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March 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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11:44PM BBT: Tom Emmett and Talla in BY Talking about sleeping patterns and Nair Emmett leaves and say good night. Tom claim he will make a F2 deal just to get to the top.

11:48PM BBT: Alec and Topaz wrap up in BR counting on votes , Alec said if tom get nominated he will win POV Topaz said she is threaten by Danielle so they should try and get her out.

11:59PM BBT: Jillian talking to Suzette in the HOH Jillian hope to keep the nomination the same Suzette wants Jillian to tell her who to vote for past the POV, Suzette is really sucking up to Jillian.

00:07AM BBT Emmett in HOH talking to Jillian Emmett is telling Jillian about Aneal they are aware that he is cutting deal everywhere. Emmett is calling Aneal the general.

00:17M BBT: Peter and Aneal in LR doing some crafty thing they are talking about after dark and where they want to move to Peter want to move to Los Angles.

00:25M BBT: Aneal and Peter is up to no good they are decorating the KT for Alec Birthday looks like a big party I guess slop party.

00:30 BBT: Danielle went to the WR and there was a wet mat and she fell she is really upset.

00:36 AM BBT: In the have not room there was allot of singing about slop and they all say good night and asked BB to turn the lights off.

00:45AM BBT: Topaz is still up in KT eating with Peter they are discussing how they got on the show lots of interviews.

00:51AM BBT: Gary and Andrew in BR Gary said he is from Ajax Ontario where Avril Lavigne hails from Gary is trying to open a business if he wins BBCA.

00:55AM BBT Gary said he would name his business Gary Extraordinary with glitters Gary look like he can go all night but Andrew looks tired.

00:59 AM Gary ask Andrew if he would open Pandora box because he looks like someone who would. Topaz went to Have Not room to kiss Alec goodnight.

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01:10 BBT: Not much going on most in bed Aneal is explaining the rules of the game they are going over who fell first at the Lumber HOH.

01:20 AM BBT: The only 2 HG up is Topaz and Gary they are talking but using sign language and turning their backs against the camera.

01:30 BBT: Topaz is badmouthing everyone with Gary Topaz said she is just using Alec to go far. Topaz said Alec is confusing lust for love.

01:36AM BBT: Topaz is really playing Alec she said he is just a pon and it is affecting her game Gary told Topaz to tell Alec she is not interested because he lives very far from Toronto..

1:41AM BBT: The bashing of Alec continue Topaz thinks Alec is not ready for love and he does not know her (What a birthday Alec) Gary said because Topaz is beautiful, nice eyes..

01:47 BBT: Lots of jokes in the KT between Gary and Topaz, gary said he wanted to see Topaz in her bathing suite. There is a different side to Gary he plays allot.

01:55AM BBT: Gary do have another side he just told Topaz that she should back off of Alec Gary is using his sprinkle all over the kitchen the HG will go crazy when they wake up.

01:59 AM BBT Topaz said when it come to Temptation she is good she said Alec tried to touch the sky ( they are giving it names) and she said no touching the keys.

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02:08 BBT: Only two HG still up Gary and Topaz (late night show with Gary and Topaz) Gary and Topaz are discussing "courtship rituals Gary asked if she feels like she is trapped with Alec.

02:24AM BBT: Conversation still going bashing of Alec , Gary said that he wanted to sit next to Topaz and Alec give him a look like stay far from my woman.

02:32AM BBT: The Bashing continues Gary said Kat look like a big block of cheese when she left the house, he continue to say Kat will make lot of tips after BB.

02:37AMBBT: Both HG still up bashing everyone Gary said Talla is there to go to semester, Liza is there for fame, Aneal is there for the Game, Andrew is a really smart player. Jillian is a sneaky player. He also said he have to make some alliance soon.

02:45AM BBT: Gary said Tom is his biggest target because of his body, they are discussing who they can win against Gary advise Topaz she have to make a move soon and stop this cuddlemance (is this a word) Gary said if he win HOH the only B he wants in his be is Topaz.

02:56AM BBT: Topaz said she have a boy friend but she did not tell him she was going to BB, feeds keep on they are now saying that suzette is not clean and do not eat from her, they are now going to make something to eat.

03:00AM BBT: Gary and Topaz is hugging and dancing and making fun of Alec they decorated the table with condoms. Gary told Topaz she has nice Nipples they are both toasting being both from Toronto. they are in the storage room eating everything..

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03:11AM BBT: They are searching the SR for all the food items these @ are trouble they are about to make salmon @ 310am.

03:20AM BBT: Topaz run to the BR with a pepsi in her hand Gary is still eating and preparing to make salmon, Gary went to the BR with chips and pepsi they are awake fully.

03:30AM BBT: Conversation back to Alec again looks like Topaz and Alec made love but nothing else Gary asked again to break the script up and Gary said he will not **** on Tv. They both claim that Emmett and Jillian made out the first night.

03:34AM BBT: Gary told Topaz to play along with Alec until he wins HOH because if she drop him now she will be sent home. Gary said that poor boy we are going to ride his coat tails.

03:38AM BBT: Conversation switch to Arisa the host they really like her and Gary said the dress Arisa was wearing was very hot.

03:48AM BBT: Gary Said he have to watch out for Peter in the game peter have been looking at BBUSA from the start. Thomas like Topaz but Liza is always with him Thomas always compares Topaz she is nicer than Liza. Topaz said she is going to spend the day with Alec.

03:55AM BBT: Topaz said she feels bad to tell Alec they are done but Alec does not know her and try to date her (they are confusing I guess they are tired) Topaz do not like the live feed she thinks everyone is blogging.

04:00 AM BBT: They both brushing teeth Gary said he wonders if people just watch the fees because they are bored, Topaz talking to the Camera I give you entertainment please let me sleep in, Topaz wish she can talk to her sister she need advice her sister would say she look like a **** retard.

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04:08AM BBT: They are both sending shout out to friends there goes the glitters in the BR they both said that they will be cranky in the morning, I swear they knew each other before.

04:13M BBT: Camera is really zooming in on them in the BR Topaz eyes is very red, Gary claim that Tom and Alec leg hair is on his arm from yesterday.

.04:18AM BBT: The late night crew Hamsters are off to bed and so am I. Good night.

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9:03AM BBT - Jillian and AJ in the HOH room (fully dressed; they must have been up for awhile). AJ mentions putting up Gary & Suzette, Jillian says she can't put Suzette up so AJ suggests Gary, which Jillian agrees to. AJ commits to doing whatever Jillian wants if he wins POV. AJ asks which one Jillian wants to go home; she wants Danielle gone.

9:04AM BBT - AJ asks Jillian who she would put up if Danielle won POV. She says she'll deal with that if it happens.

9:06AM BBT - Alec, Danielle, Aneal, Tom, Topaz and Liza are in the BY discussing alcohol. Gary doing ADL's. Suzette, Emmett, Andrew, Talla in the KT. Jillian and AJ join them.

9:07AM BBT - Jillian takes Liza to the HOH room to discuss her nomination plan. Liza is worried about the showmances because she is convinced the guys will not take their shomance girls to the end. Jillian tells Liza she feels like she's her "core girl" in the house. Jillian says they need 2 more girls and suggests Topaz. They can decide on the final girl later.

9:15AM BBT - Jillian takes Emmett up to HOH. She tells him AJ, Alec, Suzette are on board. Emmett says Aneal is not thrilled AJ is in their group. Her reasons for nominating them are a) She talks to them the least in the house B) they are probably the most underestimated as players and c) Other people have mentioned that they think she is a threat and want her out.

9:21AM BBT - Aneal called to the DR. Andrew, Talla, Peter, Tom, Suzette, Gary, AJ, Danielle, Topaz and Alec all in the BY. All general chit chat.

9:26AM BBT - Aneal goes up to the HOH. Jillian decides she'd better go eat something. Apparently BB told them the ceremony would be in an hour when they woke them up. Peter, AJ and Liza are in the KT making slop. Peter is giving Liza directions as she makes it.

9:32AM BBT - Liza slept on the floor last niht. It wasn't too bad, because she made a bed out of pillows and blankets. Peter pipes in that they are going to rotate where they sleep in the HN room each night.

9:34AM BBT - Jillian hears that Danielle is voicing her desire to get Jillian out. Emmett successfully talks Jillian into putting Aneal up with Gary to ensure Danielle doesn't win POV. Then, as long as one of their 9 does, they can remove Aneal and BD Danielle and evict her. Peter and Emmett coach Jillian to approach Danielle and make a fake deal with her. They tell her to obtain information from her, not give her any.

9:38AM BBT - Peter begins coaching Jillian as to what to say in her nomination speech and what to tell them afterwards. Jillian can tell Aneal she's the only one he trusts to go up as a pawn because he won't go home, Peter tells her.

9:40AM BBT - Jillian starts freaking out, saying she has a really close connection with Aneal and he's never going to trust her again if she doesn't give him a heads up. She starts second guessing the nomination change and Peter tries to reassure her.

9:41AM BBT - Emmett, Liza and Andrew reassure Jillian to listen to Peter; he's smart and he knows what he's saying. They also coach Jillian to let Danielle come to her, and then pretend she's got her back and propose a deal based on the fact that the house thinks they hate each other and never would suspect they're working together. Then, they can easily BD Danielle.

9:43AM BBT - Liza and Andrew continue to try and convince Jillian to stick with the change of plans and that Aneal will be okay once she talks to him after the nomination ceremony.

9:49AM BBT - Feeds go down. Nomination ceremony starting?

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9:51AM - Feeds back up; not the nomination ceremony. Aneal is by himself in the HOH listening to music. Emmett joins Liza & Andrew on the hammock.

AJ called to the DR.

9:58AM BBT - Jillian is making an egg white omlette, and offers to share it with Danielle. Peter is called to the DR.

10:08AM BBT - Tom & Talla in the BY. Talla is discussing the huge salad she making for the 4 HN's for Thursday. Tom says he is glad his first meal off slop will be a healthy one. Tom takes credit for the group of 9 that was "created"; it was his idea. He reassures her part of the group, and when Talla persists, Tom tells her that it's not about her, it's about the other 6 that they need to get out of the house first.

10:12AM BBT - Tom tells Talla that Jillian will put up Aneal & Gary. Talla says he's wrong, he offers to bet her. She backs down and asks why not Danielle? Tom says if Aneal goes up, the push is for Aneal.

10:20AM BBT - Danielle approaches Jillian while she is washing dishes and asks if many HG's approached her about noms. Jillian says yes. Danielle says she didn't because she didn't want to put her own issues on Jillian.

10:21AM BBT - BB lets them know that in 15 minutes, all HG's must go outstide and stay out there; it's almost time for the nomination ceremony!

10:28AM BBT - Jillian asks the room if the HOH can nominate themselves as a pawn.

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4:34PM BBT: Feeds are back! Alec and Topaz are snuggling in the HN room together.. Talla, Danielle and Liza are sitting at the breakfast bar talking about the cameras. Aneal is sitting on the couch in the kitchen.

4:42PM BBT: The housemates are on an indoor lockdown. Jillian is making coffee for everyone. Talk in the kitchen changes to when they think the POV will take place. Thomas does some pull ups on the side of the stairs leading to the HoH room.

4:45PM BBT: Jillian says she wished she knew if the POV is going to be soon. She doesn't know whether or not to paint her nails or not. In the HN bedroom, Alec is lying on his stomach, and Topaz is giving him a back massage.

4:50PM BBT: Gary is in the bathroom doing his makeup, and comments that he needs to shower. Feeds cut to Aneal who is sitting on the couch in the LR by himself. He gets up and heads to the kitchen. Talk in the kitchen changes to the subject of slop.

4:53PM BBT: Jillian has caved, and is now painting her nails at the breakfast bar. Liza and Danielle are also painting their nails. AJ says he has 7 or 8 smokes a day, and Talla has probably half that. Talla pipes up and says No, she only has 2 or 3 a day. Thomas is talking about the vitamins he takes everyday. Liza says she blows at painting her nails.

4:55PM BBT: Suzette is painting Liza's nails for her, since she cant do them herself. Feeds cut to Thomas and Emmett in the bedroom. Thomas says that if they don't get Aneal out now, then it wont be for a long time. Thomas says it's easier if he doesn't play [POV].

4:58PM BBT: Emmett and Thomas are now back in the kitchen. Emmett says that big things are happening outside. They think the POV is going to be some kind of relay. A slide is mentioned. Danielle says she gets so antsy for these things.

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[Hi everyone, I'm posting this for IndigoAquarius. I welcome her aboard as one of out newest updaters!]

8:13PM BBT: The feeds are back! In the HoH room, Jillian is giggling with Emmett. Jillian says "I'll just say I threw it..." She's joking with Emmett, but I don't think she won. They are laughing, saying that they should let Aneal pick the replacement. (So it might have been Gary that won PoV).

8:28PM BBT: Alec, Aneal, Tom in the Have-Not room. Aneal is wondering what he can do. Tom has his mic covered, hard to hear.

8:30PM BBT: Aneal is looking for a way off the block. Tom wants Suzette out!

8:38PM BBT: Alec, Tom, and Aneal are in the Have-Not room. Peter, Liza, Talla are in the living room. Peter is dizzy when he stands up.

8:42PM BBT: Confirmed: Gary won the PoV Gary has won the PoV! He says it feels "amazing" to Liza and Peter as he walks through the living room

8:43PM BBT: Jill is in DR. Aneal and Emmett are in the storage room. Aneal asks "SO the whole house wants me out?" Aneal is now emotional. Tears and all.

8:46PM BBT: Aneal: "Why do you want me out?" Emmett "Umm I..I...I just don't want to say anything. I am not about spreading rumours."

8:49PM BBT: AJ, Gary, Danielle Liza in the BR. Gary and Danielle want to keep their costumes.

8:50PM BBT: Tom and Alec in the Have-Not room talking. Tom is confirmed he has lied to Aneal today. Alec agrees two get rid of Aneal.

8:54PM BBT: Jill is out of the DR, sounds like everyone else wants in! Emmett, Aneal, Liza, Suzette, Gary, Andrew, Jill, AJ are in the living room

8:55PM BBT: AJ gave Andrew an idea for using nail polish to mark homemade playing cards.

8:58PM BBT: Gary says "I have had to earn their respect. I have them scared now! And I won so I am keeping my stuff." Costume talk.

8:59PM BBT: Aneal is relentless! He is now in the bathroom asking "Who do you think she will put up?" He has now talked to everyone.

9:00PM BBT: A lot of talk about Suzette. Aneal wants her to go up and leave. Danielle and Gary are unsure. AJ's name is coming up too.

9:04PM BBT: Andrew: "This guy" points to AJ "Just points at the camera and talks to people all day." Aneal walks in and conversation ends.

9:07PM BBT: Aneal has claimed to save everyone from going on the block when talking to Gary and Danielle. They are not happy about it.

9:12PM BBT: Gary: "Next HoH is going to be smart, for people like you and Danielle." talking to Talla. Danielle is studying the house.

9:20PM BBT: Gary talks about the PoV it sounded like it involved seeing who could make the biggest snowball, and a balance beam . AJ says Gary nailed it!. The costumes for the girls were like snow fairies, or snow queen.

9:19PM BBT: Gary is still in the shower, Peter just got in. Talla is still trying to wash the "snowball" stuff from her hands. Aneal keeps marching through the bathroom area. Lots of recapping about the PoV and how good Gary did. Emmett, Jillian and Andy are still in the living room.

9:25PM BBT: AJ is eating (slurping) spaghetti, Topaz is cleaning up. Small talk about the game.

9:30PM BBT: Danielle Talla, Tom in the BY. Tom is complaining about losing his size on slop, "I'm losing mass!" Tom starts working out. Talla and Danielle are hashing through what they think Jillian will do. None of them have talked to Jillian yet. Emmett is now working out as well. Talla and Danielle go inside, Emmett starts complaining to Tom about Aneal.

9:36PM BBT: Talla, Danielle Jillian in HoH talking about Aneal. Danielle is mad because Aneal is claiming to have saved her. Jillian is going to ask Gary to stay on the block. They think this is a great idea.

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Thank you so much for that Morty!

Tomorrow I will be on top of it! :)

9:38PMBBT: Dani says "If I know for f'ing sure and I mean for sure for sure I stay, then I will go up on the block." They are confident Aneal will go home and pawn will stay.

9:45PMBBT Jill "I am just putting people up that I don't know, ok?"

9:42PMBBT: Talla and Dani are all "girls gotta stick together to the end!" Jill says "But girls stab each other in the back" Dani, "Not US!" Dani is saying "You can trust me to the end, I was stuck with these people for a whole week, like Aneal and Suzette... I would never turn on you." to Jill. Talla was in agreement with Dani.

9:46PMBBT: Dani "I feel the HOH will be mental rather than physical, I just got a feeling" (I believe Gary had the feeling) Topaz is now in the HOH too.

9:50PMBBT: Tom and Em in the BY talking scenarios. They are both worried about keeping pawns in the game. Double eviction was mentioned. Tom is listing "disposable people" Talla, Andrew, Topaz, AJ, listing one by one.

9:54PMBBT: Tom "Doesnt matter who goes up, Aneal is going home." to AJ and Em. And we now have FotH.

9:57PMBBT: Tom "All they want is a cuddle buddy and some D### at the end of the night. They are so freaked out they will do what they are told". AJ leaves. Tom says "Holy chatty mcchatterson! He just talks and talks" about AJ.

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10:04PM BBT - Tom moaning to Emmett about needing more than whey protein if he's going to be on slop. Emmett tells him to request better protein powder. He repeats this to Alec, who is also struggling according to Tom.

10:10PM BBT - Topaz and Alec outside the bathroom area. He is feeling pretty weak and trying to decide what to do. Topaz volunteers to watch him work out, then to lay down with him. She tells him some HG's are making cars - arts & crafts.

10:11PM BBT - Emmett & Jillian working out in the BY.

10:15PM BBT - Danielle is in bed, Suzette is cleaning the BR. Andrew, Peter, AJ and someone else (can only see their feet) are general chit chatting on the LR couches - very loud laughter.

10:18PM BBT - The feet belong to Tom. Topaz and Alec join everyone on the couches, where arts & crafts is happening.

10:20PM BBT - Aneal and Liza in the HN room. Aneal is telling her how he was thrown under the bus, with people saying he talks to much. Jillian tells him that the house wants him out. He is getting conflicting information from different people.

10:26PM BBT - Too much whispering to make out, except Aneal pitching his case to Liza to keep him over whomever he is campaigning against (assuming Gary uses the POV on himself). Liza says he needs to see who he is campaigning against before he worries. She tells Aneal that Jillian made a deal with Suzette, so it won't be her going up.

10:29PM BBT - Suzette and Andrew have joined Jillian and Emmett working out. Suzette seems to have given up on this quickly and is more chit chatting than working out.

10:36PM BBT - FoTH

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10:38PM BBT - Alec and Peter sitting on the floor outside the HOH room, whispering. Topaz told Alec that Tom was talking to Emmett about gameplay. They determine Tom has loose lips. Alec doesn't like Tom, doesn't work with him, doesn't agree with how he plays. Peter says they need to keep Emmett around, but they shouldn't tell him the plan to evict Tom until they need to.

10:42PM BBT - Peter says they can't separate themselves from Tom because they don't want him to turn people against them if he gets suspicious. One day at a time, Peter says. Peter says a girl's alliance is a pipe dream.

10:47PM BBT - Peter says the big mistake is making plans for week 8 in week 2.

10:57PM BBT - Liza and Tom in the HN room. Tom mentioning everyone is thinking too far ahead. Tom is ok going F2 with Liza.

11:00PM BBT - Peter goes back to the couch in the LR, Aneal joins him. Aneal interrupted his discussion with Alec. Aneal asks if he & Alec are thinking the same thing. Peter says yes and begins whispering that Suzette and Danielle would self destruct if put against him on the block and all he has to do is stay quiet.

11:08PM BBT - Emmett, Gary, Alec, Topaz, Talla and AJ in the KT, Aneal on the hammock in the BY, Peter on the couch in the LR, Andrew still working out, Jillian called to the DR, Suzette in the pool. General chit chat everywhere.

11:18PM BBT - Aneal goes int the BR with a roll of toilet paper and climbs into bed crying.

11:31PM BBT - Talla, Alec (Topaz on his lap) and AJ are playing cards. Peter and Liza are talking in the HN bedroom. Liza is recounting Tom's earlier conversation, looking so far ahead. Peter shakes his head and again repeats that's everyone's mistake. Liza asks how Peter feels if offered money or trips as part of a challenge. Peter says he'd take money, but not trips or calls from home. Peter requested to not get a letter from home if he wins HOH and gave them pictures of Superman.

11:36PM BBT - The discussion turns to showmances, and Liza is surprised that there is 3 showmances already so early in the game. Says the game is a cross of Survivor, BB and the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

11:40PM BBT - Liza mentions Gary is a fierce competitor. She's about to tell Peter about how Emmett volunteered to go up when Aneal interrupts, still looking extremely depressed.

11:48PM BBT - Talla comes in, she and Peter decide to go to sleep. Liza heads out. Emmett, Tom & Jillian are doing laundry.
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