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Saturday, March 22 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:16AM BBT Rachelle,Sabrina and Allison in HoHR Rachelle has glass in her foot from the party. Sabrina is trying to take it out. Neda said she and Jon are sleeping in HoH with Rachelle.

12:25AM Allisn have join the crew in HoH. Sabrina and Kenny are on the chair Sabrina playing with Kenny hair and face. Feeds shutting on and off.

12:37AM BBT sabrina said Heather keep on bothering her and she wish Heather knows that she does not like her.

12:47AM BBT Jon left HoH Allison is snoring. Kenny is now in bed with the girls, Kenny said they can touch up on his red underwear.

12:54AM BBT The audio stop working on all feeds.

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1:04 AM BBT

Sabrina and Jon are looking for a blanket for Sabrina. Sabrina has gone to the HNR. She found a coat to use. Adel got up to go to the bathroom. Now Jon is back up again and went out for a smoke.

1:12 AM BBT

No audio. Jon is in the KT grabbing a glass of water and a snack.

1:22 AM BBT

Audio is back. Ika came down for tea. Jon is throwing out slop because he thinks it’s old. Ika can’t understand why he would do that. She goes into the supply room alone talking to herself. She thinks he’s shaddy. She comes back and tells him that was nice of him.

1:27 AM BBT

Sabrina came down. It looks like she went into the HNR. Jon goes into the storage room and Ika is talking to BB or us about how crazy he is and he probably stole Andrew’s smokes. Sabrina has come back out. Sabrina is not feeling well, drank too much.

1:35 AM BBT

Ika is freaking out now that she thinks Jon took the smokes. She’s double checking the slop Jon was working on. Now she is in the Storage room looking for what he is hiding.

Ika tells Sabrina she was in bed and saw Jon go through Andrews pockets and take his cigarettes. She thinks he was throwing away slop to cause chaos in the house. Ika doesn’t trust him, there is something wrong with him.

1:46 AM BBT

Ika thinks Jon knows Ika saw him take the cigs so he confessed it to her. They go check the slop bucket again. Sabrina is trying to talk sense into her. Ika admits maybe he was being nice but he looks sketchy.

2:08 AM BBT

Ika thinks Allison will do anything Andrew tells her to do. They are talking game but some of it is hard to hear. The boys are going to come after the girls. Ika thinks her specifically.

2:19 AM BBT

Rachelle asked Ika if she should get Kenny’s opinion when Ika suggested putting up Andrew. Ika feels there isn’t an alliance anymore with the girls. Everyone is on different teams now. It’s more of an understanding.

2:32 AM BBT

Ika says she doesn’t trust anyone. Sabrina and Ika go to their BRs.

2:38 AM BBT

All guests have gone to bed. Night all!

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8:34AM BBT: The lights are all on, Some HGs are up and around - no sound. (Kenny and Andrew in the bedroom, looking messy. Adel is around and Heather.

8:38AM BBT: Heather is in the shower, Ika VERY quickly brushed her teeth and Sarah went to the the HoH room to use the washroom. Allison, Neda and Rachelle all asleep in the the HoH room bed. Ika checks in and they start moving.

Ika goes to the Have-Not room to wake up Sabrina , seems like Sabrina doesn't want to wake up and pulls the blank out of Ika's hand and lies back down.

Still no sound on any feeds.

8:41PM BBT: Arlie is bringing batteries around and we finally get some sound as HGs change batteries in their mics.

Alarms are going off as mics are coming on. Allison and Andrew sitting outside the front door. Allison asks if he is mad at her, and he says no just embarrassed about last night. She says don't be embarrassed. He said you and I are still good right? She says absolutely. Allison says I had a good night, but clearly had one spit too many then I started to cry. Andrew says yeah me too. Allison says "I would have cuddled you last night, but you were pukey". Andrew looks very serious. Rachelle and Neda are leaving the the HoH room and ask how he is, Andrew says it's just my ego. Andrew asks Allison if he puked more than once and she said no just one big one. Allison explains how he puked on the floor and she cleaned it up. He was very embarrassed and said we haven't even been hanging out for a week and you've already cleaned up my puked.

Feeds are FotH briefly. The camera in the bathroom area shows people getting ready. Arlie tells Neda they have to clean bedsheets today.

8:43AM BBT: Andrew and Allison in the red corner. They are trying to figure out what they did last night. Andrew has a cut on his hand and asked "i didn't punch anything did I." Allison: "No, I don't think so." Allison:" Is Kenny mad at me for crying last night. I was fine until I had on too many." Andrew " No" Then Allison is telling him how is had to clean up his puke last night because he wouldn't get on his knee's to do it. Someone not sure who asked Andrew how he feels and he says Fine his ego is just bruised.

8:47AM BBT: Everyone talks about "shit-faced" they were. Jon tells Sarah she was pretty drunk last night. Everyone is looking like zombies and Sabrina just may be asleep sitting up.

Kenny, Andrew, Arlie and Jon in the kitchen talking about how messy and wrecked the entire house is. They go on to talk about how much booze their was, how drunk everyone was and Andrew continues to bring up puking and how much of a lightweight he is. Andrew is not happy.

8:51AM BBT: Jon gives Arlie a friendly reminder to clean slop buckets at night. Arlie says how he forgot last night but Jon said he did it. Arlie was appreciative.

Arlie says he was 100 times happier for the food than the booze. Arlie says it feels like now his slop week is starting over and it's shorter. Andrew talks about wishing he had more food so that he wouldn't have puked. Kenny says Andrew was in the bedroom, got the spins and ran out to the bathroom area. Arlie and Kenny are telling him about how he was last night.

HGs in the bathroom area talking about drinking, puking and Sarah's dreams.

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8:43AM BBT: Andrew and Allison in the red corner. They are trying to figure out what they did last night. Andrew has a cut on his hand and asked "i didn't punch anything did I." Allison: "No, I don't think so." Allison:" Is Kenny mad at me for crying last night. I was fine until I had on too many." Andrew " No" Then Allison is telling him how is had to clean up his puke last night because he wouldn't get on his knee's to do it. Someone not sure who asked Andrew how he feels and he says Fine his ego is just bruised.
9:02AM BBT: Andrew, Allison, and Kenny int he KT Kenny doing dishes, Andrew making breakfast, Allison at the counter.. Allison is telling him how last night she was trying to talk to him but he wouldn't say anything. Andrew: That's cause all my energy was being focused on trying not to throw up.
9:07AM BBT: Sarah and Sabrina in the BR. Sarah: Ika came in and told her last night that Sabrina told her that Kenny and Sarah were talking shit about her. Sabrina: Well you guys did. Sarah: No what are you talking about. Sabrina: You and Kenny were outside talking and Kenny said that he hates everyone here except for you and if you wern't married... Sarah: No he didn't say that if he did I wasn't paying attention. Sabrina: Kenny admitted it to me. I just hope I didn't throw away a girls alliance to go with an alliance that doesn't have my back. Sarah: You do what you want I don't want to say it sounds like your leaving the alliance...Sabrina: I am the only one and then audio cuts out.
9:18AM BBT: After a brief HoTH, Sabrina and Sarah now changing sheets talking about Allison telling Andrew you are only kissing me for my vote. Sarah: We have to make sure Kenny is calm today. Sabrina: I had Kenny telling me to keep my head in the game and calm down and he goes and acts like that.
9:27AM BBT: Neda and Ro in the BR going over what they are going to wear today. Kenny and Andrew in the KT eating.
9:29AM BBT: BB has told Ro a couple of time to please put on her microphone and she just continues to get dressed after a few times and she still has not done it BB just lays on the button and continues until she puts in on. All the while, Adel come in asks her if he is good she says yes but you aren't gonna use you power to take anyone off are you? Adel: No I don't care who you put up my power is your power this week. Then we get yet another HoTH this mornnig.
9:35AM BBT: Ro is in the HOH WA doing finishing up getting dressed. Jon and Arlie in the KT. Jon is eating some breakfast and Arlie is chit chatting w/ him at the counter.
9:37AM BBT: In the WA Ika, Kenny, Heather, Neda, Sabrina doing their ADL's. Camera then switches to Allison and Ro directly outside the WA w. Ro telling Allison don't worry I just told them but no worries.
9:46AM BBT: BB just announced that their will be an ODL in 15 min.
9:51AM BBT: Ro and Sarah in the pantry. Sarah: You ready, you feel good about your nom's. Ro: Yeah I am ready.
9:52AM BBT: Ro and Kenny now in the pantry. Ro I was freaking when I found out. I know I can't believe Jon is sticking w/ Ika and now he has Allison. I told Andrew he was mad I told him not to say anything. Ro: Does he know she (Allison) is not the pawn? Then HoTH for sec. Ro is then called to the DR.
10:02AM BBT: Most HG's downstairs Jon is looking for his shoes. Sabrina is still in a towel getting ready when BB announce this is your final warning all HG's should be outside. She makes her way to the BR where BB lays on the button once again just saying "Sabrina, Sabrina,Sabrina,over and over again until she runs out of the house.

10:09AM BBT: We have HoTH suspect it is nomination time

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#BBCAN2 12:09PM BBT; Sarah and Kenny in the BY. Kenny is doing laundry. Sarah is on the hammock. NO talking between them. Camera's switch to Heather and Ika in the HNR. Ika is telling is Heather it wasn't anything against her but she felt if Paul stayed he was going to go after the boys. Heather says something could not hear do to audio issues. Ika: I didn't trust you because I had heard things that you had said behind my back. Heather: The thing is I had your back. I was upset that you tried to send me out behind my back. Ika: I thought you were being fake to me the whole time even when you were telling me you had my back. I didn't want you to leave because I didn't like you. Keeping Paul was just a more strategic move. Can I be honest w/ you everybody makes fun of you in the house. Heather: You told me that and I told you I didn't care. It doesn't matter to me anymore. What ever happens this week happens so if I go home I get to see my family and boyfriend.

12:20PM BBT: Confirmed Heather is on the block.

12:25PM BBT: Heather, Sabrina, Sarah at the HT. Heather: I don't intend on leaving and I plan on playing for the veto 110%. Sabrina: You should I can't sit here and act like I didn't know. You know that I know. Talk then switch's to missing there family.

12:31PM BBT: Back in the BR Allison and Andrew still in there. Andrew is telling her the maybe he just knows everything that goes on in the house. Allison well maybe you do so then we you say I good I should trust you. I am prob not a paranoid as I should be. Andrew: Paranoia kills you in here.

12:34PM BBT:Confirmed Heather and Allison on the block
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12:36PM BBT: Sarah, Sabrina, Neda, Ro at the HT. discussing whether there may be a twist this week. Sabrina thinks this week will be a double eviction for sure. Talk then turns to shaving. 12:40PM BBT: Ika has now joined the HT crew. She is telling them about her convo w/ Heather. She is telling them how she told her she didn't want her gone because she didn't like her but because she was just going to try and coast thru while Paul was trying to get the boys out.

12:47PM BBT: Andrew and Allison in the BR, Ro, Neda, Ika, Sabrina still at the HT. General chit chat in both rooms.

12:52PM BBT: Jon, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie, Allison. Adel in the BY. Kenny is working out. General chit chat.
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2:21PM BBT: Ika and Adel in the WA. Adel just stay w/ the girls. What I am trying to do is tell Jon and Arlie stuff so they will go back and tell Andrew. I am trying to get the boys fighting. He is telling her to promise the girls whatever she can to keep them close. Don't ever cut up Sarah, you can do it with the rest of the girls but not her. Ika: I will try to be nice.

2:28PM BBT: Ika leaves the WA telling Adel ok I am gonna go bond w/ people. Ika then asks Sabrina if she wants to go talk. Sabrina says yes but her head hurts and she wants some medicine but BB won't let her in. They go into the HOH and Ika asks if she can rub her head for her.

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4:00PMBBT: Sabrina is putting on thick purple eye make up in the HoHR. Ika and Rachelle are in there with her. Sabrina says the makeup didn't take properly, she wipes it off and redoes it. Ika is curling her hair. In the LR Alison, Neda, Kenny, Andrew, Jon and Arlie are hanging out. Small talk, a couple of jokes. They look tired, worn out. (Audio has cut out a few times, feeds are freezing up today too)

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4:10PMBBT: Heather was in the WA with Sarah. Jon comes in, small talk til Heather leaves. Sarah says Heather is like the Talla. Jon says "Ya but Talla was fun!" BB tells Sarah to put on her mic. Jon says he is tired and exhausted. He is now talking to Adel. Jon asks Sarah how she is in such good shape. She does boot camp but it just keeps her healthy but she isn't an exerciser. Jon says he is too lazy to shower. They both say they are exhausted.

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4:15PMBBT: Sabrina is still working on her make up. Rachelle tells her that it looks pretty. In the LR, Andrew talks about Kyle was cast as the "douchebag" in the house where he thought he was cast to play that role. He is talking about MMA. Neda asks him if he has been in a big fight, he says that is a silly question. He then says his last fight was in high school. He says girls who are ready to throw down are unattractive.

4:20PMBBT: Sarah and Kenny are in the SR. She is telling him how Sabrina is stomping around and giving attitude when something doesn't go her way. Kenny agrees. They agree that sometimes Sabrina is very hard to take. Sarah can not handle the negativity. Kenny says he feels like you just have to keep your head down. He leaves after telling her "We can't been seen talking to one another." Sarah is now talking to herself, she says "I just can't f***ing take it. Is there bread? Just regular f***ing bread?" She comes into the kitchen and she finds it on the counter. She is making toast.

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4:30PMBBT: Sabrina is talking to Ika and Rachelle about her make up and telling them step by step. Ika starts talking about how Heather said "If I stay here I am going to fight!" to her. You can hear production building the POV comp in the BY. Lots of hammering. The house is a lot of small talk, floating around.

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4:35PMBBT: LR discussion is about movies and music. Neda likes My Chemical Romance. Alison was a huge Billy Talent fan, she loves 30 seconds to Mars. She tells them Dallas Buyers Club is an amazing movie. Neda starts talking about Jennifer Lawrence but no one can remember the name of the movie "You know the one that won a bunch of awards!" Someone says Silver Linings Playbook, "No not that one, the new one." Sarah yells from the kitchen how good JL is but can't remember the name either. (American Hustle is what they are talking about)

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4:45PMBBT: Jon eats, Arlie smells it. He asks Neda if she can do his toenails, she goes to get the stuff. Sabrina is done her makeup in the HoHR but now she works on her hair. "I am hosting so I gotta look good." Ika and Rachelle are at her side. Small talk in the house still. Neda is now doing Arlie's toe nails at the kitchen counter.

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4:50PMBBT: Nails with Neda continues at the counter. Arlie is getting pretty. Heather and Adel are napping in the HN room, BB sounds the alarm clock. They are both awake but not getting up. Heather says "Damn it!" Adel tells Heather she has to everything she can to win today. In the HoHR Sabrina rehashes how "Awesome" last night was and then the Heather bashing begins.

4:55PMBBT: Adel sits down in the LR. Andrew is explaining the difference between Tig and Mig welding. He gets it wrong, Adel politely corrects him and Andrew talks over him. He continues to explain how different welds work. Kenny is listening. Then Andrew has to start asking Adel about different stuff used to weld. Adel is unsure of what Andrew is referring to. Arlie has now joined them. Sabrina is still working on her hair upstairs. Ika is laying down in the tub.

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5:00PM BBT: Adel, Kenny Andrew and Arlie on the green couches discussing different types of welding while the girls Sabrina, Sarah, Rachelle and Ika are in the HOH bathroom doing make-uip and discussing Sabrina's ex-boyfriend. Allison now sits with the guys on the green couches. Jon is heard off camera shouting that he has fucked up his nails. Allison gets up to go look for something in the SR. Jon still complaining to Neda about his nails and she asks if they have any more nail polish remover.

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5:07PM BBT: Arlie now in the HOH with the gals but Ika has come down to the kitchen and is talking to Allison. Sabrina holding makeup like an artist's palette and is brushing Rachelles face. Ika says she is going back upstairs and Allison says she is going too so Ika waits for her. Sabrina now commenting about what she has done to Rachelle's face teaching the other girls. she says she likes to read and to do makeup. Arlie asks about the blue on her palette and she says she uses it for her eyes in the summer. Feeds 1 and 2 have gone FoTH leaving 3 & 4 in the HOH bathroom. now feeds back and Andrew is going on and on about the chemical details of beer making. Feeds acting up and loading or stopping often.

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5:15PM BBT: More of the same going on in both areas. (if I type it out they will put me to sleep. DRG) Heather must still be in the DR. Andrew admits to being a beer snob (just beer dude?? - DRG) while Kenny will drink just about anything. Neda Arlie, Allison, Ika, Rachelle and Sabrina are now joined in the HOH bathroom by Adel who climbs in the tub with Ika. Sarah walks past the green couches headed toward the left of the screen then Heather walks past headed in the opposite direction we don't see where either one goes. (DR rotation? DRG) Kenny gets a rag and cleaning spray from the kitchen then Sarah joins the two on the green couches. kenny puts a rag on the couch then sits on it and says that this is how he cleans. Adel returns to their group. Sarah says that she is shocked that there have not been more self-evictions. They say there has only been one season so far then start talking about what makes someone eligible to be a BB all star. Kenny says they either were a good player or they made for good TV. They think Gary will for sure be brought back. Makeup tutorial continues upstairs. Couch group now starts talking about how things will progress over the coming weeks and who will be on slop and how many will go on each week.

5:30PM BBT: Adel says he could do slop ok, but would not want to do it two weeks in a role. Andrew also says he could do one week, but he would cry about it if he had to do more than one week. Kenny says the texture of slop is gross and it would be harder to keep eating it once he was worn down the first week. Sarah says day three she was broken down but days 4 throug 7 were better as she was able to eat more than she could the first few days. Sabrina now parades into the living room and they comment about her makeup and wonder what her costume will be when she hosts the Veto comp. Rachelle comes down and Sabrina tells them all to look at her makeup because she did it too. Neda now joins the group on the couches as well. Sabrina is snuggled up against Andrew saying her head is better since she took two Advils whereas before it was throbbing pain. (She has a lump from a fall she took during the drunken spree last night. DRG) Allison and Ika now descend the stairs and heather is shown working on something in the kitchen.

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5:35PM BBT: Sorry Heather is cleaning in the bathroom Adel now heads in to the stall. Andrew is deep announcer voice. someone on the couches says that they just let Arlie sleep for fifteen minutes. Heather keeps cleaning the sinks in the bathroom. Downstairs they talk about whether they will get a dance party before the POV comp later. Now they talk about the comp with the clothes where you get to keep everything you can put on in a set amount of time. Now Sabrina thinks she is recalling the comp from season 8 of BBUS with Evel Dick. Feeds reloading yet again. Kenny pulled out a hair and they notice it had turned white but now is dark again. He hopes all the gray hairs will do the same thing. They comment that there is not much to be amused by in the house. (Hamsters included. DRG)

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5:24PM BBT: Kenny, Andrew and Sarah on the green couches. Andrew says that the longer he is in here, the less being evicted bothers him. He explains himself saying at least outside of the house he can do things he can't in here. Sarah says that she is shocked that there haven't been more self-evicted people. The HGs start talking about all-stars - Kenny says good TV and also good players.

Sabrina is doing a make-up tutorial in the HOH WA on Rachelle. Arlie has fallen asleep an alarm goes off, Arlie jumps up and almost falls asleep standing up. Everyone compliments Rachelle's make-up and Sabrina is loving it. Neda says that she has never not liked the make-up Sabrina did.

5:31PM BBT: HGs contemplate when the POV will be. Neda and Ika are happy they will not be competing. Everyone is constantly yawning and complaining about being tired.

Kenny, Andrew, Sarah and Adel are still on the green couches talking about slop and how crappy Sarah was feeling on slop. Andrew says that it is because she wasn't eating enough. Kenny compliments Sabrina who is just walking into the room, all ask if she is ready for hosting.

Sabrina and Andrew cuddle on the couch. One of them kisses the other's cheek but I couldn't tell who kissed who.

The HGs are complaining about Jon sleeping and telling BB to wake him up.

5:35PM BBT: HGs are hanging out on the green couches (Allison, Sarah, Sabrina, Andrew, Ika, Neda and Kenny) General chat about different comps and people's DR sessions. No game talk. Told to stop talking about production.

Adel is in the WA and we can hear him peeing. Heather is straightening her hair.

5:39PM BBT: HGs on the green couches talking about the 2 million on the tv screens. Sarah says how weird it is that they got a party on the same day they got to 2 million.

Kenny and Neda are looking at a hair from his head they he plucked. It was white but the root was black. General chitchat, a lot of conversations happening at once.

Heather is in the WA alone cleaning counters and such, doing a very thorough job.

5:43PM BBT: HGs on the green couches are talking about movies. Andrew asks Sabrina to scratch his back, Sabrina looks at Allison who is sitting on her other side and asks if she wants to switch spots, Allison says no. Sabrina says to Andrew "you really are that annoying brother".

Jon and Heather have joined the green couch crew.

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