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March 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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10:46pmBBT - Everyone laughing and calling out Topaz and Alec for kissing in the BY tonight.

10:53pmBBT - Emmitt, Gary and Andrew in KT. Andrew talking about when he was younger how things were different, like cellphones being so big. In the WA Liza is picking/shaving Toms back.

11:00pmBBT - Andrew,Danielle,Gary in KT talking about where Danielle and Gary should go to make it big. Andrew (who's feeling no pain from the party) telling them to start in Vancouver.

11:02pm BBT - Tom, Talla in WA saying discussing who to get outif they win HoH. Saying they want Gary, AJ and Suzette out next. Talla and Jill stop to chat and speculate how many go until jury.

11:10pm BBT - Dani telling Andrew shes ok if she goes this week cause in her eyes shes already won. Jill having a bath , Emmitt showering in the HoH bathroom. Emmitt gets in bed and puts on music after his shower.

11:20pm BBT - Liza and Aneal in hammock discussing how the pawn always goes home.

11:21pm BBT - Em asked Jill if she told Liza about them making out. She says no. Tom feels Liza is putting pressure on him because of all the couples. Jill feels Liza is being super flirty with Tom.

11:26pm BBT Aneal says "Jillian sealed her fate this week by the nominations she made, she could of played it safe" In HoH Em and Jill have turned the lights off and started the nightly make out session.

11:34pm BBT Liza, Andrew, Dani in KT general chit chat. Liza talking about publishing books, asks Andrew what his dream job is he says "to not work" she says "then win"

11:40pm BBT - Andrew says he afraid to be alone, he wants a family. Liza says she WILL be married and pregnant in 2 years.

11:42pm BBT - Andrew tells Liza that Tom is getting on his nerve, Liza says AJ is getting on her nerves so that puts them in bad spot.

11:47pm BBT - Topaz,Alec,Peter,Aneal,Andrew in BY chatting about what life's gonna be like after BB

11:53pm BBT - In BY Aneal telling Alec and Topaz how all the couples are so cute. In HNR Tom and Talla discussing order of who needs to go after this week. 1st Gary, 2nd Suzette.

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12:05AM BBT: Tom and Liza are laying on the circle bed in the HN room, and they're chatting with Talla who's laying on the cot. Liza says she's going to try hard to win the HoH next week. She hopes it's mental. Thomas complains about the circle bed and how it's uncomfortable.

12:08AM BBT: Talla asks if they think Jillian and Emmett are kissing, and Liza and Tom both say YES. They chat about how Jillian is trying not to swear because her school kids are watching. Talla: But she's making out on national television?

12:18AM BBT: Alec, Aneal, Andrew, Topaz, and Peter are in the bathroom brushing teeth/flossing. They start quoting Dude, Where's My Car?, specifically the "And theeen?" scene and the "What's my tattoo say?" scene.

12:22AM BBT: Talla says goodnight in the HN bedroom. Thomas and Liza are cuddling on the circle bed. They're talking about the HoH bedroom and how they plan on taking a bubblebath up there when Thomas wins next week (assuming he does).

12:26AM BBT: Alec, Topaz, Andrew and Aneal are in the bathroom. Topaz takes off her shorts to reveal an orange bathing suit underneath. We know this because BB zooms right

12:30AM BBT: Alec goes in search of a blanket, which he finds outside in the HT area. Peter stops Alec on the way back in to talk about voting Danielle out. Alec said he'll talk to AJ tomorrow about it. As long as they rein in Liza, then they should be ok.

12:33AM BBT: Talla and Peter are sharing the cot in the HN room. Liza just left. Topaz runs into the HN room, and jumps on Thomas and says goodnight. Talla asks where her goodnight is, and she jumps on top of Talla and humps her and then leaves.

12:39AM BBT: Topaz says goodnight to Alec and they leave for their respective bedrooms. The HN bedroom is settling down now, Goodnights are called out, again.

12:42AM BBT: The Big Brother Canada house has gone silent. Everyone is in bed sleeping, or in the process of trying to sleep.

12:48AM BBT: All of the housemates are in bed sleeping. Even Jillian and Emmett. Except Peter, whose eyes are wide open in the HN room.

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1:35AM BBT - Feed 1 - Someone is in the bathroom stall

1:39AM BBT - Toilet flushes, Tom comes out, washes hands, walks out, camera follows him to LR

1:40AM BBT - Tom is studying picture on wall, intently, then starts walking round and pointing and counting - "How many beams, one, two, three, ..... ten beams, 12 stools, 14 chairs, four lamps, 18... 30 dots, 10 ... 27 circle lights"

1:42AM BBT "Kitchen is yellow, towards the BY, blue upstairs, like the sky - Thirty dots on wall - Ten pieces of wood -18 willows - 18 slabs - four thousand pieces on puzzle (yesterday he multiplied 60 x 60 and got 360 but Jillian corrected him

1:48AM BBT - Tom is back onto round bed

1:51AM BBT - Feed 2 - Emm and Jill in HoH bed

- Feed 3 - Peter and Talla on lounger in HN room

- Feed 4 - Main Br with everyone down for now

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9:36AMBBT: Tom, Andrew, Talla on the couches in the BY talking about game. "First Dani then Gary and Aneal..." Andrew fades out. Tom "I agree." Andrew and Tom agree that they get along, they don't need to hang out 24-7. Other HG are in the BY sounds like a morning workout is happening already.

9:40AMBBT: Gary and Dani are in the SR whispering. They seem to think Emmett is on their side and will help them get rid of Tom. Dani leaves, Gary stays in the SR for a few moments.

9:45AMBBT: Gary is blowing his nose. (which sounds like a broken trumpet... sorry but it scared me) Suzette is in the WA with him, she has just called for Danielle. Now Suzette is making whining, horrid noises because her hair is messed up (the HG are getting more comfortable and real world habits and behaviours are coming out)

9:50AMBBT: AJ, Liza, Aneal, Peter, Talla, in the BY... I believe that Liza is the one talking about her university experience. Jill is in the HoHWA doing her make up, talking with Alec (we have BY audio and HoH camera? Strange)

10:00AMBBT: Lots of small talk, real world stories going on, education and their university experiences. Talla is now doing her makeup. Jill to Alec "Have a good poop." as she leaves the HoH. Tom and Andrew are on one side of the BY talking. Aneal, Aj, Liza, Peter, Talla are on the big couches.

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10:00AMBBT: Lots of small talk, real world stories going on, education and their university experiences. Talla is now doing her makeup. Jill to Alec "Have a good poop." as she leaves the HoH. Tom and Andrew are on one side of the BY talking. Aneal, Aj, Liza, Peter, Talla are on the big couches.

10:10AMBBT: The BY crew is discussing jails in and around Toronto. Talla would like to work in a women's prison, thinks it would be interesting. Peter "The house is weird at night when you are the only one up" Lots of small talk and over talking.

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10:30AM BBT: Everyone seems to be in the BY beside Gary and Suzette. Just general chit chat. AJ and Andrew discussing all the interviews they are going to have to do after the show. Everyone else talking about hairstyles.

10:40AM BBT: Topaz is asleep in the hammock. Alec working out. BY group talking about BBUS comps. Mostly the one where you have to shave head/burn clothes for points. Discussing who would do what for points. Jill says it would be fun to have to dye her hair pink.

10:46AM BBT Alec and Emmitt at the workout area whispering that if Gary won HoH Alec thinks he and Topaz could convince Gary to put up Aneal or AJ. Just as long as its not 2 from there alliance. Over at couches Tom and AJ saying how Kat was more of a bro and that's a big turn off.

10:52AM BBT: Em and Tom go to HoH room Tom: Danielle's been starring at me not in a good way, hope shes packs all her clothes cause shes going home. Chat turns to hockey, Tom says he sees a lot of players come in to the bar names: Hall, Eberle and Nuge. He just went to a Edmonton Oilers game vs The LA Kings. He said he's more of a Calgary Flames fan.

11:00AM BBT: Jill, Talla and Liza in the KT talking about the dishes back up of dishes since they have no hot water. Suzette walks in and says "Come on guys, I did them yesterday, I'm not doing them"

11:08AM BBT: Jill, Talla, Liza, Suzette joins Em and Tom in the HoH room. Liza suggests her Talla and Jill get matching BB tattoos. The other 2 girls think its a great idea. AJ, Peter, Tom and Aneal(sleeping) in the BY on the couches talking about NFL

11:15AM BBT: Talla telling Jill and Liza how her twin sister was so excited to be on tv. She said she was trying to keep her calm because she didn't want to ruin her chances of getting on the show.

11:23AM BBT: Tom and Em leave the girls to the HoH room and go to the BY to toss the football. In the HoH room Jill, Talla, Liza and Suzette chatting about school experiences. AJ, Andrew, Peter still talking football on the couches.

11:32AM BBT: Gary is trying to console a crying Danille in the WA. She's upset how everyone is fake and its getting to her. Gary: "Don't let them get to you" Danielle: "Its fucking hard, they are always around. " FotH cutting in and out.

11:37AM BBT: Danielle saying its the days that they don't do anything that's the worst. Her sanity isn't worth it. Gary says if you leave for selfish reasons who am I gonna go to. Danielle says Tom is so fucking mean and his ora is killing them all. She says I just need to win HoH. The crying has stopped (a loud nose blow) and now she says she feels better.

11:43AM BBT: Gary to Danielle "I wanna tell you something but I can't because of the mics. If I tell you you will leave" then he giggles. Danielle;: If its a mind blown then don't tell me." Gary: But I need someone to talk to or I'm gonna go crazy" Danielle: "Ok tell me" and then in walks Liza and talk turns Gary's make up

11:52AM BBT: Gary and Danielle alone in the WA He's saying this isn't the 24 hours Gary he's made a deal {with production thats why he's trying to talk about it without the mics} that he has to look a certain way and keep up his need of the deal. Of course we get FotH or a second.

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From 12:00pm to 1:00pm big fight between Gary and talla over dirty dishes and people not doing their dishes, Gary called a housemeeting for tonight to talk about the fact that people are not doing their dishes. The fight when on for quite sometime, alot of yelling and cusing between talla and Gary and then we had a really short foth and all was quite when the feeds came back on

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6:32 PM BBT

AJ, Andrew and Tom discussing who is the better player - Kobie Bryant or Magic Johnson.

Liza, Gary and Aneal talking about the fashion show this evening as Danielle sits by her bed contemplating the sheets.

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n the BY is Aneal and peter and tom and Alec and topaz they are talking about meds all different kinds in the BR is Suzette Dani and Liza talking about f@@@ the guys in the house time 600BBT

time 605BBTnow the BY crew is talking about what games to play maybe cans and a football peter is talking about a ball and bean bags the girls in the BR and Gary are all talking gary to dani youre like making too many moves to go on the block dani is now getting mad at gary gary I just dont want dani to go home because of this mess

606BBTSuzette and topaz are in the WR topaz is having to pee suzette is at the mirror now in the kitchen with alec and andy andy drinking milk they are just talking over by the pool is everyone else they are just sitting around talking no game talk

610BBTLiza if Im on my period and slop next week world war two will break out in the BB house

615BBT HG are just talking by the pool

620BBT Suzette is in the by talking with the rest of

the HG just idol talk

630BBT not much going on just talking about sports and stuff

over by the pool

640 HG are just chillin over by the pool peter and talla are

talking about how different the canada house is to the one in

the us

645bbtjillan peter suzette and talla are in the kitchen with aneal

talking about food

650bbtsuzette on the couch talking about the slop buckets and have they been washed yet cant no hot water jillan eating at the table also at the table is peter looking bored tom is getting something out of the ref talla is mixing a protein drink tom spinning in a chair aneal now spining standing up

655bbtout by the pool is tom dani aj and aj is telling them about his dream emmitt walks by now talla walks by talla and emmit walking around the pool area alec walks by so does peter now alec and peter are just walking around dani gets up and walks away

700BBTalec and topaz are batting a ball topaz throwing the ball at alec in the kitchen now is suzette aneal aj and talla talking about criminal minds jillan is in the hoh room with emmitt

705bbtjillan and emmitt in the hoh jillan giving emmitt a back rub out by the pool is tom and peter talking peter but a wise man knows himself to be a fool sounds like dani is there too alec is by the pool too and so is topaz talla in the WR with gary tom walks over by talla at the mirror tom Im going to find jillan shes going to do my braws jillan still giving emitt a back rub in the hoh room

710BBTemitt and jillan now kissing in the hoh room making out big time kissing now

711 foth

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720more making out with jillan and emmitt in the hoh room on the hammack is tom and talla talking about food

725tom talking about his gay buddies at home feeds are on tom and jillan and emmitt in the hoh tom sounds like hes home sick

730 tom and liza on the hammock talking about the french language tom wants to go to France now talking about the red light district talking about hookers now

735 now tom and liza are talking about strippers in veges and how much a stripper in veges costs they are way off on this the price

745not much going on right now gary talla and alec are in the WR alec is shaving talla and gary are at the mirror they walk out now in the kitchen gary and talla emmtiit walks in gary at the ref takes something out it appears that he just woke up now hes eating chips emitte over by the hammack with talla and tom and liza talking about AJ

750out by the pool now is topaz peter aj and tom jillan is walking around aneal comes in they are just talking now in the BR is dani and suzette talking suzette my family and friends are feeling sorry for me in this show now back to tom and liza on the hammack talking about sex or the lack of it now talk turns to who will win hoh next week

752now talking about talla and how stupid the fight with gary was and how that will get her evicted next week

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8:05PM BBT: Suzette, Danielle and AJ are in the bedroom talking about 'Days of our Lives'. AJ talks about being in California, and how he has family there.

8:11PM BBT: Liza and Tom are on the hammock together. Tom says he cant even think of F2 right now, it's stupid to. Liza says she doesn't think her name comes up often. Tom says if he wins HoH next week, he'll put up AJ and Aneal, and target AJ.

8:14PM BBT: Liza talks about waxing/lasering and hair growth. Tom doesn't know if he wants to have a slop shake or not. He says he's lost 10 pounds so far.

8:22PM BBT: Talla is now sitting beside the hammock. Tom says BB said no to the fashion show. Talla says the clock says 4:50 but she thinks it's 8:30. They says it's time for hot water. Liza asks why they want 14 dirty people here. Liza says in her intro she said "Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never heard of baby wipes!" Liza says she never uses toilet paper at home, only baby wipes because it feels much fresher.

8:32PM BBT: Tom is practicing his goodbye speech to Danielle. Danielle, Suzette, Gary and Talla are sitting in the kitchen. They're talking about the alcohol they had last night.

8:37PM BBT: Suzette leaves the KT to see who is in the HT and to say hey. Gary says people try to shut him up whenever he gets upset.

8:39PM BBT: Gary: I can't take this house anymore. I want to fucking leave. These people are driving me nuts. Danielle agrees. Gary misses his friends, and his house, and people who respects him. He says everyone here are slobs.

8:41PM BBT: Danielle and Peter are in the bedroom stretching. Talla and Gary are in the washroom. Gary curls up under a blanket on the sofa. Gary says no one flinched when they found out it was Topaz who caused the hot water being turned off, and if it were Talla then everyone would have freaked. Talla is waxing her legs.

8:50PM BBT: Gary says he wants to wax his legs. Talla says she's going to have to shave a few parts because it's so painful. Gary's face rubbed off on the leather chaise. Talla says to wipe it. He does, and he puts a towel down.

8:54PM BBT: Out into the BY, Liza, AJ, Jillian and Tom are hanging out. Liza says she has the cutest red summertime converse. She wishes she had them, but her handler said they probably wouldn't be

8:59PM BBT: Jillian, Thomas, Talla, Liza and Gary are in the bathroom. Jillian is waxing Thomas's eyebrows.

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9:03PM BBT: They finally changed the camera to show Topaz, andrew , Aneal, Alec in the HT with Suzette sitting near by. hard to hear them over the HT . In the WA the waxing session continues.....

9:09PM BBT Came into conversation part way thru but Topaz thinks she has waffle mix coming off her skin & scabbing, Andrew & Alec listening to her theory and joking around with her....everyone else went back in the house. Andrew is going in now, leaving Topaz & Alec alone in the HT. BB has to tell Topaz to put her mic on & then she lets it float in the water with her in the HT, as you hear a voice point this out to her twice. Her response was along the lines: "well you wanted me to put it on so it's on"

9:15PM BBT while watching the HT crew outside it seems the girls have caved & are taking a cold shower. I believe it was liza that screamed when the water came on so i don't think they have hot water back. The waxing session is over now . Alec and Topaz are cuddling in the HT

9:20PM BBT We had a large group of them in the living room general chit chat & then feeds cut to HoH with Jillian & Emmett, can't make out what was said but it ended quickly with Jillian leaving Emmett to use the HoH bathroom in peace. Jillian is now with the large living room crowd of Peter, Tom, Aneal, Suzette, Andrew, Danielle.

9:24PM BBT general talk of waxing. What each of them would like to wax. Suzette missing her kids, says her husband probably has them on all the time. Tom saying he could go without talking to his wife but not his kids. Now talking about BB US players, Suzette didn't like Shelley. They are moving through topics very quickly....

9:29PM BBT Jillian talks into her mic & as HoH requests hot water in her room. Sign off on her request "Love Jillian". Can't hear them but on the other feed its still Alec & Topaz cuddling in the HT. General talk now about food in the living room. What they ordered when they were in sequester....

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21:36PM BBT: BBT: Talk continues in HT with Topaz and Alec. Alec is telling Topaz not to mention what they discuss with Gary.

21:44PM BBT: Topaz spilling the beans to Alec in HT. Topaz said that Suzette tells lies to cover her back of being nominated and she plays the entire house. In WA Liza and Tom trying to change and hide with a towel in front the camera. Gary is scoping out everyone that comes in the WA.

21:48PM BBT: Topaz and Alec was counting votes to get Danielle out. Topaz, Liza,Tom, Peter, Andrew and AJ.

21:59PM BBT: Andrew and AJ in BY talking showmance. They both think Tom is controlling the house and again the nine thing came up again. And we got FOTH

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10:09PM BBT: Talla is plucking her eyebrows. Gary is doing something to his legs. Emmett and Andrew are on the BY sofas discussing Emmett's tattoos. He never bothered to get the 'and' between his 'Loud Proud' tattoo.

10:15PM BBT: The slop bucket is getting rinsed out in the kitchen. Food looks like it's being made. Nothing exciting to report.

10:18PM BBT: Liza, Thomas, Emmett and Andrew are chilling on the BY chairs. The doors are open between the kitchen and the BY, and they're chatting with AJ who is inside. They're talking about how often they eat out. Emmett comments how nice it was to shower. His hair feels so clean now.

10:22PM BBT: In the BY, they're talking about how AJ lost 30 pounds to be on the show, and Gary lost 60 pounds.

10:29PM BBT: Talla goes outside for a smoke. She wants to quit smoking. Andrew and Tom make a bet with Talla that if she has another smoke (after this last one) then she'll go on slop voluntarily for 2 days.

10:33PM BBT: Lots of housemates in the kitchen, sitting around and making food. Alec and Peter are talking about jobs.

10:36PM BBT: Danielle is laying in bed. Suzette and Gary are sitting with her. Gary says that if Danielle goes home, then he'll be broken. Gary says he needs the two of them. Danielle is angry. Danielle says she's been social for the past 2 weeks, and then she's not for one day and that's what counts? She's pissed.

10:40PM BBT: Danielle gets up, Gary urges her to wait and take a breather. She sits back down. Gary says she has Peter, Talla, Andrew, Gary, Suzette... Gary says Aneal realizes he's going home and he's panicking. Gary says to stay in bed, he just wanted to warn her.

10:43PM BBT: Gary says that if they cut off Jillian, Tom and Emmett, then everyone will worship them. They talk about winning the HoH every week, the three of them. Liza walks in, and Danielle asks her if she's still voting for her to stay, and she says yeah.

10:45PM BBT: Liza leaves, and Danielle whispers "I don't think I have her vote". Gary says that he didn't like how she defended Aneal when she said that Aneal just cried to her.

10:50PM BBT: Gary sits on the dining table, and eats salmon.

10:54PM BBT: Gary gets called into the DR. Gary says it's probably because he swore. He yells "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" as he runs to the DR. Alec is telling Suzette about emotions and how they relate to attractiveness. Alec says that women wear red/pink more when they ovulate.

10:59PM BBT: Liza is outside in the HT area, laying down by herself..

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11:04PM BBT - Talla is apparently known as "butt whisperer" due to her farting. Andrew is combing/brushing her hair. Danielle, Emmett and Tom are also sitting in the BY talking about Chicken George, farting, etc.

11:05PM BBT - BB "please stop singing" - but no one can figure out who is singing.

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11:11PM BBT: The HG is getting warn from BB many times tonight. HG please stop talking about Production.

11:15PM BBT: Gary,Liza and Aneal in BR Liza told Aneal that is not going anywhere they are using him as a pawn. Liza said Gary and Suzette cannot be trusted. Liza is really the snake in this game, Liza think Alec has to go then Emmett because she is beginning to like Jillian. Aneal said he want to win HoH to prove his allegence.

11:21PM BBT: Liza and Aneal talk continue, Liza said she need Aneal, and Tom in Jury house. Aneal said by listening to conversation he was guilty by association. Aneal said to Liza he feels comfortable talking and crying to Liza.

11:26PM BBT: Aneal and Emmett in BR Aneal is up to no good. He told Emmett Gary is being mean to him. Emmett asked him how many votes he has Aneal reply 6, but Aneal wants Suzette and Gary out the house. Peter joins the conversation. All this time Aneal was crying it was a game to get to Liza and other HG.

11:32PM BBT: Gary,Tom In BY doing some jumping on a Tarp. Tom is out of breath. Peter is playing with Talla hair.

11:40PM BBT: HG in the BY Andrew said he is trying to be respectful to BB and not to piss them off. He thinks because he is older he does not get in trouble. Aneal asked Talla if she needs to wear Bikini all day. Alec and Topaz trying to do the Jump on the Tarp.

11:45PM BBT: Danielle and Suzette in BR Talking girls talk, Danielle was told to put on her Mic by BB. Suzette called Emmett and Jillian 2 fools. Suzette said she is a respective mom and they don't disrepect Andrew and they are around the same age. Danielle is wondering if she is not hot,

11:59PM BBT: Peter,Emmett and Jillian in LR, Jillian is looking for a hot drink. While Andrew plays in Talla hair. Lots of talking everywhere.

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