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The most RIDICULOUS HAVE/HAVE NOT challenges ever

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Jillian licking peanut butter off of Alec's chest....?????

Andrew forced to cross dress.....????

Talla waxing Andrew's legs....???

Topaz speaking in another language...??? OUI

Emmett drinking milk until it explodes from his stomach.......????

Peter eating foods he doesn't like despite having a "food aversion" (his Mom backed that one up in a previous episode - how does he survive on pizza, tater tots and french fries?)....?????

Who came up with this nonsense? Gary?

Just awful. Alec swimming in fish goo was the only cool sort of punishment.

Anyone else feel that this was one of the dumbest challenges yet?

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I really liked it and I thought it was one of the more interesting/entertaining challenges. It was definitely fun to watch. The one I least liked was the one with Alec and the chum. It's been used before and didn't seem personalized. I just wish that Gary had been there so we could have seen him have a tantrum over having to flush all of his glitter down the toilet. XD

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