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Friday, April 25 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Thank you!

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11:53 PM BBT Feeds went to HotH for a few minutes. Once back Jon/Neda/Adel left the HOH. Heather remains to listen to the song she’s on and Sabrina waits to listen after she’s done. Jon and Neda go to the HT area and leave Heather and Adel in the KT. Adel joins Neda and Jon. They were a little thrown by how well Heather was doing in the comp today. Heather joins them.

12:10 AM BBT Neda/Jon/Heather/Adel in the HT area. Jon is drunk and talking non stop. Jon and Neda are sharing Jon’s last cigar. They are talking about past strategies and evicted HGs.

12:20 AM BBT The 4 HGs are rehashing a conversation from after the potato comp and Jon and Adel don’t agree with what happened. Jon has one version, Adel has another and Neda says she brought up the convo last week and was told something different. Neda is getting peeved.

12:29 AM BBT Sabrina joins them while Jon and Adel are arguing and asks if she should leave. Jon says no, Heather goes to make Hot chocolate. Jon asks Sabrina to give them a minute. Jon and Adel say they are good. Neda still seems a little pissed. Jon goes to bring Sabrina back.

12:52 AM BBT All the HGs are out in the HT area. (I’ve never seen Sabrina so quiet!) The HGs go back inside except for Sabrina who stays. She’s upset. In the HOH Jon and Neda are arguing. Sabrina pops her head in to say goodnight. Jon asks what’s wrong and she starts crying. Jon gives her a hug. He goes down stairs and Sabrina stays to talk to Neda. Neda explains she’s mad at Jon. Heather joins them. Neda thinks there are two weeks left (she’s right) Sabrina thinks three weeks. They work out it’s 2 weeks. Then there must be a double eviction they think or an instant.

1:02 AM BBT Jon is eating downstairs. Adel joins the girls in the HOH. Sabrina explains why they thing there are two weeks left. Adel asks if anyone is ready for bed. Heather and Sabrina are. Jon joins them and Sabrina explains again the 2 weeks left. Adel says good night to everyone.

1:12 AM BBT Sabrina is asking questions about Jon and Janelle. When they are moving in together. Jon says if he wins money right away otherwise he is in a lease until august and they will move in together then. Sabrina asked if they’ll marry in a year. He says yes. Sabrina asks if he’s going to propose. Jon says no. He’s on national tv. He can’t say. He never new how much he appreciates Janelle until he was away from her for big brother. Sabrina can’t believe he’s 23 years old. Janelle is 3 years older.

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1:24 AM BBT Sabrina and Heather go to take their make up off. Sabrina goes to the BR first. The lights are starting to dim. She gets into bed. Jon and Neda are in the HOH. Neda shows Jon where she hid her glass holding a shot of booze. Jon drinks it. Jon says he wasn’t in the room for the conversation that he says he was. He knew Adel would argue it, it would make Neda mad and Heather things they are fighting. Jon keeps telling Neda to shut up (so he can talk) Neda tells him to stop and if he does that one more time she’ll punch him. Jon says she’ll break her hand. Neda laughs.

1:40 AM BBT Heather joins them. Jon thinks next week will be endurance. Neda doesn’t think so. Heather is worried about the twist as it could be almost anything. There are only 6 episodes left so she thinks everything will happen fast. Heather says she’s going to bed. Jon tells her to stay here while he gets water and Neda asks for some. Heather wonders what Adel’s game plan is. They think he probably made final 2 with Jon. Jon is back with the water. He’s making up the couch since Neda doesn’t seem to be moving. Heather says goodnight. The glass Neda is drinking from says Hot Chili Peppers. Neda tells Jon Heather wanted to know where Adel’s head is at. Jon is hard to hear. Jon says he’s not going to make a decision that isn’t the best for the two of them.

1:52 AM BBT In the BR the lights are off. In the HOH Jon and Neda are still hashing out their plan. Jon is still hard to hear. Jon doesn’t think Adel would pick Sabrina over Neda because he hates her. Neda thinks he would. Neda is over thinking things, Jon is under thinking things.

2: 13 AM BBT Neda likes to talk out every scenario and it drives Jon nuts. They go back and forth with different senarios. If veto is for prizes Neda thinks Sabrina would go for veto, Heather prizes, Neda thinks Jon and her should go for prizes as it doesn’t matter who goes home this week. Jon says give me a hug and get out of my room.

2:25 AM BBT Jon goes down to get more water and goes back up to the HOH. In the WA Neda is brushing her teeth and washing her face. In the HOH Jon reads his letter, takes off his mic and listens to music. The lights are starting to dim. Neda finishes up in the WA and goes to the BR.

2:28 AM BBT All HGs are in bed and it’s time for me to sign off. Night!

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8:38AM BBT: HGs are all awake with toy babies.
(After going back as far as feeds will allow - HGs have been awake since 7am. Over the time there is crying babies, cuddling babies and changing babies.)

Live feeds are showing Neda cuddling with her baby and talking very deep about them learning the ways of life. Adel and Jon are both also lying on couches with their babies. The card they received with the babies didn't say how long they will have the babies for. Heather was in the hammock but got up to head inside and Sabrina is sleeping on the BY furniture by the pool.

Everyone seems pretty tired today after the early morning.

8:43AM BBT: Heather comes out of the DR and Neda's baby starts to cry. Neda says "nooooooo" and gets up to walk around with her baby. Adel says you are going to wake up little Johnny and "..." (I couldn't make out what he said).

Neda keeps saying what do you do? Heather says a bottle. She tries a bottle for 2 seconds before switching to a burp, then quickly checks a diaper. Neda is now walking around the BY saying "what, what, what, its okay..." Her baby is hysterically crying at this point and she is sitting rocking her baby.

Sabrina is out by the pool talking to "angel" saying "your being a good girl, take your nap". Very seriously.

8:48AM BBT: Neda's baby has stopped crying and she is now lying on the ground in the BY with.

Everyone is lying around the house sleeping.

8:56AM BBT: Neda's baby is crying again. This time she is in the hammock changing the diaper, giving it a bottle and its not quieting down. She then rocks it and burps it. Neda is getting very frustrated and seems like she's ready to cry every time it starts crying again (as soon as it stops crying she stops doing whatever she is doing, so it starts crying again). Neda has laid it on her lap and plugs her ears so she can't hear it, she baby stops crying. Neda gets comfy on the hammock and closes her eyes.

9:01AM BBT: Neda's baby starts to cry again and she slowly sits up to rock it. Neda goes through her diaper bag again and tries to give a bottle, when that doesn't help she throws the bag down and rocks the baby. The baby continues to cry for 3 minutes straight and Neda continues to roll her eyes. Neda whispers "I can't hear you" to the baby. The baby stops crying for short 30 seconds and Neda stops what she is doing, which causes the baby to cry even harder. Babies are all back to sleep, along with HGs.

9:21AM BBT: Jon is up to head upstairs and slowly moves with his baby. Jon brushes his teeth.

At the same time, Neda's baby wakes up and cries again. Neda tries a bottle quickly and then rocks the baby again briefly. Neda lays the baby on the hammock next to her to do a diaper change.

Sabrina is still over by the pool sleeping, Adel and Heather are on in the LR sleeping on the couches.

9:26AM BBT: Neda's baby is quiet again. Jon uses the WA (and washes his hands) and picks up his baby saying "Thats my boy". There is a basket outside the front door - Assuming that is how the babies were brought into the house. Jon walks through the house and out to the BY to see Neda. Neda says she feels so sick. Jon says k I'm going back to sleep and walks away from Neda. Jon is very happy with "lil Jon". Jon heads upstairs to the HOHr.

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9:33AM BBT: Jon read his letter from Jenelle before turning over to sleep, after playing with his babies hands a bit first. Heather is up walking around with her baby and Neda, Sabrina and Adel are sleeping.

Heather is outside by the HT with her baby wrapped up in blankets. She heads back inside because its cold out, she whipsers to the baby "we don't want you getting too cold". Heather continues to walk around the house with the baby. (whispering things like "my little treasure")

9:53AM BBT: Nothing exciting happening. Heather is the only one up around. She is pacing with her baby (who isn't crying) drinking coffee. Neda moved from the hammock to the green couch by the KT.

Heather is walking around the house like she doesn't know what to do, and heads into the BR. She is lying on the bed and gets up to pace the room, "shh"ing the baby. (I can't hear the baby crying or awake or anything).

9:58AM BBT: Jon is now up with a crying baby. (He had left his diaper bag in the LR and had to get the bottle).

Sabrina comes into the house with a crying baby. Sabrina is talking sweetly to her baby.

Cams are only on Heather rocking her baby in the BR and Neda/Adel sleeping in the LR/KT.

10:03AM BBT: Jon walks back into the cams with his baby, feeding him a bottle. Jon heads upstairs to the HOHr. Feeds switch to the upstairs hallway and Sabrina is sitting on the chairs outside the main door feeding her baby.

Heather joins Jon in the HOHr, to use the WA. Jon says "I think lil Jon wants to go back to bed". Jon keeps looking into the cameras.

10:12AM BBT: Heather and Jon are hanging out in the HOHr talking about how long they will have babies for. Heather hopes not 24 hours because they all want to shower. Heathers baby starts crying and she leaves to head to the BR to get her diaper bag. Heather calmly talks to her baby while he cries, until she gives him a bottle.

Adel and Neda are still sleeping.

10:14AM BBT: In the hallway, Jon and Sabrina have crying babies who they are just rocking. The two are talking but I can't make out what they are saying through all the crying.

In the BR Heather is very happy that her and her baby just had their first feeding. Lots of crying happening in the BR with Jon, Heather and Sabrina in one room. (Its actually really damn annoying. -Canfan137) Sabrina leaves to take her baby to the pool, its just Jon's baby crying right now. Heather asks how long they will be doing it.

10:23AM BBT: Heather stops Jon as he is walking out of the room and asks "Tomorrow....." and I couldn't make out what was said because of the crying. Jon is now pacing in the hallway upstairs, when his baby stops crying and he whispers "yessssss". Jon heads to the HOHr and says "no crying in the HOHr Johnny boy".

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10:27AM BBT: Jon's baby is crying again and he is now in the LR with Adel and Heather. Jon changes his babies diaper again. Heather continues to pace around the room. Adel changes positions to sleep even more. Very harrd to make out anything the HGs are saying with the crying babies.

Sabrina is in the hammock with her baby, singing to the baby "swing, swing, swing, swing". Her baby is crying hysterically.

10:31AM BBT: On the hammock, Sabrina is telling her baby a story about princesses. The baby is half crying/half whining. Then goes into full cry. (This has got to be the most annoying task in the BB house for us live feeders... to the point I'm actually watching the commercials as relief. -canfan137)

10:45AM BBT: More crying babies, and sleepy HGs. Adel is in the hammock with his baby (you are going to turn into a beautiful woman, very smart, you are gonna make Canada a better place and help everyone around the world - your dad has big dreams, says Adel talking to his baby.)

Heather and Jon in the LR on the green couches with crying babies. They are feeding and rocking them.

10:56AM BBT: Jon is sleeping in the HOHr with his baby. Adel is pacing around the pool with his baby, talking to it. (It's all so weird.... -canfan137)

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#BBCAN2 12:00PM BBT Checking in it appears the HG are done with their baby challenge. Heather and Sabrina are in the bedroom while Adel, Neda and Jon are in the Kitchen. Neda and Adel are discussing how long they had the babies. Neda states that it was early when they started, because when she woke up, she was still drunk. (Not sure who lost the challenge yet)

#BBCAN2 12:08PM BBT Not much going on. HGs doing their ADL's which they werent able to do because of the "Baby Challenge" which woke them up extremely early.

#BBCAN2 12:28PM BBT Jon is in the HOH room reading his letter and listening to the music. Sabrina and Neda are showering. Once out, Neda tells Sabrina that if she hears anything different from Jon, she will tell Sabrina. If Heather wins the POV that she would vote out Adel and keep Sabrina.

#BBCAN2 12:38PM BBT Jon and Adel talking about luxury items and hoping that there is a car given out soon. Adel would want Sabs to get it, because she isn't winning "Squat" in BB.This is happening in the HOH room. Jon comments how Neda wants Adel to go up as a pawn, and Adel says he was already one. He does not want to go up again. The girls are doing their ADLs in the WR.

#BBCAN2 12:51PM BBT HGs getting dressed at a quicker pace. (I wonder if their results/reward for this mornings challenge is about to happen)

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#BBCAN2 1:00PM BBT Jon is informing Sabrina in the HOH room that she will be going up, but the person he puts up will be the pawn. Sabrina tells Jon as she is leaving that when she is voted out, that he has her vote 100%

#BBCAN2 1:07PM BBT BY opens up to all sorts of things for the HGs to play with. They all go out and are now locked out of the house. Jon comments on how stoked he is to have a hockey set with a net.

#BBCAN2 1:19PM BBT HGs locked in the backyard. Sitting around the pool talking about the earlier challenge with the babies and how Canada should find them funny. Neda says her baby's name was originally "Princess Ciggy" but then became "Ciggy Butt"

#BBCAN2 1:30PM BBT Conversation around the pool switched to the "Super Hero" competition and how hard it was. Sabrina said her gloves were to big, and Adel swore he could've won it because he has small hands. Thought that the breaking of glass was ridiculous because he got cut from it on his lip.

#BBCAN2 1:45PM BBT Sabrina is talking about @eveldick and how much she loves him. She goes on to explain how he went out of his way to mess with people in the house. Thought his game play was brilliant.

#BBCAN2 1:45PM BBT Sabrina is talking about @eveldick and how much she loves him. She goes on to explain how he went out of his way to mess with people in the house. Thought his game play was brilliant.

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The AfterDark report

(an update of things shown from before the feeds came back last night)

00:00 ADT (AfterDark time)

Around the dining room table, Sabrina is telling a story to Jon, Adel and Heather, about how the day before she was sequestered, a friend of her (who lives in Vancouver) let her know he had cancer, by texting her an emoticon of an eggplant, to which she replied "eggplant?" and he replied "yeah, I have cancer" She found out he has 5 tumours around his lung tissue, and one on his heart. But then they took her phone away for sequester, and so she has no idea of his current status.

She says she has asked Big Brother for updates, but they can't tell her anything.

Heather says that her stepmom had cancer. Sabrina says that she heard that from Paul, who Heather told. Jon says he's sorry to hear that.

Sabrina asks for details, then realizes that Heather probably doesn't want to talk about it.

Heather says that her stepmom and Dad are watching constantly, as this is their favourite show.

Talk turns to the HoH competition, when Jon asks Heather is she had worn her knee-brace for that comp.

She says she did, but then it started coming off because of the ropes.

Adel: "it came literally when she got out of the water, to the "hard" part, it was already down to her calf."

Heather: "And then after that, is when I hit it on the floor.Bad time to hit your knee, Heather! Dumbass!"

Sabrina "but you did amazing."

Heather "thank you, that means a lot."

(Neda is in the diary room. They are waiting for Jon to get called in again, for his HoH key.)

Heather wonders if anything is going to happen tomorrow.

Sabrina says that when it gets down to final five, it's always an intense week, because they do interactive stuff.

Final five is when Jordan won her phone call, she says.

00:05 ADT

Talk turns to how good the HoH bed is.

But Adel says the one thing he would change in there is how all the lights go on when you go into the bathroom. He would make it just one.

(The dryer alarm goes off, Adel goes out to take care of it.)

Sabrina asks if she is allowed to take a nap on the HoH bed.

Jon and Heather reply that she should be, unless she's a have-not.

But she was asking for permission from Jon. Jon says "Hundo".

He just warns her not to fall asleep with the headphones on, because then the music would get taken away, like it did when it happened to Topaz while Alec was HoH last year.

They talk about how there are no showmances in there because most of them are in relationships.

Now they talk about how there is less game, and game talk, when it gets down to this point in the game, because things are set.

Adel says he's going to go take a shower, and to come call him if Jon gets his HoH.

He leaves.

Heather and Jon say he would have done "so good" in that challenge. "What? Yeah. Except for his asthma and shit."

Sabrina says she gets little pangs of anxiety when she thinks about the fact that Rachelle is no longer here.

00:10 ADT

(Talk goes back to the HoH comp)

Heather: "I can't believe that little Heather kept up to Big Jon."

Jon: "you were kicking my ass, the first half!"

Sabrina: "Heather, don't bring that too much to his attention. LOL"

Jon: "kicking my ASS the first half."

Heather: "well, not really"

Sabrina: "yes, you were"

Heather: "I was only a little bit ahead of you"

Jon: "You were WAYS ahead. You got into the dry part, I still had to back to the next rope, untangle a knot, come back and untangle a knot, and THEN get into the dry part.

Heather: "and you STILL kicked my ass."

Jon: "yeah... I did kick your ass in the second half"

Sabrina: "Heather, if your boyfriend says anything about the 'wishful' thing, be like 'listen, I can't spell wishful, but I could keep up with 'Jahn' in the fucking minus 90 water, and undo knots!"

Jon: "guys, that's probably why it took them so long, they probably filled it with ice, and let it melt."

Sabrina: "a hundred thousand percent - the ice blocks from week one."

Jon: "I was dreading it. I knew that last one, too, I just wanted to sit there for a minute, because I knew like you weren't THAT close, you still had like 3 knots to go, I don't want to go back in this water right now."

Jon walks away, calls out to Heather asking if her quads are sore.

Only Sabrina and Heather left around the table now.

Sabrina asks Heather: "do you know which one of you are going to go up next to me?"

Heather: "I don't, yet. Not yet. I'll probably talk to Jon tomorrow."

Sabrina: "At least it's a secure week. Whoever goes up next to me, doesn't have to worry."

Heather: "Yeah. I'd rather not be on the block. I've done that a lot in the beggining, and I'd like to think that if I've got this far it means that I don't have to go up as a pawn."

Sabrina: "Yeah. That's good. I believe it will be Adel."

(Neda comes out of DR, says this is the roughest she's ever looke in the DR.)

Neda says that Allison might be mad when she sees the tapes from this week (brought to jury house by whoever gets evicted), because she was wearing Allison's headband.

Sabrina comes and joins Jon and Heather on the green couches. Heather goes to the kitchen, then joins them as well.

They talk about the water in the competition, again.

How Jon's hat floated by Neda, at one point.

How the water smelled pretty good, but tasted a bit salty.

Jon said it was in his mouth every single time he had to go under a rope.

Sabrina tells them that she never let it touch her face.

Jon said he couldn't get under the ropes unless his face went underwater.

Neda: "I don't get why I sucked at that so hard! I didn't even have to give my rope so much slack."

Sabrina laughs about how she said something about how her big booty is going to fit under those ropes.

Neda and Jon talk about putting polysporin on Jon's back, for his ropeburn. Neda says it looked really bad. Jon says he will put it on later tonight. That it's not that bad now.

00:15 ADT

Adel comes down from the bathroom, says they called him to the DR again.

Neda asks Jon if he asked the DR for her music. He says he did.

Neda says there is SO much Kanye, some Otis Redding.

Jon lays down on his stomach, in front of Neda. She pulls up his shirt and checks his back, says it still looks bad.

So he says, ok, lets put some on. He takes off his shirt and lies back down.

(His back actually doesn't look that bad. Just some red scratches.)

Neda goes off to find some Aloe or Polysporin.

00:20 ADT

Sabrina says that she can't believe how much she misses Rachelle, and that she feels like a lesbian.

Neda calls down to Sabrina that she can't find the cream. Sabrina goes up to the bedroom.

They start talking in hushed tones about Heather.

Neda thinks that Heather really wanted to win HoH this week so she could make a big move, meaning putting Jon up.

Sabrina tells Neda about what Heather said to her earlier about not wanting to go up as a pawn.

They find Sabrina's good cream and head down, after Sabrina pulls off a bit of Neda's extensions that were barely hanging on, for her.

As they head down, Sabrina asks Neda if she thinks he's really going to do it (nominate Heather), Neda says "yeah", and that she will talk to him about it.

Neda asks Jon to close his eyes and stick out his hand for a surprise.

He does so, and she puts the hair extensions in his hand.

He says that is absolutely disgusting, and thrown it to the floor.

Neda applies the cream to Jon's back.

Jon asks Neda is she will get drunk tonight, if they get alcohol.

Neda says yes, but it depends what time they would get it.

Application of cream continues.

Neda says she will go bring down some Aloe for some of his injuries, and heads upstairs again.

00:30 ADT

Heather, Jon and Sabrina lie silently on the green couches. Adel is in DR, Neda is upstairs getting aloe.

Finally, after a minute, Heather says: "it's not like a competition I would imagine it would be in a million years, though."

Jon: "I'm done guessing everything in this game! Not one thing I'll ever guess again."

Heather: "I wonder what that 20 million even is."

They speculate they will find out either this week or next week, since tomorrow will have been one week since they saw it hit 20 million.

Jon talks about Arlie, and how he said that if they sent him home, Jon would be following him out a week later. "Fuck you, Arlie!", Jon says.

Neda comes down and applies Aloe to Jon's back.

Big Brother: "Jon... please fix your microphone"

Now Sabrina and Neda joke about having slowed down at the end of the competition so that they wouldn't have to leave the dry part (the middle section with no water) before Jon would win and it would be over.

Jon: I was going to wake Canada up a few more times, you were like 'no Jon, hit the buzzer!'."

Sabrina: "you know what's funny? I predicted that it was going to be a normal week this week, and NEXT week, is going to be a double, right before final three."

Sabrina: "guys, if episode 22, Sunday is 23, there's 29 episodes, 6 more episodes. Yes. There is 2 weeks. So next week is going to be a double, and then it's going to be the final 3 that spend a week together. That makes a lot of sense."

They start talking about last minute twists they might expect.

00:35 ADT

Sabrina says "I really enjoyed watching 'Unusually Thicke'."

They think it's been 2 or 2 and a half hours now, since the HoH competition concluded.

Sabrina says to Jon: "I'm really happy you're HoH. I feel like... sorry, no offense, I would be happy if any of you were. I just feel like you were very very kind, when you were HoH. Not that you (Neda and Heather) were not, ok this is coming off wrong!" She clarifies that what she really means is how he was free and generous with his HoH room.

Adel emerges from the DR.

Adel says he'll wait a bit, and if they don't call Jon in, he'll go shower.

They talk about how just a couple more people have to leave before it will come to the end.

Jon farts, tries to blame it on Neda.

Big brother: "Jon, please go to the diary room"

Jon gets up, slaps Neda's leg, and heads to the diary room.

Neda's leg hit her arm, which was holding her glass of water, which spills on her.

She gets up and waves her shirt.

Adel comes by, says "why are you all wet?"

00:40 ADT

Sabrina: "do you think they all have their ipods in jury house?"

Neda says that she thinks they do. And that jury house will be fun.

Now Neda asks Adel to close his eyes, because she has a surprise for him.. He doesn't want to. She tells him that it's nothing bad, nothing sexual. She asks Heather to make sure his eyes are closed. He closes his eyes, she picks up the hair extensions that are still on the floor in front of her. He opens his eyes. She gets up and throws them on him, yelling "take it!"

Adel jumps up, saying, "what is it!?! Oh my God. It's just a busted-ass weave. Hahaha."

They talk about stuff Ika taught them about "lace-front weaves".

Adel says they are like $1000, and that he used to buy them for his girl.

Heather says that Ika is one person she can see apologizing to her at the wrap party.

Adel is playing with Heather's ice pack, tossing it up in the air, then catching it.

Heather says that she will probably want to put it on one more time tonight.

Neda says "how many more 'Wake Up Canadas' are we going to hear, before the night is done."

Adel talks about having to say "Wake Up Canada" at least 4 times in the DR, and them asking him to do a "Wake Up Adel", too.

Adel brings up something strange/cryptic: "but it had to do with the fans, that were, at the stunt."

Neda: "that was funny"

Heather: "they loved you"

Adel: "what's-her-name must have seen me doing it on the bench, and then she re-mentioned it."

Neda: "yeah. That's so funny. SO embarrassing that people were watching that!"

Adel; "why? Neda, that was hard!"

Neda: "I know!"

Sabrina: "we were SO bad!"

Adel: "No you guys weren't. You did very good, you guys got more than halfway."

Neda: "we did the first one, legit. We were doing it. We were like legit doing it. Got to the second part, I look up, Heather and what's-his-face are already at the third, I'm like bup, nope."

Sabrina: "I just didn't want to get in that cold water again. I'm like 'good job, guys!'."

Adel: "you guys were fucking never close to fucking Heather and Jon, because Heather took the lead.

Neda: "in the beginning, for the first 2 knots, we were. LOL"

00:45 ADT

Adel: "Fuck, I want to eat Nutella, but with good bread, not normal bread.

Tomorrow they should be getting new groceries.

Neda: "Oh my God, if he DOES get my ipod, I will CRY!"

Sabrina speculates that Jon will be getting more "1D" (One Direction) stuff.

His last HoH robe had a hockey stick and the number 5 (his hockey number) on it.

They wonder where the jury house is, and how far of a drive it is. Maybe an hour and a half to two hours.

They think they hear Jon about to come out of the DR, and.... commercial break.

00:50 ADT

When we come back, everyone is in the HoH room.

Jon is wearing a blue T-shirt with HUNDO written across the chest, in white letters.

They (including Jon) wonder how Janelle is with him. He says she is obviously not a girl to whom it's all about looks.

Neda was going to go down to get something to mix Jon's booze with, but the HoH door was locked.

After a while, Neda tries it again, and it opens. She stands in the open door while they discuss what she should bring, Adel walks out past her.

We hear him yell "Holy Fuck! There's something on the couch!"

They all run downstairs.

Adel reads the message from Big Brother:

"Dear Houseguests, please wear these onesies to bed tonight. Enjoy, Big Brother!"

Much yelling and squealing ensues as they high five and look over their onesis, with "Big Brother Canada" on the back.

Sabrina is happy that she doesn't have to wear a pink one.

Jon immediately changes into his. Has trouble fitting into it at first, but then unzips the feet at the ankles.

01:00 ADT

After the girls have changed in the bathroom, Heather and Sabrina come join Jon in the HoH room.

Adel is showering in the HoH bathroom.

Jon reads a part of his letter out loud: "you make me so happy to say I'm your girlfriend. You're the most amazing, hilarious, kind-hearted and special man I know. I'm glad all of Canada now gets to see that as well." Another part: "I love whether you're a hundred grand richer or a hundred grand poorer, because I'll be waiting for you with open arms."

Jon: "she's such an amazing person. I don't know why I even doubted anything about like, you know what I mean?"

Jon reads another bit: "keep your head in the game, eyes on the prize, feet on the ground, and hands away from your ... LOL"

Jon says that it's a pretty recent letter. (Earlier, he told Adel it must have been after the Talla visit.)

Jon keeps reading: "Mom is upset she has no one to test out her baking on. Looks like you could use it, too ;) "

Jon: "she's calling me skinny. Little turd!"

He hands his letter off to Heather.

He puts on his headphones, says it's a Tom Petty song.

Jon dances around.

The girls point out that his onesie now has a hole on the side of his left thigh.

Not much conversation (pretty much zero) between Heather and Sabrina, as Jon continues to pace while listening to his music.

01:15 ADT

Heather leaves the HoH room.

Neda comes in a minute later. (She was in the Diary Room.)

Jon asks her if she asked for stuff to mix the booze (Vodka) with. (She did.)

Big Brother: "Heather, please go to the diary room."

Neda goes down to see if there are shot glasses.

Jon tells Sabrina he is the happiest he has been in the whole game. (Partially winning, partially Janelle's letter.)

Neda comes in with some drinking glasses. (Not shot glasses.)

Jon sends her down for a bowl of ice.

Now he's listening to "How's it going to be" by Third Eye Blind.

Neda comes back. Starts pouring chasers, then shots.

Jon and Neda have a shot. Their chaser was iced tea, Neda says it was a bad chaser.

They have another shot.

Heather comes up with a pictcher of cranberry juice, says that Adel told her to bring it up.

Now Adel comes in, almost hits Jon with the HoH door.

01:25 ADT

Adel jokingly offers to exchange for Neda's pink onesie.

Jon has another shot.

Adel's onesie has "Bif Brother Canada" written across the butt, while everyone else's is on the back.


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2:05pm BBT: Adel, Jon, Heather, Sabrina and Neda are still all out by the pool chatting about past house guests, who did what and joking around. They've decided they have to ration their food. Arlie says we will cook 1 big meal. They are talking about babies (maybe from a competition)

2:10pm BBT: They are talking about their brains turning to mush in the house, because all you think is game and it never shuts off. Arlie wans to ask Peter what he did after the game, where he went and how he made money. Adel comments that he can't believe they let them sleep with their babies, some were good and some cried. They named them, fed them and got to nap with them. Adel asks Jon how many broken ribs he's had, Jon says 3 one when he fell riding his bike and 2 from when he was in a hockey fight, knocked out and a guy fell on him.

2:15pm BBT: Neda is folding laundry. Adel asked if they think it would be weird if he flies back home in his onsie, they say no, and Adel replies OK, done!! not much talking going on. the occasional comment on how uncomfortable the furniture is by the pool, they are all stretched out on it.

2:22pm BBT: Still just laying around, not talking, I think it must be nap time, all you can hear is the dryer running in the background. and after a few minutes the rooster starts crowing, so they get up. BB still starts a beeping noise, apparently Jon had to get out of the hammock and he is mad. He says why is it even here, they should just take it away!

2:32pm BBT: Sabrina lays in the hammock and the beeping starts, Jon said, BB you might as well take it away. they have realized you can sit on it, but you can't lay on it. Jon says he is going to take it apart. Neda states that she is so tired and Adel says NEDA!!! we had to look after our babies, they were crying. They are now complaining again that they did not get enough food for the week. I think the competition was to look after your baby the best, Neda had hers on the floor while she was at the washer and dryer. They are saying Neda ruined, Easter and Christmas.

2:40 BBT: They are talking about how drunk Andrew got the 1st night in the house, and that he got drunk every time he could. They are all talking about Andrew and bashing things he said and did in the house. Neda is saying she found it offensive when he tried to do Adel's accent. They are saying it didn't even sound like anything. Adel wants to bet Andrews biggest goal was to get laid in the house. Heather is semi sticking up for Andrew. Adel is now talking about Rachelle. Sabrina starts to walks toward the hammock and says, I wonder if I keep my eyes wide open if the buzzer will go off. She gets halfway to it and the buzzer goes off, lol

2:50 BBT: They think Neda will be punished for how she looked after her baby. They are saying that BB said congratulations you have all completed your task, but they are saying BB also said whoever did the worst looking after their baby would be punished. The washer chimes to indicate it is done and Neda goes over to lay out clothes. Adel asked if anyone checked to see what is like outside. Jon says it's nice, but cloudy as shit. Adel goes to the HT room it seems to be windy out there. Adel leaves the HT room and comment that it's windy. Adel takes some of the toys from the back yard and says we can hit the beach ball to each other while we are sitting.

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3:00pm BBT: They are all still by the pool. They are talking about Kenny not winning an HOH and Sarah not winning. Neda states to Jon, you just had to win another HOH to one up me didn't you, and Jon says yup and I have a few Vetos in my pocket too. They are trying to explain how when it gets down to 4 that the winner of the veto had the only vote, unless it's HOH. Now they have a heavy discussion that if you are not nominated and you win Veto that you can't use it to take anyone down because you would have to go up and you can't, They are disagreeing about if you can you can use it or not.

3:10pm BBT: They are talking about the babies again, Jon says I've watched Teen Mom and tells Neda she was really bad. Neda says but my baby was dressed nice right? and they agree. Now Adel wants to know if they were a but plug what kind would they be, and he goes on to name different kinds. They are tossing the beach ball around to each other. Adel tells BB he has to go to the washroom now, then they all state they have to go, Adel yells Neda will sh*t her pants and we get the HUSH screen.

3:15pm BBT: Adel has been saying for the last hour that they should go on strike, they all say no BB would evict us. Adel says OK, BB is over then and they all laugh. They are talking about the last HOH and discussing who has rope burns. Adel asks to see Sabrina's bum and she says no. Adel call Jon a big butt plug and says he's trying to lift the gate. John says he is actually an actor and lives in Hollywood, Adel says WHAT? then he says to Sabrina that she watches a lot of TV, has she seen him in anything and she says yup. Now Adel is talking about Kyle.

3:20pm BBT: They are saying they are so hungry, They have been on outdoor lockdown for a while now. They are talking about a book and show, I recognize some of the characters, but the name is not coming to me, lol Adel tells Jon that as soon as they get the go ahead he is going to Jon's room to take a pee. They have been talking about Harry Potter, lol (I think I'm as bored as they are) Adel jokes he is not going to the wrap party, he will be on the 1st flight back to Edmonton, because he will punch Jon out. lots of nonsense chat and joking.

3:30pm BBT: Sabrina is going to play lacrosse with Adel. Sabrina states she is good at sports, but she is missing most catches. Adel tells everyone to see, my wife is listening to me!! We have gone to the HUSH screen again.

3:35pm BBT: The door is rolling up, so the lockdown is over. They Thank BB. Adel goes up to the HOH washroom. Sabrina stops quickly in the kitchen and then joins the other girls in the washroom. The girls are saying nothing in the house happened again, and that Jon is probably right, they were just doing maintenance. (I wish they would throw in a Pandora's Box) more talk about Harry Potter. I think BB just gave them 5 minutes in the house. They are doing things very quickly.

3:42pm BBT: The HG are gathering food and things to take back outside with them. We are back to the HUSH screen.

3:44pm BBT: Neda, Adel & Jon are by the pool, Neda tells Jon to go grab more food. Neda gets up and follows Jon, asking Adel if he wants anything and he says no (he is already eating something out of a bowl). Sabrina comes in and her and Adel are talking about the lockdown. Sabrina says it will be another 2 hours, and asks Adel if he heard the announcement and he replies that he did. Sabrina says ok, shorts for the HT. They are all back in the house again, still working on food...and we are back to the HUSH screen. (it seems BB keeps giving them instructions fairly often). They are all back outside by the pool I believe the lockdown is back in effect.

3:54pm BBT: They are back to talking Harry Potter and the books. Then they are discussing Emma Waston's other movies. Sabrina is trying to say some of the spells from the movie. Adel says Harry Potter sucks, he has never been in another movie and everyone erupts with disagreement. They are back to talking about other movies that actors from Harry Potter have been in. Adel is talking about his product he is making (see yesterday's video post of Adel on the Dragon's Den) Adel tells them they will all be given one of his products after. It will be the 1st edition before changes, but not to open them, because when it goes big they will be worth something.

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4:05pm BBT: They are saying lines from shows and trying to guess what it's from. Heather said when they go home, she is excited to see everyone, but mostly to have some alone time. John wants to see his buddies. Heather said she does not want to go back to work full time when she leaves the house, she would like to do thing to help people after. There has been a lot of discussion about "friends" and which characters they like, They are also talking about Seinfield.

4:12pm BBT: Heather is saying, can you imagine people that are watching them. They are thinking they have all these toys and they are bored They just don't understand how mentally draining it is (Please Heather, you are all sucking the life and soul out of me today, get up do something!!) Sabrina, Heather and Neda are laying on furniture by the pool and Jon and Adel are laying on the tiles on towels. It seems that they have nothing to talk about today that is interesting and they don't any ambition what so ever.

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4:25pm BBT: They are talking about what it cost the company to get their babies featured on the show, BB just warns them to "PLEASE WAKE UP OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES" They decide to get up so they don't drift off and get punished. Jon, Adel and one of the girls goes to the HT room and says it's raining out here. They are playing with the toys BB gave them now. Lacrosse, paddles, balls and shuttlecocks.

4:35pm BBT: Even playing with the toys they are boring today. Jon on the exercise ball by himself, Adel playing with lacrosse stuff by himself, Heather in the HT room by herself and Neda and Sabrina playing badminton without a net. Heather lets out a big sigh.

5:05pm BBT: We have the HUSH screen.

5:10pm BBT: Adel, Jon and Heather are in the HT room. Heather said that she grew up half in town and half on the farm. Adel says he is going start cooking when they go back inside, run upstairs and shower, pray and then come down and finish cooking. Sabrina and Neda are still playing in the backyard. In the HT room they are saying they barely got any food from BB for this week. Heather states they got more greens this time, healthier foods. They also say they still have all the pork, no one has eaten the pork, they have 6 packages of bacon (who are these people?) pork ribs, pork loins. Adel goes back inside because he's cold and does not want to get sick. Jon and Heather are talking about how cold the water was and what parts of their bodies are sore from it.

5:18pm BBT: The HG are all back sitting by the pool, with the exception of Adel who is laying beside it. They are back to talking about the babies they had to look after. Adel said he had 3 diapers for his. he said whenever it cried he would change it and powder its bottom. Neda only had 2 diapers. Adel is excited, said that they are TV STARS!! who would ever thing they would be on 23 episodes of something. Sabrina tells them she already was a star.

5:25pm BBT: Jon can't wait to get out, he hopes he can charge his phone right away. Sabrina is telling Jon that he may not get a cell phone when he gets out because he owes them a thousand dollars. Now they are talking about phone companies and credit agencies. Jon is bored, he said he is so over this. Heather is asking BB how much time is left. Adel yells to them he has to go to the washroom again, he just wants in for 5 minutes again.

5:31pm BBT: Sabrina is saying everyone looks angry (they are because they are bored, but I think they would be bored inside too, they want to sleep) There is absolutely no talking, they are just sitting there now.

5:34pm BBT: We are back to the HUSH screen again.

5:35pm BBT: Feeds are back up. They are talking about who has turned on who in the BB house. Adel does a huge over exaggerated yawn and then asks, how do you like that Sh*t. Jon jokingly says he's going to run and lay on the hammock, he gets up and takes one step and BB starts the loud beeping again, and they all start laughing at him. They tell Jon that they (BB) is always watching them. Adel says he is going to buy his baby a hockey helmet, Jon asks him what does the baby do. Adel states nothing he's a baby, he just lays in the crib with a hockey helmet on and they all laugh.

5:42pm BBT: Jon tells Sabrina to open her eyes and sit up. she says sorry and she does. Jon asks why is everyday like this now, all the lock ups. They speculate it has something to do with the 20 million thing. But that it has to be building up to something, maybe another instant. Heather doesn't think they would get rid of anyone right now and Sabrina says they have to get rewarded yet. They are back to talking about how bad Neda was looking after her baby, she tells them if it was a real baby she would look after it. Heather says she is glad they didn't go in the pool it would have been cold getting in and cold when they got out. AND again we go to the HUSH screen.

5:55pm BBT: Feeds come back on and the HG are all in the backyard roaming, the boys are kicking a ball around. Sabrina and Neda are whispering and gesturing to each other. BB tell them HG, please stop talking about production. Sabrina said it feels like more than 14 minutes (I think they were told that's when the lockdown would be over) Sabrina says she is so scared. Adel, Jon and heather are by the door to the house. Adel yells: OK BB, it's been more than 14 minutes. They are more active now than they have been all afternoon.

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6:03pm BBT: Sabrina is still by the pool, Heather, Neda, Adel and Jon are waiting by the door to the house, one of them says it has been over 20 minutes now. Adel is asking for someone to do an alakazam or alakazoom on this sh*t. Heather is talking about steaming veggies now. Adel saying he really has to pee NOW!! They are trying to figure out what provinces some of the pictures in the back yard are from. Adel said there is no way that one is Saskatchewan, they have no mountains or trees (lol, yes there is). They are trying to figure out what time of the day it is, Jon thinks 5:30-6:00 (good guess Jon) they said they have been out there all day, and the babies they only had for about 2 hours. They are hoping the baby reward will be food.

6:12pm BBT: The door is opening, there is stuff there, they are having a baby shower. the winner was Adel with 8 infractions was Adel, the worst with the most infractions was Jon with 20. The winner gets to share the food and goodies with their fellow HG and the loser (Jon) will also get something extra...but we don't know what that is yet. Jon just got called to the DR!!!

6:18pm BBT: The letter they got from BB lists who missed a feeding, diaper change and burping. Neda looks around and says awe, this is adorable, I'm still never having a kid! They are toasting, cheers to not being pregnant. They are thinking there's more yet, they were outside too long for just this. And we have HUSH screens!!

#BBCAN2 6:25pm BBT: Jon comes out of the DR in a white and blue baby outfit complete with Bonnet and diaper. Jon has no idea how long he has to wear it, he says he is going to have rashes everywhere. Neda is trying to feed him saying "here comes the airplane" they want more alcohol so they can enjoy this more. I think they have to feed Jon and look after him like a baby, lol

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6:40pm BBT: Jon is complaining he is sweating everywhere. Earlier Adel said as the winner he had to change Jon's diaper (please tell me this is a joke) They are still enjoying the food in the living room. Jon is saying that Neda was shaking her baby. Jon has a giant pacifier that squeaks. Adel, Heather and Sabrina are in the kitchen, Adel is cooking chicken breasts. Neda and Heather go to the main bedroom. they start talking game, and what Sabrina has said. Heather said she told her that she would come in 2nd against everyone and Sabrina told her that she could always take Adel. Heather and Neda are talking about final 3 and hoping they will win if it's an endurance. Jon comes in and the conversation changes.

6:50pm BBT: Neda said when her baby cried she laid it down and covered her ears. Jon sais that Neda is so happy right now that it is pissing him off. Jon says his boxers are soaked already and Heather asked if he pee'd in it. They tell Jon to blow in his diaper and Jon tells them to each take a side and they can blow into it. Jon said when Adel seen him in it he wished him a Happy Birthday. Jon goes down to the kitchen and Adel asked where did they find a diaper that big. Jon tells him it's not even a diaper.

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7:05PM BBT Adel is cooking and complaining that he is hungry. Adel said that when Jon won the Easter hunt he got to choose 5 things, now he has to cook.

7:20PM BBT Looks like Sabrina has pain in her hands, she just asked Heather to take her food out.

7:40PM BBT jon is on the green couch, Adel and Neda just finishing eating.

7:48PM BBT Jon and Neda in HoH Jon said do you think Heather knows and Neda said no. Jon looks very worried to tell Heather that she is going up.

7:52PM BBT Heather comes into HoH with Jon and Neda Heather said is everything ok you both look sad. Jon said why are you asking, then Heather said did anything change. They both said no.

7:55PM BBT Neda Jon and Heather in HoH it is very quiet in there Heather is reading Jon HoH letter.

8:01PM BBT Heather,Neda in HOH nothing much going on. Sabrina and Jon cannot be seen.

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(Flashing back to around) 8:00 PM BBT

The lights start flashing on and off.

Neda thought it was because she was listening to music on the headphones with her eyes closed, but then realized it was all over the house.

Adel comes out of the tub and wraps himself in a yellow towel.

They all run out to see.

Heather was downstairs, and she asks them if this is something Big Brother is doing.

Adel goes back upstairs because he forgot his microphone pack.

We hear Big Brother say: "PAUL, please put on your microphone." A minute later, Big Brother says: "IKA, please put on your microphone."

Jon asks "why are they saying PAUL?"

Adel speculates that the first evictees are coming back.

Neda says to Heather that Heather was right, maybe she DID see Ika before.

(I think I heard them mention it on last night's AfterDark.)

Neda goes to pee.

Adel stays on the stairs.

Soon, he says that someone is coming, because he can hear feet. (He means footsteps, approaching the front door from the other side.)

<Feeds seemed broken there for a while. Not down, i.e. "Hush" screen, but not funtioning at all, just a brown screen.>

9:00 BBT Feeds are back.

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9:39PMBBT: The boys talk continues in the HoH. They wonder if BB is going to lock them out again tomorrow, they agree that tomorrow is going to be a very long day in the house. Jon heads down to the LR, Adel goes to the WC. Sabrina is on the couch in the LR.

9:45PMBBT: Adel heads out to the BY, fiddles with the field hockey sticks. He heads to the hot tub, checks it, walks around, heads back to the BY. Kicked a ball. Back to the LR. Jon closed his eyes and BB told him to wake up.

9:47PMBBT: There is a ghost in the BB house. Sabrina thinks it is because she believes in ghosts. Heather says how can they sleep with babies crying and the ghosts of evicted HG haunting them. Jon is looking like a zombie baby. He is struggling to stay awake, he stands up and starts walking around slowly. Adel asks what is in his diaper? It looks like he has a dumper in there. Adel says he is jumping into his onesie as it is almost bed time.
Heather is swiffering the house, again.

9:54PMBBT: Adel wanders around and is rambling. He tells Neda BB is dying to punish them. He asks if they all want to go hide so Sabrina freaks out when she comes back. No one is going to hide. Heather continues to swiffer. Jon is squeaking his toy (annoying).

10:00PMBBT: Adel is swiffering in the LR, in a onesie, with his Wallah Bro hat on. He says it is helping him to stay awake. "Does it get wine out? Oh look! One sweep!" and that is the excitement going on. Sabrina is still in DR. Neda and Heather are at the counter.

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10:07PMBBT: Neda, Jon and Adel are in the HOH talking about nominations. Sounds like Sabrina and Heather are going up (in this convo anyway). Adel says to tell them tonight so they will stay up all night thinking about it. Neda says "No, we don't want that." Jon agrees with Neda. We get HotH.

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8:16PM BBT Neda is in HoH and the lights is flashing in the house they are all in the LR except Jon. Adel is running around with a towel without his mic.

8:17PM BBT BB Announce Paul please put on your mic, Then BB said Ika please put on your mic. They are all paranoid now thinking someone is coming back.

8:19PM BBT Everyone is in the LR wondering what is going on. They all think Ika is coming back.

8:24PM BBT Jon Sabrina, Heather and Neda sitting in LR lights flash and we get HOTH.

8:27PM BBT We continue to get HoTH

8:48PM BBT There is something going on in the house. We will find out once they are back.

8:56PM BBT We are back. looks like they were looking at videos. Adel said he cannot believe he miss an entire video.

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10:20PMBBT: They are all in the HoH. Talk has been about prize money, who might be coming back into the house (it isn't happening this season), Adel says "That is cheating! Gary is a cheater." (Remember we voted him back in) Adel says to Jon "Every thing is books, books, books eh?" Jon says "My grandmother." And we get Hoth again.

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10:28PMBBT: Feeds are back. They were in an HOHLD. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Adel is walking around seeing if anything has changed in the house. Jon wonders if he has to wear the baby costume to bed. Neda and Heather say they are ready for bed, they are tired.

10:30PMBBT: What is Adel doing? It looks like he poured a can of pop(soda) into the pool (it was blurred out), ran out to the HT and threw it in there. He comes running back out to the BY and has tissues he is throwing around. He tells them a baby head was floating in the water. He thinks there maybe more around the house "We have gone from babies to baby heads with demon eyes" They are throwing the baby head around the BY. Everyone but Adel goes back inside.

10:37PMBBT: Small talk in the LR. They want to go to bed, Sabrina says BB wants them to stay awake. Is someone coming back in? Or is this week strictly eviction. *SQUEAK!* Adel is upstairs talking, he says they must have more baby heads in the house. Neda says "OMG imagine waking up in the night with baby heads all around you!" (BB are you listening? With glowing eyes and a creepy laugh would be awesome, thanks!)

10:41PMBBT: Sabrina tells them about Arlie's Angels and "It was a big thing!" she stressed that she was the gremlins and she was not changing. "Again, ARLIE'S angels, he is in charge, I don't think so." Neda says he probably had that in his head for a long time. Adel says he saw Paul. They natter back and forth (is this haunting thing an Adel mission?) Something made noise in the kitchen, the door closed. Sabrina, "Jon can you go check that?" Adel says "It's not like you are gonna get jumped in the BB house!" They all laugh.

10:45PMBBT: Adel "Wanna debate?" Everyone "NO!" Adel "Do you believe in aliens?" Neda says yes, Heather says she doesn't want to talk about this. Sabrina is unusually quiet (did she leave? lol) Jon is called to DR, the other throw the baby head around. Sabrina "I can't evicted for accidentally hitting him in the head with this right?" The girls laugh.

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10:50PMBBT: Jon was the "worst dad" and that is why he is in the baby costume. He didn't burp or feed his baby. Neda says it wouldn't let him. They talk about baby heads, what they went through with the babies. The talk turns to Alison's veto. Adel says she wouldn't have been able to use it for 3 weeks. Sabrina says she had it when Kenny went home and she didn't use it because she didn't trust Kenny. Neda wants to know why Alison saved Sabrina and not Arlie. Sabrina says "It was a personal reason, not like I don't want to tell you, it was personal with her" Neda says she understands. Adel reminds them of the jury full of gremlins. Jon is out of the DR and moping up the stairs to the HoHR. Adel is playing with the baby head still.

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