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Thursday, September 12 Live Feed Updates


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9:05:46pm bbt Feeds came back finally from Trivia. Part 1 of final HOH has the HGs wearing roller skates and holding on to a ski-bar device above their heads. They are roller skating in a circle, pulled by the device they are holding on. There are 3 separate rows of cones about a foot high that the have to step past/over/around. Spencer is 'walking' on his skates more than Andy/GM, who appear to be letting the bar drag them around the circle.

They are making a point to avoid the cones, so I'm guessing if they knock one over, they are eliminated(other wise I'd just kick them out of the way.

9:11pm bbt GM/Andy encourage Spencer with "come on Spencer, you've got it". His breathing is much more labored than GM/Andy.

9:12:05pm bbt Spencer falls and is out of the competition.

9:12:45pm bbt GM tells Andy he's going to get a surprise up top. Andy isn't sure what she means, she replies with "you'll see". Spencer yells out "I'll bet I hung on longer than ya'll thought I would!".

9:13pm bbt Andy pulls himself into the air to go over a set of cones, doing a 360 while in the air. GM asks if he's trying to do some tricks?

9:14pm bbt GM: You know, this isn't fun to do with a broken toe!

Andy: You've got this... well, hopefully you don't!

9:15pm bbt (Not sure if they were present before now, but I see) Bubbles are now falling from above onto the HOH comp area.

9:18pm bbt The bubbles have stopped and GM/Andy are back to regular 'all skate'.(All except Spencer, so I guess it's 'couples skate'?)

9:20pm bbt All feeds go to trivia for 5 seconds, when it comes back, a white fog is blown out from ground level in 3 different places. Feeds go back to trivia for 5 seconds. When they return, there is now water(?) coming down on them.

9:21:20pm bbt Andy appears to be slipping quite a bit as he goes around.

9:22pm bbt Both Andy and GM are pulling themselves up to get over the cones.

9:22:10pm bbt Andy: ohhh my knee, f&*k, oh my god... he was going over a set of cones when he seems to have hurt his knee.

9:22:30pm bbt Feeds cut to trivia

9:22:55pm bbt Back from trivia, there is now foam on about a third of the course, covering one set of cones.

9:23:25pm bbt Andy falls, GM wins! Spencer asks Andy how his knee is, but feeds go to trivia.

9:23:50pm bbt Feeds are back, Andy says his knee is ok. Andy and GM both sitting on the ground, removing elbow/knee pads they had on.

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9:25pm bbt Andy asks GM how much longer she could have held on? She says not for long. We hear a "boom", and glitter starts falling from the sky. GM starts screaming, lays on her back and starts making a glitter angel. In her excitement, she chokes on glitter that she swallows. She then tries to slide thru the bubble area of the floor, but finds it's not slippery enough.

9:27pm bbt Andy/Spencer congratulate GM for winning part 1. Andy has his skates off and starts walking from the comp area. After brief Trivia, GM has her skates off as well.

9:29pm bbt Back to the "HGs are playing a game that is secret" message, then trivia again.

9:31pm bbt HGs are back inside. Spencer says that was quick! We went out at like 9 o'clock! GM says she definately swallowed glitter. They wonder what part 2 is like, Andy thinks it's like putting all the HOH's in order.

9:35pm bbt HGs are in SR removing mic packs and talking food. After they leave SR, cam 3 gives us a brief glimpse of a BB crew member in the SR.

9:36pm bbt GM says she knew there was going to be surprises, because she could look up and see things. Spencer says his method was to 'stomp' instead of skate, and points out McCrae would have been strong enough to pull himself up and skate longer than them. They decide against eating pizza tonight.

9:38pm bbt GM is brushing wet glitter off onto the floor, saying she'll vacuum it up after it dries. Andy wants part 2 now, then tells GM part 3 is usually answering questions about jury members.

9:40pm bbt Andy/Spencer don't feel too bad about losing the comp, because they tried hard. GM hopes that Nick is proud of her for roller skating/winning the comp. GM thinks it would have been a fun comp with a lot of them, then Spencer points out it would have been scary/dangerous. He says he never lasts long enough for the special effects.

9:42pm bbt GM says she's always afraid to let go when she thinks she has won a HOH. She always asks 'Am I good?' before she will let go.

9:44pm bbt Andy wonders how long they(BB) expected them to last, once they got the floor wet? "When they said 'endurance', I thought I could do this for 5 hours". Spencer says they lasted maybe 15 minutes after he fell, and he went for maybe 7-8 minutes? (Andy went down 11 minutes after Spencer, who went down at 9:12pm bbt. The comp had started when the feeds came back at 9:05pm bbt, but Spencer said they started around 9pm).

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09:08 PM BBT Feeds are back. Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy are holding onto a rope above their heads while walking/rollerskating around in a circle while appearing to avoid some colorful traffic cones.

09:10 PM BBT To better describe this HoH competition we appear to be roller skating around and around in a circle with a giant disco ball spinning above the center of the circle they are skating around. We have flashes of colorful lights flickering in every direction with soap bubbles falling from above. Andy and GinaMarie cheer Spencer on. He really seems to be struggling to catch his breath. Spencer falls down and is out of the comp at 09:13 PM BBT.

09:14 PM BBT Disco Inferno at the roller rink on a Friday night anyone? The set is clearly designed to be mimicked after your typical roller rink (dim overhead lights, flashes of color from different parts of the make shift rink. Vending machines and what appears to be a juke box can be seen along one of the walls in the distance. Spencer cheers on Andy and GinaMarie.

09:17 PM BBT As if helping us to help set up the description for this HoH set, the camera pulls back a bit and you can also see an assortment of arcade games in the background next to the jukebox and vending machine. Andy and GinaMarie continue to skate around the circle, their arms held high above their head as they hold onto the rope.

09:19 PM BBT Andy thinks McCrae could have kicked butt in this comp. Spencer and GinaMarie agree. We get another camera angle of the set and there appears to be a hippie that is standing behind a box that says "DJ". GinaMarie asks the DJ what he has for them and he sprays a cloud of smoke onto their track. It now begins to rain. Andy is struggling to stay on his feet.

09:22 PM BBT Foam now falls onto one part of the track, helping to cover the cones in that area and we get trivia.

09:24 PM BBT Andy slips and falls. Spencer up to check on both GinaMarie and Andy.

09:25 PM BBT GinaMarie apparently fell onto her good hand. Andy twisted his knee when he landed. BB drops a massive load of glitter onto the track and GinaMarie quickly drops to her back and starts making a glitter angel while squealing out with joy. GinaMarie begins coughing and choking...it seems she inhaled some of the glitter. She's ok. Andy congratulates GinaMarie on the win. She said it was hard and they did great.

09:29 PM BBT Spencer says congrats to GinaMarie and we get trivia once more.

09:32 PM BBT Feeds back and they are back in the house. Spencer says it's 9:27 PM BBT and they went out there about 9 o'clock. GinaMarie says she definitely swallowed glitter.

09:35 PM BBT Intermittent trivia. Feeds back and the three are in the SR. Spencer asks if he should put in a pizza. Andy and GinaMarie aren't really hungry but tell him to go ahead. They leave the SR and GinaMarie asks Andy what he hit his knee on. Andy said he hit his knee on a cone that sent him spinning out of control.

09:35 PM BBT We get a brief glimpse of someone in production's reflection when the cast leaves the SR and one of the cameras starts to move down the track behind the wall while trying to stay focused on the SR.

09:37 PM BBT Spencer has decided not to cook a pizza. GinaMarie will try to get the glitter up after it dries. It's sticking to her and to everything with it being wet.

09:40 PM BBT Spencer says McCrae would have been geared for something like that. GinaMarie says Nick really would have been great at it given his background. Spencer said he thought that the day before when they got to practice.

09:41 PM BBT GinaMarie hopes Nick is proud of her she did a roller skating challenge. "Nick you f**** face". Andy says he felt confident at first but then they added the water and suds and he knew he was in trouble. GinaMarie couldn't believe she was airborne. Spencer says both of them were. Andy said he hit his knee the first time then he started consistently hitting the rest of them.

09:44 PM BBT Andy says he could have seen a lot of different HGs struggling with that one. Howard, Amanda, Judd. Spencer says Elissa may have been able to hold on for four hours. GinaMarie says Kaitlin may have done well. Andy questions how long they were expected to last after they sprayed the water. Andy and GinaMarie says it wasn't going to be very long for either of them. Spencer thinks he lasted seven or eight minutes.

09:46 PM BBT They head into the bedrooms. Andy doesn't think he's going to take a shower tonight. Spencer may wait a bit and dry off some. GinaMarie doesn't want to shower because then she'll have to re bandage. GinaMarie asks Andy when he thinks they'll do the second part. Andy doesn't know. Maybe Saturday. Spencer sits on the edge of his bed and starts to read his letter from Marilyn.

09:48 PM BBT GinaMarie asks Andy how the final three schedule works and he agrees with her when she asks "Let's say you win the second part and then then we battle it out in the third part and whichever of us wins gets to pick who goes to the final 2. Andy comes out of the colorful room and Spencer apologizes to Andy for not being able to hang on. Andy says it was definitely hard.

09:51 PM Discussion is about what previous Part II HoHs have been. The three of them can't really remember previous ones. Spencer remembers the All-Star season and how they had to line up the lasers and it was timed. Andy and Spencer agree that it will be timed.

10:03 PM BBT The final three discuss where the booth for part three of the competition is held (just inside the front door). GinaMarie says remember the popsicles on the first night and they wondered what else they would have in store for them.

10:06 PM BBT Talk turns to McCrae and how messy he was. Spencer doesn't think he cooked anything. GinaMarie says he made sandwiches for himself. Andy says Amanda's goal in the house was to dirty every dish she could while making McCrae his dinner. Spencer says he's shocked but not shocked that they had sex the first week. Andy is shocked. GinaMarie can't believe she said she liked Nick.

10:10 PM BBT GinaMarie could not believe she stayed up. Spencer says it was hard. GinaMarie says she was not going to let go at all. Andy heads into the KT to make himself a drink. Spencer wants to make something hot to eat.

10:12 PM BBT GinaMarie continues to nurse her swollen foot/toe. She said her hands hurt from gripping the handle so tightly. Andy back into the chair room where they've been talking.

10:18 PM BBT Idle chit chat about food before talk turns to how much McCrae vomits. GinaMarie says "Almost once a day! That's more than me and I have an uneasy stomach!" Andy says Judd also had a weak stomach.

10:20 PM BBT Talk turns to McCrae and how he apparently played the most game that first week. GinaMarie says there is glitter everywhere and she loves it. She plans on cleaning. Andy is not going to take a shower tonight. GinaMarie starts to reminisce about the PoV and how proud she is for knowing some of the answers. Andy called to DR. Spencer and GinaMarie head into the KT to make something to eat and some coffee.

10:27 PM BBT Spencer and GinaMarie in the KT talking about how TMC was wanting to get rid of Amanda ASAP. Spencer says in his goodbye message to her, he told her that he had been trying to get rid of her through the whole game and he finally found someone with the kahones to do it.

10:27 PM BBT Spencer goes to the memory wall and points out all the votes Andy will have in jury. Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Candice, Helen, Elissa and maybe Jessie. GinaMarie agrees. Spencer says he starts to lose sleep when he thinks about it.

10:33 PM BBT Spencer says he takes care of his dirty dishes and puts his cup up and out of the way when it's not in use. Spencer asks GinaMarie if she could imagine how McCrae's house looks, probably messy and everything. GinaMarie agrees. GinaMarie is eating a spinach salad and Spencer is making eggs and is planning on mixing in some spinach and making an omelet.

10:36 PM BBT Spencer asks GinaMarie if she's glad Elissa is gone because of her awkwardness. GinaMarie says she tried to avoid her. Spencer says she was ok with girls moreso than with guys. Maybe she had some sexual trauma that made her skittish around guys then he feels bad for her and all and obviously she would have issues, but she was really standoffish from the guys. GinaMarie snaps and whistles to get Spencer's attention. They agree to take each other to the final two. Spencer says she doesn't have to ask that twice.

10:42 PM BBT Talk continues about McCrae and how he lost his fire when he was with Amanda. Amanda said McCrae has a large piece of male anatomy. Spencer said he did he would be sticking it everywhere he could. GinaMarie brings up the medicine Amanda is on and we get FoTH.

10:50 PM BBT We've had idle chit chat at the KT for the past 5 minutes or so as they eat. Andy out of DR.

10:52 PM BBT GinaMarie called to DR. She needs to go put a "brawr on" because her nips are showing through her shirt. Andy can't believe that McCrae nabbed his gummy bears when he left the house.

10:56 PM BBT GinaMarie in DR. Andy and Spencer talking at the KT table. They both knew this was her competition to win. Spencer thinks he (Andy) will be alright with the third round of the HoH just because he's built some good relationships. Andy agrees. Neither can believe that they have a week left in the house. They don't want third place and plan on taking each other to the end (Where have we heard that before...).

11:00 PM BBT Andy and Spencer talking in the KT. Spencer tells Andy that he deserves to win the game. Andy says that's very nice but he's got some serious blood on his hands. Spencer says he's afraid of GinaMarie winning and Andy agrees. Andy says Spencer deserves to win as well because he was on the block and stayed for so long. They continue to go back and forth stroking each others egos. Regardless, Spencer says their friendship is the best thing that's happened to him in the house.

11:08 PM BBT Andy and Spencer wind up in the with Andy in one of the nom chairs and Spencer on a couch. Spencer is looking forward to the stroll down memory lane. Andy is as well and it'll be nice to hear how they are lead to discuss certain things (In previous seasons, other HGs have said that production starts the conversation by telling the HGs to talk about certain things that have happened so they can get the stuff they want/need).

11:13 PM BBT Spencer says GinaMarie is a trooper. Andy says she's poured her heart and soul into this game and even wounded she had beat them. Andy says win or lose everyone should be proud of where they made it by getting to the end. Andy does fear that he's being portrayed as an a-hole.

11:17 PM BBT Andy and Spencer begin to reminisce the FROYO competition and tonight's HoH. Andy hates that they have 9 years until the finale. But ultimately he's going to miss spending time with the two of them. Spencer agrees.

11:26 PM BBT GinaMarie out of DR and Spencer called in. She tells them to try and not stay up too late because they're getting an 8:15 AM wake-up call and they're going to have a fabulous brunch that they should get dressed up for.

11:29 PM BBT Andy and GinaMarie agree to take each other to the final two. GinaMarie says "First two in, last two out." Andy agrees.

11:31 PM BBT Andy says after the conversations they've had before even if he came in second place to her, he'd be honored because at least he knew that she was getting the money. She agrees. GinaMarie is reluctant to eat ice cream tonight because she doesn't want to get sick. Andy agrees. Andy thinks he's going to go to bed early especially if they are waking them up early and to help pass time. FoTH. Feeds back and they're in the KT talking about the jury.

11:36 PM BBT GinaMarie and Andy continue to talk in the KT. GinaMarie asks how the third part of the competition goes down. Andy explains it to her "Does Candice think her biggest mistake in the BB house was fighting with GinaMarie or aligning with Howard? We answer and then they play the clip of Candice. My biggest mistake in the BB house was aligning with Howard."

11:46 PM BBT We've had idle chit chat as they rehash the first part of tonight's HoH competition. Andy and GinaMarie are hanging out in the LR now after Andy went and got his flip flops. GinaMarie won't be cleaning up McCrae's mess. Neither can believe that McCrae is as messy as he was. Andy can't believe they had sex after a week. GinaMarie says she didn't kiss Nick for a month. That's what you call a whore. Andy laughs.

11:54 PM BBT Spencer out of DR. Spencer says he complained about 8:15 brunch and we get FoTH.

11:55 PM BBT Feeds back and Spencer and GinaMarie are talking about the size of their living room being smaller than the rug in the LR of the BB house. GinaMarie says the TV in the LR is huge compared to the size of her own. Spencer agrees. GinaMarie says she wouldn't want to be in the house with anyone other than those two except maybe Jeremy.

11:55 PM BBT GinaMarie says she always liked Andy and her and Spencer had a great time together all the time. Spencer laughs and says he mentioned it in the DR early in the season "This girl won't leave me alone!". Talk turns to bed time and where everyone is going to sleep. Spencer may join them in the colorful room.

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It is so funny to hear GinaMarie and Spencer promising to take each other to final two because there's no way they could beat Andy. Then later Spencer and Andy promise to take each other because they couldn't win over GinaMarie because she was the only HoH with the guts to break up McCranda.

I think the BS will continue here:

Friday, September 13 Live Feed Updates
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