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Thursday, September 12 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT GM details all the accidents she has had this season. Spencer and GM agree that if they lay down they will fall asleep but it is far too early.

12:10 AM BBT Mccrae has gone to listen to Andy's CD. Spencer and GM have gone to the WC to curl GM's hair. Spencer and Gm to work hard in the endurance comp. Gm thinks the second part is questions. He tells her it isn't, it is a timed comp. He tells her that part three is jury questions. They agree to take each other F2 because neither can win against anyone else.

12:20 AM BBT GM doesn't think she has anyone but Aaryn in jury. Spencer reminds her she got Amanda out, had a good social game, and won two HOHs. Andy and Mccrae come downstairs and sit with spencer to watch GM curl her hair.

12:30 AM BBT Spencer says that he bets Amanda hated him. Mccrae says no. She didn't like him in the beginning but was just wary of him in the end. Andy asks what she thought of him. Mccrae says she trusted him a lot. They move on to discuss how shady Howard was.

12:40 AM BBT Andy wants to break the news to Mccrae that he is leaving. They debate whether or not to tell him tonight or tomorrow. They decide to tell him tomorrow after lock-down. They respect him and think he is a good dude and want him to know it is his time. Andy plans to go to bed around 1. Spencer agrees that he has been tired for a while and that going to bed around one will allow him to crash through the night.

12:50 AM BBT HGs are talking about Judd and how much of a wild card he was. They agree they were not happy to have him back. They did not want any jury member back. They move on to discuss whether or not people in the house were related to any other former players. They think it would be funny if anyone was.

12:55 AM BBT Just more rehashing of old competitions and how mccrae won the spelling comp. To recap for the night. Judd gone, Andy is Hoh, he nominated Spencer and Mccrae, and Andy has one veto

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1:00am bbt Final 4 HGs sitting in LR talking about furniture, led by Spencer giving out the "you get what you pay for" advice.

1:07am bbt Andy says good night and heads off to HOH. GM heads to kitchen for snacks, Spencer/McCrae start preparing for bed.

1:14am bbt GM's doing dishes, Andy is pacing the HOH room while snacking.

1:15am bbt Spencer watches GM clean dishes, they both agree they are going to bed. GM says she's going to do her nails while in bed, looks for bottle of nail polish, Spencer asks if that is the bottle that Candice put in the microwave. GM says it is and calls Candice an idiot. They head off to bed.

1:20am bbt McCrae/Spencer are in their beds, lights off talking about their vision. Spencer says he has 20/15 eyesight. McCrae says he needs glasses. GM is sitting in her bed, painting her toenails.

1:25am bbt McCrae/Spencer talk turns to finances, and McCrae's plans for a road trip to Florida this fall. Spencer suggests he take a train tour of the US, from Minnesota to Florida, thru Arkansas to stretch his legs at Spencer's house. They both see BB as an adventure in their life. Talk turns to 'everything happens for a reason' and what will happen next in their lives. Spencer says they got to experience everything, winning HOH/POV, he got 'taken to Candyland'... they both say they came in deciding to be themselves. Spencer plans to get married, have a kid, pay off his house, tells McCrae the sky's the limit for him.

1:33am bbt GM is done doing her nails, now laying down in bed but still has the light on in the room.

1:38am bbt Spencer/McCrae agree they don't want a job where they sit behind a desk working with numbers. Spencer says you spend 1/3 of your life working, so do something you enjoy, he enjoys his railroad job. Spencer continues to give McCrae life advice.

1:45am bbt GM is out of bed, heads to WA to get ready for bed. McCrae/Spencer discuss going to Chicago and having Andy take them to gay bars to get hit on for free drinks. Spencer thinks it would be a confidence boost to get hit on by gay men.

1:49am bbt GM is now in bed with nights off. Spencer/McCrae talk has turned to movies.

1:58am bbt Spencer/McCrae wonder if the jury will be bitter. McCrae thinks this will be the most bitter jury ever. Spencer says he would be happy with any of the ones left in the house winning the money. He could see McCrae winning America's favorite player. They both would be sick if Elissa won it. They would like it split up between multiple people. Spencer says he thinks Amanda was the best game player in the house, and McCrae agrees. They feel the way Amanda played took a huge emotional toll on her.

2:05am bbt Spencer knows that he has been the pawn so many weeks, but knew he had to make sure not to mess up while on the block. Spencer/McCrae talk turns to Jessie not being able to keep her mouth shut. Spencer says it's not about being right, it's about being here.

2:13am bbt Spencer/McCrae still talking... Spencer asks if McCrae will still be a big fan of the show, now that he's been on it? McCrae thinks so... he remembers seeing a tweet from Matt Hoffman before this season started, saying Matt was excited for the season to start. Spencer questions if 3 from this season went to allstars... McCrae says GM, Amanda.. Spencer thinks Amanda, Andy, and GM, cause she has some wild, magnetic quality. Spencer then includes McCrae as a duo to come back with Amanda. Spencer says he would be overwhelmed if asked to come back again. They agree it was amazing for Dan to make it all the way to F2 twice.

2:17am bbt McCrae starts to whisper... Spencer needs to keep talking to Andy on Thursday, that GM could beat him in F2, plus the bitter jury thing(McCrae is wanting Andy to use POV to nom/evict GM on Thursday). Spencer tells McCrae there is no way he would take GM to F2 over McCrae. McCrae says he doesn't know what is playing in Andy's head. Spencer says he will try to get in Andy's ear on Thursday.

2:21am bbt Spencer/McCrae say nighty-night to each other and another day in the BB house comes to a close...

7:01am bbt Spencer makes a trip to the WC, goes to SR to change batteries in his mic, and is back in bed by 7:05.

7:30am bbt Houseguests are still asleep

8:00am bbt Still sleeping...

8:30am bbt Nothing has changed...

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#BB!5 11:04 AM BBT Gina is sleeping. Andy listening to music. We can hear the music it is very loud through his headphones.

#BB15 11:26 AM BBT All HG is bed. Andy just in thought.

#BB15 We have FOTH and when we come back Gina is up and Andy is asking if they can not put the BB theme on repeat. It's time for the HOH LD.

#BB15 11:33 We have FOTH.

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12:26 BBT McCrae is in the shower (gasp!) in the downstairs bathroom and Andy is cleaning out the HOH room. He is taking food and other things to the large chess table, then making trips downstairs to the kitchen with the foods, dishes, etc.

Spencer is still in bed with his sunglasses on

Andy takes his clothes to the colorful bedroom where GM is still in bed. She complements him on his outfit, and says he is back with his room mate. He says Spencer gets a room to himself (isn't McCrae still in there?) As he puts things away GM tells him a lot of the stuff in the drawers is crap from Aaryn. He said he doesn't need any more space. Andy tricks her with a pic of Nick. McCrae still in WA doing ADL's. Gina Marie said she will be up soon.

Andy goes into WA and tells McCrae he like his shirt on him (the blue one) McCrae says thank you, gets his stuff together and goes whistling through the house to the bedroom. When he comes in, Spencer gets up to take a shower.

McCrae is combing out his hair, and it sounds like it is ripping out. GM and Andy in other bedroom talking about her baby costume and when Jeremy wore it to talk strategy.

Just chit chat with Gina Marie and Andy. McCrae is cleaning stuff up, taking to trash in SR

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GM is talking about sitting Nick down when she gets out of the house and have him tell her everything, is he a skater, had an eyebrow piercing, etc. (not about his love life?) She is talking about her piercings. Andy said he wants to see if anyone had a mind blowing secret that they will find out once they get out. They both say what ou see is what you get with them.

12:47 BBT GM is saying she has a huge heart and cares about the guy and his family etc. Andy said he does too. GM joking that Nick won't remember her name, etc.

Andy goes out to find Spencer, as Spencer walks into bedroom. Andy says nice underwear. The styrofoam head is on the table in the LR, Andy asks if that is the centerpiece for this evening. They said it is Judd's scary face. GM screams from the other BR that his face scared her. She decides to get up and join the rest of the HG. Everyone talking except for McCrae, who is still cleaning things up. FoTH

12:51PM BBT GM in kitchen saying she can't believe there were that many snacks in his basket. Spencer says a weeks worth of snacks for 2 days. Andy said he is a snacker and didn't even make a dent in them.

Andy tells GM to tell Spencer te Freddie Nike story. She does

McCrae just walking around the kitchen while GM and Spencer are talking. She calls Andy into KT to tell another Freddie story about him getting his hand cut off, then they put it in his stomach to save it. Then they did a skin graft from his arm that had a tattoo, so now part of the tattoo is on his hand. Andy said that doesn't make any sense. They can't wait to meet him. McCrae still around the KT but not included.

Andy is sweeping and Gina Marie said she will be vacuuming around 2. Andy said he hopes they give him some direction since the show will be a POV meeting instead of an eviction. They say it will be both. Joking about Andy's new shirt. It has gnomes, mushrooms and flamingos...lawn decorations.

Andy said lets sit at the table. It is a tiny one. They all 4 sit down and Andy is telling McCrae about the Exterminators. They are telling about their list of who they wanted out, and how it went. Can't say how the votes will go, but they are glad he is still here. McCrae said he suspected. They are coming clean with the votes, and different things they did for the good of the 4, since they needed numbers. McCrae said he knew Andy cast the vote against Amanda.

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1:05 PM BBT They tell McCrae they still love him. He keeps saying he knew something was up. They tell him they had to think of every scenario. McCrae said he knew something was up since their reactions were so weird. They are going over all of their speeches and things they said. McCrae is pissed off at himself for not doing anything about it. They still say how much they love him.

Discussing how Judd went rogue, they had nothing to do with his strange speeches. McCrae said maybe he should have voted to keep him. They say it didn't matter, since Spencer was the tie breaker. They are glad he is in the final 4. McCrae said he just wants to go yell at DR. Andy asks what he wants to talk to them about, and we get FoTH.

Andy said he is not looking forward to seeing Amanda and Elissa. They are both going to be so mad at him!

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Talking about Judd, and how they were afraid of him the most. He had something going with Elissa, and kept to himself, so they didn't know where he stood. Judd made a final 2 with Andy, but that was because he was the vote. McCrae still beating himself up over being duped. He said he will always regret those final numbers in the HOH comp and the POV. They said they knew for a while they needed to get together, and when Judd came back, that was the last piece. That gave them the numbers. Andy told Judd he could trust GM and Spencer, but not Amanda or McCrae. They were so scared that Judd was going to out the alliance and light a fire under McCrae. He said why didn't he? GM said that was why she was handcuffed with the friendship bracelet to him. They didn't want Judd attached to him, and making deals.

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#BB15 1:05 PM BBT The meeting continues in the KT. McCrae says he knows Andy did something. McCrae is bummed that he was taken for a ride but understands.

#BB15 1:07 PM BBT Spencer tells McCrae that he should be proud of the veto win last week. They all tell McCrae they love him.

#BB15 1:11 PM BBT The meeting continues. Andy, Spencer and Gina filling McCrae in on the various ways they set everything up. Mc is pacing the KT upset at himself but not yelling. Just frustrated that his game is over.

#BB15 1:22 PM BBT They tell McCrae that it was easy for them to talk because he was always in bed with Amanda.

#BB15 1:27 PM BBT The Exterminators continue to spill all of their secrets to McCrae. McCrae says that he has to apologize to Elissa.

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1:22 BBT Andy asked if McCrae ever suspected they were working together. He said those 3, but never Judd. He said he never saw them together, so he didn't see how they were working together. McCrae said f**k, I have to apologize to Elissa. They say...or not. He said he is going to wait and see what she has to say. He said his good-bye message to Elissa was dead on, He knew she didn't vote out Amanda. They said they only had to convince him for 8 minutes. Now going over Elissa and Aaryn hooking up, and getting Aaryn out. GM said she was always friends with Aaryn, but Amanda was always telling her what to do.

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McCrae said Amanda trusted Andy, but thought Elissa, GM, Judd and Spencer were working together. He is still mad at himself. He said he should have just trusted his gut. He asks if there is anything else. Andy said Elissa hooking up with McCrae and Amanda made him know he had to step it up or she would ruin his game. McCrae said info was being thrown around and he wondered how that person would know it. Elissa was good at figuring things out.

Elissa had her heart in the right place, but didn't know the numbers.

McCrae said no one in the jury house knew until Judd left. Andy said no, he put it in all of his good-bye messages.

McCrae went to put on deodorant. Joking about Ian cheering on McCrae. Couldn't figure out why. McCrae wants to know why Ian didn't just tell him, Judd was pissed at Ian for cheering on McCrae.

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Talking about how Judd came back wanting Elissa, Amanda and McCrae gone because they sent him out. They were not sure if he would stay with them or work something out with McCrae. McCrae is still bashing himself over messing his game up over who he trusted. They said the biggest move of the game was GM putting the two of them up together. Spencer said this is not Moving Company revenge. GM said it isn't Nick revenge either. Andy said it is Candice revenge. He is picking off everyone who voted her out. They laugh. GM said Andy scared her with Candice's picture this morning (sorry, it wasn't Nick's as I reported earlier). Aaryn and McCrae were tied with 5 comps each, Andy has 4. GM has 2.

They say they wanted him to know what was going on before the vote. He said he is glad, he would have been so pissed for being played. He is only mad at himself.

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#BB15 1:33 PM BBT Gina tells McCrae he doesn't have to apologize to Elissa. Now Mccrae is figuring everything out and that Amanda was right about most things. Andy telling him how he moved around so they didn't get suspicious.

#BB15 1:45 PM BBT McCrae keeps walking around saying he messed up so bad.

#BB15 1:57 PM BBT The Exterminators say they are responsible for braking up Elissa and Amanda too. They knew Elissa had to go.

#BB15 1:59 PM BBT Some Elissa bashing ensues. Andy says Elissa didn't act well under pressure and they all did.

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12:17PM BBT: still FotH

2:19PM BBT: Feeds are back and Andy is getting all his stuff from HoH room and taking it down stairs. Spencer is back in his bed with shades on going back to sleep.

12:21PM BBT: McCrae in the shower. Andy leaves HoH room and says I still have to get stuff out of my fridge don't lock the door please.he lays his stuff down and goes back in HoH room to get his beers out of the fridge and to look at his pictures one last time.

12:29PM BBT: GinaMarie in bed talking to Andy as he puts his stuff away saying that he has to move back in here with his roommate and GinaMarie says yeahhhh and Andy says Spencer is going to have a room all to himself and GinaMarie mumbles yeah.McCrae is now out of the shower and getting dressed. Spencer in bed sleeping.

12:34PM BBT: Spencer is now up getting clothes and a towel for a shower. GinaMarie is still laying in bed as Andy looks around in the room. McCrae is in the chair room brushing his hair.

12:39PM BBT: GinaMarie talks about family to Andy .McCrae folding his pajama pants and packing his things

12:41PM BBT: GinaMarie telling about her mom and how she wears her hair teased and her mom wears stretch pants and sometimes high heels but moatly flat since her mom has open heart sugery.Andy says I didn't know your mom had a heart attack and GinaMarie says yeah a double bypass about 5 years ago.

12:43PM BBT: GinaMarie says my family is cool. She then says I keep thinking about talking to Nick and she says I just want to sit him here on the bed and tell him to tell me everything.

12:48PM BBT: Spencer is out of the DR and Andy tells him nice underwear and then Andy ask is this head the center piece for tonoght and Spencer says I think so it has a face that Judd makes and GinaMarie yells oh no not that creepy face and Andy laughs at her.

12:50PM BBT: Andy , Spencer and GinaMarie go to the kitchen GinaMarie goes to bathroom and McCrae comes in kitchen. Spencer says I feel so snotty and then starts picking his nose then gets in the freezer to get ice for his coke. now Andy gets ice and they are all hanging out in the kitchen and Andy says GinaMarie tell the nike story and she goes off on a story of Freddy wearing two different nikes on.

12:57PM BBT: McCrae is making coffee and everyone standing around kitchen with general talk going on and GinaMarie saying she is going to vaccume soon now they all go to the table for a meeting and Andy says so here is the deal and he says to McCrae here is what's up and three weeks ago we formed a four person alliance called the exterminators and so we basically took out everyone we wanted to starting with Aaryn. Andy says you can take this how you want because we can't tell you how the votes will go but we are glad that you are still here with us and if you have any questions just ask I will be hionest with you and I was the one who voted Amanda out and framed Elissa for it and McCrae says I knew it.

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2:01pm BBT: Gm giving Mccrae things from the comps and she ask Andy if he had

anything he doesnt want to take with him and Now andy is giving mccrae things

then starts giving Mccrae Nicks hat and Gm calles em names.

2:08pm BBT: Mccrae pacing the house and Andy and Spencer going over the pov comp Mccrae says he had David and aaryn and Judd scrwwed up on there.Andy and Spencer just standing around looking at Mccrae as he looks at the memory wall.

2:14pm BBT: Gm is in the Wa doing her makeup and eye lashes and Andy, Spencer and Mccrae are in the Kt with Mccrae still walking around cursing with his arms folded.

2:18pm BBT: Mccrae goes to Wa and says he is just washing his hands and put the towel on the door and took the occupied sign. BB tells him to stop that.

2:27pm BBT: Andy, Spencer, and Gm in chair rm talking about candice and then say that the jury is all women and how they act. Andy says they are probably talking to Mccrae about what happened in the KT about the talk.Mccrae is in Dr. Spencer says i am sorry Gm i hope you understand why i chained you to Mccrae and she says oh totally i do.Gm says sorry you didnt win more money Andy but it was funny thats why i was laughing.

2:36pm BBT: Everyone but mccrae in chair rm and talking about what will happen on finale night.they think with 9 people on the jury there will be 18 questions and 18 answers.

2:43pm BBT: Mccrae is out of the Dr and andy now being called in. Gm is going to the bathroom as Mccrae sits on the bed pouting. Spencer asked how his session went and he says annoying. Spencer says anything else you want to ask me about and mccrae says naaaa it doesnt really matter and lays down on the bed and says oh crap.

2:47pm BBT: Spencer tells Mccrae he played a bad game and mccrae says no i dont think so and Spencer says yeah you did i think it was pretty good.Spencer sits up on the bed and fixes his pilow and then lays back down breathing hard. Gm is in the Wa fixing her hair extentions. Andy is still in DR.

2:50pm BBT: Mccrae goes to the bathroom and says hey to Gm as she is doing her hair.Mccrae comes out and washes his hands. He walks out of the bathroom and sighs loudly.

2:52pm BBT: Andy is now out of Dr and Spencer is now called in . Mccrae is walking around looking to see if he forgot anything.Andy says i really hope you dont take this personally. mccrae says no i dont and Andy says i really cared for you more than anyone else in that group and i know you and Amanda were loyal to me but loylaty can only go so far . Mccrae says yep and then says i am just mad at myself and i saw all the signs and didnt do anything about it.and we get foth.

2:57pm BBT: Andy saying to Mccrae that 7 people out of the 9 in jury are mad at hime and keeps telling mccrae he is sorry but he couldnt turn on Gm and Spencer and he worked his butt off for people to trust him and Mccrae says yep/

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3:10 BBT House has been pretty quiet. While Spencer was in the DR Andy was explaining his motivation, and when Andy went to DR Spencer pleaded his own case. GinaMarie and Andy were telling about nicknames they had for other HG's.

The Dyson comes out (it is a very OLD model) and they are trying to figure out how to empty it. GM is getting frustrated and asks Spencer for help with it. While he is in the SR trying to empty it with GinaMarie, Andy asks McCrae who he would have taken to the end. McCrae said Andy. Andy is still discussing how bitter the jury is going to be. He said if it was a bunch of guys, he wouldn't be too worried, but this is a house of girls. Andy said even when they came back, he hugged Jessie and it was a weak hug. He could tell she was still pissed. GinaMarie is vacuuming in the other room, so they are yelling to each other to be heard. Various humming and whistling going on as well.

Basic rehashing of why they are doing what they are doing, and McCrae beating himself up, going over the signs he should have seen in hindsight.

Andy commends Gina Marie for having a broken leg, broken foot, stitches and all beat up and she is vacuuming all over the house.

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9:15 pm BBT

1st Comp going on

Looks like GM and Andy are the only ones left.

They're holding onto a bar... it's taking them around in a circle.

They're wearing roller skates.

Looks like there are traffic cones they have to steer clear of (I think)

the floor looks very shiny and they have helmets on.

No sign of Spencer at the moment.

(I'm off to bed ...)

Just as I go to turn feeds off. Production send puiff of smoke? onto the set to

obscure the cones (I guess)

Now both have stopped. There is a mound of what looks like soap suds on the floor.

Spencer is leaning over GM. Now GM is rolling around in the suds.

I have no idea who has won.

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9:24PM BBT: massive soap foam covers one part of the rink.

9:27PM BBT: Andy and Spencer both fallen.

GM wins part 1.

Andy's knee popped out of place when he hit a cone. GM has twitching hands from holding the rope. Glitter falls by the bucketload which sends GM into a screaming fit. She loves it, then swallows some. Then she got n her back and made a glitter angel. Trivia now.

9:34PM BBT: feeds are back, HG'S in storage room contemplating frozen pizza for dinner.

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