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September 16th Live Feed Updates

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Janelle comes outside and joins Maggie and Ivette who are sitting in the hammock.

Janelle used nair on her upper lip, and her skin is reacting to it and turning red and is burning she says.

Ivette talks about her prom. She went in a Jessica Mcclintock gown with a guy but then made out with a girl in the bathroom - Ivette: Sorry Mom

Talk turns to what song they'd like to hear in the morning, Maggie wants the 'an num a nah' song. (i know i hear her singing it alot but i can't think of how to spell it or what the actual song title is)

Ivette: I know they'd be cruel and play "Another one bites the dust"

Janelle: the fiji water and arrowhead are the dirtyest water, dasani and aquafina are the best and purest

J: i had a water guy come and test the bottles of water plus the water from the tap

M: what was he selling

J: water purifiers

and we have fish

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They are thinking of what card game to play.. and now they have all decided to play rummy.. however they are going to be playing in the livingroom because Maggie finds the table in the kitchen sucks, because its not level.

Maggie and Janelle thank BB.


The three are still playing Rummy... Maggie and Janelle are sipping on wine as they play.

Janelle and Maggie are explaining the game to Ivette as they go.


They continue to play cards in the living room, joking, laffing... and they seem to be enjoying. Maggie seems to be the card shark (as per Ivette)... Maggie says that she isnt as she didnt win the last game.

Sorry really not much to report ... if the feeds were on their cards, I could be doing a play by play.. but ...

Cam 1 is a shot of Janelle...

Cam 2 is a shot of Maggie...

Cam 3 is a shot of Ivette...

Cam 3 is an overview of all of them.

If i see / hear something interesting, I will update this...


The game is over and Janelle asked Ivette if she wanted to play a game of speed... Maggie says "go for it ivette"

They are talking about the surf board and how Rachel asked for the HOH.

Ivette and Maggie are now playing a game of speed. Maggie went to the washroom.


Maggie and Janelle are now playing careds... Ivette is in the barracks lookin' in a suitcase / packing. Janelle says she's waiting for them to finish their game of speed and Ivette will rejoin them to start another game of whatever they want.


Maggie: she F@#$en cheats.. cheating sucks in my books...

Ivette: I feel that we are staying here..

Maggie: yeah me too.

Maggie: she's a dirty player, dirty player.

Ivette and Maggie are in the barracks packing their stuff.

Janelle is in the bathroom and is now making her way to the GR. Janelle's stuff seems to be organized in the GR.

Maggie is sitting on her bed shuffling cards... and Ivette is just finishing up her bags... Janelle made her way back to the bathroom.

Maggie is whispering to Ivette. (very hard to hear)...

Maggie: She's such poor sportsmanship. (obviously talking about Janelle)

Janelle is now looking for her comb. But she found it in her GR.

Maggie and Ivette are now playing cards, while Janelle is getting some stuff and going to the bathroom. (maybe going to take a shower)

Maggie is bad mouthing Janelle to Ivette... saying she's a cheater and cheating is disgusting..

Janelle is now in the shower.. and Maggie and Ivette are still in the barracks playing cards, whispering about Janelle. Very hard to hear what they are saying as they are whispering very low and shuffling cards to make noise.

Maggie: she's so full of useless sh&t

Ivette: worse case scenario, there isnt going to be a worse case scenario.


Ivette: there is nothing that anybody can ever do in this game, i dont care who comes up to me and tells me that if you do this, you guarantee the yourself the money.. if it makes me break something with you, i would never take that.. someone can tell me right now, ivette by you not doing something , you're accepting 2nd place, and i am ok with that.. even though.. i would love first, i would never mind handing it over to someone like you

Maggie: i would never ask that of you

I: DYKWIAS? i have always known that if i was in the end with you, i would get second...

They go over who would be voting for who if it was both of them in the final two...


Janelle is out the shower and is combing her hair... Maggie and Ivette playing cards / shuffling.. .making noise... whispering...

Ivette: I never get upset when you beat me. (umm sorry but does Ivette think Maggie is Mother Theresa?)

Janelle joins them and Ivette asks if the water was hot... Janelle says yes it was.

Ivette says it was fun to get to know everyone.

Ivette is asking Janelle if she had poker straight hair when she was young.. Janelle says it was wavey...

Maggie and Ivette are still playing cards and very little talk or GCC about nothing important.


Ivette and Maggie have now moved to the backyard ont he hammock where they are going to yap under blankets. Maggie says its chilly... (glad they arent in canada.. whats the temp in California? 75 degrees? bikini weather for us canadians!)

BB asked Maggie and Ivette to not obstruct the microphones.

They try to get BB to tell them the temperature.

Maggie asks if Ivette counted the gumballs while janelle was in the DR.

Maggie: I cant believe how she cheats, she has a very poor sportsmanship... She doesnt like to luse. Anyone who needs to use alternative motives to get higher...

Ivette: if i try to play the game to only get the money for myself.. but i would be so afraid that the money was earned the wrong way. The consequenses of earning the money the wrong way scares me so much.

Maggie: ideas are given sounds good.. but we are living our lives well as we are playing the game. (omg.. wait until they see the shows!!).

Maggie: I may not win the money but, I played this game a good game.


BB puts the fish on.. maybe to tell the girls the temperature... (Ivette asked for the temp earlier, because one of the girls are going home tomorrow)

Feeds come back... and BB says "Maggie? STOP THAT!"

I & M talk about the gumballs.. and Ivette says.. so what do I put? 232 is what Maggie would put.. and she tells Ivette.. when you go in, and if she is not around, count them...

Both are now talking about how many of this and thats are in the house.. like how many quarters and they are trying to get their numbers right.

(Thought since no one was posting stuff, I would post what I had typed last nite of what happened and help out the live feeds a bit. Hope i did good.)

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Back from FISH...

M is up, Jan is still in bed.

FISH again, probably telling Jan to get up.

Back from FISH...

Iv is in kitchen making coffee, Maggie is getting blanket and heading outside, now Iv is heading outside with her coffee too.

M and I playing rummy

M asked IV is she heard her call Jan out about sharing the wine.

Maggie said she (Jan) is the 'least sharing person she has ever met.'

Iv is asking what she is doing wrong when playing Jan in chess that she cannot beat her(Jan).

Maggie is giving her tips and they are bashing Jan Maggie, said "sportsmanship."

Maggie said Jan is not a fun person to play with and told Iv that she has told her(Jan) 3 times that she would no longer play with her.

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M said her left thumb is still numb.

M said she (jan) is so out of shape, that she was panting during the first comp Tuesday. That she (Jan) has an advantage because she has long legs but she is just out of shape and was panting and that is why she couldn't do it.

Iv said she was was breathing loud because her mouth was dry.

FISH again

Back from FISH,

Maggie is in kitchen fixing breakfast.

I am assuming Indoor Lockdown

M and Iv are eating breakfast in the HOH BR and playing rummy.

M said it was weird how he (BB?) said they had 10 minutes and then after 2 minutes he said "immediately!"


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BBT 2:10 pm

J in the HOH bed, M,Iv still playing cards at the table in HOH. M said that she still needs to finish packing, her toiletries (sp) which she will do after her shower. Iv said something about packing too, J didn't say anything about packing. No game talking at all with all three of them in the room. Not a lot of talking at all really.

BBT 2:15 pm

M has been called to the DR and Iv is wondering if the lockdown is over since M can go "down". Iv and J pick up and move downstairs to kitchen. J ask Iv is she is nervous about the show and Iv said she didn't know. J said that she was a little. Iv said she worries the most about her family. J said she does too. J then says, well I just want to let you know that if I win this comp, Im still going to pick you. Iv doesn't say anything for a few seconds and then she says, Yeah, its a crazy game, its hard to believe that we sat at that table with all of those people. M comes back out then and says they will be having another lockdown, (outside) in about 10 mintues. BB says it will be about 5 mintues before lockdown outside.

BBT 2:20 pm


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Iv & M at bathroom mirror getting ready for show

Mags whispers to Iv: I know you got this

one of them whispers "hopefully"

I: If I get this you won $500,000

M: that's not true

I: yea it is

M: no it's not

Ivette says her lips have gotten chapped

Maggie says she doesn't care if she smells cause she doesn't want deod showing under her arms

I: remind me when we get out of here. I gave tush money to by me a flat iron because I thought I left mine. Remind me so I can give it to you. (wow nice constellation prize lol)

M: Oh, you don't have to do that

I: Yeah I mean it

M: thanks

(back to whispering)

M: she's gonna be really flustered

I: I am ready to go home

M: I am not gonna be able to control myself when you win I am gonna run over to you

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M: You have got this. You're about to win HOH again.

I: I love you.

M: I love you too.

M: Wanna go outside for a minute?

I: This craziness of a house, huh?

M: Not too crazy.

I: I didn't think I'd have time to do everything.

M: You totally did!

I: I want to thank you for everything, Maggie.

M: You too!

I: My family will be forever grateful to you, Maggie.

M: We played this together.

They hug


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Mag and Ive are sitting at the table drinking champange and OJ and was eatting choc covered strawberries. They are talking about how the house guests in the jury answered the questions and about past remarks that they made during the game.

Ive: I never lied to him (James), I told him what was going on, I never steered him wrong, April says I never took blame but I did

M: What April was saying is when evictions happen others would say people were the reason others were gone, but your name was never brought up, not yours or Beau

I: I am sorry that April says that, B even told them I was the one who brought up Kay name.

M: it doesn't matter, we get to see everyone.

Now they are both talking about how loud they can talk about things, no one is listening now. They are going to cook and feed fish and change clothes. They want to go outside, they are talking about getting rid of Jan's 3 towels.

I: we got in fights and stuff, but she was an amazing player, she tore this house upside down, one girls doing, she had us running. (Talking about Jan)

M: do you think she was the master mind, not Kay

I: I think her intelligence of the game and Kays smarts, were big threats

I: I can't believe I did that

M; I can't either, no I can believe that, what am I saying

I: I wonder what my family is saying

M: they are flipping out, I wonder if they can fly my brother and parents out with Dave

I: when the game is over I will tell you how I would play the game entirely different, maybe I can now, no I will wait.

M needs to do laundry. She is wondering if they can keep some stuff packed because they are only going to be there four more days. She can hardly wait to see everyone in sequester house, and she thinks Jan should go and ralley votes for Ive in the jury.

Mag is surprised at April saying Ive shouldn't of gotten the phone call instead of herself. Ive says she wasn't to surprised because April was really upset with Ive and she should of went with her gut instinct and answered that question differently.

Mag gets to dye her hair, BB says if she made it to the final two they would give her dye for her hair.

I: I am telling you, she is going to hold a grudge, your going to win

M: no I am not, you have Howies vote.

M: OMG when do you think it is going to sink in? Never?

I: I don't know

M: what if it never sinks in

I: I can't believe I just did that

M: I can

I: you really thought it huh?

M: yes I truely believed it was going to happen, I never doubted you once

I: thanks Maggie, Jan left a pair of socks

M: just socks? Okay

M: are you excited to have ribs?

I: I can't hear you

M repeated and Ive says yeah,

M: Jan says she hated Bubba

I: she didn't like the fish till this week.

M: I told Jan that was my fish

I: everyone is going to hate me when I get out of here, I don't like the talk that is going on in there

M: you can never control talk of others when your not there, did A look angry?

They are feeding the fish now.

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(sorry about the last post, I don't know why it posted twice and combined posts)

I and M are walking laps in BY. Ive is repeating how she can't believe it and how proud her mom is of her. Mag says she wasn't even going to come, she only did it because she was doing Eric a favor.

M: A said she knows J is going to propose something to Ive, Mag wasn't worried she trusted Ive but Mag felt A was preping M for this so she wouldn't be disappointed.

They then were talking about paddles and what "she" did and Ive was going to show Mag and we got fish. They are back now.

M: did you hear Julie say Jan we need an answer, Jan we need an answer, they never tell her, just give me an answer

I: she did good though

M: yeah she did

I: I know who A is going to vote for

M: she never told me that, she did say she would pick me

M: I think Jan would of picked you

I: I know she would of....as weird as it sounds....with the comp stuff, I knew I had to get one part of this comp, I knew I did

M: what would of happen if I hadn't tripped

I: you didn't trip

M: I swear I tripped, I was looking at you and was so flustered at the lack of self doubt you had in yourself, but I tripped.

I: you really tripped

M: I figured if I was going to give it to you I had to trip, but I was so flustered with you I stopped thinking about the game

I: so you tripped yourself.

Now talking about the lession Ive needed to learn here was to stop the self doubt. They keep moving around because Ive is so excited she can't sit still.

M: thanks for letting Eric, Dave and my parents being proud of me at the end, I know they would of been proud of me but to let them sit there and see me in the end, thanks

I: thank you

I: you don't understand the ease I can bring my mom and dad, I can say there is a reason I got this and we need to start over. If I ever got the big one, I would pay off my loans, we would sell off her house and take care of things, there are so many things we can do, even the little one is a blessing. I came here for one reason, I didn't come here to be mean, to play the game, I came here for my family, I truly did.

M: we know that, I don't think anyone doubts that

I: Jan really told me she really believed that I came here for the game, I didn't come here for the game or tv

M: the only one that came here for tv was Howie, I think everyone enjoyed the opportunity

I is yelling and saying I can talk like this and no one is going to care now.

I: we can talk about how mean Jan was

M: she went out of her way to make people....... she was an amazing instigater, she liked to lie, she will go back and lie

I: I truly think Jan is a really pretty girl, not who she is isn't pretty, but she is a pretty girl, she is a bombshell

M: she played a great game. Jan always said I was jealous of her, I have never been jealous of her.

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M and I went through the pictures of former house guests and said what came to their minds. Sarah was to nice for this game, Rachel Mag liked her, but Ive didn't. Kay and Jan were masterminds, amazing player, skipped James, Beau they loved, can't remember the others.

Ive had a key and tried to give it back to BB but they said to leave it where it was, Mag says why is she coming back?

I: I said jan, the person who played the game like this deserves to win this game, but you forgot to make friends along the way to ensure you have votes in the jury

M: what did she say

I: I think she got it at the end.

They are going to play cards and drink more OJ and Champagne. They also covered the table with the money in it with a sheet so the money isn't visible.

M: thanks again for picking me

I: I couldn't do it Maggie, i couldn't pick Jan even if it would of given me the money

M: I know

I: it would of been dirty money. I think she began to understand me, I think she realized that she didn't have to be mean in this hosue, there was nice people. When she was alone with us she was funny, she had her bragging points, but she was funny

M: I can't believe how she didn't want to share, I have never seen anyone who didn't share

I: do you see how I share?

M: you share all the time

I: and A said I was the one that caused all the trouble in here.

They are going to put up their families pictures around the house. Ive just told mag one of the scooters was Mags, M says thanks. (I guess the BB lawyers says it is okay to give one to Mag)

I: so you were thinking about how to trip

M: yeah I was thinking I should trip and let you have it, how was I going to trip and I did trip.

M: I was so upset when A took the kangeroo

I: did you expect that out of A what she said to me, all of it

M: yeah I was shocked, some of that was directed at me, she had the same discussion with me before you came out

I: what did you tell her

M: that I am not taking responsiblity for others actions, I don't really want to talk about that, because it was two friends that this shouldn't of happen to.

I: Oh mom, you saw that, you saw that, watch out now.

M: OMG this house is going to be so clean now

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Mag told jan the amount of hours that they are going to be in the house total earlier today because Jan hadn't thought about it, but Jan didn't figure it out correctly to subtract the proper amount of time. Mag told her that the total amount of time spent in the house on the final day was 1920 hours. Mag thinks they should dedicate this to Eric

Mag explained to Ive on the HOH comp that Ive won was because Mag was trying to get the magnet questions wrong, she would look at A for the wrong answers but she kept getting them right, when the tie breaker happen she went with one in case Ive went over.

Mag wants Ive to tell her why James hated Mag so much. Ive says he never really told her, but she thinks it was because of what others said about Mag, she says the other side was weird. Rachel, April and Jen are all talking and they don't like Ive, that is what Ive is feeling. Ive is trying to convince Mag that Mag is going to win, but Mag still says Howie will vote for Ive. Ive swears Jen, April and Rachel are buddies and ganging up on Ive.

Both girls went into the GR and saw the mess Jan left there, Jan left personal belongings that she no longer wanted and her curling iron was till hot and Mag picked it up to pack her stuff for BB to give to Jan and it burn her so she is going to tell BB to clean up Jan's stuff and give it back to her. Jan even left underwear in the room chairs for others to clean up.

Ive keeps wanting assurance from mag that Ive's family and friends are excited and proud and cheering her on. Mag keeps repeating that assurance over and over. Mag and Ive are playing cards. Mag wants Ive to work out with her tomorrow, she doesn't want to be without Ive. She wonders what they are going to do when they go home and don't see each other.

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