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Monday, March 17 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03AM BBT Sabrina is leading the conversation saying that Allison was put in there by BB to take out Andrew.

12:12AM BBT Andrew and Allison still talking on the hammock, Allison said Andrew personality is attractive. She said he is well spoken. Andrew said he loves her personality too.

12:19AM BBT Sabrina,Ika,Neda and Jon still on the couch, they are trying to come up with ways of getting Allison out. Jon said he thinks Allison is not part of the game.

12:23AM BBT The couch crew is trying to think what the power would be. Ika said she saw AJ from previous season. Ika said Gary did her makeup for Entertainment Tonight Canada.

12:31AM BBT Ika Neda and sabrina left for bed. They are all in the WA getting ready for bed. While on the hammock Andrew told Allison she can sleep on his bed, Allison remind him she is HN.

12:41AM BBT Paul is in the SR then to the KT Paul said when he wake up he is going to hit the gym and blow it up. Paul is now in the HN saying that the light is still on.

12:43AM BBT Allison said she tried for Paul to help her with her video, Andrew said who cares Paul is going home anyway. And the kissing start Andrew and Allison share a big kiss.

12:48AM BBT Allison look very scary that someone was looking while they kiss she said it is on national tv. Andrew say they both remind them of Tom and Liza on the hammock, and he hope they don't get double evicted like them.

12:52AM BBT Andrew is talking in an accent about them being on the hammock in BB. they are both laughing.

12:59AM BBT Allison and Andrew continuing to their jokes on the hammock. All other HG are in bed.

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1:26 AM BBT Update; Sabrina was staying up waiting for Andrew to come in, and is frustrated that him and Allison are starting to strategize. Oh course Sabrina is now gossiping about how Allison was talking bad about Ika.

1:32 AM BBT Andrew was just sworn to secrecy by Sabrina about something. S revealed to A that Allison has a boyfriend and A seems upset and a bit shocked.

1:36 AM BBT Sabrina is saying all these things to try and turn Andrew against Allison, most are lies.

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8:52AM BBT: All HG's up! Sarah and Sabrina up in the BR discussing how Sabrina told Andrew he should what out for Allison because she is putting a big target on his back, and maybe that is her way of getting the strongest player out of the game.

8:57AM BBT: Andrew in the KT doing dishes. Most of the girls in the WA doing ADL's. #8:59AM BBT: Feeds switch to HOH room where Ika is doing her make-up. Jon/Arlie/Adel sitting up there w/ her. Jon mentions St. Patrick Day is his GF's fav. holiday. Everyone then gives her a shout out.

9:03AM BBT: Feeds have cut to HoTH.

9:11AM BBT: Feeds are back w/ Andrew cooking breakfast with Kenny and Arlie in there helping. Kenny is telling Andrew to not help the other HG's w/ telling them they are going to have to memorize things in the house. Kenny and Andrew go over "how many" of different things in the house. Arlie saying I am not that good at remembering but I will try.

9:22AM BBT; Ika is in the BR talking to Adel about wanting to keep Paul and and get rid of Heather. She tells him how Andrew wants Paul out but she doesn't care because this is her HOH. Then the subject changes to Adel saying that Paul told him he was alone w/ Allison and she said that she thinks Ika doesn't like her. Ika laughs because she said she didn't even feel that way.

9:32AM BBT: Most everyone in the KT waiting on Andrew to finish cooking breakfast w/ Sarah and Kenny helping. Heather/Ika/Allison in the WA still doing ADL's. General chit chat.

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9:44AM BBT: Sarah/Neda/Heather/Allison in the WA talking about the video's they made yesterday. Sarah saying she doesn't think she will win because she used her time to tell her fam. she missed them. but didn't have the time to actually tell anyone what she was doing. They all talk about how much fun they had and how tired they all were at the end of the day. 9:49AM BBT: Jon and Kenny in the LR with POV Ceremony on the TV screens in the background. Jon is asking BB if before they go in the BR should he take the slop cookie's out of the oven? (We just got back from a short HoTH and I am thinking BB told them that shortly they would all have to go into the HOH room to get ready the ceremony.)

10:07AM BBT: Everyone has made it up the BR. General chit chat. Andrew announces that they should all try and what their mouths today. (Good luck w/ that!)

10:27AM BBT: All HG's still in the BR. Talk is all over the place. Movies, how bad their mouths are, BB punishments. Andrew seems to be a part of every conversation.

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11:56AM BBT: We have had HoTH for 90 min. now, hopefully we will have feeds again soon! 12:21PM BBT: Feeds back up! Adel and Paul at the HT, Adel trying to talk Paul down from being upset. Adel saying we just need to lay low and let them pull each other apart. Adel said "Did you see Sarah face, she wants Andrews head on a platter?" Paul agrees, Adel then goes inside saying he wasn't wearing enough clothes to be outside.

12:26PM BBT: Neda/Rachelle/Sabrina/Ika in the HOH room. Sabrina is talking about he discussion w/ Andrew last night. Telling them that Andrew told her that he would never speak to Allison again if Sabrina didn't want him to. The girls then bash Allison about having a BF when she left from home.

12:31PM BBT: Neda asks so for sure she is 100% going right? They then speculate who will vote which way. (thinking the guys are going to vote Paul out) They are just trying to make sure they have the numbers. They want to make sure they have both Adel and Allison's votes. Ika said she will make sure Adel votes her out. Sabrina said she thinks she can get Andrew to even vote Heather out because he didn't promise anything. Ika said even if Alli doesn't vote her out I will be a tie.

12:40PM BBT: Ika and Adel now alone talking in the HOH. Ika: Why would I get rid of someone who wants to get rid of one of the boys? That would be stupid. Adel and Ika agree to not tell Paul right now, because Heather really has no idea she is going.

12:43PM BBT: Adel and Ika talking about how Kenny is the mastermind of the boys alliance and that Jon and Andrew do whatever he says to do. Ika said she wanted to put Kenny up so bad but couldn't because it was just too early.

12:47PM BBT: Adel: Do you think the girls would be able to put Kenny up? Ika "No." Adel: Kenny will lie on anything to get people to believe him. All the guys have done that. They then talk about how cocky they think Andrew is and that they think he will shoot himself in the foot and that they just want Kenny out first.

12:53PM BBT: Sabrina and Andrew in the Pantry Andrew: " I was talking to Kenny we should prob. get rid of her." (Heather) Sabrina agrees and say we have to backdoor her and I have to pretend like I don't know.

12:56PM BBT: Ika/Adel in the HOH Adel: Sarah and you are going to do well in the comp. not Sabrina though she is a wreck she will shoot herself in the foot to she is like Andrew. Ika agrees but says Sarah is crazy too because she yelled at her over 1 potato.

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2:00 PM BBT - Sabrina & Jon are by the Hot tub. She is telling him how she thinks he is the hottest guy in the house. Also, the nicest. He is quite flattered and takes the compliment well. She says that she thought it was kenny, but only for 10 minutes, now she thinks it is Jon. She rattles off a long list of what she like about him, his eyes, and basically everything else. Adel has joined them and they talk about the strange smell outside, then they all head inside.

2:10 PM BBT - Neda, Rachelle and Ika are in the HOHWA. Neda is hand washing her laundry in the tub. They talk about Emmitt and Gary being fan favorites, they think Kenny will also be well liked by the BB fans. neda thinks its because of his looks, even his beard, and his personality. Jon has come upstairs looking for toilet paper. they suggest newspaper or paper towel. He says he would never do that! He asks why Neda is doing her laundry in the tub, she says it's her whites. Plus, clothes last longer when you do them by hand. Then he asks her what her medicine is for. She tells him it's for her bladder infection. They chat about the comp that's coming up and how they hope BB gives them booze after. Jon says they'll probably get pretty wasted because of being on slop for so long. Once Jon leaves, talk turns to Jon. Neda thinks Jon would have a hard time lying, like her, but that Kenny wouldn't and he shouldn't be trusted. The girls worry about the twists coming up and the comps. They hope it isn't too physical, hopefully something with numbers, so they have a good chance at it. They are wooried about the guys winning and coming after the girls.

2:15 PM BBT - In the BR, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie & Andrew are changing into workout gear. Andrew says tat Sarah is a beautiful mom. She says she works out, tries for 3x/wk. at boot camp. The guys leave and Sabrina & Alison come in. There is some chit chat about what to wear for the workout and what they will do when BB is over. Sabrina wants to go to Vegas, but Sarah wants to take her family for a vacation to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Saraha can't wait to tan. Not fake tan but she she wants "the sun rays to burn her skin off". She knows it's not good and apologizes to Canada for wanting the unhealthy tanning.

2:20 PM BBT- Heather has joined Rachelle and neda in HOHWA. There is general chit chat about what they can't wait to do when BB is over. Family, partying and twitter - quite the range of interests at this point (and who can blame them!). They talk about what their tweets are like.

2:25 PM BBT - Paul, Ika, Alison & Sabrina are in the WA. The girls are getting ready for the workout. Sabrina wants some mascara and under eye concealer - at least! Once all have left Ika and Paul alone in WA, talk turns to serious stuff. In hushed whispers, Ika tells Paul the names of the people she is sure will vote to keep Paul. She wants Heather out, but asks Paul if she can trust him. He says that he has been preparing to go home so he hasn't been talking to anyone, just laying low. She tells him that she doesn't want him to mess up before the vote. She wasn't going to tell him about Heather being her target, but changed her mind because she is worried he will tick off the girls - who already don't like him. Ika tells him to lay low, the girls are emotional - don't even fart around them! She says that the guys want Paul gone because Heather is injured and not a threat in comps, plus she isn't after them. Ika says she wants Paul and Adel to stay because they are voted for her side. Paul says he is worried that the girls don't like or trust him though. She agrees, they don't. Then she explains how she convinced girls that it makes sense to keep him and they've all promised to keep him over heather. Says if he ends up going home, he can throw her under the bus on the way out. She wouldn't blame him. But thats how serious she is. She is putting her butt on the line for him, she just wants him to show a little loyalty at least. he assures her that if she shows she can be trusted, she will have Adel and Paul til the end.

2:40 PM BBT - The rest of the HG's are working out in BY. Sabrina & Alison are very cozy, attached at the hip as Alison gives plenty of exercise tips. Adel has come into the WA where Paul and Ika are still hashing out their trust issues. He wants Paul to go to the Hot Tub but Ika says they still need a few minutes (they still need a couple minutes to repeat their concerns and promises first!). Paul confesses to Ika that he needs someone else to trust besides Adel. She tells him that she doesn't have anyone who has her back the way Adel has Pauls. She tells him how important it is to have that. Paul tells her he is very observant and can see who is together because they always end up back together, talking. Ika assures him she hasn't made any F2 or F3 deals with anyone, and she swears this on her kids. He tells her he believes her because he thinks she wouldn't ever swear on her kids like that. She swears, again, that the girls said he is safe and if he ends up walking out the door, she will be totally blindsided. Paul asks if Arlie will vote with the guys. Ika doesn't know, but he will likely vote with guys because he said to her that he can't go back on his word. Paul then wonders if Alison is vith the guys. Ika tells him that Sabrina asked Alison, and Alison said she is with the girls. But Andrew won't keep Paul because he hates him. If Andrew tells Alison to vote out Paul, not to worry. The votes will be tied and Ika will be the tie breaker. Paul says people can't play on emotions like that.

2:50 PM BBT- After repeating the same info for the last 20 minutes, Ika leaves to HOH room and flops back on the bed with a totally stressed out sigh. Adel, Neda and Heather are at the Dining Table. neda is snacking on a big bowl of chips while they chhat about previous HG's. They talk about Tom and his attitude. Adel says he doesn't know how AJ got on the show. basically thinks he got through the audition process then fizzled out on the show. Neda says she thinks other personalities just seem bigger once in the house and they outshine other HG's. They talk about Lane and Hayden, for example. Meanwhile, Kenny is giving ab workouts instructions in the backyard.

2:55 PM BBT - BB gives the HG a 3 min. ODL warning. This causes half the HG to jump up and rush for water and bathroom breaks. Outside, the gym crew wonder if they should change, how long they will be out there, and if BB is simply setting up for St. Patty's Day. Andrew is huffing and puffing, rushing around the kitchen to make his shake because BB has given a few final warnings at this point. Someone lets him know that Paul is still in the WA so he still has some time. Paul comes down the stairs with some shorts for the hot tub time. Once they all go outside, feeds switch to FotH.

3:00 - 3:30 PM BBT - FotH.

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7:00PM BBT: Kenny/Adel/Sarah/Allison/Andrew in the LR talking about a pair of pants that Adel has. Kenny said he modeled them when they first came out.

Ika and Neda in the pantry. Neda is talking about the boys being smart and made them swear they would put Paul up. They said if one of the boys won HOH a girl would go up. Neda is concerned that Heather will end up staying because the boys will vote against what Ika wants. Ika said it doesn't matter because we have enough votes to where I will be a tie breaker.

7:06PM BBT: Ika is telling Neda that she is the last girl I wouldn't put up on the block. Ika mentioned that Sarah and Sabrina are very tight and they are good with the guys. Neda: We don't have that with the guys. Ika: Sabrina keeps telling me I hope we are still friends after all this. We have to keep Adel in this game as long as we came.

7:13PM BBT: Sarah and Ika in the KT each getting a snack. Everyone else on the couch general chit chat. Still only to cameras up and both in the KT.

7:17PM BBT: Ika and Sarah in the KT fixing a peanut better and jelly cracker snack for the house and discussing how Paul does nothing and they think his wife must do everything for him. Ika said her tooth is killing her, she has a cavity that she was supposed to get filled but she ended up coming in the house before she could. Adel has joined them and talk turns to hockey.

7:27PM BBT: Camera's on everyone in the living room so much chit chat that I can't really make out who is saying what, everyone is just yelling over everyone else.

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7:33PM BBT: Everyone still in the LV now swapping ghost stories. Allison is telling one about when she was at work at the mental hospital, which is more than 150 years old, that there is a women who stays in one room w/ a piano and has been there for the past 4 years ever since the piano has been there. that other people have seen also.

7:46PM BBT: Ghost story talk still going on. Sabrina is talking about how she was very aware of ghost's and energy when she was a child.

7:55PM BBT: Everyone still in the LR. Lots of little convo's going on right now hard to hear any one story. Ika is telling a story about her grandmother worrying when she was little that she had worms because she is so small and most of the women in Jamaican culture are bigger women.

8:02PM BBT: Now the convo has switched to fights they have either seen or been a part of. Most of the guys are more involved in the talk now. Having a lot of audio issue right now. 8:06PM BBT: Andrew/Sabrina/Allison all sitting on the couch right new to each other. Sabrina is sitting next to Andrew with both of her legs on him and then Allison is sitting on the other side from Sabrina. Andrew and Sabrina are flirting slightly.[Awkward!]

8:11PM BBT: Paul and Ika up in the HOH WA. Paul is wanting to make sure that if she hears that Paul is saying anything that he is not because he knows that the boys (Andrew/Kenny) may start to try something because they aren't happy he is staying. Ika: I haven't heard anything but thanks for telling me.

Ika has left and Paul said I am sick of laying low. Keep taking puck shot at me that's fine. (referring to Andrew who Paul thinks was taking shots at him downstairs when everyone was talking.)

8:18PM BBT: All feeds now on the LR again. Jon is talking about his shoulder surgeries and how he had to finish playing hockey because of it, and how he felt so lost after that. Then he got his dog and it was the best thing that ever happened to him except for Janelle. (his GF)

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8:30PM BBT: Adel telling his story of being on Dragons Den and feeds cut to FotH.

(here is the link for Adel on DD if anyone wants to see it -http://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/pitches/tongue-2-teeth)

8:33PM BBT: Feeds are back and Adel is still telling his story. Everyone is happy for him. Adel says that his prototype was coming to him when he came into the BB house, he never got to see it.

8:40PM BBT: Andrew called to the DR. Adel still telling his story of T2T (Tongue to Teeth) and how he got it patent, and his entire process. Including how he got funding, companies he picked and met and where he was travelling.

8:45PM BBT: HGs start to scatter around the house. Ika and Neda talking in the SR about how fake Sabrina is being to Allison and how that scares them.

Ika defending Adel and his mooing comments, Ika says it was tit for tat and thats why. Ika thinks Sabrina was crying because it made it look bad. Ika talks about how she apologized to Adel after.

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8:50PM BBT: HGs on the green couches, Andrew is still in the DR so the HGs are speculating whether or not they are using him because he has such a good irish accent and therefore will come out with alcohol.

Many conversations happening in one room. Sarah asks if they are gonna have dinner or just go to bed, no one answers.

8:55PM BBT: Ika, Rachelle and Allison in the KT talking about Ika's pain. She explains it to Allison and Allison says likely a UTI. She says to keep drinking fluids and if things don't change then go to the DR.

Ika teaching Rachelle to dance. Heather standing by watching with one crutch. Sabrina cutting up food and Arlie cleaning up the KT.

Kenny, Sarah, Neda and Jon telling stories about catching their parents having sex. Sarah tells a story about her mom catching her and her husband. Conversation switches to talking about getting walked in on.

9:05PM BBT: Rachelle tells her evil step-moms story and feeds cut to FotH briefly. (Her brother is autistic and deaf and her step-mom is trying to get him to move into a home with help instead of living at her house.)

Ika is in the KT telling Allison that she was a very good sport when they lost Half-Not. Allison says that she knew going into the competition that she was going to loose. Ika says "it feels weird that you came in after us but you feel like one of us" Allison is so happy. Allison and Ika talk about resting bitch face.

Allison notices Adel upstairs praying and Ika and Sabrina fill her in on his 5 times a day.

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9:10PM BBT: Ika laughing reliving yesterdays task and "Laquisha". Allison talking about how hard of a day it is for slop today.

Feeds are still off in the LR.

9:12PM BBT: HGs on the green couches. Random conversations about Neda's friend and her diet coke addiction, cancer and food that causes it and Heather sharing all the people that have died from cancer.

General chitchat all of the house.

9:25PM BBT: Ika and Allison in the KT figuring out how to run the dishwasher together. (Neither knows how, going based off what Ika saw Kenny do)

Sabrina trying to figure out who wants to eat what.

LR crew (Arlie, Kenny, Heather, Neda, Sarah and Jon) talking about court cases on murders and news cases. Feed cut to FotH (assuming because they are mentioning names and such).

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9:33PM BBT: Paul and Adel in the Half-Not Room. Adel telling Paul to come out to socialize because something is going to happen for St.Paddy's day. (Andrew is still in the DR).

9:42PM BBT: Sabrina's finished making dinner and HGs are eating around the table. General chitchat.

9:53PM BBT: Jon talking VERY loudly about his poop, how big it was now compared to before slop.

More general conversation, no game talk.

9:57PM BBT: HGs talking about their auditions (video vs. open call), how quickly they got called back and what they did.

Talking about the hotel they were in during prep for the whow and how they knew there were people walking around that were there for BB. Rachelle says she thinks she saw Ika.

Ika and Adel in the HOHr talking about Ika's conversation with Paul. Asking Adel if she can trust him. Adel reassures her that he's not gonna make another bad move in this game.

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10:00PM BBT: Ika and Adel in HOH plotting. All others still at the table. Ika telling him how she planted the idea the Heather has been passing along info so the others will be sure to want her gone. She is coaching him what to tell the others about his power to try and get the most out of it. Adel said he was congratulated for being the only one to see right through Sabrina. Ika says she only keeps her close so she does not turn the whole house against her. She explains again how/why she defended Adel's having made the cow comment.

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10:10PM BBT: Ika saying she has told the gals they need to keep Adel in the game as long as possible because the two boys need to go and if you stay around long enough the girls will turn on each other and will need him to get the others out. He tells Ika that he said to Paul that they finally have a third ally, but he should not go near her (Ika) at all. they agree that when trying to get the guys out they will have to use Sarah as the pawn since no one will vote to evict her.

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10:04PM BBT: Ika and Adel in the HOHr talking about the Veto he got as his special privilege. Ika and Adel making up a plan to make his special privilege even better and making the other HGs to believe he's protected. He's gonna call it Canada's Veto.

10:10PM BBT: HGs in the KT eating and chatting. Andrew is out of the DR and he swears on his family that nothing out of the ordinary happened in the DR. BB tells HGs to stop talking about production.

10:13PM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah ask Andrew if it was about Allison (Andrews DR session) Sarah says of course it was are you stupid. BB tells HGs to stop talking about production and Sarah says "Calm down". Sabrina is then called to the DR.

10:20PM BBT: Allison and Arlie talking about the differences between Allisons time and Arlies - day 5 vs day 19. Allison realizes they have only been in for 16 days. Talking about how Thursday is her first live night.

Ika ends her conversation with Adel and she falls back into bed and thanks Jesus for Adel. She is surprised she's saying that. Ika relaxes in the HOH bed before quickly starting to fidget and Jon brings up new batteries.

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10:18PM BBT: Ika says they have to keep this quiet. Talking about other alliances she says that Neda is close with Rachelle and Sabrina. but Sabrina is with Sarah so Neda is kind of on the outs. If Paul wins HOH Adel will tell Neda what is going on, but Ika says to tell her things he does not care if they get broadcast to see what comes back, first. They continue plotting what to tell the others about his power. Downstairs Allison is on the couch with Ariel with Heather opposite them. Adel leaves and Jon takes his place in the HOH. Sarah is outside on the red chairs by herself. Andrew now talking to Allison about cake she makes for St. Patty's day with plenty of booze. Sarah was headed inside but Andrew, Kenny and Arlie were headed out so she turns around and goes with them They are about to smoke the last cigarette and Sarah remarks that now their lungs will be healthier. andrew talking about how Adel could have the Diamond Veto so he needs to go up soon to make him use it. Sarah says that this HOH revealed a lot as Sabrina talked Ika off the ledge of putting one of the boys up several times. they want to backdoor Adel so he must use the power. They will win HOH and then put up Paul and Allison. Now they consider the option of putting up both Paul and Adel. Sarah does not want to put Allison up if she is HOH just yet, but is Okay if the boys want to do it.

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10:30PM BBT: As she leaves Sarah congratulates the boys on quitting smoking. Paul and Adel now whispering in the half-not room about the talk with Ika and the card he has. Adel will tell Jon that it is Canada's veto and he only has two weeks to use it. It has never been placed in the game before. It can only be played after the regular Veto and allows him to restart the veto ceremony with him holding the POV. Paul is a little slow on the uptake with what Adel plans to do. Ariel now in HOH with Ika just chatting about yesterday's challenge. She is happy that Adel won because his post went viral with three or four million hits. Adel still explaining his plan to finesse Jon. Ariel says he always liked Adel but he chose a group that got isolated from the whole house.

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10:37PM BBT: Ika and Ariel now talking about how these next two days will be really long. Monday and Tuesday are the worst days and Tuesday the worst of those two. Today at least something happened (Even if we didn't get to see it. DRG) they are both starting to yawn and say they are getting sleepy. Ika says this is the biggest bed she has ever been on in her life. Ariel says he has a huge round bed that he sleeps on at home that he has had since college. He says he is not cuddly at night as he is warm and needs his space. His bed is big enough he can roll over to the other side and it is like getting into a fresh bed all over again. He snuggles during the movies, but once the lady falls asleep he will slide over to his sleeping spot. Sarah joins them in the HOH and she is complaining about Heather sleeping in the HOH with Ika. Sarah also thinks it is rude that Heather is criticizing others for using up the batteries in Ika's iPod. Paul and Adel still whispering away in the half-not room. Adel tells him that Ika does not want him to tell Paul anything. They boys are talking about who has an alliance while HOH group is plotting how they will maneuver Heather out of the HOH bedroom for the night.

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10:50PM BBT: Heather bashing now turns to how she throws random compliments into all of her interactions and how it comes across super fake. Now they move on to how she uses the cutsie voice and Sarah thinks it is part of what she does all the time and not just constructed for the game. Allison has now joined them in the HOH and Andrew follows shortly behind. Heather enters with her high pitched voice as if on cue. She volunteers that she will be sleeping in the other room tonight as she climbs on the bed with Ika. Now Kenny joins them and Sabrina right after.

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10:55 PM BBT: Sarah telling a story about how she used to treat her sister when she picked her up making her dance before opening the car doors and then she did the same to her kids when picking them up at school. she does not think they liked it much. they ask who had gone to the DR and when they say Kenneth, BB tells them to stop talking about production. Sabrina announces that she is going to take a shower and invites anyone who wants to come and talk to her through the shower door. Paul and Adel now talking about how they will be the most famous comeback stories ever in the BB game. [Don't count your chickens too fast, fellas. - DRG] Sabrina heads into the HOH shower but finds someone has hung clothes in the way. Heather has hobbled out and Ika is helping Sabrina get the shower ready, but it does not take long for the Heather bashing to resume. Just as quickly Heather returns,

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