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September 8th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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to post pictures and screencaps

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Got feeds back.

They are talking about when & how they figured out who was partnered with who

They are laughing about the pact they made on the surfboard the 1st night in the house (I think H, J, A, & M were all in the winning surfboard group)

J: that surfboard group really helped me. We had the surfboard agreement

M: til the end

(everyone laughs, they sound like a bunch of long lost friends talking about old times, they are all getting along really well)

H, A, M, J talking about how well they worked together as the surfboard group. Ivette was on the losing team & they are laughing about how Kaysar, Eric, & Michael all wanted to be stars & none of them could get any coconuts in the basket.

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Guest Shockalot

Wierd Vibe in the HOH room.

Ivette, April and Maggie sitting in a row on the big bed.

April pipes up "Gahhd.. Tomorrow is gonna be the first Tie... (turns to Janelle) .. Isnt it driving you crazy"

Ivette has headphones on and is turned away in her own sulky world.

Ivette is murmering whining something, looks annoyed or mad.

"Why are you so whiney Ivette" asks Maggie and April (looking concerned).

Ivette murmers something like "..cuz i dont know..."

Maggie says "Its the game.. its getting to her"

APril tells Ivette "Dont listen to the Rats.. we fuck with their minds.. dont listen to them"

Ivette in especially strange mood, suddenly coming to life, showing off her tummy to the cameras.

The girls joke about who has gained or lost weight.

Ivette: "What do we do about our bellies Maggie?"

Maggie is mock offended.

"What do WE do??!"

Ivette is being a real space cadet with sound effects and poking or mugging faces at April.

Breathing on her and April guesses 'Onions, Garlic and Cooter'.


April then tells Ivette she needs to shave her Lady Moustache.

April says she gets Lady Mustache too and Matt calls her's little Catfish Beard

Ivette says April looks just like an ex-girlfriend who had no upper lip at all.

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Guest Shockalot

The three girls are in a real loony mood still.

April was brushing her teeth so fast and intensley (honestly ive never seen anything like it).

Ivette told her to slow the hell down before she busted that right through the back of her head.

April jumps in bed (she is in the middle) and the lights are out now.

April sneaks a lick on Ivettes neck.

"Ewwwahhh.. STOP Licking me April!"

Maggie warns April that Ivette will kill her if she keeps licking her!

April: "Doesnt it feel good ...feel sexy Ivette?"

Ivette: "NoOOO... it feels like a lizards tongue on me!"

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Guest Shockalot

The Three Friendshippers are still in bed going over possible competition questions.

Rather serious concentration going into it.

They dont know if it will be a 'mental' comp but they prepare for one.


Janelle and Howie are going mental throughout the house in the ultimate Lightsaber battle of Good vs Evil!

Howie is taking it so seriously he keep making Janelle laugh - but she is hopping over chairs and throwing jump kicks.

The Battle is ferocious!

Making there way into the bunk bed rooms, Janelle gets Howie in defensive.. The Camera man are 'chasing' the action from room to room...

In the bunk bedroom BB cuts the InfraRed Lighting so all we see are the LIghtSabers themselves...

Howie makes a run for it... throught the kitchen and up the stairs.. Janelle takes after him.

The battle is furious upstairs and around the Chess table as Janelle highkicks away.

It gets pretty rough.


Howie tries to spear her in the head and almost succeeds with a glancing blow

The Whiiiirring sounds of the Sabers are faster now.. "Wzzz Phhhhssshhhzzzz"

Janelle jump kicks and lands one on Howie...

Howie turns and runs for his life down the stairs with her in hot pursuit!

As he runs through the living room he tries to hold her off by throwing a coaster at her.. it barely stops her.

Around the corner and into the bedrooms again where the Infrared is off and all I see is Janelles blue lightsaber land its final blow -- Right through Howies Heart.

"Your Dead Howie... I got you right through the Heart"

Howie conceeds.

"The force is strong in you " he says.

Meanwhile back in the HOH.

The Sheep are all sleeping now.

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle and Howie in bed now (no snuggling stuff) just talking.

They go over the surprise they will have if Ivette does evict April instead of Janelle.

A few rounds of practicing competition questions.

Agreement is that Howie will be gone and Janelle hugs and kisses him goodbye saying he is awesome and will be missed.

Howie leaves Janelle who goes to sleep.

As she snuggles in you hear 'Bzzzzwhsssssst" of the LightSabers.

Howie 'tests them goodnight' before visiting the bathroom.

Now he is back upstairs in the bedroom with Janelle.

She is not sleeping but asks Howie if he is gonna 'Jerk it'.

Howie says yes, if she doesnt mind.

She does not.

Howie then asks Janelle to describe how (someone?. ashlea?) dresses in bed.

Janelle describes her wearing panties and bras etc, while Howie gets some lubricant under the covers (he is in the other bed.. not Janelles bed just to be clear).

"Oh.. its been so long without jerking it!"

Quiet now as Howie mastebates his penis under the covers.

He asks Janelle if she does it too under the covers.

"No.. beause it would be pointless.. im not having sex"

30 seconds pass.

Howie groans and Janelle squeals "Oh what.. you just DID.. that was fast!"

Howie comments that was probably the 'biggest load yet'.

It was hard to hear amidst talk of where Howies 'load' went but I think Janelle said she hadnt done that in about 7 months.

Howie says he needs to before HoH Comp days.

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10:30 am BBT

(just came back from housecalls)

screen 2 showed BB staff members setting up for tonights HOH contest.

looks like a circle divided by walls for 3 people to stand in. Could only see the portion that has Janelle's name on it.

got Fish

back with living room on 1, kitchen on 2, gold room on 3 & 4

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Everyone is locked in the HOH room

April was telling Janelle how she accidently found Janelles tweasers in her bathroom basket. A beleives Beau took the tweasers. Janelle is sorta upset because Beau might have taken them. After a few minutes, A finds the $25 tweasers and gives them to J. She is very excited.

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Lock down over and H and J leave the HOH room.

As soon as J leaves, the Fiendship begins talking trash about J and how she buys her medicine from Mexico.

M goes to the RR, I listening to music, A goes downstairs.

All four cameras on April.

Janie is excited about vaccuuming the GR.

Maggie says she was trying to take a dump, but could hear Howie taking his dump through the vent. April said he was screaming while on the toliet.

Once again, more trash talking about J from M, A, and I.

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Ivette just gave howie one of eric's old shirts. She told him that it would look good on him and hell it is a free shirt.

h- should i wear it tonight?

i- no not tonight

h- no i guess not, thanx ivetteie bird

I, M, A & H sitting in common room but I have no sound in there, the sound is on Janie in the bathroom... switching channels

i- i don't know what to wear 2night

i- i think i will wear that lil black shirt

m- but didn't you waer that already?

i- no this one is different, like jennifers green one...

i- i need a tank

m- i don't have any non-ribbed tanks

howie oooohin and ahhhhing about petite bodies

howie picks up a stuffed animal, who's is this?

someone says its mine

h- i used to have one like that and i lost it at the mall and my g'ma bought me a new one but i cried cuz i knew it wasn't the old one

ivette changes her shirt in the room in front of howie he says that the latina get spicier everyday

everyone says HOLY S&&&

a- do u have any tape to hold them in place?

i- nope

a- well you can be a janie for a day

april and maggie laughs

a- i would wera it but you shouldn't wear it tonight

i- walks out yelling howie

howie- what?

a- i thought we were getting rid of them

m- i'll f***** tell her that she is outta here

a- that si really cute can I wear it?

no answer

a- i think u should wear it

i- starts telling about when she wore this same shirt and she went out and m asks is she was picked up on by everyone and then ivette tells everyone about het tatoo story (the star tatoo in the middle of her chest

a- i have never seen anyone with a tatoo there unless they are total trash - laughs

i- i wore this with a mini army shirk w/ black lil heels, i went to go get a drink and i spun around and my lil tit fell out and I was like hey that is mine, i have to go to the bathroom again

m- ok

i- i hate how this tatoo came out with the two beauty marks here. oh.... FISH

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janie back in bathroom getting floss and starts flossing her teeth

howie comes into bathroom

janie- hey howie what is wrong

h- they will veto out and i am gone

h- u are the best player in the game

j- i don't feel like i am

h- you are mentally, physiccal and exotically

j- what does exoctically mean

h- u are a jedi

j- i am

h- yep

j- i know u taught me well master

h- u are better than this u are a jedi

h- u are the chosen one janie, you are here to bring this house back to balance

j- what balance? it is them against me

h- when u do there will be peace, calm and serenity in this house

h- when i walk out those doors...

j- i know i can't let them take me out

h- you are well trained they will be no match for you

j- uh hu

h- their arrogance is blinding them

j- uh hu

h- u have an advantage over them

j- like what

h- u name it u have it

h- physically, asthetically..

j- whose teeth are whiter (asks april)

a- they are the same

j- howie u are a beefcake

janie starts singing a sublime song

j- sorry BB for my singing again

a- are your tweezers? your tweezers? where are your tweezers?

janie gets her tweezers

a- why are these better than others?

j- i don't know they just are

a- i was like whose are these then I was like oh f*** i think these are janies

april plucking brows

h- i gotta do some cardio b4 i go see julie

a- not for sure until the votes are in

h- laughs

april continues plucking (waiting for her to slip in a quick nose pick)

janie comes back to bathroom

j- ur cute april

a- u are cuter janie

a- what are u laughing at?

j- nothing u are cute

a- i am tore up from the floor up, don't u see this madness (and then she does a funky laugh)

a- i think the grip better

j- they are awesome, i can't use anything else

a- i have found toothbrushes, and that venus thing and i was like how the f*** did these get in here?

a- when did u lose them

j- when james used them.

a- so they have been there forever

a- i need to get this down to see what i need to pack, i need that, i need this

j- isn't howie funny?

a- he said he has to be in shape for julie

j- he is funny

a- i want to win hoh, cuz i think we are gonna get a letter from our family since it is so late in it

j- uh hu

a- oh yeah (whispers)

janie starts flat ironing her hair april continues to pack her stuff from the bathroom

a- which side is hotter u think?

j- i don't know

a- i think someone said this one

a- starts humming

j- i started singing that song and I didn't know what it meant

janie starts singing the song... she has made it to like the secont verse

a- yeah i can't remember the dog part

j- it is a different song

a- no it talks about a dog, like a quick line,

j- is matt an animal lover too?

a- yeah he loves them, he looooooves them

j- my hair is disgusting

a- mine is jacked, just jacked, there is no help

a- can i use a squirt of this moisturizer on my face b4 i go

j- i just pack my stuff in the BB bag

a- i am just doing it now so i don't have to do it later

a- i can't think of what it says (starts humming)

a- it will soon be over, i am so pumped

j- me too

a- we will get to see our loved ones

a- will you leave that chee(?) on?

j- uh hu

a- thank you

a- i'm just trying to get.... (continues packing)

a- i don't know if i f***** trust you all

j- ick, darn

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F1: Janelle combin/straightening her hair

F2, 3 & 4: Maggie giving Ivette a massage in main sleeping area, April sitting on bed

Howie in gym room

April has a tissue stuck my her nose

M: April has a nose asphyxiation (?!)

M: Is that bad, all I want is to not hear their (H & J) voices again

April leaves

I: If I end up being the one to go I still want you to look good. If you put A up she

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