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September 7th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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Janelle & Howie are in the bathroom rating all the houseguests on a scale of 1-10. (Jan & Howie being nasty as usual)

for example:

J: I think Maggie is about a 4.5 or a 5. Her legs look like treetrunks, hahahaha

(the rest is not worth repeating, all this nastiness is sad)

I, M, & A in the HoH.

They briefly mentioned the hide & eavesdrop plan (but I just started watching so I can't follow what they mean)

Mostly idle chit chat going on with subject changing frequently

I & A join H & J in the downstairs bathroom

A-eating, I-drying her hair, J-showering, H-primping at mirror

M in the HoH bathroom brushing her teeth

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I,A,J, & H cutting up in the bathroom

H: Janey doesn't have to shave a thing for 3 months & I will still take her right on

J: have you every gotten like a lightning bolt or anything April?... down south?

A: a what?

H: have you? are you serious?

A: who does it?

J: I thought everyone did

H: do you have one right now?

J: no we don't have any bikini wax in here

H: I am gonna jerk off to that

I: you (J) have had it trimmed before to a lightning bolt

H: oh God I am gonna jerk off to that

I: how do you do that

J: you get it waxed

A: they wax it in the shape of that

H: oh God that is awesome material Janey thank you

J: it's not like that anymore though, it's a mess I haven't had a bikini wax in 2-1/2 months

H: well if you guys have a problem with it I will help you shave don't worry

I: salon Howie Coochie is open

H: salon Howie Coochie is open for business & what ever I miss my rugmuncher will finish

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11:15 BBT

J & H having a Jedi swordfight w/the light sabers

M & A in HoH watching them on the spyscreen

M & A quizzing each other on possible HoH questions (I hope BB cuts out all of the memory HoH comps next season cause this constant practice quizzing is so old)

I, H, & J sitting on the LR sofas. J dropped a light saber on her toe & hurt it

H: (to J) hold on you got a bat in the cave you want me to get it

J: NO! This fucking toenail, a fat chick already stepped on it & the whole toenail fell off, it just grew back it took year

H: you gotta get that (the bat) it's bothering me, Ivette come here

Ivette confirms the bat visually

H: you gotta take that out it's not right. You want me to get it? you gotta get it seriously

J: you think that will bruise my toe & it (the nail) will fall off again

H: it that thing falls outta your nose on your toe you will break your toe seriously

Howie keeps looking up Janelle's nose

J: leave me alone fucker!!

H: maybe you should just leave it there & let it harden

I: (to H) you have never had a bat in the cave? Your bats have nothing to hang on to cause you take out all the hairs

Janey blows her nose

J: I still didn't get it.

H: I will get it with a pair of pliers

J: honk! honk! (blowing her nose)

J suggests playing booby coasters. J & Iv will lay on the floor & Howie gets 20 points each time he tosses a coaster & it lands on a boob.

H: whats a cooter shot worth

J: 5 points

Howie makes a couple of 5 pointers

H: I love booby coasters BB!!!

Ivette gets up & they both throw at Janelle

J: hit a booby, Howie you suck

Ivette goes to bed. Howie's not giving up til he gets a 20 pointer (booby coasters is pretty entertaining lol)

Howie gets a booby for 20 points at 11:42 BBT (& with that grand finale I am off to bed)

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Ivette was up and feeding the fish. Decided to have a mini conversation with her finned friends and then she sat down to watch them eat and swim. I guess the BB cameramen thought that she was having such a great time watching them that they gave us FISH as well, so now we have FISH again on all 4.

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Start -9:45 BBT

Ivette is up feeding the fish.

Somene (sounds like Jan & Maggie (doen't make sense)) is complaining about being so tired...and then realize what time it is..."No wonder I'm exhausted" - other person "Go back to bed".

M & I in the kitchen making coffee, doing dishes, yawning....Maggie telling I that the dishes can stay there for a minute.

Maggie "Oh my god, DAVID!!!! I can't wait to see him"

Ivette "Only certain fish like the shrimp"

M - "Looks like blue(?) was out to eat this morning"

Going outside now....

M - What a nice morning.

M - It's sunny but not hot

I - It's nine thirty (not)

M - What happens in the real world at 9:30

I - What where you talking to A about?

M - They still don't realize we've had every opportunity to break up we aren't going to now. Ivette scowling (can I HOPE that I sends A home)

M - We talk about hte same shit all the time. How we hate Janelle. Howie & sequester. Lots about sequester. I think she wonders why I was so adamant about keeping you. I think she's worried about you and I having something.

I - You're in a very good spot. A will take you. I will take you.

M - See A thinks J will take you.

I - That's just it. She just says that. She just wants to be the first picked person. She wants to say I'm up there too - um....no you're not....

M - (Telling of a discussion with A) M said, What's the diff between I & J - there's an underlying safety there...Janey and A have an underlying safety...and A said I had never thought of it that way.

I - I gotta f***ing kill myself for that veto now. I gotta f****ing kill myself.

Blank stares and yawns....airplanes in the background. Both sitting cross armed not talking.

M - 13 more days. That's not bad.

I shakes her head no. (Looks about ready to cry.)


(Hopefully some more interesting things will happen now.)

End time 10 AM BBT

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I and M at table outside

M - 13 more days.. thats not bad... yawn


I - sleep good last night?

I - took me awhile but i fell asleep

M - did you listen to your CD a lot longer

I - no

M - what are you think about?

I - im just thinking blank.. sometimes im not thinking im just staring

I and M staring blankly into yard

I - why do they want us up so ealry?

M- we have to do goodbyes today

I - pictures? they give us that at 3...

M - last time they gave us the camera early.. i woke up cooold this morning

you'll like being HOH live night.. its fun

I - ya

M - they ask you a question that only you could answer or that you know.. and you get to answer it and no one downstairs can hear you

I - cool

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I - I was right about this week being boring

M - you were right about losing beau, you were right about winning hoh, you were right about the veto comp. youre right about how everyone... we've been counting down the days.. everyone can feel it ... youre right about the mood in the house, everyones walking on eggshells, everyones tense


M - i just forgot who was on the chopping block.. i know that as much as A trusts up.. it's still gotta be tough being this far down on the line and being on the chopping block

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maggie and ivette up and in kitchen

janie still in bed

m & I talking about the fish and what they eat.

m&I head out into the BY

m- oooooh

i- is it cold?

m- no something just flew out

m- it is such a nice morning

i- it sure is

m- it is sunny but not hot

i- it is like 9:30

m- what happens at 9:30

i- it is sunny but not cold

m- u weren't there for her

m- no she talks bout how she is dissapointed that they don't realise that we have given them every opp. to break up and we are not gonna do it now

i- we'll see we'll see

m- no there is alot of repitition, alot bout sequester, i think she wonders why we are so adimat to keep you

i- to keep beau

m- no she is just worried

i- she is in a good spot, she would take you, i would take you

m- april thinks that J is gonna take you

i- she is just saying that to distract herself

m- why would that matter

i- april swore, she wants to be first on the list

m- if janie gets it we are to be put off and one of us is going home

i- she wants to be that 1st picked, as much as she wants to stay in she has to know that she is up there too (ed: i am totally confused)

m&i - just talking about how janie functions

m- a really thinks that J is taking you

i- yeah but j told her that she said "as soon as she can take that B**** off she will" and that was me

m- but she didn't say any names

i- yeah but she said that b4 and it was me, you know what i mean?

i- i gotta fight for myself now, if i don't win that veto I am gonna f***** kill myself

M&I sitting there staring into no-man-land

switching cams

C-1 Janie still asleep in GR wearing sleep mask

C-2 Janie again

back to I&M still sitting there silently, staring into nothingness

BB- Good morning HG it is time to get up for the day

Ivette farts says "Excuse me"

m- did u sleep good last night

i-it took me awhile but i fell asleep

m- did u listed to ur CD

i- no

m- what r u thinking bout?

i- i am not thinking u know I am blank, sometinmes I don't think I just stare

_silence again_

i- why do they want us up so early?

m- we have to do goodbyes today

i- all that stuff?

m- last time they gave us the camera early

m- i woke up cold this morning

m- burps

m- u like being HOH, it is fun

i- yeah

m- they ask you a Q that only U can know and no one downstairs can hear you

i- cool

m- oooooh man

more yawns

i- this week has been so boring

m- your were right about losing beau, about winning hoh, about the veto comp

i- the veto comp from hell

m- u r right bout how everyoen, we have been counting down the days and it is getting down to the end and everyone can't wait to see their family, everyone is walking on eggshells and we don't want to annoy each other, i mean we have been aroiund each other for 60 F**** days

BB- janie please go to the DR

m- i just totally forgot who is on the chopping block

m- i know that as much as april trusts us, i mean it still has to be hard

i- but she has no worries, god forbit it is you and me on the block next week, janie will not give us a heads up

m- she could have given me a heads up about using the veto on me

i- she did give a heads up i just didn't tell you

m- ivette why???

i- cuz I wasn't sure, james gave me the heads up, i didn't tell you cuz what if it didn't happen?

i- i had a feeling that if it didn't happen

m- u mean like one of us were going home?

i- no like the veto would be changed

i- april is the deciding vote, i know i am going home, u are in a good position even w/ eric going home so early

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I and M talking about how if janelle wins hoh she wont tell them who shes putting up.. she never gives a heads up. Maggie complaining she didnt know janelle would use the veto on her that one week.. ivette saying she knew because james gave her the heads up

Maggie always knew she'd be picked second to a partner.... she thinks its hard for ivette to see that because she wasnt in that position. Maggie saying they dont see eachothers angles on things.

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M - did janelle tell you her and james had an understanding

I - no but she asked me if i really thought he'd choose me over her

M - i really think his heart was with you though

I - I'll never forgive james in the sense for what happened in week 3 .. i cant imagine what it feels like though to be attacked so early in the game.. out of nowhere.. do you understand what im saying? at week 3 in the game, being a guy, being a competitor like james, you get desperate. i think a lot of people forget to step into peoples shoes.. the biggest step is admitting you are wrong.

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they are disgusted with the way kaysar played (putting up eric). M thinks he had to do it because he only had janelle.

M - everyone that was involved in that except for janelle is gone now

I - isnt that funny?

M - no

I - paybacks a bitch

M - we got lucky

I - you think he watches that and loves us even more?

M - ya .. nothing like a woman scorned

I - like a womans fury...

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M and I fix something to eat and go back outside


M - holy shit.. they are really calling people early.. did they call you already this morning?

I - shakes head no

M - thats some good coffee.. youre on day 2 of AF?

I - hmmm todays the 7th .. ya

M - yours only last 3 days right?

I - usually.. here they last 7

M - something about eating.. being sick?

I - youre still sick?

M - i think its california allergies

I - can apples grow in miami?

M - i dont see why not

I - are they pretty?

talking more about apple trees, buds, height,

I thought apple trees were bigger.. M says they are cute

M - ised to go on a mission trip every year with our church.. the church saves money so they can send the kids to a place where they have a big homeless/needy population.. as a kid kid you go to SF to work in the soup kitchens.. as you get in highschool, we went to montana and spent a week in montana... building homes.. cleaning places... went to LA one year in the bayous...

Timed out sorry

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Mag and Ive sitting in BY talking about their childhoods. Mag was talking about how her church youth group use to make apple pies and sell them to raise money to go on a mission trip and help states with homeless people. She even mentioned how the area around New Orleans needs help (I wonder what she will think when she gets out). Ive said Mag had a great childhood, Mag agreed, both want to have that kind of childhood for their kids but that won't happen in Miami and Las Vegas. Mag and Ive both think their parents are great, Mag wonders if she thanks her mom enough for her childhood.

More talk about Mag's parents, her mom mostly. Ive seems very interested in Mag's parents, how they met, why they moved where they are now, more about Mag's childhood. Ive seems surprised that houses don't get torn down in Mag's home town and how small they are. (I get the feeling Ive hasn't been exposed to small town living and this seems interesting to her) Mag says her home town was very hippy, Ive says now she knows where Mag gets that from. Mag says that the town is a very rich town now and she can't afford to live there now and it is sad.

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M and I still outside

in M hometown she left her keys in the ignition until she moved out... had a hide-a-key but everyone knew where it was.

M's mom is a teacher... every kid that has grown up there has been in one of her moms classes. M was in a different district.. she used to walk to school. there was only two districts in her town.

I - there are two schools?

M - one is on one outskirts and one is on the other

I - and your mom went to the other one? why?

M - i dont know why.. maybe so she wouldnt have to be my teacher

More hometown talk.. M's parents met in college.. two towns over from her hometown.. they had no money when they got married. this little town was there and their first house was on lovers lane.

I - their house is there?

M - oh ya.. no houses get torn down there.. there entire house is like the size of the HOH bedroom

I - are you kidding?

M - no its so fucking cute.. they bought it for like $17,000 or $38,000.. something like that... was a hippy town but now very rich.. i couldnt afford to live there

I - you would like to go back there to raise your kids?

M - i dont know.. its the grandparents place to be now.. my brother couldnt buy a house there.. i had one friend that could afford to buy a house there.

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M - i dont think you'll every understand how scary that was last night looking in that window.. it was scary

I - in that little town did you know your dentist too, your doctor? could you ride your bicycle everywhere?

M's mom was friends with her dentist, her family doctor delivered her, was her ped and family dr.

Ivette is SO facsinated by M's hometown

I - like your mom cant go to the markey without saying hi to a thousand people?

M - right right

I - she knows everyone in the markey pretty much

M - well they've been going to the same market for 30 something years

I - whats the market there?

M - fiesta market

I - laughing.. you crack me up

M - my moms gotta support the local market.. its way more expensive.. theres a pet store right beside it.. way more expensive but she goes there cuz she knows the family that owns it. She has started to go to San Rosa to go to costco


I - take your coffee

M - i will

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H - i've been evicted, welcome to my banishment

J - i've been evicted, welcome to my banishment

(i have no clue what theyre talking about)

H - she just didnt want it.. she just didnt want it..

....thanks for playing boobies coasters with me.. that was awesome

H - america send ashlea back, shes got a great rack.. send ashlea back, shes got a great rack.. think she watching us?

J - um hmmm (yes)

H - were the last of the aliance

J - the last of them .. im almost extinct

H - talking about destroying the jedi knights.. the nerd herd was seduced by the dark side of the force... (cant keep up with the star wars talk.. lol)

J - ive been trained by the best

H - im going to walk around with your plasma tv and your bahamas trip around my neck

J - do it

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H - what do you think ray ray's doing right now.. hanging out with jen or james or beau beau?

J - james

H - really?

J - james is so funny.. god

H - hes hilarious... he'd come down with information.. back and forth

J - their after you janelle... tell me something i dont know

H - hes lying got bad though.. you could predict it.. it was like are you kidding me? it was ridiculus

J - brrrrr.... im cold!!! hides under covers

quizzing eachother on replacement nominees

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