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I'm surprised there are no Montreal Frenchies on the show.

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Actually, "Big Brother Quebec" does NOT exist. there is a similar type show called "Occupation Double", and there was another show as well, recently, that also had a similar concept to Big Brother, but none of these shows actually went under the name "Big Brother".

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I stand corrected.

"Loft Story" if the name (which escaped me earlier) of the Big Brother clone we had here in Quebec for a long time. Then, when the network changed hands, they decided to rename the show (unbeknownst to me because although I'm perfectly fluent in French, I never watch French TV, even if it's Big Brother!), but apparently it only lasted one season, and there were so many differences that it was in essence a whole other show.

Judge for yourselves:

Big Brother Quebec loosely followed the format of the American version in that the public did not decide who to evict; only the housemates decided who would stay and who would go. However, there were slight differences:


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