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Sunday, September 1 Live Feed Updates


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12:04am BBt: All Hg still playing cards and keep singing as we go to foth and come back and Andy is spinning in a circle saying iam a pretty little princess.

12:11am BBt: Andy is dancing again and everyone yells yeahhhhh then Elissa says Andy is the stripper for the wedding they are having on the cbs lot. Andy says thats where i was when i went to the Dr.

12:13am BBt: The card game is now moving to the living rm to play at the table at the couches and Andy had to go tothe bathroom and theyall tell him to go to the little girls bathroom and Spencer says you have to sit down like a girl and theyall laugh.

12:17am BBt: Amanda is telling the Hg how to play blackjack like they do in Vegas. Everyone is listening and looking at Amanda.

12:18am BBT: Amanda says you can not look at your bottom card in blackjack and Gm is telling her you can and Amanda says no you can not my dad works at a casino. Gm says if i am betting money i can see my bottom card and if i have two nines i can split and Amanda says now i am doubting myself. Gm explains again and Amanda says sorry guys thats right you can look lets start over.

12:24am BBT: Amanda is saying both cards go fsaceup in blckjack and Spencer and Gm argue thatit is one down and one up and Amanda is getting mad and says let me think about this and then says it is face up ok watch this ready? she says it is face up i know what i am talking about now.

12:27am BBt: Amanda says i figures all this up and now i know what i am doing and she says it is all face up except my last one is down. Elissa keeps laughing and Andy goes to check the time and ask if he can get out of the costume now and Spencer says everyone quiet and he says production make Andy dance one more time and make it a good one and they laugh. Andy now dancing again for the last time and says i am a pretty little princess. elissa says that is going to be the best picture of you on the internet.

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overnight review---they had alcohol, sat in the BY, played cards. Mc/Amanda kissed, they went to bed about 5 am.

8:35 am BBT Elissa used WC then went back to bed. GM tossing and turning. Everyone is stll a sleep.

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9:53 am BBT All houseguests still snug as a bug in a rug. McCrae does not seem to be sleeping well because he is tossing and turning and has his hand on his head. (is he confused about what to do with the power of veto that he won?)

10:01 am BBT FOTH (possibly wake up call)

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10:28 am BBT Feds are back, lights are on, Elissa is in KT making coffee.

10:31 am BBT GM called to DR and Elissa still making coffee.

10:33 am BBT Elissa went into WA, turned the water on and went in to use the toilet with the water left running.

10:40 am BBT Elissa begins her ADL's, GM is in DR and all other houseguests appear to be in bed still.

10:43 am BBT GM out of DR said they looked at her foot again, Elissa wants to wrap her leg with an Ice pack, Judd called to DR.

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11:00AM BBT - Elissa sitting in the BY, GM back to sleeping in HOH. Have yet to see any other HG's.

11:03AM BBT - Judd comes outside, he and Elissa discuss possible upcoming comps. Elissa comments how unfair it could be to Judd since he missed things while he was in jury house. Elissa recounts past events to try and help him.

11:06AM BBT - GM awake in HOH; feeding the fish and possibly trying to resuscitate a dead one?

11:13AM BBT - Elissa comments that Judd, Spencer, GM or she HAS to win HOH this week. She asks Judd who'd he nominate if he won. Judd says McCrae and a pawn. Elissa doesn't want to go up; Judd doesn't think it matters who goes up - the pawn would be safe. Elissa thinks Andy is a better idea.

11:15AM BBT - Judd back to wishing he hadn't gotten into an argument in a chicken suit the other day. He recounts the argument with Amanda; Elissa calls her delusional and a hot mess. Elissa is glad it's Amanda leaving and that she didn't win POV. On another cam, GM is in HOH sleeping.

11:17AM - Judd admits he'd rather Amanda have won veto and McCrae leave first. He's concerned that McCrae is more well liked and is better at competitions than Amanda.

11:22AM - Judd is terrible at puzzles; he'll never win a comp if it is one of them. Elissa says they'll probably get the memory wall morph one as a veto comp soon. Judd thinks he'll do well at that one. Elissa thinks they could do that comp for a double eviction one because it would be quick. Judd doesn't think it would be as quick. He thinks they blend the skin to be the same skin tone so it is less identifiable.

11:27AM BBT - Elissa heads inside to get more coffee. She comes outside about 5 minutes later and they talk about selling their clothes they wore this season for money.

11:32AM BBT - Judd mentions that he took things that other HG's didn't want so he can sell them on ebay after the show is over and make a ton of money. Elissa doesn't think Rachel sold any of her stuff. Judd thinks Janelle sold her key. Elissa heard Enzo sold a ton of stuff. They both agree they'd never sell their keys. They want to put them into shadow boxes. Brenchel have all their BB stuff together; it's really cute, Elissa says.

11:35AM BBT - They discuss how Amanda goes crazy when things don't go her way. Judd reminds Elissa how Amanda acted when Elissa put McCrae up. Judd mentions Amanda was mad that Julie asked about Amanda's behaviour last week; she thought it was unfair because BB didn't show Elissa's behaviour towards Amanda that caused Amanda to act the way she did.

11:37AM BBT - Judd is shocked they have not yet had any Pandora boxes. He asks Elissa about Rachel's season 12 and the evictions that happened. Talk turns to general chit chat and past jobs.

11:42AM BBT - Elissa and Judd move to talking about TV shows; Hunger Games, Wizards of Waverly Place, Lassie. Elissa comments how disrespectful the kids are to their parents on Wizards of Waverly Place.

11:46AM BBT - Judd comments if he is there next Sunday, it will have been a month since his eviction. Elissa asks if he saw what happened when other HG's were evicted; Judd doesn't know if he can talk about that. He doesn't want a penalty nom and he's not sure what he can say but he didn't have an advantage.

11:54AM BBT - Elissa says they are a cutthroat, wild season. They don't have to add filler material because the cast gives them so much to work with. They are probably the wildest cast BB ever had. Judd and Elissa agree most likely to be successful after the show will be Jessie; they compliment her as an actress and how she called them Pretty Little Liars.

11:57AM - Judd say you gotta give it to Jessie, she's not afraid of anyone. She went after Amanda without fear. Elissa thinks Amanda isn't even worth her breath. Judd remembers how they were yelling at each other often. Amanda didn't make Elissa mad last week; she was more scared because she thought she was crazy. She got on Judd's nerves.

11:59AM BBT - Elissa doesn't like when she's trying to talk to someone and Andy always comes in. Judd wonders how he can be in like 20 rooms at once. Elissa decides she is going to go take a nap; she's exhausted from the stuff they give the girls.

12:04 PM BBT - Andy gets up, heads to the WC and then goes back to bed.

12:05 PM BBT - Judd in the KT making some food.

12:08PM BBT - Andy is told 3 separate times to put his mic on - even though the 2nd and 3rd time he was back in bed and trying to go back to sleep. He takes the bandana off his eyes, looking very confused. He puts it back on, rolls over and goes to sleep.

12:09PM BBT - FoTH.

12:11PM BBT - Feeds are back; not much has changed except Judd is staring at the memory wall, loudly drinking his soda. Andy was back up, his mic on and made some kind of gesture to Amanda's picture that Judd chuckled at. Andy now back in bed again.

12:13PM BBT - Judd decides to go back to bed and very loudly walks into the room with his pop making tons of noise. He takes a loud drink and "Ah" at the end of it before climbing into bed. He puts the bandana over his eyes and tries to sleep. (MAN, would his being so loud ever annoy me - BBLuver)

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1:00 pm BBT all HG sleeping (must be nice)

1:02 pm BBT Elissa gets up, turns water in sink in WA and uses WC. She washes her hands, goes back to bed, Judd mumbles something to her.

1:21 pm BBT HG still sleeping. Amanda finally covered herself up, someone is loudly snoring.

1:48 pm BBT Cam 1 shows Spencer, Amanda and Mc in their beds. Cam 2 shows GM in HOH bed. Cam 3 shows Elissa in her bed. Cam 4 shows Andy and Judd in their beds.

1:52 pm BBT "Amanda! Please go to the DR." she slowly raises up in bed, gets out, puts her pants and slippers on and goes to DR.

1:57 pm BBT Amanda out of DR, looks outside and climbs back in bed. -------still sleeping.

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2:04 pm BBT Amanda gets up again, gets her mic, she heads towards the HOH, sneaks the door open..sees GM sleeping, closes it quietly and goes back downstairs. GM adjusts her bandana she has over her eyes. Amanda takes off mic and uses WC. Judd called to DR.

2:09 pm BBT Amanda puts mic back on (doesn't wash hands), lays down on WB couch. Judd out of DR, gets his mic and talks to Amanda. She says she is just thinking.

2:11 pm BBT she asks him why they call him to DR first thing in the morning, for his meds? FOTH...feeds back. Amanda says she doesn't know why she (not Amanda) listens to him in the first place. Andy gets out of bed goes to SR for cookies. Amanda says she doesn't know why any body would keep Elissa over Amanda. Judd says he doesn't know especially after what they talked about last night. (Same stuff they talked about all day yesterday)

2:18 pm BBT Amanda tells Andy about a dream she had last night, there was a castle and crashing air planes. Andy says he had one about crashing buildings in Chicago. Andy says so 2:15 is the wake up time of the house today. He says every one else will be up in about 45 min, except Mc who will get up at 6pm. He asks if he sleeps this much in real life. Amanda says he says he does, but that wont happen if the moves in with her.

2:21 pm BBT Amanda, Andy and Judd are in KT. Mc walks thru, doesn't say anything and goes outside for a smoke. Amanda goes outside. BB asks them to lower the outside awnings.

2:24 pm BBT Amanda goes in, comes back out. She says its hot! Andy says the pool looks cleaner then says its cold outside. Elissa is up now too. So is Spencer. Elissa puts an icy pack on her thigh. BB announces that its Photo Booth time....no one rushes to the cockpit.

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2:29 pm BBT Amanda and Andy tell Mc they have to make ppl think he is going to use the POV on himself, tell GM that Amanda will have the votes to stay if she puts up Elissa. (ok confused now, she just said it both ways, using POV on Mc then on her.) Spencer gets in the shower, Elissa brushes her teeth.

2:34 pm BBT Elissa and Judd take pics in the Photo booth. Andy puts his contacts in, Amanda stomps her way to HOH and asks if she can use the WC...oh noooo a fish is dieing. GM says it was like that this morning. Amanda says she can hear the Photo booth in the HOH WC.

2:41 pm BBT HG are grabbing stuff to take pics in. mouse ears, cat mouth, fluffy ears, tutus, mesh gloves, chicken hats. Its funny photo time.

You can see the photos the HG have taken by going here http://bit.ly/15wrvAx enjoy.

2:56 pm BBT Photos are still going on. In KT HG joke about crabs, Candice and OTEV. Mc and Amanda go outside, he says he doesn't now how this is going to work. Amanda says you have to convince yourself that you have then numbers if she is against Elissa. ...No don't do that. Tell her you feel like you have the numbers if she is here.

2:59 pm BBT Amanda says tell her you want to work with her and you need me to help. Mc says he will say he go on the block next week as replacement nom, doesn't want to go against her (GM)

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3:08 pm BBT the 4 guys on teh BY couch. GM still taking photos, Elissa washing dishes. Mc says he likes his tank top, he never wore one before the comp. Mc says he has to talk tomorrow, that sucks.

3:22 pm BBT General talk in BY, its hot, it smells like puke, Andy hates the flies. how babys look or dont look like their names. Mc in the photo booth, Amanda back to bed.

3:25 pm BBT Andy and Mc in cockpit: Andy wonders if there is any way GM will fall for the plan. Mc doesnt know. Andy says he is making it look like he is distancing from them (Mcranda) Andy says if its a double he will put her (Elissa) up. In BY they talk about how many episodes they have been on and how many are left.

3:28 pm BBT Mc goes to HOH, GM is peeing and changing at the same time, he will wait for her to finish.

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3:30pm BBT: Mccrae and Gm in HOh talking. Mccrae says do you know what you are going to do yet? Gm says no i havent decided i am gonna make a decision by tonight thoug. Gm says ummm i really didnt talk to anybody and i dont want to hear what they want but i really dont want amanda out but dont tell her this but if i have to pick for a tie breaker i would pick you cuz you are so much like me and you are a fan of the show and you work your butt off and i admire you for that. Gm says my speech wasnt to drain the life out of you cuz you are good at this and i wanted the mcrae back from the biggining of the game.

3:33pm BBt:: Gm says you walked into this game alnoe and you will leave this game alone even like me and nick everyone says it might have been better for my game when he left and maybe it was.She says it is like Helen and Elissa and Helen left alone too and left Elissa alone i just want that spark back in you dude like you was when you first came in here.Gm says i was up till 4:40 this morning and i aint staying up that late tonight cuz tomorrow is pov ceremony but i will let you know tonight i wont tell you who i will put up i will just say it isnt Elissa but it could be Judd and if it is Judd i think i rather you stay. She says Andy is my equalizer you know what i mean. She says i just have to think and not let people in my head which i wont let people in my head.

3:37pm BBT: Mccrae says i have actually been thinking about using the veto on Amanda but i dont know how you feel about that and if it will make you mad and Gm says no no but i just want you to know that this has happened before and it didnt turn out good so just be careful.

3:38pm BBT: Gm says let me ask you this if you use it on her and you go home are you gonna be pissed and he says i would be pissed but i wouldnt do it unless i thought i had the votesd and i think i do have the votes.

3:40pm BBt:Gm talking about her broke toe and she says she has to walk to compete in comps and Mcrae says have tou seen past seasons of a double eviction where you have to run and dig in things and Gm says oh yeah that will suck. Mccrae says i just want to know if you are gonna put up Elissa before i make up my mind and Gm says yeah yeah. She says i will let ya know later tonight at like 10pm and Mccrae says if you do put up Elissa then i wont usae it on Amanda cuz i think Amanda can stay over Elissa.

3:53pm BBT:in the BY is Spencer and Andy and Elissa and Spencer says wherer is Gm is she recovering from the photobooth? Elissa says i dont know and Spencer says i am gonna go check on her. then Elissa and Andy start talking about past comps.Gm and Mccrae are heading down stairs. Judd is in the chair rm talking to Amanda who is in bed.\

3:56pm BBt: Gm is now laying at the pool to get some sun and Spencer says that pool is nasty and Gm says it is pretty clear today.

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4:00pm BBT: Mccrae goes to chair rm and Judd ask him do you rhink i am going up and Mccrae says no and Judd says are you sure and Mccrae says yeah then Judd says i dont want to be the bigger target if i do and Mccrae says against who Amanda and Judd says yeah then Spencer walks in and they stop talking. In thew BY Elissa and Andy are talking about puppies at pet stores.

4:06 BBt:Mccrae was whispering really low to Amanda in the KT then he left and went to bed to eat as Judd and Spencer are talking general talk. In the By Elissa Andy and Gm still talking about taking dogs pictures.

4:12pm BBt: In chair rm talk is about wedding rings and how weird it would be to wear one and Amanda says you get useed to it. In the BY Talk is about sun roofs in the house and how you needed a button to close it.

4:22pm BBt: Mccrae is in chair rm reading the bible to Judd and Amanda and Spencer. In the BY Andy and Gm talking about if Amanda goes the Elissa will go aftwer Mccrae if she won HOH. Andy says I have to go to the bathroom and Gm says she has to get out of the hottub and go back to the pool cuz it is hot.

4:39pm BBt:just general talk in chair rm with everyone but Elissa and Gm. Gm is in the BY soaking in the pool.

4:51pm BBt: In the chair rm Amanda is saying she misses her dog so much and in the BY Mccrae and Andy are sitting on couch as Mccrae smokes and they are trying to figure out what to do to keep Amanda and Mccrae both there this week and Andy says talk to Gm and Mccrae says he did. Elissa is in BY doing yoga.

4:58pm BBT: Amanda and Judd are now in the By smoking with Mccrae as judd tells a story about going to a beach and stsying at a friends house and how hot it was. Andy walking around in the Kt. Gm is in her HOH rm getting chaged.Spencer is in Wa and Andy goes in and says i talked to Gm and she is pretty set on Amanda to go and she wont put Elissa up and Spencer says ok .

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5:08pm BBT: Mccrae Judd and Andy and Spencer at the memory wall talking about Hg that have been evicted already. Amanda and Gm by the pool talking general talk and Elissa still doing her yoga.

5:27pm BBt: Gm keeps taking about her friends and Family not likeing a guy she dated and we keep getting foth.

5:38pm BBT:Just General talk going on in the house with all the men in the HOh rm and all the women in the By at the pool.

5:59pm BBT: all girls still in BY with general talk and All men in HOH rm with judd talking about hillbilly weddings and about people being joksters.

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6:03pm BBT: Mccrae has left the HOh rm and Judd says i planted a seed to mccrae and he came and talked to gm about maybe putting up Elissa and making Amanda the target every week.they now talk about past BB shows after a brief foth. In the BY Amanda is now smoking with Mccrae she ask anything new with you and he says no. Gm and Elissa still at the pool talking general talk.

6:07pm BBT: Amanda asking Mccrae if he was talking game to anyone inside he says no just Andy and Spencer and he says he feels like something is going on and she says i do to. she then sats she misses her home and her family and then says i love you baby and he says love you to. Judd is being called to the DR as Andy laughs at him.

6:12pm BBT:Judd in BY with Amanda and mccrae about him telling people not to trust Helen and Amanda says yeah i know and amanda says i dont get it why was Elissa so excited about you coming back in the house and Judd says she told me she didnt know i was coming back in the house until i came back. Amanda says yeah see thats why i am so confused and Judd says i said i was sorry when i came back to Helen and Elissa for the way i treated them. Amanda says did you ask Gm if her target was mccrae or what and Judd says she didnt say and Amanda says i just dont want no hope cuz if my future is set in stone i want to know so i know not to fight to stay here .

6:32pm BBT: general talk in BY about slushies and coolers and Elissa in Kt making herself something to eat.

6:40pm BBT: Andy, Spencer , Amanda and Mccrae in By tslking about the love letters in the otev comp. and making fun of the way the beaver talked. Andy is now raising the awnings in the BY and Amanda says she has never done the awnings or fed the fish.Gm is now out of the shower and is laying in bed listening to her CD. Elissa has now joined the By group and is laughing at Andy and Spencer for mimmicking Gm and other HG.

6:45pm BBt: Amanda gets up and goes to the HOh rm and sees Gm is laying down the heads back down stairs. Gm comes out and says she can come in and she says she wanted to talk for a minute. amanda says i didnt want to bother you i just wanted to see what you was thinking about replacement noms.Gm says mccrae came up and i told him i was going to decide by tonight and i told him he won it fair and square and he needs to do what he is going to do and he wants to know where my head is at weather to use it on you so he wants to know where the votes are and i told him i would tell him if or if not he would put up Elissa but if not there are three other choices.

6:48pm BBT: Amanda says if you put up Spencer then i think i will go and if you put up Judd i will stay and he will go. Gm says yeah i know i gave Judd his key he didnt put me up so it is evened out now.

6:50pm BBt: amanda says here is my question to you Gm if i am on the block with Spencer or Judd and it is a tie who would you want to leave me?Gm says Hmmmmmm .

6:51pm BBt: Gm says i am not going to give you an answer today cuz i dont know who i am putting up yet and i will let you know tomorrow but right now i dont know.

6:54pm BBt: Amanda says i will never break my word to you cuz it would ruin my game but the only one i ever broke my word to was Aaryn but i had to do that one.Amanda says that Elissa is the one that sent Aaryn home and she sent Nick home and if next week Elissa is gone then no one will be targeting you no one everyone will target me and Mccrae and i feel like it will be the smartest move for you to put Elissa up and obviously i want to save myself but everyone connects you with Elissa and i am a fighter and i want to be in this game and i deserve to be here.

6:58pm BBT: Amanda says keep me and i will do anything in the world for you and i will let you pick my next nominations and Elissa doesnt deserve to be here she is mean and i swear to you keep me here and i will do anytbhing i want to be here so bad and spencer cant win he is no threat to you but Elissa is a threat to you.

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7:05PM BBT: Amanda is trying to talk Spencer and Judd that all 5 of them should go up and tell GM they agree that Elissa needs to go up. "If the whole house is united..." Spencer leave to get a drink. She is really mouthing off about Elissa and how she has been handed the game. Judd says he is not going to go up there and push GM into a corner while Andy and Spencer say they will go up with Amanda.
GM and Elissa are talking in the HoH bathroom. GM is reassuring Elissa.

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7:15PM BBT: Amanda's "please keep me speech" continues. She isn't ready to go. Elissa says she wished she was voted out before jury. Elissa doesn't need to be there, she didn't have to work to get on the show like Amanda did. Amanda isn't ready to go. She is just rambling game scenarios as she pleads her case. Judd keeps saying "UhHuh" Spencer is pretty quiet.

7:20PM BBT: Amanda has gone to lie down. Judd to Spencer: "I get what she is saying but, I am not pushing anything on GM right now." Spencer stays quiet.
Andy is making Aaryn's mac and cheese now that she is gone and he can! GM was in DR and is now out. Andy asks "What did he say?" We get a brief FotH. Feeds back. They mention how the day has flown by.

7:25PM BBT: Judd told GM Amanda's plan in the WA, GM says "OK just leave it as it is." (at least she won't be blindsided!) Elissa came in and GM started to talk about seeing the medic and how he showed her the proper way to tape her foot and we get another FotH!

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7:30PM BBT Judd talking to Amanda in the chair room. She is throwing Elissa under the bus again. How she went against them and put up Spencer rather than Howard. She lies. She will turn on all of them. Judd says he just wants to lie down for a bit. He leaves. In the BY Spencer, Andy and McCrae are talking about the game, scenarios next week and rehashing the nominations ceremony. Amanda was lying down but has now gone outside to ask Andy if there is any mac and cheese. She has decided to make some.

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7:37PM BBT Amanda is making mac and cheese. The boys minus Judd are talking in the BY. McCrae says he is mad because Judd came back in the house and "jumped into the sheets with Elissa? A person he hated leaving the house? WTF did Helen say to him up on that wall?" They talk about keeping Amanda and keeping her in the game (this is all supposed to be smoke and mirrors). Spencer says he wants to go to GM and see where things are at. McCrae jumps up and says "I'll be back." Spencer tells Andy what he talked to McCrae about.

7:45PM BBT The Elissa/Judd bashing continues in the BY. Spencer has gone to the WC. He announced he was taking a #2. Amanda is making bacon to put in the mac and cheese and we have another FotH.

7:50PM BBT GM invites Amanda upstairs to do her nails. She tells GM about her "Mac and Cheese with bacon and spinach" Elissa yells down and asks if anyone has requested alcohol. Amanda asks outside, they all say they haven't. She tells Elissa. The BY chat has been about Helen and how much she could cry. Elissa and her "joker smile" and how if she wins, Andy says he might get ejected for ripping it off her face.

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7:55PM BBT Spencer asks McCrae where his head is at. McCrae says he feels defeated. Compares his BB experience with an episode of Band of Brothers. Andy and Spencer are laying it on thick about being pissed she is there and how if she is the reason they leave, they will be more mad. Andy says he will be back, Spencer goes to get a Pepsi.

8:00PM BBT Spencer's grandfather fought in the Battle of the Bulge for the USA. He and McCrae are talking about Band of Brothers and Spencer told us this. Andy walks out, Spencer asks what is happening inside, Andy says "GM and Elissa are painting their nails, Amanda is cooking and Judd is taking a nap!" McCrae says "I always feel better when Judd is taking a nap so he is not running around." Elissa is in the HoH room telling GM about Saskatchewan and how her husband built the kids slopes for snowboarding.

8:05PM BBT Elissa tells GM that she can send her some mirrors for her studio. She asks GM what kind of men she goes for. GM says "Guys with nice bodies, nice cars but lately just toned guys, nice guys." Elissa says "Like Nick?" GM smiles and says "Ya."
The BY talk is about comps. McCrae says he needs to practice.

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8:10PM BBT: Spencer and Andy are told to stop talking about production. They are talking about how every time Amanda went to the DR they would run and look for McCrae to talk to him alone. Andy says he used production warnings as a strategy in the beginning of the game. Spencer says he told DR that he would find mcCrae when Amanda went to the DR and we get BB saying "Spencer! You have got to be kidding?! Shut it down!"

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