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March 24 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:28AM BBT Feeds are back "Someone - guess what Canada? It is a third twist."

12:30AM BBT Talla - your helmet was tilted. Andrew - he needed a child's helmet. People are preparing food.

12:32AM BBT - Gary, Emmett in WA, Peter in one shower, Jill in the other.

12:33AM BBT - Topaz is preparing something. Talla is eating something. AJ - Torontonians were lucky ones as they could bring unlimited suitcases. But some didn't get through. Others talking about being overweight for the flights.

12:34AM BBT - Suzette is in the WA with the others. All discussing some competition. Jill - I was so specific I was not going to lose a drop.

12:36AM BBT - Suzette - the middle had more rain.

12:37AM BBT - Jill and Peter are still in showers. Jill - my eyes are hurting a lot. Emmett - I wonder how long it will take them to rip that all down. They are faster ripping it down than setting it up.

12:39AM BBT - Peter out of shower. Emmett is in.

12:40AM BBT - Jill - BB - can you please supply shampoo and conditioner for the house as everyone is using mine and it is $26.00 per bottle and I only brought two bottles and I am nearly out. Emmett - BB will get back to you.

12:41 AM BBT - discussion about someone using an accent and were you asked to use that accent. BB - please stop talking about production.

12:42AM BBT - Emmett - Jill, are you still showering? I am out of hot water. Jill - I haven't had a shower in three days.

12:43AM BBT - Suzette - I was really scared. I didn't want to twist my ankle.

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12:30AM BBT: Feeds are back.

12:30AM BBT: Gary and Suzette in BR Suzette said she is the villain of BB. Switch to WA. Jillian and Peter having a shower, While Gary and Emmett watch.

12:32AM BBT: Suzette did not win PoV. Emmett just said she is going home.

12:35AM BBT: Topaz, Alec,Talla, Andrew and AJ in the KT. They are discussing Emmett shorts was very tight in the competition.

12:37AM BBT: Talla and Gary played, Gary beat Talla. Jillian is begging BB to supply them with shampoo, Because she cannot let the other HG use her stuff it is running out.

12:41AM BBT: Looks like Peter was host. Peter said he knew what was coming but couldn't say anything about it.

12:46AM BBT: Talla is saying good night. She said she is tired from laughing.Correction Talla did not play PoV. AJ,Gary,Emmett,Jillian,Suzette and Alec played PoV.

12:53AM BBT: Jillian is called to DR but she refuse to go without make up. Topaz,Alec,AJ,Emmett,Peter and Talla giving shout out to their friends. Topaz is calling out all her friends.

12:59AM BBT: Andrew and Suzette in BR, Andrew said you will get to see your family. Suzette said she will see everyone in the wrap party. She also said Alec said she never talk game with him. Andrew is really making Suzette comfortable about leaving this week. Suzette said she hope to bring something to her family.

01:08AM BBT: Suzette said after BB she will get a job on the radio, She said a native will get a shout out on radio.

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01:12AM BBT: The KT crew just normal chit chat. Emmett is cleaning. Suzette is in the SR with Jillian. Not much game talk.

01:18AM BBT: While Suzette in the SR she picked up the phoone in the SR and said hello.

01:21AM BBT: Talla looks very tired but she think if she go to bed she will miss all the drama. Emmett won PoV.

01:23AM BBT: Confirmation Emmett won PoV.

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1:57 am BBT - Aj,Alec ,topaz , Suzette talking old BBUS all star season . Gary making food . Alec Emit and Andrew making food . Topaz and Jillian chilling , aj just got up and left . Talla went to bed about 20 min ago.

2:03 am BBT - general chit chat amongst the house guest . Emit talking about the veto comp[ I think ] saying how quick it was.[sorry . Didn't see this thread when I posted earlier.]

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01:24AM BBT: Gary and Andrew in WA, Andrew said Tom wanted him out big time. (Tom is gone play on) Andrew said he feels sorry for Suzette because when he look at the challenge he knew that she was not going to win. Gary said he wants to win HoH again and stay in the game.

01:30AM BBT: Andrew is spilling to Gary that he was upset he did not get to see his family in HoH.

01:33AM BBT: Gary is having a shower. Talla is flossing and brushing her teeth. Gary said he is going to cut down to pop and drink one can a day. While in the KT Topaz and Suzette is cooking up a storm.

01:38AM BBT: Jillian is making Omelette . Gary is singing but no warning form BB.

01:47AM BBT: They are talking about survivor and Jeff the host. Suzette said she would do Amazing Race but she is not fast. Suzette said she and her husband would do good if they apply. Topaz was warn by BB to turn on her mic.

01:52AM BBT: Suzette is shouting to Patty on Slice to hook up Gary for a job. Lots of talking but no game talk.

02:00AM BBT: Andrew just burn his finger trying to cook stake. Emmett just told Jillian that she was making out on national TV. Topaz is making fun of Jillian and how she was playing the PoV.

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2:10 am BBT - peter on the couch with zuzette . Everyone else is kitchen still cooking . Cam 4 is on the HoH room, which is empty . Cam 1 is changing cameras very frequently. [ very sweet ] . Cam 2 is steadily focused on the all the house guest in the kitchen with no sound .Cam 3 is a over head view of the kitchen with sound. General chit chat going on. Every one seems pretty awake.

2:18am BBT . Suzette has now gone to bed .

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02:14AM BBT: They are all laughing at Topaz she was looking awful for her interview with BB. Topaz said she was nervous that Liza was winning in the gum ball competition.

02:19AM BBT: Suzette,Gary is in bed also Talla. No audio in the BR. Topaz is very happy tonight.

02:24AM BBT: Peter and Alec is out in the BY, they both said they will chill next week. Alec said he don't like being HoH. Peter said he came second at least. Alec said he told Andrew about Topaz. Alec said AJ is the ultimate pawn of BB.

02:34AM BBT: 02:34AM BBT: Alec said the order in which we will vote them out, Suzette, Talla Gary,Topaz AJ is in line to go home. Alec said they have to watch out for Gary and Emmett as a pair. Peter said Gary needs to go because Emmett family loves Gary. They said Topaz cannot win anything but they will get Gary out first. Peter said Emmett is loyal to them. Alec said Andrew is in their back pocket.

02:47AM BBT: The KT crew, Alec,Topaz,Jillian,Andrew, Peter,Emmett and AJ said they think Suzette will get a task this week from BB.

02:56AM BBT: The crew is discussing rules of the game. Peter just compare Topaz to Chima on BBUS. They all said that Gary may win the Coup D'Etat ( That's basically where a HG with the power gets to dethrone the HoH live and replace with his own noms. both. No PoV, straight to vote.)

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03:00 Emmett, Andrew and AJ out in the BY throwing the ball. They are making fun of Suzette. Andrew is bad mouthing Topaz he said she is playing with Alec's emotion. Emmett said they are going to get tired of Topaz. They are now in the HT Andrew said he taught Gary was going to walk through the door because he was swearing at BB.

03:09AM BBT: Andrew,Alec,Emmett in the HT Andrew is repeating everything Suzette discuss with him. Emmett said he does not like Suzette because she makes you guilty. Andrew said kudos to Alec,Emmett and AJ for doing a great job on winning. Kudos to himself for doing fu** all.

03:11AM BBT: Looks like Gary was very close to Emmett in PoV. Aj said he cannot believe Danielle never watch a episode of BB. Peter,Jillian and Topaz in the KT but no audio. Alec said his 10k is going to bills he owes.

03:22AM BBT: The HT crew taught it was a car but Alec said he do not need a car. Andrew just said he want to win something but Emmett and Alec is killing him.

03:29AM BBT: The bashing of Tom continue in the HT. Andrew said he have news for both of you a** holes you are doing really well. Alec said he is not going to spend 1500 to go meet 15 people he just meet on BB.

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9:27 AM BBT

The HGs are up and getting ready for the day. Sort of. They just got up. Gary preparing to do his laundry and Emmett getting multiple reminders to put on his microphone.

Peter, Alec, AJ, Talla and Andrew having a chat on the patio about BBUSA. Everyone just waking up on a lazy Sunday morning.

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9:39 BBT

Topaz and Gary join the others on the patio. "Wait! Gary and Topaz are awake! This feels so weird." AJ shouts. "Ugghhh, it feels so early I didn't even sleep." says a very sleepy sounding Talla.

9:40 AM BBT

Andrew announces that he is going to check the weather network. "Huh, oh wait I get it, he's going outside." Talla observes. Andrew has gone for a cigarette. "Oh that would be a friendship ender, " notes Peter "If Andrew gets to watch TV."

Gary hollering across the yard to Emmett, "Save me a cup! I want a cup!!!! Please?" he would like some smoothie.

"Yumm this is so good. Tom had to leave for me to get this cup." jokes Gary.

9:44 AM BBT

Emmett, AJ and Peter inside in the LR sipping smoothies. They discuss how it was 3 or 0 degrees last night (that's Celsius) as they sat in the hot tub. "Wow, well it is almost April" says Peter.

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10:48 AM BBT Cam 1 is on. AJ talking with Jillian in the KT, it's been just general chit chat this morning. The other three cams are on SOTH.

AJ is a sales agent, he only makes money if a sale goes through. He will use that job as a side job when he returns to work after BB he will be looking for a more regular full time job.

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11:09AM BBT: All feeds return. Jillian, AJ, Peter (and a sleeping Topaz) on the BY couches talking about bad customer service. Emmett and Andrew are in the pool generally talking about the game like how a lot of people there have never been up on the block.

11:21AM BBT: Emmett is out of the pool and going to take a shower. Jillian is doing laundry. She says she's so tried [she looks drunk]. The alarm goes off and Topaz sits up. AJ and Andrew are in the KT, Jillian joins them.

11:30AM BBT: AJ seems to complaining about anything possible this morning but tries to do it in his funny tone. Him and Andrew are in the KT. Topaz just left to go the hammock. Gary and Suzette are relaxing in bed. Gary says he feels sick and has a headache. Jillian now in the BR with them,, she tells Gary he was laughing in his sleep.

11:36AM BBT: Emmett joins Jillian in bed they start to cuddle and kiss. AJ, Andrew and Peter still in the KT just general talking.

11:42AM BBT: AJ says he passed the word around that Tom should go first before Liza. Now they are talking about if BB tried to save Suzette again and if it happened they will just keep putting her up. She played the wrong social game. They say she should of played more of the mother roll (cooking and cleaning), aligning more with the older people not the younger ones.

11:57AM BBT: The alarm sounds and wakes up Topaz. Then goes off in the BR to wake up Jillian, Emmett, Suzette and Gary. Talla is doing her hair in the WA. Emmett joins the guys in the KT.

12:01PM BBT: We get SotH.

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12:10PM BBT: Feeds return, Alec and Emmett tossing the football in the BY. Talla, Suzette and Jillian in the KT. Talla is trying to clean the KT and says she wants to keep it like that. Jillian says "We're obviously not getting out the dirty people".

12:17PM BBT: Talla complaining about the dishes and we get SotH.

12:22PM BBT: Feeds return, Alec talking with Andrew in the BY. Alec saying someone he knows volunteers at the Canucks and White Caps game to do the 50/50 draws.

12:26PM BBT: Alec tells AJ and Andrew that there are students that try to bully him in to get better marks and he doesn't do it. He says that sometimes he marks 200 papers and can make a mistake and that's when he will change the mark.

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12:55PM BBT: All the guys(except Gary) is working out in the BY. Suzette eating pizza in the KT. Gary throws out about 15 bags of chips saying they are all bad. Talla individually wraps all the muffins. Gary says "Omg Talla wasted wrap lets keep her in the house." He continues to complain about the wrapping of the muffins.

1:00PM BBT: Alec comes inside and says that Gary or Suzette can borrow his hat if they want. Suzette says "I ain't supporting the Marlins, Fuck that." She says Its bitch day. They are now saying these guys think they are tough by taking out Suzette. "Biggest move of the season, poor girl hobbling all over the place I had to take her out."

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1:03PM BBT: The guys outside talking baseball while working out. Gary and Suzette are really having a b***h fest in the KT while Gary cooks.

1:06PM BBT: Suzette says they should hook her and her family up with a trip to Disney or something for the emotional distress for her being on the block 3 times.

1:13PM BBT: Suzette says that Emmett asked her if she was ok being like that (her weight). She says inner beauty is better. She gets that being healthy and fit is ok but there are people out there watching that are struggling with their appearance and they don't realize that. Gary says "I eat what I want and I live my life. I make sure I put fruits and vegetables in my body but I don't spend every minute counting calories.

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1:21PM BBT: Gary tells Suzette he asked Alec if he could Suzette his vote. and Alec told him that could make him a target. Suzette says "Omg he said that? You're gonna be a target anyway, unless you're working with them." Gary says "Omg no!"

1:23PM BBT: Andrew comes in for water Suzette tells him there's pizza there if they want some. He says "No thanks, I gonna eat healthy and maybe jump in the pool again." Suzette calls AJ a 'Pawn' Star. Gary asks if she just came up with that. He says he said that in the DR a few days ago. Not much talk in the BY just a lot of moaning and groaning from the weight lifting.

1:31PM BBT: Talla was napping on the BY couch and the alarm sounds to wake her up. She moves around for a second and then drifts back to sleep so they sound the alarm again and she sits up and gives the camera dirty looks and says I'm up.

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2:54PM BBT: AJ an Talla in the KT. AJ tells her he is envious of her past and future relationships because of her lap dance. He tells her to "stop looking so pretty." Now he is making fun of her for ruining another chicken as she is butter it before putting on spices and cooking it.

2:57PM BBT: Emmett and Alec working out. They believe they are safe for the next couple of weeks no matter who wins. Alec says she a little worried of Topaz. She is getting a little close to Talla. If she did win he would just push for Talla. He says shes not gonna win it. Not that she doesn't want to, just she can't.

3:02PM BBT: In the KT we're having "Talking With Talla" AJ tells Talla that he thinks there will be no relationship for Topaz and Alec after the show. Topaz comes in and Talla says "clean yourself up and join us, just kidding." Topaz says "Don't forget we're cooking tonight cause Alec and I are going on a date." AJ tells her she's gonna be a trophy wife. She says "No, I'm gonna marry for love".

3:13PM BBT: Andrew and Emmett in the hot tub. they talk about Gary for a second and we get SotH.

3:30PM BBT: Still SotH

3:45PM BBT: Must be time for the POV Ceremony as we still have SotH.

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