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Sunday, September 1 Live Feed Updates


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8:20PM BBT A fish is dying in the HoH room so BB has locked it down to remove it. Andy in the BY has listed off every HoH winner and Veto winner. Amanda and Elissa are being civil in the KT. Judd is awake, still a little sleepy, he thought he slept longer than he did.

8:25PM BBT Spencer asks "Are those gunshots?" They think it is fireworks. Elissa says it is the Powers' wedding continuing the celebration from yesterday. Andy asks Elissa where she is going, she says "Oh trying to get away from you." they laugh.

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8:30PM BBT The BY talk has turned to writing and using cursive writing, Amanda says she is a leftie. Elissa says "Geniuses are lefties..." Amanda cuts her off, "Ya, I know!" Elissa continues, "Bill Gates is a leftie." In the HoH room, Spencer and GM are talking about Amanda's pleas to stay. GM says that McCrae should be next to go. McCrae told GM that he might use the veto to save Amanda. (WTH is he thinking?)

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8:37PM BBT The BY talk are talking about books and movies. Andy asks if anyone has read "The Help". No one has but Andy (I know some of you have wondered). Amanda says she wants to see the movie. Elissa feels that the book ruins the movie. Andy thinks it enhances it.
GM and Spencer are chatting in the HoHR. She has been warned to not talk about production a couple of times.

8:40PM BBT Andy is telling the story about how Spencer got told to "Shut it down" by production. Production says "What part of shut it down don't you understand?" They all laugh. In the HoHR, GM says "Their not talking about me?" Spencer says "No probably Andy."

8:45PM BBT Spencer is getting GM fired up about Nick going home. Spencer is putting her straight about rumors and things that happened. Spencer is telling her how to talk to Amanda about the replacement noms. She doesn't want to talk to Amanda until tomorrow.

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9:00PM BBT: It looks like it's dinner time for the HG, GinaMarie is still in her HoH
everyone else is getting dinner are eating out in the backyard.

9:05PM BBT: Elissa is making herself soup, because she doesn't eat mac and cheese that Amanda made. so she is eating soup.
Mcrea spills his mac and cheese on the ground, and eats it after picking it up and putting it back into his bowl. They are laughing about it

9:10PM BBT: they are now talking about when Andy fell into the pool, he had to go to DR and talk about it. And it's just talk while they are
eating their mac and cheese Andy is talking about big roaches while they are eating (how gross is that?)

9:15PM BBT: now they are asking, if anyone asked DR for alcohol yet humm no.

9:20PM BBT: Amanda asked GinaMarie if her and McCrae can take a shower up in her room GinaMarie and Judd are in there talking,
Spencer, Andy, and Elissa are in the backyard. GinaMarie and Judd are talking about Amanda and who she is going to put up and how they will
tell McCranda about it. Basically same thing she told Spencer, she is now telling Judd. GinaMarie is saying it's probably going to be Andy going up.

9:25PM BBT: Judd comes downstairs, McrAmanda wants to go upstairs to take a shower, Amanda tells McCrae to go poop up in her bathroom. they are now whispering,
Judd goes to lay down in the colorful room. They are debating on wheater or not to go up there. they finally go upstairs, GinaMarie is downstairs, she doesn't want to be in the room
while they are in there "sexing" as GinaMarie says. Amanda asked if she wants to talk at 10PM BBT: yea that works says GinaMarie.

9:30PM BBT: Amanda is talking to the fish, saying we are both trapped by other little fishies. Andy asked GinaMarie if they were still going home this week? GinaMarie 100 persent yes.
Amanda is just laying on the couch while McCrae takes a poop in the HoH Bathroom.

9:35PM BBT: play by play of McrAmanda sexing in the HoH oh FLASHBACK ALERT you can see Amanda nake behind the shower door. Andy and Elissa are practing doing a mock veto meeting.
and Amanda and McCrae are now in the shower. if you want to see the mock veto meeting between Andy and Elissa putting up mm's and baked lays do a flashback.

9:40PM BBT: the boys Andy, Spencer and Judd are talking in the colorful room going over what GinaMarie told them. GinaMarie is telling Elissa about their plans to get out McCrae. she is told to put on her mic.
basically the same thing over and over.

#BBB15 9:45PM BBT: GinaMarie and Elissa are in the kitchen looking at the memory wall trying to figure out when they got the cups. Judd goes into the lounge room gets the veto and puts it on the wall. Andy is going running,
Elissa GinaMarie and Judd are getting ready to play cards. McCrae and Amanda are out of the shower. Amanda is complaining that she never won an HoH. GinaMarie and Elissa, are talking about how Julie puts the questions to them and how they
have clues in them so you have to listen to her.

9:50PM BBT: Spencer and GinaMarie are laying on the hammock, Andy starts to run, McCrae comes downstairs. Elissa is going pee. Amanda is in the chair room. McCrae is telling her his song idea. GinaMarie is now talking to Spencer, and Andy are talking
about Elissa and how they are using her to get out Amanda next week.

9:55PM BBT: Amanda was trying to listen to someone at the door, GinaMarie and Spencer and Andy are just rehashing the same thing. Andy actually is inside, he was going to run but now he is in the room, GinaMarie is talking about Amanda beggin her to put up
Elissa. GinaMarie is saying there is only one queen bee and it aint you it's me. Andy is talking to McCrae and Amanda. He is talking about Judd to Amanda and McCrae. Amanda comes outside to GinaMarie and says she think Elissa and Judd are working together.
Amanda thinks they are working together.

10:00PM BBT: Amanda and McCrae are now outside smoking so talk has changed, now talking about the laundry. they are just sitting here.
Amanda something shady is going on. Andy walks over and sits. Amanda tells Andy everyone is coming after her but Andy. she is talking about Spencer volunteering to go up.

10:05PM BBT: oh what a tangled web of lies she weaves. Amanda is trying to figure out what all is going on with GinaMarie to Andy. who is with them little does she know. She is going back and forth. over in the hammock
GinaMarie and Spencer are going over what she is going to say to them. it's the same thing she has been saying. Amanda is thinking it's Spencer, who wants to go over and talk to them and tell them that she is putting him up. GinaMarie wants to tell
them she's not putting up Elissa. and back and forth.

10:10PM BBT: GinaMarie and Amanda and McCrae go upstairs to talk. Spencer is telling Andy what GinaMarie just said and Andy is telling him what Amanda said. GinaMarie and Amanda are talking Amanda is saying GinaMarie is working with Elissa, GinaMarie is saying I'm not working with her.
she is saying I don't want her to be mad at me next week. Amanda you and Elissa, Judd, and Spencer are working together. GinaMarie no Amanda I feel like I'm being Bull Sh**ed.
Judd and Elissa are in the colored room talking. Amanda is still onto the fact that GinaMarie is working with Elissa cross my heart hope to die. McCrae shake on it. that shake on it.
GinaMarie I'm not working with her for my game I don't want to put her up.
Amanda is now telling GinaMarie what will happen if she goes home. she is telling her that she will have three people who will go after her if she goes home.
(she doesn't know they are working together so there goes her plan. DUH)

10:20PM BBT: FLASHBACK ALERT Amanda and GinaMarie are arguing in the HoH about why she isn't putting up Elissa. and Judd and Elissa are talking about Amanda in the colorful room. Amanda is going off on GinaMarie. she's going on and on about how she begged GinaMarie to put up Elissa.
Elissa is telling Judd how Amanda is up there crying a river to GinaMarie to put her up.

10:30PM BBT: Amanda is pulling out all the stops here Even bring up Aaryn, Do you think when I go to jury house and tell Aaryn that you sent me home over Elissa that she will be happy about it. Amanda is now saying why not keep the biggest targets during the double eviction coming
up. it's all about timing. If you think they won't be coming after you. I'm sorry your wrong. and so on.

#BB15PM BBT: 10:35PM BBT: Amanda storms out of the HoH, McCrae is now talking to GinaMarie. Amanda is looking for Andy. Elissa and Judd now go outside.
Amanda is now outside saying it doesn't make any sense. she is talking to Spencer. Now talking about Elissa and Judd talking for hour and and half. she keeps saying it doesn't make sense.
She tells Spencer he's is going up. She asked Judd what he was talking to Elissa about. Now she is telling about Elissa walking around acting like she is safe. oh and they got wine.

10:40PM BBT: it's an Amanda storm Elissa comes out with a cup of wine. and is now over by the couch with Amanda and Spencer and Judd. Andy is running. GinaMarie and McCrae are still talking in the HoH. it's the same thing over and over.

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11:05 PM BBT: GM is in the KT telling Elissa that she feels bad Mccrae is by himself but they both (Mcranda) need to realize that everyone is by themselves now. Elissa says "yeah and now Amanda is in the BYD talking about how she masterminded the game." Amanda meanwhile, is in the BYD going over her game and saying the first time she realized she wasn't in control anymore was when her and Mccrae were put up.

11:15 PM BBT: Judd makes sure that he and Mccrae are still good. Mccrae assures him they are. Judd leaves and Andy asks whats going on. Mccrae says Amanda is in the BYD giving away her game secrets because she knows it’s over. He tells Andy a brief overview of Amanda's conversation with GM.

11:30 PM BBT Amanda is in the BYD going over her theories that Judd was MVP. He says that when you see the show you will see me as a straight shooter. Amanda says she will see. She also thought Howard was a mastermind, which he wasn't, but he was after her so he had to go.

11:40PM BBT: Elissa and Andy head inside and discuss the fact that Amanda stresses Elissa out. Elissa would like to work with Andy and Mccrae going forward. They both join the chit chat about who people really could be outside of the house is going on.

11: 55 PM BBT Still just general chit chat in the BYD. Andy goes up to HOH to shower.

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