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Thursday, September 8th

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

you can also e-mail to ranster@mortystv.com

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Previously on BB6 ...

Howie splits pair, Beau evicted

HOH - Ivette wins ... nominates Howie and Janelle

want Janelle out

Janelle wins veto and saves herself ... April on block

want to approach Ivette to save H

Who will be evicted, Howie or April?

Who will be the next HOH?

Find out tonight ...

fade to title sequence

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Guest ranster627

Good evening ... Day 68

Friendship firmly back in power

Julie recaps ...

all about Ivette being tie breaker

Howie's last ditch effort ...

Ivette expected Jan to save herself

April: felt really weird ... nerve wracking ... if she was evicted it would be a lose lose for I and M

Howie explains he needs Ivette

Janelle explains logic money for Ivette to Howie

Howie has all his weapons at his disposal ... representing to Ivette

Mag and A watch Ivette with J and H

April doesn't think Ivette will change her mind, but ...

Howie explains things to Ivette ... puts doubts about who Maggie would take

and that she has best chance against them

Ivette talks about getting closer to money

Ivette wants to be optimistic ... reality only knows what she's doing not what M and A are doing

Ivette tells Friendship

April says everyone deserves the money

I: April said she doesn't want the money, the closer we get the more she talks about the money

wants to win it for her family

afraid that my "chances are becoming very slim"

Julie says Hi to HG's

final 5

Ivette: we never thought we were going to make it ... I'm content

Howie only man: stuck with beautiful women ...

Janelle (fan): hardest comp swimming one ...

April: smoking ... will keep not smoking ... out of the house ... mind over matter

Maggie: changed? hard question ... scxhedule messed up ... real world doesn't exist ... no one will ever understand what this world is really like

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Guest ranster627


welcome back

Ivette's mother and girlfriend ...

Ivette mom ... she tells it like it is

M: her mouth gets me in trouble all the time

her strongest weapon is her mouth

she is emotional person ... not a crier ... house getting to her?

hates obsession with Eric

mother: she forgot Beau ... you went there to win ... not make friendships

says April can start problems

not sure about Friendship

M: likes Janelle ...

great qualities ... Ivette jealous?

happy she won HOH ... had to prove herself

mom: real proid of Ivette HOH

MOM: bring the money home

Ivette talk:

Beau ... then HOH

Jan took herself off ... why April ...

group decision ... Maggie was on before

Money? main reason was for family, need it like you can't imagine

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Guest ranster627

their chance over

James and Beau in jury house

2 greeted

Rachel loves it "country paradise"

Rachel wants I


Jam: Jennifer acted

Raxch disapp to see James

he flipped them as he came in

toasted his death


Jebnnifer getting bitchier

Rachel not happy April won HOH

James not being nice to Jennifer

Jenn says James was rude obnoxious about April

worse to watch it again

Beau enters

Jenn thrilled Beau is there

Rach: helps her team


Ivette: Ap would get the money

Jan: means a lot to keep Howie

Mag: turning your back on Friendship would mean no votes from Friendship

Iv: Apr ... all about the money, but are you in desperate need?

Ivette in tears!

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Guest ranster627


talk to nominees

last pleas

A: thanks to Matt and family, thanks all HG's / the dorks

wants to stay another week

H: thanks everyone apologizes for hair and wardrobe

Jedi Janie great apprentice

reviews everything

makes pawn plea ... says she has veto he has none

Janelle votes to evict April

Maggie votes to evict Howie

tie - breaker

Ivette votes to evict Howie

A: great friend ... How: gives great laughs

all hugs

meow ... have a good battle

Howie kisses Julie ... you're cute wow

I: he was sad to go

6 alliance: James, betrayed them ... downhill from there

maybe back to Maggie

final guy, fab 5

did NH play game better

absolutely ... beat by a nerd herd ...

Janelle: stronest player, Kay smartest Jam: physical

Jane combination

Jan: been a great friend

A: shock when you treated me ... you were just hurt and I forgive you

Mag: thanks for laughter

I: one of my fav HG's ... don't hate the HG's hate the game

H: love them all

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Guest ranster627

America Choice a day on set of Two and a half Men

Outside ... round platform divided into three pie slices separated with walls circles, behind before, ahead after

Ivette not playing

tonight's HOH canb play next week

"Before or After"

7 q ... I pt per q

all correct

April wrong

April wrong again

Ap and Mag wrong

all correct

Maggie wrong

last one Mag wrong

Janelle HOH!!!!

I masde final 3

they hug her ...

Contributors: ranster627 and Smirnoff. A big Morty

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Guest ranster627

return to LR

Jan: Miss America ... awesome ... prod of my self --- perfect score

Mag: she packed like going camping

Jan: fan - growing up in Minnesota ... sheltered ... wouldn't trade it for anything

who will Janelle nom: Sat at 10 and AC

Tuesday live eviction

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Cue Teaser.

Roll Teaser.

Previously on Big Brother 6, as Head of Household, Howie split up the last remaining pair. But at the Head of Household competition, the Friendship took back the power and set their sights on getting rid of Janelle. At the Power of Veto Competition, Janelle and Howie fought to save themselves. But Janelle prevailed and had to choose between saving herself and saving Howie. Ivette was forced to nom one of her own. But the Sovereign Two formed a plan to keep themselves into the game. Who will be evicted next, Howie or April?

Cue Into.

Who will be in the final 3? Find out live tonight on Big Brother 6.

Roll Intro.

Cue Julie.

And we're live in 5






Julie Chen: Good evening, I

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Guest ranster627

LIVE Televised Show: Thursday, September 8, 2005

Finally a show back on schedule, the last one this season though as we near the end! The recaps stretched back to Howie winning HOH and Beau being evicted, splitting the last pair. Ivette won HOH and nominated Howie and Janelle, intending to evict Janelle who saved herself by winning the veto. April joined Howie in nomination, and Howie made plans to approach Ivette to save him. Julie welcomes us to Day 68 in the Big Brother House. Julie tells us that Ivette could have a tie-breaking vote tonight and that Howie was making a last ditch effort to save himself. Ivette was not surprised that Janelle saved herself with the veto. April says it felt weird being on the block and nerve-racking. She reasons that if she is evicted it will be a

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