confirmed that they were keeping her. Jon "Didn't me and Neda already tell you that? That is sketchy."

#BBCAN2 4:18PM BBT: Jon telling Neda and Heather."Adel said he is 90% effed when he got out of the tub."

#BBCAN2 4:18 to 4:25PM BBT: Heather leaves to go keep Adel calm. Jon now talks to Neda about the earlier conversation with Heather telling Sabrina that they are keeping her. "What did you say when Sabrina asked if I wanted her saved?" Neda "What? I said you were on board." Jon, "You are really sketchy. What were you and Heather talking about in the WR?"

Neda responds that she was just trying to figure out who to bring to the final 3.

#BBCAN2 4:30PM BBT: Neda and Jon are questioning each others trust right now in the BR. Both feel each other are being sketchy.

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4:34 pm BBT: Neda and Jon are still in the main bedroom. They are talking about Sabrina, Heather and Adel. (We have witnessed so many promises for a final 3 and a final 2. but who knows who is really telling the truth) Adel, Heather and Sabrina are eating at the kitchen counter, they are talking about what past HG have said.

4:46 pm BBT: Jon and Neda come down. Adel tells them their food is already ready. Sabrina is asking if anyone knows what song she was talking about, everyone says no. Neda is getting her food and Sabrina comments she is so hungry and Neda will only eat 4 macaroni's. Neda tells them she can't help it, she lot her appetite. Jon asks what they think is happening outside and is told "I don't know" he replies I really don't care anyway, I was just commenting.

4:48 pm BBT: Sabrina is eating slop and says she would rather eat booger steak, they all ask what booger steak is, and then go "ohh" Sabrina says "sorry Andrew". They have commented that Adel has taken over the kitchen (He has done a lot of cooking) Sabrina saying she would like to go on Top Chef. Jon tells her that they have to invite you. Adel walks by Sabrina and touches her arm, she asks him if he scratched her and he said no, I was just touching your hairy little arm. Sabrina laughingly yells at him. BB calls Andrew to the DR, the HG yell that Andrew was evicted BB!! Then BB calls Heather to the DR. (over the last several days BB has been pushing a wrong button quite a few times) And now the screens go to HUSH.

5:05 pm BBT: The feeds come back on in time to see Neda being piggybacked by Jon into the main bedroom, The other HG are already all in there. (I will assume that they are on lockdown)

5:07 pm BBT: Jon held Neda down on one of the beds and poured water on her face. She says OMG, Jon that was like torture it's what they do in prisons, it's in my ear and I couldn't breath. She says I'm pretty sure that's illegal in some countries. Adel went out of the bedroom, so it might not be a bedroom lockdown. Neda pulls Heathers foot and pulls her right off the bed and jon throw water in her face and tells her "welcome to the game" Heather just left the bedroom. Neda pours a big glass of water in case Heather comes back with water. Neda, and Jon leave the bedroom as Adel comes back in. Adel and Sabrina start to bicker, Adel tells Sabrina that he knows what's going on. She is telling him she is leaving tomorrow and he said that her campaigning may be working. He knows what's going on, he's a player. Heather comes back in and says she got them back good. She is telling how her, Jon and Neda all got wet from throwing water in the bathroom.

5:15 pm BBT: Heather changes and leaves. Sabrina tells Adel she thinks he is good looking, she says he looks better with facial hair, she likes men with facial hair. Heather comes in, collects the glasses and leaves. Adel says his hair used to be long. Jon comes back in and Neda comes back in, Sabrina is worried they are going to come back with lots of water. Jon and Neda talk about a water truce. Sabrina mimicking Adel's voice says :what do you know about truce bud" Jon comments that his diaper is soaked and they all laugh. Neda said her onsie is wet too and she shakes out her bedding and lays it out to dry.

5:21 pm BBT: They are all back together in the bedroom. Adel says he can't wait to see if people start hash tagging all the words they've been using like "butt plug" and others. they are now talking about what they will be tweeting when they get out of the house. Adel asks what they were supposed to spell during the last Twisto's thing. They tell him it was "Grab the Power of Veto" Adel said he had an "e" at the end of grab.

5:27 pm BBT: They are laughing about how sad it is that Rachelle was not called to the DR for 6 weeks and Adel says they are getting lots of DR time now. BB tells them to stop talking about production. They all start screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHELLE!! Sabrina says I love you and she touches on of the cameras. Jon tells her not to do that, that she is going to get into so much trouble for doing it.

5:30 pm BBT: They are wondering what evicted HG will say at the wrap party after seeing what the HG have been saying about them after they left. Jon says he doesn't care. Adel just wonders if they will still talk to them or not. Again Jon says he doesn't care. They are talking about Jon's antics when he was younger. There was talk about him leaving a kid that had a broken back. Jon says he was young and didn't know what to do. and about some man coming to Jon's house and Jon's dad saying he would take care of it and Jon saying then the guy was dead and they all laugh and say but at least you know your dad didn't kill him. They are sharing funny stories, Adel is telling a few now.

5:37 pm BBT: Adel is telling a story about when he was young and they went to the movies, they were all inside except for "moe" he said that moe must have got into an argument with a girl outside and they watched through the glass as he broke off a tree branch and chased this girl to the Humpty's across the street, and there was nothing they could do because they were inside already. Everyone just bursts out laughing.

5:40 pm BBT: They are talking about the NHL playoffs. Adel wishes they could see them. Sabrina says Montreal is probably out and that they weren't doing very good when they came in the house. Adel says his sister has such good Karma, she left her purse on the subway in New York, the people that found it looked inside and found out what hotel she was staying at and took her purse there for her. They are now talking about what they brought for money with them. The girls brought cash only and left all their cards at home because someone would have to make payments. The guys didn't bring cash, they brought their bank and credit cards for when they get out.

5:48 pm BBT: Sabrina is saying she paid $600.00 to go to a Basketball game, she had floor seats and Jack Nicholson was there. Sabrina is saying she really hopes that BB organizes a trip for them all together to go somewhere after the game. A few minutes earlier Adel commented that they are glad that BB Canada is not like BB U.S. because they are all so sensitive about what is said in the house, that they would lose it, if things that get said in the BB U.S. house were said in the BB Canada house. Adel and Sabrina are teasing each other again. Jon calls Sabrina Adelina, Adel says don't call her that, that is my name!! Adel goes out of the bedroom to grab snacks.

5:55 pm BBT: Heather asks if they can go downstairs and sit on the couches, she is so sleepy. Adel comes back up and when they ask him, he tells them that the backyard is open. But the HT is still locked, Sabrina replies: The spa is still closed? and they all tell her that it is not a spa. Heather says to Sabrina, after this eviction do you think they will be like Congratulation's for making it to the final 4 (Adel is just sitting there) and Sabrina says that, that would be so cool. Adel comments that he still was shocked about Kenny coming out and wonders if it made headlines. They tell him no, that it would have been in his Bio. Adel can't figure out why he hid it and they tell him because he wanted to establish close connections with the girls, and it worked.

6:02 pm BBT: Someone says that Jon is still saying Twistos are good for you, and he says that they are, there is only 100 calories in 17 crackers and that's good. Adel is saying that at one point of the game he looked at Sabrina after she spray tanned and thought "what the hell are you doing Snookie" everyone starts laughing again. They are talking about Arlie and how strategic he was, that he even brought cigarettes into the house just to stir things up.

6:08 pm BBT: Sabrina just sang a very sexual and suggestive ditty that I will not repeat, but the boys are shocked and say what? Sabrina tells Adel to stop winking at her and he says he's not, his eye is bothering him. Adel says again I can't believe they gave me the same medication as they gave Sabrina for her hands. Sabrina says OMG, it's for allergic reactions you terd!! Adel comments that Neda's butt is eating her onsie. She tells them she askied for a bigger one. Then Jon says that Heather rubbed her hoo haw against him the 1st time they hugged. Adel made a comment about a "ninja toe" and they all comment they have never heard that phrase before.

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6:16 pm BBT: The HG are saying they are surprised there were no American BB celebrities visit the house this year. they wonder if any will be at the finale, and Jon said no, I am so done with the American thing and they have better things to do than come here. ( Jon is going to give Kind Canadians everywhere a bad name) Sabrina starts sneaking up to Adel's bed and gets on him, Adel tries to jump up yelling OMG is there a Gremlin on me? Then Jon asks Adel if he farted and Adel says no, Jon you just shit in your diaper, I heard you.

6:23 pm BBT: Sabrina is complaining again that she is hungry and going to die. Then they al discuss the difference between American and Canadian ice tea (there is a big difference, most American ice tea is cold sweetened tea, Canadian ice tea is cold tea strongly flavored with lemon or a citrus blend and sweetened with lots of sugar) Adel is saying that Heather said the strangest thing, she said that her thingy was pulsating, did you hear that William your girlfriend said her hoo haw was pulsating. Jon, Neda and Heather are the only ones in the bedroom right now and Jon tells the girls he is completely on board with what they are doing to him (Adel) and he says F*ck him, he's (Adel) getting screwed!

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7:08PM BBT: Jon and Neda and Heather were upstairs doing Jedi training when Adel entered the SR and spoke to the camera, "I think I get to stay. These girls are crazy if they keep me and they are all going home." Neda and Heather now on the green couches as Jon is reading through the nutritinal information on the chicken dish they are considering having for dinner. He decides that it is not really that bad for you. (The feeds refresh themselves.) They all continue talking about nutritional content of foods and what is good and not good for you. Adel is working at grating some cheese. He says the HOH tomorrow will be the dates guaranteed. Jon returns to the SR where he is scrounging around and comes out reading the ingredients of a soup can. (Audio is really sketchy again tonight.) Heather and Neda now head to the hammock and Neda is worried about what days that Andrew went out. Heather tells her he went out when she was HOH and Ika right before him. Andrew day 36. They start going through the days. Jon and Adel still talking food in the kitchen. Jon calls out about the battered calamari and Heather tells him it should be deep fried. Neda finally decides they are currently in week 9. Heather says there are only 10 weeks to the show so it is over next week. Jon sits with them now and they continue Jedi training. Jon asks what are all the days of the evictions. Neda says she can't do that, but then starts to. Adel is now having Sabrina wipe his bad eye. She asks if the BY is open but Adel does not respond. Neda continuing to rattle of the eviction days and she is not too impressive. Jon tells her they will need to get to the point tonight that they can do it bam bam bam cause it will be really important. Jon interupts Neda's train of thought to ask when was Stampede? Jon tells them to continue to train and he will drill them later tonight. He heads back to the house and Heather asks him to bring her digestive tea back. Neda wants to start over from the beginning again. She screws up the first comp twice before getting it right.

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7:23PM BBT: Jon talking with Adel in the kitchen and basically reassuring him. Adel calls out for directions about how to prepare the meal. Jon is in the SR now munching on some chips. Jedi training ongoing on the hammock where Heather clearly is quicker and more confident than Neda, Jon back in the kitchen chatting with Adel and scrounging for some more food. Adel says the soups are easy to make and Jon replies Hundo, that is all I am eating tomorrow. Neda still making plodding progress through the season. Sabrina now comes to the kitchen and Adel asks if this will blow up in his face as he put vegetable and olive oil. Sabrina tells him to be careful adding food to the hot oil. Sabrina says she wants to lay on the hammock soo bad to Heather and Neda. Jon delivers the tea to the ladies. Sabrina leaves with Jon and he asks why and she tells them they were talking. He grabs her by the neck and drags her along til they get inside. Sabrina says she thinks it is music time. Neda comments about Sabrina and Heather says she thinks they are actually being nice and Neda resumes Jedi training from where she left off. Adel telling the other two a story about booby traps that they made with his brothers.

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7:30PM BBT: Story ends with Adel getting a paint can that blew up in his face and he was in the hospital in a coma for days and stayed longer. Jedi training continues on the hammock. Adel going on with gross details of the story about needing to have his eye sockets cleaned out and how they wanted to do skin grafts but his dad said no. He missed a whole year of school because of the accident. Heather is helping out with the cooking. Neda and Heather now join the others in the kitchen. Neda yells to Jon to take out the calamari, they are on fire. They are fine and Adel now thinks he should grate some more cheese while the calamari is still hot enough to melt it. Heather tells BB that onion rings would be cool. Jon announces that there is no ketchup left. Heatehr and Neda in the SR looking through the mostly bare cupboards. Jon asks about putting Italian dressing on the calamari, but he has found some ketchup and is trying to squirt it onto his plate. Sabrina tells him he should not eat calamari with ketchup. (You can take the boy out of the boondocks, but. . . DRG) They are eating as Heather continues her hunt through the SR. She comes back with something, but I cannot make out what it is. Adel asks if they should throw some tuna in there and Jon says hundo then asks Adel to get him a larger plate. Adel says who says we can't be creative in here with our food? Sabrina says she is still hungry and she is now 157 pounds and has not seen five on the scale in quite a while. They are all eating their noodles with calamari and tuna, except Sabrina who is still on slop.

7:45PM BBT: Adel asks Jon if he could play any other sport what would it be. Jon is poking around the pot they fried the calamari in and Adel asks him who he thinks he is Chef Ramsey? Heather asks Jon what happened to his diet and he says he had a great day today and rattles off his menu for the day. (Heather's mic is consistently lower than all the others then the audio cuts out completely.) General chatter going on around the table. Jon calls out how about ten oclock and we are all in bed. Neda wants to make it earlier even as soon as 8 (Good luck with that, production has to satisfy BBAD. DRG)

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7:50PM BBT: Jon teasing Neda about being on the show because she is so kind hearted the she says she is the evil one the underhanded evil one. Jon is told he is the big dumb one. Now Jon is doing a Neda impression. Adel tells Jon he needs one favor Jon needs to clean the two pans over there. Now there is a debate about whether or not they can re-use the cooking oil. Neda says she has read recently that reusing oil causes cancer. Jon says everything these days causes cancer. Sabrina says once oil reaches it boiling point it should not be reused. The debate is ongoing. Adel now pushing Jon to doing the dishes and he is going to go wash up and pray. Heather and Neda head out to the pool and Sabrina tells Jon that they said they needed a moment to talk. Jon is working on the pots and Sabrina yells out to him that he has to use soap. He replies that he never uses soap. He thinks there is soap in sponge he is using. Outside Neda and Heather are justifying their decision to send Adel home. (For goodness sakes ladies it is a game and as Evel Dick was so fond of saying, "They all gotta go." DRG) Jon now saying he is heading out and Sabrina says he is allowed to go out there and she is not. Heather and Neda still chewing over what is happening between her and Adel. Jon joins them and tells them he is proud of them for studying for the comp. Heather says they have to win and he agrees. Neda compliments him on his pants and he wonders if she is being sarcastic. (Be back at the usual time later tonight, Morty. DRG)

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10:08PMBBT: The HG were in the WA, joking around, doing ADL's. Adel and Sabrina head to the BR. Sabrina keeps telling him that she is leaving and that this is the last night he will see her in that bed. She starts to cry. He tells her "This has been the best experience of our lives, there is no need to cry." She rolls to her side and wipes her eyes. Heather walks in and asks if they are going to bed. Adel says they buzzed him 10 minutes ago, Sabrina says they aren't allowed. Neda and Jon are in the HoH going through game history for possible upcoming competitions.

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10:04PM BBT: Feeds back to all HGs in the bathroom. General chatter going on and they all appear to be in good spirits. Heather is spray tanning with assistance from Neda. Adel leaves with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a serape. Jon giving Neda grief and telling her not to go LG on him tonight you little turd. Sabrina joins Adel in the bedroom. He says he is ready for bed then complains to the cameras that her hands are itching and she really really could use some Benadryl. Adel says if she gets it then I want some to. He asks if she has her speech ready for tomorrow. She tells the cameras that he is the reason she is going home and we will be losing the best part of the game. Heather asks Neda if she is going to listen to music and when she says yes Heather says she is going to go lay in the bed and go over things in her head. She says thanks to Neda and heads out to the bedroom. Neda enters the HOH and tells Jon she has gotten up to week 5 or 6. Jon starts her on week two and tells her he wants to here everything. Then he jumps to week 5 followed by week 6. Adel asks Sabrina what was the coolest thing in the game. Then he asks if it was really a big move to get Ika out. She says for her it was very important. Jedi training continues in HOH with Jon grilling Neda. Sabrina keeps going over past events with Adel all with her as the main focus. She is getting animated about how influential she was in the game and Adel keeps telling her it will not get played up like that in the end. She is maximizing her influence while he is minimizing it.

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10:15PMBBT: Jon tells Neda "I am glad it has been WE the whole time." She agrees. They talk about choices and what could happen. It was a slight detour from game study and they are back to "What was week 8? What was the 6th HoH?" Jon is asking, Neda answering and then the roles reverse.

10:20PMBBT: In the BR, Heather, Adel and Sabrina small talk. Sabrina keeps asking for Benadryl. They all want to go to bed. Heather says it was 10 when she checked the time, they all add "Only a half an hour!" Sabrina leaves. Heather and Adel talk about the live finale night. When Sabrina comes back in and Heather asks her about the family and everyone watching live. Sabrina says "By the way, it is a long time til bed so, I can't say more than that." Heather asks if it is 2 hours or an hour. Sabrina confirms an hour.

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