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Thursday, April 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:01 AM BBT Down in the HNR the cuddle session has ceased. Up in the BR Allison can be seen sitting up in her bed lost in thought, not saying anything. Feed 2 which was also the BR switches to the balcony. Arlie sticks his head in the BR before wandering back out. Jon leaves the room, following behind him. They meet up in the HoH. Down in the HNR someone points out that if they win HoH the house will lose its shit. Jon listens to music. Arlie is sleeping on the couch.

12:05 AM BBT Rachelle points out that she can't believe Allison came in two weeks late and she's treated "just like us". Sarah says she'll get to see how that played out. Kenny worries that he just flashed his nuts. Sarah replies "You're welcome Canada." Silence. Feeds switch to Allison and Sabrina whispering in the BR. Sabrina says it sucks that she's taken the blame for everything in the house. Allison points out that she has to go with the people protecting her in this game. Allison says she's already in shit because she keeps trying to protect Sabrina. Sabrina whispers how so. Allison mumbles something and Sabrina says "Oh you mean the one you called Kingpin? You guys have bosses now?" Allison doesn't reply or mumbles something and walks out of the BR. Cameras stay on her for a bit. You can hear her heart beating (surprisingly it's not racing, it sounds fairly normal).

12:11 AM BBT Feeds switch to Allison talking to Jon in WA. Allison is annoyed. She's tired of Sabrina using her emotions when she talks to her. Jon asks how. Allison says she talks to Sabrina and then she's afraid she'll be in shit with the rest of the group that's keeping her around. Jon tells her not to worry about it. Sabrina is the one that should be worried. She's the one that uses emotions to talk to people. Jon tells her good night. Allison is starting nightly ADLs and throwing things into the drawer.

12:14 AM BBT Allison uses the stall in the WA. Feeds switch to Heather working out in the BY, lifting a small weight up and down. Back in the HNR Sarah removes her mic. Lights still don't appear to be dimming anywhere in any of the BRs. Neda was going to take a shower, but she clearly wasn't in the WA which means she might be in the HoH shower. Heather finishes working out and gets clothes from the dryer, folding them.

12:22 AM BBT Heather finishes the laundry. Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Heather is working out (it looks like BB may have asked her to pull the string of doors closed, they were all pushed up against the left side of the doorway prior to FoTH). Heather drops the weight and says "You're fucking me!" and walks around with her hands on her annoyed. After calming down a bit she grabs two weights and starts lifting them up and down over her head. She stops after a few minutes and looks annoyed towards mirror. She moves away briefly and tries stretching side to side briefly before going back to her original mirror. (I was wondering if she might have seen a member of prod behind the mirror, we clearly have a camera in front of her, but the fact that she went back makes that seem unlikely - Niteslacker) Meanwhile in the HNR lights have been dimming and are about completely off.

12:31 AM BBT Heather continues to work out on the first two feeds while the second two continue to show a darkened HNR room in full night vision glory. Back out in the BY Heather lifts the weight she was using earlier and attempts to do the exercise she was doing with it before freaking out. She tells herself not to push herself too hard. It looks like she's attempting to do squats while lifting the weight up. She tells herself she's not ready yet and puts it back down (so clearly she was freaking out on herself earlier when she randomly went off).

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12:36 AM BBT Heather continues to work out. The camera behind the mirror zooms in on her picture hanging across the way in the BY which she just so happens to be standing in front of. She finishes the weights and jogs around the yard for a lap before returning back and picking up two more weights. Now she lies down on the bench and begins to lower her arms up and down, bringing the weights together.

12:40 AM BBT Heather finishes with the weights and sets them on the ground. She stares up at the "sky" briefly before picking them up and starting again. Meanwhile feeds 3 and 4 continue to display horizontal HGs in a darkened HNR.

12:46 AM BBT Heather continues to work out in the BY. Heather says "Ok fine I won't do that anymore" before standing up and walking back into the house.

12:47 AM Heather gets a rag and wipes down the bench. She takes her brace off (while saying she's taking her brace off) before lying on her back on the ground. Now she's holding a weight on her pelvis and does a few...what can only be described as pelvic thrusts. She slides her pants leg up to her knee and begins stretching a bit before doing her pelvic thrusts while holding her the weight on her pelvis again. Meanwhile feed 4 has switched to Neda brushing her freshly washed hair before beginning nightly ADLs. All four feeds now on Heather in the BY. Heather sits up and begins stretching back and forth from side to side for 2-3 seconds a piece before saying "Phew..." and standing back up. She pulls her pants legs back down and begins leaning on her right leg while stretching to the right.

12:53 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 have switched to the darkened BR. Feeds 3 and 4 now on Heather in the BY as she wanders around the yard aimlessly stretching her arms back and forth. She lets out a chuckle at the camera as it spins around to find her. She takes her shoes and socks off and runs back and forth in front of the camera, waving and giggling a bit before heading inside to the KT and filling her water bottle. Heather now heading upstairs.

12:56 AM BBT Heather hears someone in the WA and creeps towards the door and says "Boo!" to Neda. Neda didn't realize Heather was still awake. Neda may sleep in HoH tonight. Heather says that's fine and she wants to go rearrange some things. She heads out and into HoH and moves the pillows around before heading into HoH BR where she sits on the lounger with a portable mirror and starts tweezing her face. Neda comes in and asks if she's going to take a shower. Heather will take one in the morning. Heather asks if Neda is going to shower. Neda already did. Neda says she's going to lay down. Heather says she'll be in in a few minutes.

01:03 AM BBT Heather done tweezing her face and goes to the sink and washes her hands and face. Heather brushes her teeth, put drops in her eyes, cleans out her ears and heads out of the DR going into the WA where she drops something off before going down stairs.

01:09 AM BBT She heads into the BY and throws the clothes in the washer into the dryer and gets her clean clothes and heads back into the house up to the HoH.

01:10 AM BBT Heather heads into the shower to change. She comes back out in her bra and yoga pants and gets the portable mirror before heading back into the shower stall and pulls the curtain. FoTH on feeds 3 and 4. Feeds 1 and 2 continue to display horizontal HG in darkened BR.

01:19 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 back in HoH. Lights are dimming and Heather is in bed reading her letter from her boyfriend. Neda is sleeping beside her. Meanwhile in the BR there is a camera right above Jon and appears very restless tonight. He's tossed and turned several times in the past 5-10 minutes or so.

01:21 AM BBT The lights continue to dim and Heather continues to look over her letter until the point where she can't read any more and puts it on the nightstand beside her. Neda gets a drink from her bottle and settles in. Meanwhile back in the BR Jon's leg/foot is twitching periodically as if he were still awake. Allison can also be seen with her legs propped up and her hands underneath the back of her head. We have zero audio coming from any of the feeds.

01:25 AM BBT Feed 1 displays Allison and Sabrina in their separate beds. Allison appears very much awake. She pulls her sheet over her legs. Feed 2 shows Adel and Jon's corner of the room. They two are in their own separate beds and Jon has changed position yet again. Feed 3 displays Heather listening to her music with Neda sleeping beside her. Feed 4 shows Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle sleeping on the floor of their HNR. We remain audio less at this time.

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01:36 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Allison is once again above her sheet with her feet/toes gently moving back and forth. Jon also appears awake still, he's lying flat on his back in his bed. Heather just put her music away and appears to be settling in to go to sleep.

01:50 AM BBT Allison is back underneath her sheets and hasn't moved in a bit. Jon is still restless. Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

01:58 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Jon remains restless. On that note we'll call it a night!

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9:27PM BBT: Sabrina is doing Rachelle's hair in the WA. Allison and Sarah are showering. Rachelle says that if she goes home today she would be happy. Sabrina keeps sneezing and blowing her nose.

Kenny is in the kitchen quiet.

9:33AM BBT: Neda and Jon in the HOH WA. Neda doing her makeup. Jon says he doesn't want to go home today. Neda says your not going to , f**k it. Heather joins them, Adel follows with coffee in hand for Jon. Lots of getting ready in this house this morning.

Rachelle talks about not wanting to get evicted on a double eviction because then your family isn't there. Sarah is hoping her sister is there tonight because she lives in Ottawa.

9:43AM BBT: Silent in the HOH WA between Neda and Heather.

General chit chat in the WA. BB tells Allison to put on her microphone. Sabrina talks about dying her hair red because her parents would let her. Adel is in the shower. Kenny heads into the shower. Allison asks how he is feeling and he says energized. Sabrina and Rachelle giggle.

9:48AM BBT: Arile, Neda, Sarah and Adel in the BR. Very minimal conversation happening. Sarah says how it is impossible for her to fit all of her things in her one bag. She plans to put things in a garbage bag.

Sabrina is finishing up Rachelle's hair. Allison is doing her hair and makeup. Kenny says the shower just went ice cold. Adel comes in to lotion his face and tells the HGs that he is going to make turkey bacon and anyone can have some.

9:52AM BBT: Heather and Neda in the HOH WA talking about Adel being excited to cook for everyone. Heather says yeah because he can now because Andrew and Sabrina were always in there. Heather goes on to talk about how it was Sabrina's game play. Switches to how nervous Heather is.

Pretty quiet house.

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#BBCAN2 10:00 to 10:10AM BBT: Sarah chatted with Neda earlier in the BR about their talk yesterday. Told her that she wants to be sitting with her at the end "100%" over Jon. Neda then corners Jon it the HOH room on his thoughts of keeping Sarah over Allison. Heather comes in to interrupt the conversation, so they moved to the chairs up on top of the stairs. She makes the pitch again stating, "I've already made my decision of No, but what are your thoughts?" Jon asks where this is coming from, and Neda reveals she chatted with Sarah last night. Jon doesn't think the numbers add up. [He looks like...."This is WAAAY to early to be talking game, I'm not awake yet." or that maybe just his normal look.] Jon continually running through the numbers and doesn't feel they will better themselves with keeping Sarah. He apologizes for last night. Neda asks if he was told he was being a jerk, or did he realize it himself. He realized it himself, and continues to say that he is glad Neda brought this scenario up to him.

#BBCAN2 10:15 AM BBT: 1st 2 live feeds FOTH. Jon and Neda still on the chairs at the top of the stairs. Jon makes the decision that he is not keeping Sarah over Allison.

#BBCAN2 10:18 AM BBT: Neda keeps reinforcing that Sarah would choose Jon over Arlie if they were both on the block. [Really seems to be trying to sway him. Sarah must have gotten into Neda's head]

#BBCAN2 10:22AM BBT: 1st 2 live feeds FOTH. Neda moved back into the HOH room to finish up her makeup with Heather.

#BBCAN2 10:30-10:34 AM BBT: Checking in...Looks like we still have Heather and Neda doing their ADLs in the HOH room. Rachelle and Sabrina sitting at the table. Sarah and Adel come over to eat their breakfast with them. Camera changes over to show Jon and Arlie on the couches. Sarah asks Arlie is grumpy and he responds that he is just ready to go. Really pretty quiet today.

#BBCAN2 10:44AM BBT: Jon in the HOH room talking numbers with Heather on what way the HG would vote. [i think Neda got into his head and he is questioning his decision] Heather says she is just happy that she can compete to help their group out. Jon gets up and says "Lets get this started"

#BBCAN2 10:45 - 10-55 AM BBT: Jon walked over to the BR where Neda and Arlie were. Chatted for a bit, but ended up going back to the BR and plopped down on his bed. Feed 3 and 4 went to FOTH. The other 2 feeds have Kenny and Sarah eating breakfast. They discuss making slop cookies. Sarah goes to turn the oven on. When she comes back, Kenny states he is so amped for the competition. Cant wait to get it started. Kenny asks Sarah if Neda talked to her, and Sarah says Neda didn't really give her any hope. Sarah says that she will miss most that Kenny wont be there for her to cry on. Kenny says that he is totally going to screen her calls when he gets out of the house for fear that she is just going to be crying.

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11:01AM BBT: Kenny and Sarah at the DT talking and laughing. Sarah talks more about her family and who she hopes is there.

Feed 3/4 are back, Arlie is in the BR putting his contacts in. All feeds cut FotH.

11:09AM BBT: Feeds are back. Sarah at the DT alone, Allison in the KT - neither saying a thing.

Adel listening to music in the HOHr, Arlie sitting looking around. Someone is blow drying their hair. No speaking.

11:10AM BBT: Feeds cut to FotH again.

11:13AM BBT: Feeds are back and Arlie is saying "talks like this will get us in trouble if someone walks in on it" and walks away. Adel is listening to music in the HOHr. Heather is in and out of rooms getting ready.

Rachelle, Kenny, Sabrina, Sarah and Neda in the WA. Neda was just going to brush her teeth when she got called to the DR. Kenny and Rachelle are talking about the type of game HOH will be, Rachelle thinks it will be puzzle with the dates. Sabrina is doing Sarah's makeup, they are talking about the types of makeup and the different products. Kenny and Rachelle are watching.

11:18AM BBT: Kenny and Rachelle are whispering about the different facts and stats from the game and counting out the days and what happened each day. Sarah and Sabrina are talking about eye lashes and how Sarah's are still on after 7 weeks.

Sarah goes on to tell Sabrina that they will be friends outside of this game, Sarah says she doesn't care what happened in the game. Sarah tells them (Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina) about how she doesn't have many friends that know her like they do.

11:24AM BBT: Random conversations, Sarah talking about her plans to keep her kids home from school on her first day back.

Heather is moving all of her things from her HOHr. Alison is doing her makeup. Neda is out of the DR, in the WA getting ready.

Feeds 3/4 on FotH.

11:27AM BBT: Sabrina finishes up with Sarah and is called to the DR. She is concerned over how awful she looks without consealer on. Sabrina runs back up 2 minutes later saying they let her get dressed, she has 10 minutes.

Rachelle says she wishes she could sing. Then she asks when everyone is getting dressed? Allison is getting dressed after rehearsal. Kenny is using an electric razor to get the hairs on his shoulder and biceps. Allison has been flossing for 5 minutes. Sarah is doing her eyebrows.

11:34AM BBT: HGs are told to stop singing. Everyone in the WA is humming.

Lots of getting ready, little talk/no game talk happening.

Feeds 3/4 are still FotH.

11:44AM BBT: Not much more happening. Jon is really the only one not around. Adel says Heather is in her HOHr jamming out to her music before she has to leave the room. Really quiet morning in the WA while everyone gets ready.

Feeds 3/4 still FotH.

11:49AM BBT: Sarah, Rachelle and Neda are in the WA talking about laser hair removal. Sarah wants to get her under arms and upper lip done. The girls then go into talk about shaving vs waxing their private area. Kenny leaves to get a coffee for them to have their hairless conversation. Rachelle asks about her hair and what she should do for her hair in the summer.

11:57AM BBT: Sabrina is back doing Sarah's makeup. Rachelle and NEda are getting ready in the WA too.

Feeds 3/4 are still FotH.

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(not going to post the HotH notices since 6:30)

7:15PMBBT: Nothing on the feeds yet. With this Double Eviction, who do you think is going home? Did the Sloppy Seconds turn on each other already? Or was another F5 member ousted?

7:50PMBBT: HotH. There is NO concrete info coming out of the BB taping. We will wait for the show or the feeds! That's how we roll!

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10:02 PM BBT We are standing by waiting for the feeds to return from FoTH.

10:10 PM BBT All four feeds remain FoTH at this time.

10:15 PM BBT All four feeds remain FoTH. While we wait for the feeds to return, who would you like to see win HoH this week?

10:21 PM BBT All four feeds remain HoH at this time.

10:35 PM BBT All four feeds remain FoTH at this time.

10:44 PM BBT We are eagerly awaiting the return of the feeds still.

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11:06PM BBT: Feeds back with all HGs in the HOH where Jon is reigning. He is talking about his dad and how amazing he is. Heather says she wants to meet Janelle and she is smoking hot. Jon asks if he can wear his robe out of the HOH room and is told he can but he cannot keep it afterwards. He says that this is so amazing.

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10:56 PM BBT All four feeds continue to display FoTH at this time.

11:05 PM BBT Feeds back. Everyone is gathered in HoH. Neda asks if she can have something out of the HoH basket and Jon says "Of course!" Jon has won HoH!

11:08 PM BBT Jon says today is the best day of his life. He's going to sip on rocks the entire night. Jon says times like this makes this entire experience worth it. Jon's letter was from his father. Apparently in his letter his dad commented nice things about the rest of the HGs. Heather wants to meet his GF Janelle. She's hot. Jon asks if he can wear his robe outside the HoH. Heather says yes, that's the only thing.

11:11 PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle are heading out to the HT. Jon says Heather made the first big move as the Sloppy Seconds and they just steamrolled the rest of them. Rachelle is the target this week. Arlie says it'll be all of them against Sabrina next week unless Rachelle happens to win PoV this week.

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11:11PM BBT: Arlie calls out that since it is Jon's HOH they should give them more booze. Sabrina and Rachelle say congrats again and leave to go downstairs. Jon reviewing how the Sloppy Seconds just killed tonight. They now are plotting the future which means getting Sabrina out. They say that Adel will have to go up as the pawn and he is OK with that. Sabrina is into the store room getting ice for her cup. She is wearing a bikini under a towel and drops it nearly mooning the cams in the process. Sabrina and Rachelle headed for the hot tub. Jon describing his pictures to his alliance. Sabrina saying how much better it feels in the house already without Kenny and Sarah. HOH group getting rowdy and all talking over each other. The girls open the hot tub and try to figure out how to turn it on eventually getting the jets going. Sabrina says it is ironic that Sarah screwed herself for Kenny and he ended up going home the same night. Jon declaring the HOH open door policy telling them not to ask ever just to come in. Arlie says ever since Andrew did that to Arlie he knew that this had to happen he could not be part of that. Sabrina saying that next HOH could be one of us and we can't give up. Upstairs they are plotting three more and it will be a clean sweep. Rachelle thinks that the next comp may be endurance and she might win it. Sabrina says she cannot be in the house without Rachelle. Sabrina pleads for Canada to please save the Gremlins. Then says how crazy it is that everything changes in the house. Arlie and others now commenting on Janelle again and how she is a bombshell and looks exactly as Arlie expected given the way Jon described her. Jon reading part of his letter to Heather and Allison. Sabrina now declaring that the Gremlins will try to prevail.

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11:21PM BBT: Feeds outside cut to Sorry screen then return. Sabrina saying that they should think that they are going to jury. They will go to the end of the game and decide who wins. General chatter upstairs where Jon is drinking some of his HOH booze. Now HOH feeds cut out. Sabrina saying they are going to be in jury with great people on a beautiful lake and they get to decide who wins. They will get to experience all of BB together as of week three it has been me and you. She is happy because this week made the experience turn bitter for her but she is now happy she is the only one that can make this experience bitter. Feeds back upstairs where Allison is saying that it is now too late for anyone who goes out to come back in. (Try selling that one to Gary. DRG) Jon saying that his dad is not the kind of person to say he is really proud if he isn't. Sabrina now declaring she is not going to be sad and a sap cause they are still here and are going to the end so she is going to be happy and make the experience a really good one. (Wonder what Vegas would make the over/under on that one? DRG)

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11:14 PM BBT Down in the KT Rachelle and Sabrina says Jon will take Neda to the F2. As they wander out into the BY towards the HT Sabrina hopes there will be a twist that will help save the Gremlins. Rachelle says it just sucks that one of them will win. Sabrina says there's a chance they could still win it. Rachelle and Sabrina take the cover off the HT and get it. Rachelle wonders if Canada will evict someone this week.

11:17 PM BBT Up in the HoH Neda and Allison are trying to trade One Direction bracelets (it sounds like Jon got them and a One Direction mug as part of his basket because his sister is a fan?) Jon leaves the HoH. Down in the HT Sabrina tries to build her and Rachelle's egos up by saying they're still in it. Rachelle wonders about the length of Adel's power. Sabrina thinks he can use it until the end of the game. Rachelle wonders if that means he's safe until the rest of the game. Sabrina doesn't know.

11:21 PM BBT Jon shows Heather his letter and reads the first part of it. Jon's dad said from what he's seen of the show he expects Jon to have lots of friends after he gets off the show and then compliments Jon playing the game. Arlie comments on the fact that Jon's GF is smoking hot. Jon shows off the One Direction mug and says he wants to keep it clean/unused for his sister.

11:24 PM BBT HoH feeds go FoTH. Down in the HT Sabrina tells Rachelle that they're going to be in a nice lakeside house and will help decide the outcome of the game and they'll be able say they've experienced the whole game. As a fan since 9 years of age this is huge for her.

11:27 PM BBT Jon says at his grandparents house all they had was Rubik's cubes and mazes like they did today. He knew once he saw the HoH challenge that he had this game. Adel says now the rest of them need to step up and win next week. Down in the HT Sabrina and Rachelle are still discussing what Adel's power might be. They still think it's a veto (As a reminder, Adel's secret power that he has is that he is able to play in any veto game of his choice until the end of the game).

11:30 PM BBT In the HoH they are discussing the sleeping arrangements. It sounds like everyone is going to try and cram into the HoH and sleep on the couch and floor and bed. Down in the HT Rachelle and Sabrina discuss the fact that they're going to be having a sleep over in the jury house and be able to talk without cameras and watch movies.

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11:28PM BBT: General revue of past events going on upstairs and how things could have played out differently. Sabrina now telling Rachelle that she might not be the one leaving it is more likely to be her. She tells her not to feel bad yet. Talk upstairs is now about who will sleep in the HOH bed vs. the couch or floor. They are going to do rock paper scissors to decide who sleeps on the floor. The boys are going to be on the bed. Rachelle and Sabrina saying they had no idea about some of their friends back home that are gay. Now they are looking forward to being in jury together and Sabrina says they are getting half of third place. (I can't do that kind of math. DRG)

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11:35PM BBT: Brief silence in both rooms for a few seconds. Allison breaks the quiet by shouting out that she can here someone pee on the john. Allison Heather and Arlie now in the HOH bed. Adel covered up on the couch. Jon in the bathroom. Arlie saying their alliance did it, one of the others will go next week and even if the remaining one wins the next one they can't play the following one. Allison speculating that next eviction could be the one where you put up three and evict two which would suck for them. Gals outside unusually quiet. Allison saying "You can call me alley cat." Arlie now getting some of the HOH booze now drinking right from the bottle. Rachelle says it looks like they will be making meals for themselves baby and Sabrina says this could be their last week. Jon now talking about how everyone in his high school back home will be watching every Wed. and Thurs. night and there will be announcements. Neda comes back with Allison's water bottle. Gals outside now reminiscing about Kyle and Kenny. Sabrina said Kyle said reallybad things about her so she does not like him. Sabrina reminds her that she said really mean things about Heather. Allison now telling Neda that she knew what happened to the condiments and Neda is smiling. Sabrina saying how this week was really difficult. Neda now confesses to Adel about pouring the condiments in the garbage. Adel jumps up shouting Wake Up Canada. Allison says she knew that somebody did it. Jon up shouting that Neda did the syrup the sugar and every bit of it and he had nothing to do with it. Heather cannot believe that Neda did not tell her. Neda says she did it so Kenny would be weak for HOH. Sabrina shouting out hashtags like #Gremlins, #Save the Gremlins. Neda now saying she is not a horrible person for pouring the syrup out she just wanted Kenny weak and felt bad that Sarah had to endure it her last week. Heather says she would have helped.

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11:47PM BBT: Sabrina says there are 7 that have to leave in three weeks so there has to be another double. (Again I cannot comprehend that math. DRG) Now she speculates that Kenny may have gone to jury. Sabrina says that they should be Goths tomorrow night as they will have nothing to do. Upstairs crew now going over the potato comp and Andrew's performance. Arlie complaining about how Andrew got to compete against him in the last part of that comp all fresh. Now Arlie goes back to complimenting Janelle. Jon says he may or may not marry her and Neda points out that he has already proposed to her on TV. Adel is in the HOH tub soaking. Heather says she wants to come to Jon's wedding. Jon says he wants all of them to stand at the affair. Allison asks if his dog will be the ring bearer with a little pillow strapped to his back.

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11:35 PM BBT Arlie, Allison and Heather are all crammed in the HoH bed. Jon and Adel are sitting on the couch. Allison calls out that she can hear Neda peeing in the HoH WA. Jon gives her a hug as she exits the WA. Neda heads down to get something to eat. Down in the HT they are discussing the double eviction HoH. Neda wonders if she made the right choice putting Jon and Neda up. Sabrina says she would have put up Neda and Allison because she knows Allison knows all of that stuff. Rachelle wonders if PoV will ever be endurance.

11:39 PM BBT Up in the HoH they continue to praise each other for the way things went today. Down in the HT Sabrina says she really likes Kyle. She knows that Kyle said some mean things about Rachelle but she really likes him because he's otherwise super nice and super funny. Sabrina points out that everyone in the house has said some things about people and she doesn't like Kyle for what he said about her (Rachelle) but otherwise she really did like him.

11:44 PM BBT Up in the HoH Jon is telling everyone about how Neda disposed of all of the condiments for the slop. Jon is very proud of her. Adel, Arlie, Allison and Heather are amazed by it. Down in the HT they're running numbers, expecting another double eviction. Sabrina wonders if Kenny went to jury.

11:50 PM BBT Up in the HoH they're discussing Down on the Farm comp to Allison explaining how Arlie was exhausted when digging up the potatoes. Jon asks Arlie how hot his girlfriend is. Arlie says super hot. She's just as Jon described her. Jon asks Heather. Heather agrees. Down in the HT Sabrina and Rachelle continue to praise each other for making it as far as they have "We've made it half way through the game". Rachelle hates the buzzer games she prefers the games in which there's a definitive winner (Uh...sore loser much? - Niteslacker)

11:54 PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle agree to be "precious" starting tomorrow and to be #buzzworthy. Sabrina says they're in the final 8 after how many people applied to be on the show. Up in the HoH Jon is saying how he came into the game wanting to be the person that he is outside the house. Jon says crying feels great, it's a great release kind of deal. Jon said the letter made him break down like he was a 12 year old kid. Arlie and Allison agree that the house amplifies your emotions.

11:58 PM BBT Jon says the person he is in the house is the person that he was brought up to be. Down in the HT Rachelle and Sabrina are discussing how to confront Jon and point out to him that once the girls are gone he will become target numero uno because he is the strongest person in his alliance.

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11:54PM BBT: Jon showing the pic of his dog around the room. He is wearing the HOH robe and still drinking booze from a glass. Sabrina again saying to Rachelle that they are still here and have been on national TV for weeks. She says she really believes in God and they should not be here. Now she does damage control saying how horrible it would have been if she had to vote Rachelle out of the house. She says that there are three weeks left and this week will be nuts and the Gremlins will be saved. Rachelle saying how the girls who are here are all boring. Jon says how this game makes people feel things you would not think you could. Like you have to make decisions on your own and cannot pick up the phone to call Mom and Dad. The person you are in the house is the person you were raised to be. Sabrina and Rachelle now talking about how to talk to Jon to try and influence the noms and what would be smart for him to do. Allison now comments that this has been Jon's drunken rant in the HOH room. Talk turns to Kenny being an amazing dancer.

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