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April 2 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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12:16AM BBT - and we have SotH

12:18AM BBT - feeds are back and we see Alec leaving the BR

12:20AM BBT - Alec in WC and Topaz in WA. Alec's mic is picking up all the sounds of what he is doing in the WC. Topaz is flossing and we have a front row view.

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12:05AM BBT: Jillian,Emmett,Topaz and Alec still talking in BR. General chit chat.

12:19AM BBT: Gary,Peter in HN are asleep. Topaz and Alec in WA kissing.

12:23AM BBT: Topaz is brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed.

12:52AM BBT: All Hgs are asleep now.

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9am quiet in the house. Evry1's asleep.

9:08am Jillian, Emmett & Peter & Alec R the only ones up so far. One cam keeps focusing on Talla. Guess they want to see how she is this morn.

9:13am Alarm goes off repeatedly. Talla wobbles out of bed & to the WA holding her head.

9:18am Evry1 doing ADL's. Talla is asked to put her mic on. Alec in the BY looking like he's counting on his fingers. Jillian delivery batteries to Andrew in HOH

9:20am Talla in WA asking Peter what happened last night. He tells her that Garry took her to hot tub. Peter carried her out. She asks if she was a mess. He says she was & put her in the WC & he asked her when she was done after puking.

9:23am Topaz joins them & they tell her how she put her socks in the hot tub & started to pee. Andrew picked her up like a child & handed her to Peter. She may have bumped her head at some point. He's sorry. She asks what she was saying. He says nothing. She walked a bit but couldn't once they got to the KT & he had to carry her

9:25am Talla asks if the cameras caught all this. Peter says jokingly, no they turned them all off. He tried to ask when she was done peeing but she was on the floor & Topaz came into try to dress her but Talla put her head into the toilet bowl. Topaz couldn't get her dressed all the way. It was a long process. Topaz says they covered her with a towel so Peter wouldn't 'see' her while he was holding her up. She was passed out. Dead weight.

9:27am Topaz says she tried to direct Talla lift a leg to get her dressed but it wasn't working so they just tried to get her to bed where she said she had to puke again so they brought her a garbage. They say they washed her hair & then she puked again dropping her hand into the puke. They kept washing her & trying to get her to drink water. BB asked Peter to stay with Talla to make sure she was ok

9:28am Peter continues, Talla wouldn't drink anything & would start to pass out then would get close to the garbage but would miss when puking again. This happened 3 - 5 times & Peter would clean her up & put her back. Topaz says getting her dressed was awful because Talla didn't want to cooperate.

9:30am THey tried to give her bread but then she puked again. After 20min Emmett & Jillian took their turns caring for her. Talla thanks them but says she doesn't feel well. Topaz says that's why they kept trying to get her to drink water so she would feel better this morn.

9:34am Talla in the KT telling Andrew she still feels like puking. Andrew saying she should just hang out in the WA. Good thing nothing's happening today. She's doing laundry & holding her mouth like she might be sick. Says she needs to eat & sits on the floor. Says she isn't hung over just feels like she might be sick.

9:39am BY talk about what Talla should eat. Jillian's going to make her something. |Talla alternating holding her mouth , head & stomach. Alarm rings again. BY talk about the Evil Dead movie

9:43am Garry comes into the KT asking Talla who's eating a banana how she is. She says better & that she still had fun. Asks if she was really embarrassing & that she doesn't know how she got so sick. Rooster crows again but can't see for who.

9:46am in the BY telling Talla that he picked her up out of the HT. Talla says I didn't pee in it. They said no, it's just something people say. She asks how sexy she was. Says she only had 1 martini. They say no, she had 3 shots.. No vodka. Emmet & Alec R there as well. Now talking about how much liquor is in diff drinks. She doesn't know how she got so drunk

9:50am Talla says when she's at the club she can last all night. Andrew says she last 10min last night.

9:51am Talla still saying it was one drink but they keep correcting her that it wasn't. Topaz joins them & says when you count it out, it was 1 fancy glass & 3 shots. Talla still holding her mouth. Talla says she needs a shower.

9:55am Topaz telling how Peter after bumping Tallas head dragged her body down the hall. Andrews says he sounds like a murderer. More stories of how Peter was trying to get Talla to pee & Topaz trying to dress her. Talla proclaimed she needed to puke then collapsed right beside the toilet.

9:58am Peter tells Talla, I'll clean the WA but you clean the toilet. There's puke all over it. Andrew asks how she slept. She says it was ok. Topaz says she puked so much it was just stomach acid.

10am BY Jillian, Emmett, Andrew, Topaz and Talla. talk turns to chores & how they all need to generally B cleaner. They all seem to agree.

10:07am Garry tells how he was called into the DR when Talla was in there & she was crying. BB told Garry that she was tired. Talla wondering what she said in the DR because she was intoxicated.

10:10am Looks like evry1 is cleaning. Talla still asking people more info about last night. Talla asks Topaz if you're drunk will they show it? Topaz says only the cute parts.

10:15am Talla telling Topaz that she still had fun last night but wishes she had lasted longer & still doesn't know how she got so drunk. She's still worried she embarrassed herself.

10:17am HG cleaning. Talla shouts 'sorry Canada'. Says she feels ok. What hurts is where she (Peter) hit her head.

10:21am Talla asking Peter if they'll show what happened in the DR last night when she was drunk. He says of course, it would be funny.

10:23am Talla keeps saying how she isn't hung over. She's lying down in WA. Peter said if she isn't hung over she should clean. She keeps repeating 'fail'. She says sorry to Peter again.

10:25am Peter says he's sure she'll return the favor sometime. Talla says the live feeders must have had a ball last night. Evry1 still cleaning except for Talla lying down in WA & Garry doing his makeup.

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10:30AM BBT: Talla is called to the DR. She sasys "Oh dear, I'm going to face the music.”

10:34AM BBT: Everyone doing a great job at cleaning the entire house except Gary as he is doing is makeup. He is supposed to vacuum but seems the HGs are irradiated that he decided to do his makeup first. Peter goes to the SR and gets the vacuum. Jillian tells Gary Peter is starting it and Gary says "I gonna do it." Peter says "Well it has to get down sooner rather then later." Gary says "BB knows I have to put on my face first." Peter leaves it has goes to try to clean crusty stuff off the couches in.

10:45AM BBT: Andrew asks Gary how he's feeling today. Gary says "OK just a little blah, its more my headache but I'm trying to stay away from medication." Andrew says "Oh yea you like to do it natural."

10:48AM BBT: Emmett starts to vacuum. Gary unplugs it and takes it away from him he says "I know you're bored but there's other things you can clean." He takes the vacuum to the BR with him. Talla going through the house complaining that someone just took her towel. Emmett goes back to the BR and tries to take the vacuum from Gary. Gary whines a little and Emmett walks away.

10:55AM BBT: Alec goes into the BR to clean something. Gary says "Why the f**k does it need to be now." Alec tells him no one is freaking out so don't over react. Gary says hes not on anyone else time but his own.

10:58AM BBT: Gary does to the DR for a second. Comes out and yells "There's no time limit on the cleaning." Emmett pleading into the mic to call Gary back into the DR so he can go grab the vacuum that Gary is guarding.

11:01AM BBT: Gary goes back into the DR. Emmett runs to the BR grabs the vacuum and says "I basically want to get this room (the LV) done so I don't have to look at it. The vacuum is full Emmett empties it quickly and starts vacuuming.

11:06AM BBT: Topaz says "We will just tell Gary he can clean the toilet and the shower [Those are her jobs]." Gary comes out of the DR and says "Emmett I have to do it now." Emmett says "It's done now." Gary walks away saying "That's not fair you took that job away from me." Topaz is yelling from somewhere "Gary you can clean the HNR and the shower." Gary just goes to the BR and starts his face again.

11:11AM BBT: Jillian goes into the BR asks Gary "Do you want a slop shake?" Gary replies with "Why is he even vacuuming right now?" She says "Cause they want it down." Gary says "The fact that we are even having the convo right now is stupid." Finally he says no to a slop shake.

11:21AM BBT: Gary in the WA whiny to Talla that Emmett did his vacuuming job. Talla said so say something and Gary says "No I don't want a target on my back. It's stupid we have to be on Emmett and Jillian time." Talla changes the topic to about her being drunk last night.

11:25AM BBT: Gary walks to SR grabs the iron and Jillian says to Emmett in the KT "Gary's mad at you." Emmett says "I don't care, why not just clean and get it all done and over with. We aren't always on Gary time [Funny they both think that].

11:35AM BBT: Jillian, Talla, Topaz in the BR going over the events from last night again. Alec, Andrew, Emmett and Peter in the KT. Alec is trying to steal Andrew's sandwich.

11:40AM BBT: Talla goes to the WC thinking she needs to puke. She says she needs to eat so she goes to the KT. She's doing a lot of moaning and groaning. Topaz now cleaning the toilet. Gary is in there now. He tells Topaz he doesn't even want to be there anymore and that he hates it here. "It's not fair to me." Topaz says just brush your shoulders off and clean the HNR." Gary says "Do you understand its not fair to me or am I going crazy?" she says they wanted to done because there was feathers being carried from the carpet to the clean rooms. Gary says "I don't want to clean the the HNR." They go to the HNR Topaz is telling what he should clean in there. She leaves and he starts to make the bed.

11:46AM BBT: We are having the "Talking with Talla" talk show in the KT. Seems like the topic today is her drunk fun from last night.

11:59AM BBT: Everyone is in the KT (except Topaz and Gary) talking about last night. Emmett asks if anyone wants to go HT. A few say yes. Gary still cleaning up the HNR. Talla asks if they how everything that you say in the DR. BB tells them to stop talking about the DR.

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1:54PM BBT: Very quiet in the BB house this afternoon. Jillian and Emmett having a little cuddle/make out session in the HNR. Other feeds on Talla alone in the KT cooking.

2:02PM BBT: Alec comes in and ask Talla if she told Topaz the plan to evict Gary? She says no she said that she's been hearing that. [she is lying as she did tell Topaz that] Alec says "Yea that what she told me too, maybe she is just saying that."

2:16PM BBT: Still very quiet in the house. Talla still cooking. Peter relaxing on the KT couch. Gary getting a bowl of slop.

2:26PM BBT: Jillian now in the KT making slop chips. Alec in the BY working out. Andrew in HoH listening to music. Peter sitting at the KT island. Emmett on the KT couch. Gary and Talla at the dining table.

2:40PM BBT: Emmett and Andrew join Alec working out. Peter sitting out there with them. Andrew asks him how he's feeling and if he is weak. Peter says the cleaning wore him out. Peter goes in. Andrew aid he would through the have not comp next week if Topaz and Alec were on his team. Jillian joins the BY to start yoga.

2:54PM BBT: Alec joins Talla and Gary at the table he finishes the Pasta that Talla didn't eat. Talla is talking about the kind of guy that she wants. Emmett and Andrew still working out. Peter rocking in the hammock. Jillian still poolside doing yoga.

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5:55pm bbt Emmett went up to the HOH room to talk with Andrew. Andrew wants to make sure Talla's still on board with them and to reassure her that Emmett is not coming after her. They like that she said Alec's lying to her and want to make sure that Talla didn't talk to Topaz about her staying. (She did). They want Talla on their side for numbers and because they're worried she could win HOH if it's an endurance comp. They don't want her to win and put up Emmett and Jillbot.

After they left the HOH room on their way eventually to the hot tub, Andrew quickly told Talla that they'll talk later this evening.

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7:30 PM BBT Emmett is holding Jillian in the pool. They are smooching. Talla has talked non stop about nothing for the past 15 minutes. Topaz and Gary are talking inside. She's saying how Alec was tipsy last night and invited her to come to bed with him.

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7:43 PM BBT

Peter appears to be napping on a lounger. Emmett and Jillian are making out in the pool still.

In the KT Talla is making steak. They are brown. She's concerned they aren't safe to eat. "They are from a brown cow. Have you never heard of a brown cow before?" Andrew teases her.

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7:45: Peter looks asleep on a chair beside the pool- Emmett and Jillian are swimming; Talla and Andrew have gone to cook steak.

7:48: Jillian and Emmett have decided to go to the HT; Topaz and Gary on the couches by the kitchen.

7:49: Emmett and Talla in the washroom- Talla asks Emmett to trust her and questions if Emmett and Alec are close. They high five and leave the washroom.

7:51: Alec is playing around with a soccer ball outside, then heads back to where everyone is in the kitchen.

7:52: Emmett gets something from the storage room, Emmett Jillian Talla and Andrew in the kitchen.

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7:52 PM BBT

Talla trying to host a cooking show in the KT, she's talking to a camera about how to grill mushrooms. Outside Jillian hollers at the boys, who are playing soccer, "DO NOT PUT THAT DRYER ON OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL!"

"Wow, Jillbot. Relax, calm down. Over the top." mumbles Peter.

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8:01 PM: Jill and Emmett have finished making hot chocolate and are uncovering the HT. Talla and Andrew are still cooking steak- Alec and Peter outside and Gary and Topaz on the couch.

8:04 PM: Emmett and Jillian are in the HT- not much talking.

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8:04 PM BBT

Talla and Andrew cooking together now. He chopped some onions and seasoned the steaks for her. She tasks Alec with setting the table. He seems happy to have something to do. Everyone is going to have dinner at the dining room table together.

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8:35 PM BBT

Talla and Topaz talking about the guy Talla was seeing for one month "Joey". Gary joins them at the KT counter. Alec and Peter slumped on the kitchen area couch like bumps on a log. Dinner is almost ready.

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9:02PM BBT - Alec, Emmett, Andrew & Talla eating steaks at the big table. Topaz with them. General chit chat about flossing while looking in the mirror.

9:07PM BBT - Andrew says the steaks are old and don't taste as good as when they're new. He compares it to frozen bread once it's thawed out.

9:14PM BBT - Gary wants a wax, Emmett wants his back waxed. Talla offers to wax Gary for him. Jillian has joined the eaters as well.

9:18PM BBT - Jillian forces Emmett to try feta cheese, and he spits it back out.

9:20PM BBT - Jillian says she wants a bikini wax tomorrow. Topaz asks Gary where he wants to be waxed, he says his chest. She persists for more parts, but his reponse is drowned out as 2 other conversations start. Hard to follow a specific one.

9:23PM BBT - Discussing the movie they watched the other night. Talla and Jillian jumped into Emmett's lap at the same time during a scary part. Jillian had something on her face that no one noticed, and she was embarassed once discovered and mad no one told her.

9:30PM BBT - Jillian is hoping they get creme eggs for Easter. Alec asks her if she likes them better than mini eggs. Talla tells her Easter passed already, Jillian asks if she's sure. Jillian asks if anyone has tried the creme egg McFlurry.

9:34PM BBT - Talla takes a dirty, wet cloth and wrings it out in a glass with pop and tries to get Andrew or Alec to drink it. Topaz and Jillian vehemently beg them not to, as Andrew contemplates it. They tell the boys it will NOT be funny.

9:38PM BBT - In the WA, Emmett is shaving Gary's head. He did a design in the back of it.

9:42PM BBT - Gary's hair spells out BBC. He comes to the KT to show everyone. Peter and Alec on the KT couch, Gary plops down beside them. Topaz walking around, hanging out. Jillian, Andrew and Talla cleaning the KT.

9:56PM BBT - Talla and Andrew head to the HT area for a smoke. Talla talking about working out her core, and now is a good time of night to do so. Talk quickly changes to game, but Talla is talking quickly so hard to follow. Jillian telling her alliance that Talla is committed to them. Feeds 2 and 4 keep freezing and going black, so hard to follow the conversation.

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9:59PM BBT - Emmett shaved the BBC off Gary's head.

10:02PM BBT - Jillian doing laundry, Talla and Gary horsing around. Andrew, Topaz, Alec and Peter in the KT.

10:07PM BBT - Talla is off to bed. Jillian doing Emmett's hair in the WA.

10:13PM BBT - Talla and Gary join the Jillian and Emmett in the WA and Gary does some male impersonations.

10:15PM BBT - Jillian waxing Gary's chest in the WA. Topaz comes running in to watch.

10:16PM BBT - Gary tells Jillian he's bleeding. Topaz and Jillian tell him that's normal to ensure the roots are out. Gary says it's a ton of pain and cries when the second strip comes off. Topaz runs from the room laughing. Gary says he's not sure if he wants to do the whole chest but it looks so good.

10:17PM BBT - Emmett wants to do a heart on Gary's chest. Jillian says she's going to wax his entire chest. On the next strip, Gary upgrades to screaming. Jillian tells him not to move after so she can put pressure on it so it won't hurt so much. Andrew comes in to watch and cringes. Gary says it's worse than giving birth. [Although not sure how he'd know - BBLuver]

10:19PM BBT - Emmett suggests putting multiple strips on at once and pulling them off at once to get it over with, but Gary refuses. He wants to look fashionable while he's doing this. Alec slides past everyone to the WC. Talla helpfully points out likely 10 more strips to go. Gary whimpers.

10:20PM BBT - Peter on the WA couch watching as well. Topaz says she can't stop laughing and says this might even make the show. Emmett wants to do a strip, Jillian coaches him through it. Gary says he'll tweeze the stray hairs. Gary says it feels like a school project "Let's wax the black guy!" Talla coaches him to take a deep breath as she's about to pull the strip off.

10:21PM BBT - Emmett encourages Andrew to let him wax his back. Topaz coaches Emmett through it. Andrew doesn't even flinch as Emmett pulls the first strip off. He kind of shrugs. Gary mutters that Andrew's hairs are baby hairs.

10:25PM BBT - Andrew has a huge red area from where Emmett waxed him, he didn't make a sound the entire time. Gary is frantically protecting his nipples and begging to take a break.

10:26PM BBT - Emmett has moved onto Alec's chest. Alec doesn't flinch and grins when he sees his bare chest.

10:35PM BBT - Talla tells Gary how good he looks. Jillian asks Gary to go get the tweezers, Gary whimpers that he'll do it tomorrow. Jillian says no, tonight. Talla heads to bed. Jillian puts Gary in the hallway outside the bathroom to see better and starts tweezing.

10:36PM BBT - Emmett, Alec & Peter outside in the BY whispering. Alec would rather have Topaz on their side than try to guarantee she doesn't win HOH. Emmett says she doesn't trust them anymore so that's risky too.

10:37PM BBT - Emmett doesn't want to risk Gary knowing, but Alec points out the 3 votes to evict Gary are right there; who cares if he knows? Peter says if he is planning for his HOH he obviously thinks he's safe.

10:40PM BBT - Alec says if worst case Andrew wins, then he becomes their 4th. Peter would prefer Jillian, but worse comes to worse, then Andrew it is. They head back inside to tell Andrew what's going on (or their version of it) because they think it looks funny. Inside, talk turns to the waxing.

10:46PM BBT - Topaz telling Talla a bedtime story. Appears to be scary bedtime story about mermaids being extinct.

10:48PM BBT - More to the bedtime story....It's kind of a love story but involved an evil dolphin. Talla tells her it was a disgusting story and she needs to work on it before a sequel.

10:49PM BBT - Talla thanks her, saying she is tired now but also disturbed. Topaz chuckles that she did her job. Talla says when she is sleeping, she is going to whisper crazy stuff in her ear.

10:50PM BBT - Jillian cleaning up from waxing, Topaz comes in to chit chat. Gary in the shower with the shaver. He is shaving his armpits. Jillian decides to wax her nosehairs.

10:51PM BBT - In the HOH room, the boys are discussing Talla. Peter: "Even I can beat Talla in a physical comp". The wild card, they agree, is Topaz. Topaz could put up Emmett and Alec if she was vindictive, they agree. Emmett says she's likely kicking herself for not putting him and Jillian up last Sunday.

10:53PM BBT - Andrew says he doesn't like BD tactics because it appears it never works the way you want it to. Andrew says there are lots of different scenarios. Emmett remembers joking with Aneal one day about putting him up and then the next thing you know, he was put up. Andrew asks why, Emmett says he was saying a bunch of crap. Paranoia, Andrew asks. Emmett says he was spreading lies.

10:56PM BBT - Alec says he would not win an endurance in cold water. Emmett asks if they would want to play BB if every week everyone could play for the veto. Andrew says it would suck if you were on the block, but everyone agrees it could be interesting.

10:57PM BBT - Talk turns to Frank in BB14 and how he was either on the block or HOH until they finally BD'd him. They discussed the jury order and how Frank went in the Joe double eviction. Andrew reminds them about how Dan was on the block and got Jenn to use the veto on him after putting his hand on the Bible. She wanted to make a big move, and she, Ashley and Joe were the biggest floaters. Alec says Ian and Dan did most of it. Peter points out Shane didn't win much after the beginning.

11:00PM BBT - General re-hashing of the competitions that have taken place thus far.

11:01PM BBT - Alec says he wasn't thrilled when Jillian won HOH because he didn't know her. Andrew says how could he? His tongue was down Topaz's throat!

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11:04PM BBT: Andrew says "they better not save his ass on Thursday". Alec asks who he's talking to, and Andrew says he's talking to himself. They start talking about blood types. Andrew says his dad and his brother had the rarest blood type, and his dad donated blood over 75 times.

11:08PM BBT: Andrew says that it's bizzare, that it's so empty in here. There should be two more people in the house. Peter says he's noticed Gary hasn't been around much this week. Emmett asks if everyone has noticed less dishes to do this week, because Gary is on slop and can't make his elaborate dishes. Everyone has.

11:15PM BBT: Peter suggests for next season that they have 'Big Brother Bucks' and they have to buy their food. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Alec says "But we're helping you..." Andrew asks "Isn't that a UK thing?" - Yes, and a few other versions too.

11:25PM BBT: Emmett joins the boys up in HoH again. They talk about stealing things, and Andrew comments that everything is nailed down in the HoH room so they can't take anything. BB tells them to stop talking about production.

11:27PM BBT: BB tells Emmett his tylenol is in the SR. Alec talks about his friend being an extra in a Target commercial, and Alec went with him and they let him in. They didn't really take it seriously and started doing funny stuff. Alec says it was on youtube.

11:34PM BBT: Emmett thought pro wresting had died. Peter says that pro wresting is the illusion of danger, while actually being dangerous. Emmett says a lot of good fighters came out of Nova Scotia.

11:35PM BBT: Emmett admits that he's boxed in the past, and Andrew asks if there is anything that Emmett has not done.

11:43PM BBT: Gary and Topaz are in the washroom. Gary is shaving his arms and hands. Jillian goes into the washroom to change. They talk about laundry, and how Gary needs to to a load tonight. He doesn't have a clean pair of underwear for tomorrow.

11:50PM BBT: Topaz tells Gary to not put anything on his chest, and Gary says that he knows, that it burned instantly. Gary wants to put clothes on, but he has no clean underwear until the laundry is out of the dryer in 30 minutes.

11:53PM BBT: Jillian comes up to the HoH room. They all chat about bronzer and tanning. Jillian put on a 1-day bronzer, and is planning on putting it on again tomorrow and on Thursday.

11:57PM BBT: Jillian is complaining about muscles on her thighs. Andrew and Alec bend over to look. Andrew comments that they're very close to her genitals. Alec says that's all he's looking at. Peter asks Jillian what she's doing, and the feeds cut to SotH.

11:59PM BBT: Alec and Peter are alone in the HoH room. Alec says that if Andrew gets to the final 5, it wont be due to them, it'd be of his own challenge winning. Andrew comes into the HoH room, and they pretend to talk about wresting again.

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We had some major gaps in coverage today, we really need updaters, this is not your regular plea for help, this is an urgent plea. One of our All-Star updaters will be going into the hospital for surgery and it's going to leave our skeleton crew with one less bone. Please sign-up if you are not already a member. Use the invitation code 8298572 to register. And just start updating. Don't worry if someone else has posted, there are usually two feeds of unique content, one person can't cover both.

as for today, we've filled this thread and have moved to this one:


Thank You!

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12:05AM BBT: Andrew,Alec, and Peter in HoH Alec said he would put up Jillian and someone else this week. Peter said he would not vote for Gary to win the game. He would rather vote for Topaz to win. Peter said if Suzette did not get HoH they would have vote her out the first week.

12:10AM BBT: Peter thinks that Emmett is closer to Andrew, Alec said they should tell Talla she would be a pawn. Andrew said Gary does not know that he is going home. The bashing of Gary glitter. Alec said the reason they are getting Gary out teh house is because he is throwing people's name un der the bus. Alec said that Gary ask him if he win PoV to remove him and put up Emmett. Andrew thinks that teh fan are upset with him for wanting Gary out.

12:17AM BBT: Andrew said Topaz had a waste of HoH. Andrew is repeating himself about how Talla and Gary voted to get him evicted. Andrew said when Gary was HoH he told them to vote Tom out and Gary was very bossy.

12:23AM BBT: Gary and Topaz in the LR Gary said he is feeling very bad that he cannot help her. Topaz said she thinks that Alec is not helping her stay in the game. Topaz wish she can have one person that is loyal to her in the game.

12:30AM BBT: Gary said he told Alec to BD Emmett to save Topaz. Topaz said Alec is trying to protect his game.

12:34AM BBT: Emmett joins the HoH they are discussing working for money like showing their body part for it. Jillian is now in the HoH Peter asks Jillian how much would it cost for her to do playboy, She replied 250,000 maybe. Jillian said she cannot be a teacher if she pose for playboy.

12:42AM BBT: Gary and Topaz is in the BY Topaz is sitting on Gary and squeezing him down to the ground, Topaz is trying to get Gary to tell her what Alec told him about her. Gary said Alec could be fake too. Gary said he was lying to Alec all the way. Peter said to Topaz and Gary that they are secretly married and they are having an affair. ( So true)

12:46AM BBT: Andrew,Alec and Emmett playing football, While Jillian folding laundry. Emmett said Gary and Topaz was dry humping Gary.

12:59AM BBT: Andrew,Emmett, Jillian and Alec in KT having a snack. Andrew told Jillian there is enough room in his bed for her.

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