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Wednesday, March 12 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Nate points out Paul and Kyle in the HT again. Scott says wow those guys are really on the outs..

12:07AM BBT Arlie, Jon, Kenny, Rachelle, and Neda are sitting on the couch. Talking about going to bed. Kenny decides to call it a night.

12:08AM BBT I think Rachelle tries to go to bed. Kenny says they told him to not go to sleep. (I'm assuming the producers)

12:10AM BBT Kyle and Paul were talking about Kyle's body, but now they are back talking about being evicted from the house. Paul asks Kyle what would you do with the money if you won. Kyle says he would save some and give some for cancer research. He of course said he would party too. Paul says to come on the show he had to go into debt. He would pay that off and bills. He really wants people to get to know him so that he can connect with people. He would also go home and help his adopted family.

12:15AM BBT All the feeds have cut to the HUSH HUSH screen

12:19AM BBT Feeds are back. Andrew, Sabrina, Rachelle are in the HOH Bed. Kenny jumps in too.

12:27AM BBT Sabrina is picking at Kenny's beard. She says can she cut it? her ex had a beard just like his, but he was bald. She says that's her problem she is attracted to Kenny.

Adel has joined Kyle and Paul at the HT. They are still talking game.

12:30AM BBT Adel says Ika and Sabrina are fighting. He says Sabrina is the head Queen right now. He says he does not like her and she is sneaky.

12:32AM BBT PAul tells Kyle to sneak in after he leaves and throw hamburgers over the wall! LOL

12:34AM BBT Adel is telling Paul all of the drama and fights that have happened. Paul is just saying WOW. Adel says Kenny will be the All star of this season. Adel says it will be easy to get Andrew out the house if he is on the block.

12:30AM BBT Paul says if one of them get the POV they would use it on the other person. Adel says of course. He tells him you have to believe me. IT's just the two of them when
Kyle leaves. Paul says they will be the All stars if they get Andrew out the house. Adel says no it's Kenny everyone wants Andrew's head on a silver platter.

12:47AM BBT The guys decide to go inside.

12:48AM BBT Sabrina is giving Kenny a back massage and Rachelle is giving Andrew a back massage in the HOHR.

12:50AM The war room guests are watching Sabrina and Rachelle groom the men. (Kenny and Andrew) Scott says he is disgusted when the big arrogant jocks and the girls fall for them. All the showmancing and shacking up is his least favorite part to watch in the BB house.

12:55AM I think Andrew said he was horny. Sabrina says Kenny has more self control than Andrew.

12:56AM BBT Sabrina said the diary room says she is a good narrator of the show. Then they all start asking if they asked about them. Sabrina says she does talk about Andrew. She said they have a connection and he's like a brother.

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1:02 AM BBT

Sabrina started to say what she spoke about in the DR but stopped knowing she’d get in trouble then she said it in French and BB caught her.

1:15 AM BBT

Kenny and Andrew are talking about needing to win HOH next week so they don’t have to change rooms. They are asking for BB to dim the lights. Audio is back on in the BY. Looks like Paul, Kyle and Adel. Jon, Rachelle and Sabrina are talking on the balcony. Jon is saying he may be able to compete with his left hand and they are wondering if he’ll be given immunity.

1:25 AM BBT

In the WR they are asking for a bathroom break. And it’s gone to HotH. Audio seems to be down again the BY. On the balcony Sabrina, Rachelle and Neda are talking. Sabrina is just being herself right now. Neda is questioning her judgment in the house, she’s better at it outside the house. Rachelle is listening and taking off her makeup.

1:35 AM BBT

The girls are talking about their weight. Neda is saying the weight that Sabrina carries suits her body and she wears it well. Neda wants to shower now but Sabrina talked her into doing it in the morning. They are heading off to bed, Sabrina is going to sleep on the couch.

1:48 AM BBT

In the WR the lights just brightened more and now the lights are off. Night vision has kicked in. Allison whispers goodnight BB. Adel, Kyle and Paul are in the WA getting ready for bed but don’t sound like they are going to sleep. No audio in the bedroom

1:59 AM BBT

All rooms have change to night vision. HNs are settling into bed – no audio. In the BR Paul, Kyle and Adel are talking from separate beds, laughing and not being quiet. Audio just kicked in. Kyle is saying goodnight Paul from time to time probably to keep him awake. Paul says goodnight BB. Audio down again. (Has this been the worst year for audio down?) Paul and Adel laughing.

2:09 AM BBT

And like a yoyo the audio is back on in the BR. Paul and Adel are whispering and now have decided to go to sleep.

2:22 AM BBT

All is quiet in all rooms. I will update you if anything changes.

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#BBCAN2 9:54AM BBT: Kyle and Adel just finished doing morning prayers. Sabrina asked if he (Kyle) is allowed to do that even though he is not a part of his (Adel) religion? Adel "Honestly I don't know and hope it didn't offend anyone. Kyle and wanted to do it and he is a good guy so I let him." Kyle said "I guess if I go outside and get struck by lightening I guess we will know."

9:00AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping.

9:13AM BBT: WR3 are starting to wake up then FoTH. Rest of the house still asleep.

9:32AM BBT: House feeds FoTH. (Most likely a wake up call)

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9:38Am BBT: Up in the HOH, Andrew and Kenny just now waking up. ( They were sleeping in the bed together.) Sarah is up there now and Ika just walked in and is now handing out batteries to everyone for their mic's.

9:41AM BBT: Sabrina has joined the HOH crew and they are speculating about what Heather does outside of the house. Sarah said she thinks it is weird because when she asked Heather what she does Heather just says she will tell her when she gets out of the house. Sarah also thinks it is weird because the tattoo that Heather has she colored in. Andrew and Kenny said that's weird I guess we have not noticed because we didn't care to ask.

9:50AM BBT: Most HG's up in the WA doing ADL's.

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10:05AM BBT: Adel, IIka, Heather and Rachelle in the bathroom doing ADLs. The rest of the crew is in the kitchen from what I can tell. WR3 are still out yet the lights are on.

10:10AM BBT: Paul talking to Kyle in the bedroom. Referencing how they are bored and just want to go. Kyle talks about how he wishes he had a chance to play in the POV. Has not been called to the DR much. He knows that he(Kyle) is on the chopping block .

10:15AM BBT: Paul asks Rachelle how old her parents are (44 & 50?) and realizes he is her moms age.

10:20AM BBT: WWR3 still dozing. Very little movement there. Paul and Kyle finally get up to head to the kitchen for breakfast. IIka, Heather, and Rachelle still doing their ADLs in the bathroom. Majority of any conversation going on out in the kitchen. Nothing really special being shared.

10:25AM BBT: Andrew states how he has been eating a horrible diet yet is still in shape.

10:30AM BBT: We have movement in the WR3. Breakfast has been served to them. Slow moving with those 3. Neda asks Heather if the games are still in the backyard. Said she would go check later.

10:35AM BBT: We have movement in the WR3. Breakfast has been served to them. Slow moving with those 3. Neda asks Heather if the games are still in the backyard. Said she would go check later.

10:45AM BBT: Sabrina chatting with IIka, Neda, and Heather about how Adel is "whinning". Seems as if she is pretty certain that Kyle is going to be going and that Adel will now be alone. Sabrina wants to win HOH to send Adel home.

10:51AM BBT: Arlie congratulates everyone for making it 2 weeks in the house.

10:55AM BBT: Heather thinks that she is dressing "down" and both IIKa and Sabrina act stunned because she is wearing a dress shirt. So Heather goes and immediately changes shirts.

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11:01Am BBT: Ika and Heather in the BR Heather asks Ika if she ever had so much on her mind that she just can't sleep. Ika sometime outside the house but not in here. Heather goes on to continue to compliment Ika on her clothes with Ika just giving an occ. one word answer.

11:06AM BBT: Heather/Ika/Neda/Sabrina are in the BR Sabrina/Ika getting on to Heater.Neda for something that happened earlier in the WA. Sabrina/Ika are upset because they were going to talk about a girl problem then stopped because Arlie was in there. Neda/Heather apparently said to just say it now (thinking it was about the game) and Sabrina was upset that they called them out in the WA.

11:12AM BBT: Neda asks Heather to leave then Sabrina goes on to say she feels like she doesn't need a mother and she feels like Neda is always acting like a referee telling her how to act. Neda said she is sorry she agrees that is her personality. [sabrina is very short with both Neda and Heather let's see how far that gets her-awiski] All the while Adel and Kyle standing outside the door waiting to come in and listening.

11:18Am BBT: Sabrina now downstairs at the toilet with a very upset crying Heather trying to make her feel better saying that she wasn't trying to be mean she just wanted to get it off her chest.

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11:26AM BBT: WR3 up finished breakfast waiting to take showers. Scott and Allison going over Allison's clothes for the day.

11:30AM BBT: Ika " I have no problem with people not liking me"

11:40Am BBT: Ika/Heather/Sabrina in WA Sabrina I feel bad that you are crying. Ika" You shouldn't you didn't do anything wrong." Heather" I am not crying about you." Sabrina " Are you sure because I think you are?" Heather "No it is just the stress of all of this."

11:50AM BBT: Kendrew outside playing bean bag toss. Everything indoors w/ the girls is seeming to die down.

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12:11PM BBT: Neda/Sabrina in the red corner. Neda is now upset and crying over earlier when Ika and Sabrina got onto her. Sabrina is trying to console her.

12:21PM BBT: Kyle and Ika in the pantry. Ika" I hope you don't think I was taking things you told me and telling other people." Kyle " I don't it is just that I put my trust in other people and it didn't work. I am going because I want to get Kenny and Andrew out." Ika " I don't want you to go."

12:28PM BBT: Sarah/Sabrina in the BY talking about Ika. Sarah "I am sorry but Ika brings out the worst in people. How can she sit there and get upset about Heather talking about people when I know all the stuff she has said about me."

12:31PM BBT: Sabrina to Sarah "Why do you always leave and leave me with them." Sarah" I can't even say I don't but if you want me to be in this game I have to stay away from them. I am just not as strong as you are, you can handle it better"
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12:37PM BBT: Ika/Heather in the red corner talking. Heather " You are the one person in this house I would never put up. I really like you." Ika said she likes Heather too. Ika " Just for the record I didn't go to Rachelle and tell her you didn't like her."

12:51PM BBT: Ika/Neda in the BR. Ika said that Kyle told her the guys are together and they are fanning out one to each girl. Ika also said It is better for their game if Kyle stays. Ika said that Kyle said every single thing that you tell the guys is going back to the whole guys alliance (Arlie, Jon, Kenny and Andrew). Kyle also told her that he was originally in the alliance before Andrew was then Andrew came off the block. Kyle said I know I am in this spot because I ran my mouth too much.

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2:00 PM BBT - Most HG's are in the KT/LR area. Just cleaning, cooking, eating - usual idle chatter. Kyle, Adel & Paul at KT talking about having a HT party. Kyle talks about old school music, sings a bit of Warren G's "Regulators" because that's one of his favorites.

2:08 PM BBT - Ika & Rachelle are cuddled under a blanket on the LR couch. Sabrina has a blanket and is cuddled into Andrew, with Heather in there as a 3rd wheel. Mosty sitting around chatting about nothing.

2:12 PM BBT - Kyle is talking to Paul in the BR, says to stay under the radar and not believe what people say. That, sometimes, people will put on a show just to get info. Paul cuts in and says "wouldn't it be something if Adel and I went to the final 2?!". Kyle hopes that next weeks twist works in Paul & Adel's favor down the road.

2:15 PM BBT - Kyle warns Paul not to buy into the girls when they come to him for advice. he says that they all completely shunned the 3 of them (Adel, Kyle & Paul) until Kyle spilled the beans, and only now they are coming around talking to them. Kyle is thinking of an epic speech for tomorrow, he wants to rattle everyone. He says people want him out because he is a physical threat.

2:20 PM BT - Paul tells kyle that he thinks Sabrina is just playing Andrew. he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy she'd be with out of the house. Kyle replies that she is insecure, is using andrew to feel safe, and that she doesn't even realize that most of the girls roll their eyes when Andrew is yelling.

2:25 PM BBT - Kyle has gone to shower, Adel is now in BR with Paul. Paul mentions to Adel that he thinks he may go to the end because he is the bad guy. What he said about Andrew being racist is about the worst it can get. Adel thinks it would be almost impossible to get to the end - they need a miracle. Other HG still lounging on couches in LR, chatting about everything yet nothing.

2:28 PM BBT - Feeds cut in and out for a minute, momentarily showing Adel praying in BR. Kyle is now out of the shower and joining in the prayer. Paul is watching from the bed. Couch guests still chatting.

2:30 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Kenny is in the KT mopping the floor vigorously. He tells Sabrina that he can't stand the dirtiness, but isn't vocal about it because he doesn't want to piss people off. She doesn't understand how people can live in such filth, to which Kenny agrees.

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2:35 PM BBT - War Room feeds are still on Hush. Sabrina & Rachelle go to WA, Sabrina goes tinkle while confessing her fear about going on block next week. Asks Rachelle if she'll have her vote if that is the case. rachelle assures her "of course!". Sabrina wonders if she'll get backdoored. They both go and snuggle with Andrew in the HOH bed where Sabrina continues to freak out about going on the block, and is assured that she'll be ok.

2:40 PM BBT - Sabrina tells Rachelle that she needs her to win because she is the only one she can trust. They all agree they would put Adel and Paul on the block if they won HOH next. Andrew says he will look after both girls and be their protector. Sabrina laughs, prompting Andrew to ask why she is laughing. he informs that that his name literally means 'strong & manly'.

Sabrina goes to bathroom, Rachelle tells Andrew she hates it when they speak french because she doesn't understand it. But she says that if she didn't trust them, it would bother her more. Andrew and Sabrina have the talk about promising to trust one another.

2:45 PM BBT - All feeds are on HOHR. After a BB warning that nap time is over, and Rachelle whines the usual reply that "they aren't even sleeping!", Andrew asks BB for an energy drink. (No worries, folks - he did use the mandatory Canadian vocabulary and said "please"). Once they leave the HOHR, the feeds follow them and we get a view of the LR/KT. BB gives the HG's a 3 Min. warning for an ODL. Someone speculates the ODL is to fix the leak.

2:50 PM BBT - BB gives final warning that the house is now off limits. The door to the BY opens, most everyone heads outside. Kenny, who has been cleaning, politely asks that everyone put things away "please"!

2:55 PM BBT - Neda and Sabrina are in the HOHBR. BB again tells HG's to get out of the house. Neda says she thinks that Kenny doesn't like her. They finally head outside. Sabrina pinches her stomach, saying how much weight she has lost. Neda gives the congratulatory "good for you!" speech, and adds " go on slop. You'll lose **** loads of weight!"

3:00 PM BBT - Kenny is tossing beanbags with Sarah. Everyone else is lounging around the BY, most have their eyes closed and are silent. Ika, Sabrina, rachelle and Andrew are chatting about random nonsense.

3:15 PM BBT - Still the same ol, same ol. The same ladies are engaged in small chit chat and giggling. There is something else happening in BY, but BB is not showing it. It sounds like someone else is playing a game somewhere.

3:25 PM BBT - BB tells the HG's the garage door is opening. However, only Neda is allowed inside and she is to go straight to the DR. Ika and Rachelle wonder if it's because she is sad?

3:30 PM BBT - The same group of ladies are wondering what Anick is doing now. Sabrina whispers to Rachelle that Kenny never comes around the girls...Ever! rachelle agrees, adding that it is 'weird'.

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4:50PM BBT: Sarah/Rochelle/Sabrina are in the BY talking about how the boys do not discuss game w/any of them anymore. They are discussing how they need to get a boy out of the house next. They have to keep the numbers in their favor.

4:56PM BBT: Most of the rest of the HG's on the green couch discussing what they would give up to get alcohol. Andrew said he would give up water for the rest of the game then, he said he would cut a couple fingers off his left hand. Jon said he would give up all the pillows in the house then said he would give up all the furniture in the entire house.

5:08PM BBT: Sabrina/Ika/Arlie in the WA. Sabrina is shaving Arlie's hair. Arlie wanted it shaved it with a 3. As they begin to shave it, it shaves a lot shorter than he wanted it to. Since they have no other option because they had already shaved the back corner of his head already they have to continue with it. They have decided to do a mohawk. Arlie said he may leave it for tomorrow's live show.

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5:20PM BBT: Sarah/Neda have talked Jon into waxing his feet. Sarah was denied by BB when she wanted to go into the DR and get some wax strips. Sarah is waiting on her thinly sliced potatoes to get crispy in the oven so the have-not's can have chips and salsa. #BBCAN2 5:25PM BBT: WR3 all is quite. Scott is deciding what outfit he wants to wear to night. [Contessa will be joining us.] Allison is painting her toenails. They are discussing what time the polls close for their vote. They think is will be tonight at midnight or tomorrow at noon.

5:31PM BBT: Arlie has decided to not have a mohawk as Sabrina tries to shave it off the clippers break and just the front part is shaved off. They are trying to clean it but so far they haven't figured anything out.

5:40PM: As Sabrina was shaving Arlie's head she began to feel nauseated and has gone to the HOH room to lie down. Heather and Andrew are up there keeping her company.

5:49PM BBT: Sarah is yelling at Ika. Sarah made slop chips and Ika asked if she could have one. Sarah said no because that was the only thing they could eat and Adel had made some in oil that were on a plate right next to Ika. Ika got up an ate one of the have-not's and Sarah went off on her and had to leave the room. Ika said "really over one potatoe." Sarah "I couldn't be more **** serious right now."

5:53PM BBT: Adel said to Ika right now the house is so tense that if you fart you might get your head cut off.

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5:57PM BBT: Ika to Neda (who was also sitting at the table eating to potatoes) "I am sorry I ate your potatoe's " Neda I think you should apologise to Sarah she spent 2 hours on those and when you are on slop everything seems so much bigger than it really is.

6:05PM BBT: All feeds have been HoTH for the last few minutes.

6:12PM BBT:Sarah/Heather/Rachelle/Neda at the pool eating the chips. Jon has also joined them he now is wearing his arm in a sling.

6:17PM BBT: Sarah/Jon/Neda/Kenny in the BY. Sarah telling Jon about when she was yelling at Ika about the chips. Kenny "I was so attracted to her in that moment." Jon "Are you attracted to crazy chicks?" Kenny " No just women who stand up for themselves."

6:21PM BBT: After Arlie shaved his head he was having trouble with the shower pressure and was having trouble getting the hair off of his body so he jumped in the pool naked. (This happed a little while age and I did not see it)

6:28PM BBT: Sarah/Neda/Heather/Rachelle talking about how there is no way they could go on Survivor. After being have-not's for a week they know their bodies couldn't handle it, especially w/ all the physical comp.

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6:33PM BBT: Jon/Andrew/Kenny at the HT smoking talking about how horrible Ika has been today and how she doesn't contribute at all. Kenny "She is a horrible human being."

6:37PM BBT: Most of the boys in the KT Arlie walks in with his hair shaved. Andrew "Every time I look at you it makes my day better."

6:43PM BBT: Sabrina/Ika talking in the red corner. Sabrina telling Ika she is snappy and she honestly thought she was a b****. Sabrina you need to calm down a be nicer. Sabrina is calling Sarah over so that Ika can apologize. Sarah said I will in a min. I have to go to the DR. Ika said to Sabrina why are you calling her over I am not going to talk to her.

6:49PM BBT: Sarah/Ika/Sabrina Now Ika is crying and apologizing to Sarah. Sarah said she doesn't want her to cry and she is so sorry that she blew up at her. She just can't explain what slop is doing to her.

6:55PM BBT: WR3 Nate and Scott are soaking their feet and Allison is going to give them a pedi.

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10:00PMBBT: Sarah, Arlie, Andrew, Ken and Jon are chatting on the couches. Chit chat happening. In the WA, Heather, Neda, Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking, beautifying. Heather thinks that if they get up and shower in the AM, they get the "less cold" water. Heather is kind of nattering, Sabrina is painting Rachelle's nails.

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10:04 pm BBT: Ika Heather Rachele and others in the kitchen exchanging mic batteries. Arlie, Jon Andrew and Kenny on the green couches talking about facial hair. Girls now in bathroom where Sabrina is doing Rachelle;s nails. Sarah goes to the couches to talk with the boys about sleeping arrangements for tonight and getting more blankets since the half-not room is so cold. shouting is heard from outside and Andrew says he hopes Paul falls down and hurts himself. Two feeds now show the exiled 3 playing in the BY. Sarah is talking with the boys on the couches about production and how they want to see them get punishments and BB is a little slow with the warning about production talk. Sarah calls Andrew out for pushing out a fart while he is saying that someone leaving smelly items in the dryer is not OK. Feeds freeze up. Adel and Kyle are playing cornhole with Kyle watching. Sarah and Jon leave the couches and Heather enters wrapping herself in a blanket.

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10:15PMBBT: The LR talk is about BB punishments and rewards. Arlie mentions that punishments breaks them down, makes the game interesting. It goes from all of them talking to silence to all talking at once to silence. They are laying around, not a lot happening. The girls minus Sarah and Heather are still talking in the WA. BB has told them a couple of times to stop talking about production.

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10:18 pm BBT: Arlie is now wrestling with a blue bean bag chair and eventually plops down on it in front of the green couches. the game continues outside. Arlie complains about not being able to open the zipper on the bean bag chair to remove some of the beans and make it more comfortable. He plans to shave tomorrow and hopes BB will not save stop that when he is two strokes into the process. He says BB will now be on the napping thing with just one warning. Two outside feeds now switch to the gals in the bathroom Ika, Neda Sabrina and Rachelle. They are mumbling and Neda says they gave her cranberry juice and meds so sounds like someone has a yeast infection. Sarah comes out of the stall and washes her hands responding to a question that she poohed earlier, but just a little one. Sarah is now relating the story of how Paul put his stinky runners in the dryer and she had to put something in there to try and get the odor out.

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10:20PMBBT: Heather is in the LR with Andrew, Arlie, Jon and Ken. They are still talking about the game. They are wondering about LD tomorrow and when things will begin with challenges. Andrew tells Arlie he sucks in his game play. Arlie jumps up and sings "I suck I suck I do suck..." then says "Oh I have to go to the bathroom." and leaves. And the room goes quiet. Jon says he loves Matchbox20 and Rob Thomas. Heather starts talking about other things.

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10:24 pm BBT: Heather asks if they should go clean up the BY now so BB won't be mad at them tomorrow when they go to set up a competition and the guys quickly tell her no. (Audio still cutting out randomly tonight guess we get what we paid for. DRG) Sarah tells the gals that she is desperately trying to stay awake. Andrew heads to the kitchen and invites Jon to come along and help himself and we get FoTH on all four feeds.

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