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March 19 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Special Note For Today: I will be away and unable to update the web page. I am providing a link to this thread instead of the usual re-writes of your posts. Please do your best to give our readers complete coverage today.

Thank You All Very Much,


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12:05AM BBT: Tom told Emmett and Jillian if he gets voted out security will have to carry his *ss out, because he will knock out all the guys except Emmett. Gary is in the pool, Topaz is sitting outside. They are both bashing Liza, Topaz called her a bi**h and they both said they cannot live with her.

12:11AM BBT: Gary is eating chips in the pool. Topaz said she is going to cuss out Liza tomorrow. Topaz said she was suppose to sleep until week 7 but Liza is annoying. Emmett told Tom he need to distance himself from Liza completely and apologize to everyone. Jillian said that Liza have been trying to form the girl power alliance for a long time.

12:22AM BBT: Tom,Alec and Emmett in SR Tom said he cannot believe Liza was tricking him and campaigning for votes. Tom is really throwing Liza under the bus, Alec said that Liza does not have the votes. Tom is freaking and scr=ared he goes home.

12:26AM BBT: Tom is very scared he asks what should I do now. Alec ssaid said to relax and let Liza hang herself. Emmett said he should apologize. Alec said to Tom who told you that you are going home. ( They are confusing one minute he was going home) Alec told Tom Talla would vote for him and he have Alec vote.

12:32AM BBT: Tom said that everything that happen only made Liza fired up to get Tom think the Quattro turned on him. Alec said he did not use the PoV because another Quattro would have gone up.

12:36AM BBT: Tom said he is not giving Gary a** a blow job just to stay. Emmett and Alec told Tom they have the votes for him to stay. Alec said Andrew is voting with the house and do not piss Topaz off.

12:39AM BBT: Tom told Emmett and Alec he was sorry for his behaviour. Alec said to put tonight incident behind them. Tom said he was blinded by pillow talk. Tom said he was fine until his HoH and Liza was in his ear. Tom is speaking so fast no time for Emmett and Alec to talk.

12:43AM BBT: Tom is throwing Talla under the bus, she mentioned Emmett and Alec name for nomination. Talla said Emmett was very rude to her. Tom is also trying to break up Gary and Topaz. They both told Tom that he is going after Topaz out of spite. Topaz came in SR and they told her Tom is apologizing and Topaz said it is what it is.

12:49AM BBT: Tom also mention if HoH is endurance do not let Talla win because she is coming after him. Tom is in WA brushing teeth Alec and Emmett is still in SR Emmett wants Tom to stay because they would have no target next week. Alec is not happy, he told Emmett come to him and peter next time it is a team call.

12:53AM BBT: Tom is now in bed hugging Liza, he stops and sit down on the bed. Liza looks like she is asleep. No audio.

12:59AM BBT: Topaz is talking to Gary she wants to go home to her family and her normal life. she said she will stop talking to Alec.

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01:05AM BBT: Tom is now in the LR talking to himself, He said he have to do this for his family. Tom said he have to climb back until he reach the top. While in the HoH Gary and Topaz is watching Tom on the spy screen. Gary said he thinks it may be a double eviction( Then he pause) because BB needs Liza here next week for the drama. Tom said he sign up to win $100k and he is getting ripped apart for it. Tom said he have to get back on top.

01:12AM BBT:Topaz,Alec and Gary in HoH, Alec is explaining the conversation that went down in SR. Gary is mad that Alec talked to Tom. Alec said he thought Tom was sincere Gary said Tom is playing the game 24 hours.

01:14AM BBT: Alec is crying, Topazis consoling him, Alec said he is done. Gary is really upset that Alec talked to Tom. Topaz start rubbing Alec's back. Gary said Tom is a evil person. Topaz told Alec that Tom said he deserve to air his private on national Tv because he did not take him (Tom) off the block.

01:26AM BBT: Gary and Topaz told Alec that if Liza wins HoH she will put up Topaz and Emmett. Topaz said Liza always want Emmett out but after Topaz cuss her out she want Topaz out. Alec said Liza was embarrassed what Tom did.

01:30AM BBT: Tom is still in the LR very quiet thinking.

01:43AM BBT:Tom said he needs 5 votes to stay. He have to talk to people. Tom said Alec is better with01:43AM BBT:Tom said he needs 5 votes to stay. He have to talk to people. Tom said Alec is better with him now.

01:52AM BBT: Tom is still talking Liza to Andrew. Tom repeating himself about Liza messing with his head. Andrew told Tom to remember this is a game. Alec was called to DR.

01:58AM BBT: Gary said to Topaz that Alec is screwed. He will not get into no university. Tom is still in the WA very silent.

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02:10AM BBT: Welcome to the late night snack crew, Topaz and Gary is now in the SR going off on chips and pop. They both going over all the condoms and items there. Topaz said she is taking some condoms home. Gary said he need a hummer (I believe it is s**) and he got hump before the show (Really on national TV) They are now having pineapple and chips.

02:16AM BBT:Topaz and Gary cutting up pineapple in the KT. Gary said the boys in the house are cute, he thinks that Andrew for a old person is very nice but he is playing the game.. Tom is now in the KT having a shake, Tom did not say anything to them. Tom is now in the BR still having a hard time to lie next to Liza.

02:31AM BBT: Gary GOH( Glitter of household) is very untidy. Clothes everywhere. Tom is now in another bed he looked like he wanted to cry.

03:03AM BBT: Gary and Topaz still up chit chatting. Not much game talk.

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9:00am Liza & AJ are up before the Dawn. AJ's walking through the house talking to himself but can't hear. He heads out to smoke

9:09am Liza cleans KT. AJ delivers new batteries to sleeping HG. HOH is still a sty.

9:15am Alarm rings & stops. Evry1 but Garry & Topaz out of bed. Talla lying in WA as Tom strokes her head.

9:30am Silence in the house as the HG do their ADL's

9:38am Tom & Jillian chatting in the WA with AJ . Andrew, Alec, Talla & Topaz in KT. Peter & Liza talking in BY. No sign of the others

9:47am Liza asks BB for her curling iron so she can look good on evict night. Quiet chit chat through the rest of the house that can be seen.

10:05am Jillian making slop breakfast while AJ & Andrew discuss days of our lives. as Suzette & Liza listen in. Talla, Topaz, Alec, Emmet & Peter in the BY

10:11am AJ telling KT crew that he knew some1 who was cousins with 'the Rock' & that he lived in Toronto for a while.

10:17am Garry makes his entrance to the main floor.

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10:30AM BBT: BB says "HGs Please go to the BY". Gary is cooking and says "f**k that I'm cooking quickly." Tom comes out to the KT and tells Gary hes over Liza. Gary says "You need to do damage control. There still are people who hate you now." Tom says "I understand." BB tells them to go to the BY again.

10:37AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett in the hammock. Jillian asks Emmett "What do you want to happen at this point?" Emmett gives a long pause before answering "I don't know, I think I want her to go home. You?" She says something very quietly and I can't make it out then says "I can't trust her though but I also don't trust Tom 100% either." Emmett says "Me neither."

10:42AM BBT: Tom is working out. Peter, Talla, Topaz, Alec and Liza all on the couches with their eyes closed. AJ, Andrew, Gary and Suzette on the other couches but not on the cam. Jillian and Emmett in the hammock talking about running.

10:44AM BBT: Cam changes from the sleepy group to the other couches. Andrew and Suzettte are not with them they are laying on each sides of the pool. Gary and AJ talking about being at a Leafs Game or Blue Jays game. If its better to be in box or a bar.

10:51AM BBT: Door opens and a few of the HGs go inside to inspect if they got anything. Emmett tells Jillian "Don't tell her(Liza) anything." Jillian says "I think she knows she's staying." Jillian goes inside.

10:55AM BBT: Emmett goes to Tom. Tom says “I went to a different bed without Liza last night and woke up in the middle of the night to her in my bed. I told her Look only way I survive in this game is if I separate myself from you. She layed there holding me and I said Liza you need to wake up in your own bed." He then tells Emmett "Its not gonna be easy but its only days 1. Emmett tells him "Everything you do make sure your being sincere. That's the only way your gonna win anyone back." Tom tells him that he told Gary he hates Topaz. Emmett says "You can't look at that. I think you can still mend things with Topaz." Tom says Well not until after Thursday." Emmett says "You need to try before just do what you can." Emmett goes inside.

11:00AM BBT: Talla goes right out to Tom. She says "I wanted to talk to you last night but couldn't. I just wanted to tell you that you don't have to explain anything to me I know you have a heart and it wasn't intentional." Tom says "I can't take it back and he walks around like a playboy without a shirt so I didn't think it mattered." She tells him that her and AJ want him to stay not Liza.

11:08AM BBT: Alec, Jillian and Emmett in the HN. Alec is saying they have to let Tom believe he's staying. He says that the worse case scenario is if Liza wins HoH they don't know what she will do and that's why they need to get her out because no one can read her. Emmett asks Alec "Do you think Peter can convince her if she wants to stay in this house she needs to make peace with Emmett." Alec says "Well that would be in her best interest."

11:13AM BBT: Jillian ask if its a double eviction is Liza safe from being evicted cause she was just on the block? Alec says no she can come home, that would be the best case get them both out.

11:20AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett leave the HN. Tom and Talla still talking. They are just repeating the same thing and counted votes. AJ and Andrew walk to have a smoke once they are past the BY they are saying Talla should not be talking one on one with Tom. AJ says think thinks Liza doesn't just work at the tanning salon and that he thinks shes the owner. [He's right!]

11:30AM BBT: Talla goes up to the HoH and talks with Gary. She doesn't tell him that she just talked to Tom. They talk about working out later and other general chit chat. Talla goes to the KT where Andrew, Jillian, Emmett, AJ and Suzette are. Liza just took a shower and now Peter is showering. Tom is still working out. Everyone just small talking.

11:41AM BBT: BB playing the loud buzzer. Topaz wakes up (shes sleeping on the BY couch) looks around and says who is that.

11:48AM BBT: Andrew, Jillian, Emmett, AJ in the KT talking about Andrews knees and inspecting them. He says "I just got the medicine yesterday so its not gonna be better already."

11:52AM BBT: BB sounds the buzzer again. No one knows who it is but it's Topaz sleeping in the HNR. Gary in there with her putting on his sneakers. He's already to go work out.

11:56AM BBT: Gary in the BY takes off his mic and BB tells him to put it on he says "I'm running" and they reply fast telling him to put it on.

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12:15pm BBT - Alec tells Suzette and Topaz that Tom tried to bully him into using the Veto yesterday. He is making nice to Tom's face but he is dead set at throwing his once alliance-mate out the door.

12:30pm BBT - Tom lobby's Emmett that everyone should vote personally and not as a group. Apparently he thinks he has a better chance staying in the game if alliances didn't vote as a block. I think he's completely misreading the game. He thinks he has Talla's vote because their both from Edmonton.

12:45pm BBT - BB sounds the alarm because Topaz is sleeping. Repeat this update frequently. She complains she's not sleeping, she's just laying low. I think she is playing the other HG just as hard as Liza is accused of doing.

2:15pm BBT - Tom complains to Liza that the other HG are immature and inconsiderate (Ring Ring. Who is it? Hey pot, this is kettle here. Guess what, your black! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!). He then says he NEEDS to win this game. To the person who has to LOSE this game in order for him to win. Tom continues to whine about how he will leave with his pride and morals if evicted, that Peter is spineless because he's friendly to everyone. Liza says it keeps him in the game. (Hey Tom, anything clicking here?)

2:30pm Tom has forgotten he was going to separate from Liza today. Instead he complains the only way to play the game is to sleep through the entire day. Liza doesn't think Jillian tried to win Veto. (I don't think she did either)

2:45pm BBT - Emmett complains that slop makes him sleepy and there's nothing entertaining about that. Canada didn't vote a HN supplement this week so all they have is slop and protein drinks. But he signed a contract and has to do what he's told. Jillian thinks there is a party tonight and the HG can hear construction noises. Tom tells Liza he thinks she was gaming him like she was everyone else, but if he's evicted, he'll still say goodbye to her. He tells her he still wants her input. She says angrily that she has no input and that he's lecturing her. Trust nobody. She leaves for the BR.

3:00pm BBT - Peter tries to comfort Liza but she rejects him. He takes her in his arms as she starts crying. She says Tom is the only one telling her the truth and Peter protests. She says he's running info from her back to Alec and keeping what Alec says to himself. He denies this and she says she just wants it to be Thursday and over with. She says she hopes he wins the game. Peter assures her that Tom is going home but she doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Tom tells AJ that they he told Liza they had to keep their distance and she got ticked off. Tom repeats his defense of last night's incident (exposing Alec in the shower), saying Alec wasn't offended enough according the the BB Rules. It was horrible to see a grown man cry, but we shook hands on it and are OK now. (Sometimes I wonder if Tom is in the same BB House as the other HG)

4:00pm BBT - In HoH, Gary tells Emmett he told Talla that they never talk game. Then they proceed to talk game. Gary is sure that Tom will be gone Thursday after The Incident. Emmett isn't so sure and wants to give Tom a sympathy vote. Gary says F*ck that, tell him you're sorry in your GB speech. Liza sings an original song about boredom and barfing. She thought she would be in the DR more today after her confrontation with Topaz last night, but instead has nothing to do but wait until Thursday.

5:00pm BBT - Gary is eating in the KT. What a surprise. Peter, Emmett and Alec are having a Bro-Swim in the pool. Andrew and Jillian are on the lounges. Talla is talking about nothing with Gary. I can't see them but I am assuming that Liza and Tom are sitting off to the side feeling sorry for themselves and sure that they didn't do anything to deserve being in the situation they are in. Talla says we've learned a valuable lesson the last couple nights - Be careful what you say and how you say it. (Very wise words)

5:15pm BBT - Suzette is cleaning up in the KT. Gary is dressed fashionably fab. Gary telling truth to power - BB UK is very strict about rules, while BB USA is very lenient. The challenges are also so different too.

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5:30pm BBT - Alec, Emmett, Peter now in HT. Andrew talking to Liza by pool. It's hard to hear what the guys are saying but it sounds like they are making post-Tom plans for Trico, the former Quattro less Tom. They are talking damage control easier with Liza staying than Tom staying. So they haven't decided who they are going to vote out. Alec says he earned Gary's trust by not using the Veto. They think that also brings Suzette. They want to make sure that whomever wins HoH will be sympathetic to their desire to see either Tom or Liza evicted, whomever doesn't go out Thurs.

Peter and Alec are working to convince Emmett that Tom has to go. He's said he would come after them, Alec specifically. They can use Emmett voting out Tom to convince others that there never was a Quattro alliance. They are going to throw Tom under the bus, saying that Tom thought there was an alliance but it was one-sided, Tom feeding them info but they were just leading him on. There is a difference between not liking and not trusting, Alec says, and I trust Gary. Emmett says if you are honest with Gary, he'll be honest with you.

Alec says Gary sticks with a plan. If we waiver, he won't trust us. They think they also have Andrew's vote. Emmett says he has Jillian's because she has no one else in the house. Inside the house, the girls have turned once side of the DT chairs to point to the LR and are all sitting in them as if waiting for a show. The HT boys say that Liza won't have anybody if she stays. The chair girls are Topaz, Suzette, Talla and Liza. Ah, Gary has the HoH camera so it's photo time.

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5:44PM BBT: The girls are getting makeup done in the LR. Alec and Andrew out by the pool, Alec said Tom think he is staying but he would be blindsided. Andrew is repeating what Tom told him in the WA last night ( That Liza was playing him all along)Andrew also said that the blow out with Topaz and Liza did not make Topaz look good.

5:51PM BBT: Andrew continues to tell Alec that Gary have to go because he is a strong contender. AJ joins Andrew and Alec by the pool all game talk stop.

5:59PM BBT: AJ and Andrew is now bashing Topaz and the way she went off on Liza last night. AJ have no clue what is going on and who is going to be evicted. Gary is done with makeup with the girls, They are getting dress now. They have 20 minutes to get this photo taken.

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6:04PM BBT: Alec,Emmett and Jillian in the WA. Alec is having a shower while Emmett watch Jillian get ready for the photo shoot.

6:07PM BBT: AJ is still rumbling about everyone in the house. Gary is now in the BY preparing for a outside picture. (Here comes the Glitter0 Gary is putting glitter on all the girls.

6:12PM BBT Tom and AJ in the SR Tom said he have not seen Topaz look so good since night one. AJ ,Tom and Andrew still in SR bashing Gary and how he is taking the power seriously. (Really Tom) Gary just asked Emmett to get his heels in the HoH.

6:21PM BBT: The boys are all making fun of Gary and his fashion style. Tom ask BB for a dance pole and vodka. Alec is making slop drink in blender very loud. The girls are all ready and sitting on the chairs.

6:24PM BBT: Tom said when he was HoH and his time was up for the camera BB said bring the camera now, So Gary is very lucky. Jillian cannot find her mic and BB continue to tell her to put on her mic.

6:29PM BBT: Peter is taking pictures of the girls. We now have SoTH (Silence of the house)

6:35PM BBT: Feeds are back.

6:40PM BBT: The girls is looking pretty nice with glitter. They are at the front of the house taking pictures. Peter is doing a great job with the camera.

6:44PM BBT:Talla asked Peter if her boobs is hanging out, Peter replied I normally look for boobs first it is not showing.

6:59PM BBT: The battery in the camera is dying but Gary is pushing his limits. Peter is now dressed for the last picture. All the girls and Peter took the last shot.

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7:07PM BBT - Jillian and Emmett trying to figure out how many calories he eats in a day. Gary wants to photograph for a living, Jillian enourages him.

7:11PM BBT - Gary is excited to be on slop. Suzette and Liza in BR; Liza is changing. Suzette complimenting her pictures that Gary took.

7:17PM BBT - Talla says she needs to work her triceps. Gary jokes to pass the pizza, that's how he'll work his. Talla laments that she can't open the fridge because she can't eat the jerk chicken marinating.

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7:20PM BBT: Gary and Talla practicing modeling moves. Talla wants to go smoke but Gary just want to eat pizza.

7:22PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett in HN, Emmett hands all over Jillian body. Emmett is trying to take Jillian necklace off. They are now kissing. Emmett said he told Gary that Tom is going home and he also told Gary to stop telling Topaz everything.

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7:34PM BBT - Liza and Tom in the BY. She's tired, changing and stuff felt like work. Topaz and Alec cuddling on the couch in the LR, Peter splayed across another one.

7:36PM BBT - Tom mutters about how annoying Talla is.

7:37PM BBT - Liza says she has no plans, she doesn't even know what she would avenge if she stays. Tom said he'll put Peter up since he lied to Liza (if she goes). Liza asks who to go after to avenge Tom. Tom says everyone lied to him, so there's no one person. He says start from the top - the first person that broke their word and keep going.

7:39PM BBT - Tom thinks it will be a 5-4 vote, with one person being the swing vote at the last minute. He is not going to go suck up to Topaz or Suzette, even though Emmett and Alec are encouraging him to. Tom says it's crazy, one week you're sitting pretty on HOH thinking someone is going home 10-1 and the next week you have a 50/50 chance of leaving. Tom wonders if this is a double eviction. How cool would that be if they both walked out within 20 minutes together? They could go hit the hotel with some wine and 72 hours of decompression together. [You might just get your wish, Tom! -- BBLuver]

7:42PM BBT - Liza decides to go for a hammock nap, Tom puts on a talk show host voice and tells her to ignore the heavy grunting while he works out.

7:43PM BBT - Talla decides to go for a nap. Topaz tries to talk her out of it, saying she'll wake up at 2am like she did the last time and be up all night. Alec asks if Talla thinks Topaz has a problem opening up. Talla spins an "Oh no, you're perfect" sort of answer to him. Alec says if she ever wants to ask anything, he's there.

7:51PM BBT - Jillian talks to Gary about how she put him up as a pawn. She admits she put Gary up because she'd heard a lot of talk that Gary and Danielle wanted her out, and then she heard Aneal wanted her out too. Gary says when Danielle tried to "mend" bridges, it wasn't real and Danielle wanted Jillian gone so she could have Emmett.

7:57PM BBT - Jillian and Gary establish a bond of sorts, stating if they hear someone bring each other up, they'll give a heads up and try to steer the person in another direction.

8:04PM BBT - Jillian and Gary talk about DR sessions. They can't wait to see Aneal's, Gary wants to see Emmett's.

8:13PM BBT - Andrew and Gary have a friendly disagreement about the word hocus pocus and what happens when you die. Gary says he believes if you disagree with someone else's beliefs, you need to be more gentle. Gary believes everyone has a soul and he believes in Jesus. Andrew thinks when you die, you don't have a soul and your light is snuffed out. He's agnostic.

8:20PM BBT - They have a contest to see who can sit the longest without talking. In the LR are Alec, Topaz, AJ, Gary, Andrew, Peter, Jillian and Emmett.

8:23PM BBT - SoTH

8:28PM BBT - Feeds are back. Tom & Liza in BY, Liza telling Tom that Emmett would've put her up. Tom said he knows that now, Emmett would've back doored her, putting up Suzette and Talla first.

8:30PM BBT - Tom tells Liza Peter is fake and has his eye on her. They both are positive he is playing the game. Talk turns to participating in The Amazing Race Canada. Liza tells Tom Jeff & Jordan did it, Rob & Amber from Survivor, Brendan & Rachel. Tom says he can do BC and AB, but he barely knows ON. This is the most amount of time he's spent in ON.

8:35PM BBT - Everyone is off the couch except Topaz and Gary, who are still mouthing to each other. Andrew tells Gary he's out, meaning Topaz won but neither Topaz nor Gary are listening to him.

8:39PM BBT - Update! Peter and Topaz are both left in the game - might be awhile to see who won because they both look pretty determined.

8:41PM BBT - Andrew comes out with a bag of milk, joking that it is Emmett and Jillian's baby. Topaz rocks it, and then Andrew takes it back, pretending to rock it too. It appears Emmett is still in the game as well. He & Peter are at the dining room table, playing a game back and forth.

8:43PM BBT - Jillian seems to be in the game, but AJ and Andrew tell her she's out because she left the game. Jillian ignores them, but still not talking. Alec, Andrew and AJ are being obscene, joking about anything and everything to try and get them to talk.

8:46PM BBT - As Jillian walks around, Alec pretends he's "thinking out loud" for her. "Hmmmm, I'm hungry. What can I eat? Oh, that's right - only slop. Now, where's my spoon?" AJ is doing a crazy dance, and Topaz is trying hard not to die laughing. She buries her face in Jillian's shoulder. Andrew comments that this is awkward.

8:50PM BBT - Alec takes the chip bag from Topaz as she walks by and inhales the smell. He then gets Topaz to kiss him. Gary comes back in and asks about Jillian, and Andrew says she's disqualified. Jillian now takes the chip bag from Andrew and inhales. Alec tells her that Topaz's is better and she inhales that. Emmett called to the DR and Gary guffaws and tells him he has to speak in there and tells the rest of the HG's that should count. Jillian speaks, saying how good the chips smell and is truly out.

8:52PM BBT - Emmett comes out of the DR, Gary and Jillian try to get him to speak. Jillian whines about how she's not kidding and she needs food.

8:56PM BBT - Gary decides he wants a pop. He opens the fridge doors, gets one and does not close the doors.

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9:15pm BBT - Suzette tells Gary and Tom her husband work s for Newalta (http://www.newalta.com/). Tom talks about fire fighting in the oil fields and dealing with flammable liquids. Tom leaves. Gary tells Suzette he told Tom to lay low. Suzette worries what if he does stay and Gary says he's got to go. Suzette worries that Tom and Emmett in the HT were up to something. Gary assures her Emmett is trustable and was just being civil.

9:30pm BBT - Alec and Topaz in HoH discussing strategies if Liza won HoH, implying that Topaz is on board with evicting Tom, despite her feelings about Liza.

9:45pm BBT - Gary unsuccessfully tries to sneak into his HoH room. Tom & Liza are on the BY patio. They appear to be alone based on the two shot camera feed.

10:15pm BBT - Quiet night in the BB House compared to last night. Emmett & Jillian chilling on the HN cot, Talla napping on the round bed. AJ sitting with Tom on BY patio. Gary & Topaz eating (again) pizza.

10:18pm BBT - Gary bursts into the HN and shouts PARTY IN THE HoH Room! He nearly drags them out of bed. Andrew already heading up there.

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10:23PM BBT: Gary Knocked over his powder and makeup on the floor, Alec offered his help but Gary said it is okay. Gary announce there is a party in my room please bring a drink.

10:31PM BBT: Lots of screaming for the Hg to come to the party, Tom and Emmett is bashing the party. Tom is taking very long he wants to bring his fancy drink. There is glitter everywhere. Peter was in the Dr he tossed the contents of his cup into the pool.

10:39PM BBT: Looks like Gary have a secret task to get all Hg to HoH. All Hg is now in the room and drinking ( No alcohol) They are begging BB for alcohol instead BB announce. Talla and Peter to change their batteries.

10:43PM BBT: There is many conversation going on. Gary just told the Hg that they suck and no one ever listen to him. Talla is not too happy about waking up to do a task.

10:49PM BBT: Gary Went to DR and he just said task failed. Apparently they were talking too much about it.

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11:01PM BBT: Liza said after the show she will hang out with Kat,Aneal and Tom no one else. Jillian,Talla and Emmett out having Talla is smoking. They are upset over the task, they are hungry and need food.

11:09PM BBT: Topaz,Suzette and Gary in HoH Topaz asking for BB to give them a break and give them a treat. Andrew,Alec and Peter talking outside about past task. They think Gary did not do a good job.

11:12PM BBT:Jillian join Andrew,Alec,AJ and Emmett they are discussing what they were doing before the game. Jillian said while she was in sequester before the show she was so sad BB said stop talking about production.

11:18PM BBT: Gary just admitted there was no task he was lying.

11:19PM BBT: Topaz and Suzette told Gary do not mention food to the HN. They told him do not tell the them that he was lying about his task.

11:26PM BBT: AJ,Andrew and Emmett on the deck bashing the way Gary made a fool of everyone. Andrew think the task was fake. AJ said that Gary was screaming and he was very loud ( Not true Talla was the one screaming because she wanted food)

11:34PM BBT; Andrew said he would do slop for the rest of the game. He said he would drink a glass of AJ pee. Andrew said if they have a punishment PoV he would win.

11:41PM BBT: Jillian just confirmed that the slop has spoiled. Alec have been eating dish soap because the slop is bad. Alec came out of DR and they told him a dietician and medical personnel check out the slop and it is nutritious.

11:47PM BBT: Tom is trying to get votes he is talking to Emmett and Jillian, he said he have Andrew,Talla and AJ votes. And we have SotH.

11:56PM BBT: Tom, Emmett and AJ throwing the football in BY. AJ said he is injured and drops out. Andrew is now playing.

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