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BB UK Celebrity Summer 2012


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Recap of Celebrity Big Brother UK Summer 2012 Launch night August 15, 2012:

Link to watch

Host Brian Dowling (this show is live). HM #1 Our streetwise HM #1 is Julie Goodyear (from a older British TV show Coronation Street (2010 episodes). Awarded MBA by the Queen, voted the best ever soap star, I’m not excited about entering the BB house, I am frightened. I smoke. I get along people provided they are not loud, aggressive or drunk. I’m just Julie. Julie enters the house from the DR and says WOW oh YEAH! This is cool! (She’s just walking around looking and smiling). Bedroom is locked. Outside is locked.

Time for #2. My name is Cheryl Ferguson You may know me as Heather from Eastenders (soap opera). I love singing. I might be a bit annoying. I think I’m a nightmare to live with it. I will try to walk away from the conflict. I may not be a great HM, but I hope to be a happy HM. She enters the house from the balcony and says “Hi Ya Julie!” They seem to know each other and are very friendly. She asks “what happens now?” Julie says “I have no idea!”

BB is now talking to Julie and Cheryl and orders them to the DR. (They have obviously never seen this show) LOL They sit in the BB DR chair. BB: “Tonight BB wants to see what kind of Drama Queens you can be for the next 90 minutes. Beside you are boxes containing ear pieces, put them in your ear.” (However they can’t figure out the ear pieces). “BB is going to give you instructions to create a real life living soap opera in the house, each time you hear your show’s soap theme song BB will give you an stage direction to create a moment of drama, BB is the director you will always hear your instructions through your ear piece. We want to see scandal, tears, and drama. If you do all this to BB’s satisfaction, your entire HM will be rewarded. This is a secret mission, none of the other HM can know what your doing. Do not remove your ear pieces until instructed. Even if someone suspects you of faking your mission, you will not win the prize”.

Brian Dowling “They have no Idea what they are doing!” Our 3rd HM is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore (In America). I look like Rambo with my shirt off. If there are any hot girls I will be most likely hooking up with them. Age range interested in me would be 18 to 50. Best qualities of me is I am real and loyal and a 6 pack of abs. Gym Tan laundry. Brian: There is no tanning salon in there. What wont you do on camera? “Mike says I’m going to wing it”. Mike enters the house through the balcony. Julie and Cheryl welcome him and introduce themselves. They say “your name is The Situation?” He says my name is Michael.

First drama experience: Cheryl’s soap theme song pipes through their ear pieces and both Julie and Cheryl go “Oh!” lol, then BB tells Cheryl “Please take The Situation aside and tell him you don’t like Julie because she had an affair with your husband” Cheryl grabs Mike’s arm and leads him away, and he gets leary and says “where are you taking me?” Cheryl says to Mike “She’s a bit weird that one (referring to Julie) she had an affair with my ex boyfriend, and I really don’t like her much” Mike says “What would you like me to do about this one?” Cheryl says “I just want you to watch out for her, she’s after the young ones!” Cheryl says to Julie “why don’t you have a drink?” Julie says “I don’t drink” Cheryl says “neither do I, do you drink Michael?” Mike says “No not anymore” (For those of you who may not know, he recently got out of Rehab for Drug and alcohol abuse). Julie says “I can’t wait to see the bedroom” Cheryl says “Yeah I bet you can’t wait, you like the bedroom”. Julie says “What’s that suppose to mean?”

Time for HM #4 Julian Cleary, “renowned homosexual, the public will know me for making them laugh, in the mid 80’s started talking about gay sex as a comedian, it started quite a fuss, I don’t like the sound of people breathing, coughing or snoring. As long as I have my 3 hours of bathroom time and my daily enema. My plan is to have sex in the Jacuzzi within the first 20 minutes and if necessary have sex with the Jacuzzi. I plan to bring to the house a bit of class and a very tight sphincter. I’m going into the house to widen my circle” Julian enters through the balcony. He recognizes Julie and Cheryl, then he is introduced to Michael. Julian asks Michael what is function is, Mike says “US tv” Julian says “I will try to use short words”.

HM #5 is Rhian Sugden, professional DJ, English glamour model, Page 3 girl, made news for texting saucy messages to Tess Daily’s husband. Her boobs are real (and big). People think I’m ditzy but people will be surprised I’m quite smart and not very domesticated. I’m taking a lot of bikini’s for the lads. I can be a bit bitchy. I’m just a normal person with large breasts. She enters through the balcony and says hi to everyone (The Situation looks thrilled to death). He introduces himself as Michael. Suddenly Julie’s soap music plays and she jumps BB says “Julie go and tell Rhian she reminds you of a troubled bar mate, think Raquel, warn her about the wicked ways of men” Julie calls Rhian aside “I have to tell you something, you reminded me of one of my favorite bar mates Raquel, she was gorgeos, I want you to be careful in here, with the men, with Michael. Have you ever seen Jersey Shore? That is the US version!. So be careful” Rhian tells Michael she is a topless model. Mike says “Cool”. Rhian asks Mike what he does he says “I’m on a show called Jersey Shore in the US”, She says “Is yours as bad as ours?” (I couldn’t stop laughing!) Rhian says “Ours is pretty bad”. Mike says “Why is yours so bad?” Rhian says “They have sex scenes”, Mike says “Oh ours don’t do that” Julie says “Are you sure Michael?” Mike says “Yeah, in America they wouldn’t air that!” (I’m still cracking up).

HM #6 Harvey, MC, self confessed womanizer, rapper of 22 seconds, love rat, blacklisted professionally, good friends of Romeo (from last Celebrity BB). He enters through the balcony. Harvey is the first HG to know who The Situation is. Lots of quiet hellos. Rhian telling them how she got all boos, Harvey got a few boos. Everyone else got cheers.

HM #7 Samantha Brick, she wrote “Why do women hate me for being beautiful?” I think I’m beautiful, I’m a good listener, I’ve been accused of being narcissistic, vain, etc. (Lots of Boos from the crowd). Every woman should be beautiful in her own world. She enters through the balcony (more boos from the crowd) The other HM heard all the booing. They all are giving polite hellos. (Julian doesn’t appear to like her at all!!!)

HM #8 Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Italian prince, but is obviously American), formally on the Bachelor. I think I’m a nice person, I’m Italian though, so when people aren’t nice, I’m not nice back. I’m not scared of BB. I don’t mind contributing to household chores. He enters through the balcony. Everyone introduces themelves. Mike and Lorenzo bond immediately. Suddenly Cheryl’s soap music plays and BB says “Cheryl go to Harvey and tell him about Julie’s affair with your ex and cry on his shoulder” Cheryl says to Harvey “Can I have a word with you over there” she takes him aside” and says as she starts to cry “Julie went out with one of my fellows one time and I don’t know what to do” He says “That is something you both need to square off because you are in here for a while” Cheryl starts crying. Harvey tries to console her. “Cheryl is really crying saying “I didn’t know she was going to be here, I’m missing my husband and my kids” (She is REALLY Crying!!!). Harvey keeps saying “You need to address this with her, please do not cry, your going to make me start crying”

HM #9 Danica Thrall, model, star of Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys (about business women who make money through interactive sites), I get gifts from everyone all the time. If im tired, it’s not good. If I’m home by myself, I never have clothes on. She enters through the balcony and is so excited. She appears to know Rhian so the two of them are chatting it up.

HM#10 Ashley MacKenzie, I’m an Olympian and judo champion, my opinion comes out. He enters through the balcony. Lots of hugs, kisses and introductions. He has bonded with Harvey.

HM #11 Coleen Nolan, from a group called the Nolans, TV presenter, millions of records sold, was once married to Shane Ritchie, on Loose Women always getting into trouble. Excited and sick about going into the house. I can be shy and flirtatious. She is getting the MOST Cheers hands down!!!! Her teenagers asked her not to take her breasts out on the show. She enters through the balcony. She says she is hyperventilating.

HM #12 Jasmine Lennard model actress, bad girl, high profile relationship widely documented, I’m more inclined to women rather than men, all girls looked at their Barbie dolls and wanted to be like them, I looked at mine and wanted to fuck them. I’m quite bitchy. I will probably be arrested or thrown out. She is getting LOTS of boos. A few cheers. Looks very tall and skinny. She admits she is nervous about going into the house. She enters through the balcony. She is shaking like a leaf. All pleasantries around. They offered her a drink, she doesn’t drink.

HM #13 Martin Kemp, actor, musician, Played in EastEnders. I think the first week on BB I will do really good, I think the 2nd week I will probably piss people off. He gets a ton of cheers. He says he’s going in to win! He enters through the balcony. Cheryl immediately greets him (they were on the same soap).

Both Julie and Cheryls’ soap music is now playing. BB “You must now have a blazing go round with each other about the affair, Julie you must end the argument by throwing a drink over Cheryl” IT takes them a long time, finally they start going at it and yelling, Julie finally says “fucking get over it” and then throws a drink in her face. That is how the show ends!

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Recap of August 16 Highlights show:

Link to watch:

Not much to update. The HM just hanging around the BY enjoying their party they won for Julie and Cheryl completing their secret task. Coleen and Julie talking about Jasmine being too skinny. Lorenzo and Jasmine seem to be getting along well. The HM are relieved that the fight was fake.

1210am – BB announces the bedroom is now open. They all claim their beds. A little awkward for some.

Rhian and Jasmine speaking in the BY about Rhian’s sexting scandal. She says it was all made up. That she was just friends with Vernon and she never sent him a sex text message. He would get drunk and send them to her, but he also did it to several other girls, which he admitted in the papers. She said she never sold her story, and she never did all the things she was accused of doing. She said “I’ve been proper screwed over, my car was trashed, people call me the homewrecker”

248am Danica and The Situation are having a nice conversation and flirting. Martin is in the DR, he feels everyone is playing a character and being guarded, it will be better when things settle down and be themselves. Too much eye contact. Everyone has their party face on at the moment.

347am Rhian and Danica are sharing a bed talking about Jasmine saying she is nice but I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Jasmine is in the garden with Harvey saying she is the devil in the AM. She is saying she doesn’t feel people are meant to be together and be faithful. Harvey is telling her she is not a bad person and she needs to think positive. Julian is in the DR saying this chair is plastic. LOL He believes Martin is in the running for being an Alpha Male. He thinks Julie is very earthy and very understanding.

And the show ends.

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Day 2 Recap

Day 2 (August 17th)

Link to watch:

Danica and The Situation are working out together. Cheryl says “My ass looks like both of their asses put together” Prince Lorenzo is working out. Julian and Martin are in the kitchen talking about Lorenzo and why he’s a prince. Jasmine and Coleen and Julie and Harvey are also talking about it and wondering if he is really a prince! (he really is, on paper (apparently hundreds of years ago the Pope appointed them titles in his family and it’s passed down from generation to generation). Jasmine says she has dated someone famous, Simon Cowel, but she isn’t allowed to talk about it. She says it’s all false info but that is all she can say. The Situation is saying he really likes Danica and wants to get to know her better.

Time for task time – BB calls The Situation and Julian (which I will refer to as S/J below) to the DR. They must correctly guess what statements correctly indentify which HM. In the meantime the other HM are out in the BY standing next to their statement that correctly indentifies them. Julian is saying we may need condoms in the house. Mike says “I got plenty” Julian says “Do you have lubricant?” Mike says “I usually do alright on my own with that”, Julian says “Speak for yourself”. (Sorry I found this really funny!). Meanwhile onto the task:

They are allowed to work as a team and are allowed to discuss their answers. In the DR S/J choose who they think goes with which statement, then in the BY BB makes them go stand next to the one S/J chose

First HM is Ashley – S/J think – He’s been expelled from 3 schools. Ashley says “This is not me!”

Next Cheryl – S/J choose I married my biggest fan, Cheryl stands next to that one.

Coleen – I met my partner on the internet – She says: they think I’m an internet troll

Danica – I haven’t had any plastic surgery – She says this is blatantly not true!

Harvey – Twitters got me into trouble – Harvey laughs

Jasmine – I’ve had relationships with men and women – Harvey high fives her!

Julian – The tabloids tried to ban me from tv – He’s in the DR, so he knows what his is!

Julie – I used to be a greengrocer

Martin – I married my biggest fan (they moved Cheryl off that one) –

Cheryl – I used my body to make money (Situation thought it would be funny to put here there for now) – She looks at the sign like a joke?! She’s liking it

Lorenzo – I live in a hotel

Rhian – Men pay me for my time online

Samantha – I think some women are too ugly for TV – (Must be a match because she says it’s out of context)

Situation – I used my body to make money (they move Cheryl off again)

Cheryl – I’ve made a sex tape – She’s really getting a kick out of this!

S/J are in the DR and are now swapping Coleen and Cheryl’s places.

BB now sends S/J out to the garden to see how well they have done. BB will reveal the results. S/J are now worried that the HM know what they chose now.

Now a moment of truth:

I married my biggest fan – is really Julie (not Martin)

Men pay me for my time online – is really Danica (not Rhian)

I use my boy for money – The Situation (correctly guessed)

I met my partner on the internet – Cheryl (correctly guessed)

Tabloids banned me from TV – Julian (correctly guessed)

I’ve made a sex tape – Coleen (Correctly guessed) Harvey says “Please let it be right, if so I’m sleeping in your bed tonight!” lol

I’ve been expelled from 3schools – Ashley (Correctly guessed)

Twitters got me into trouble – Harvey (correctly guessed)

I think some women are too ugly for TV – Samantha (correctly guessed)

I’ve had relationshipos with men and women – Jasmine (correctly guessed)

I haven’t had any plastic surgery – Rhian (not Danica)

I live in hotel – Lorenzo (correctly)

I used to be a greengrocer – Martin (not Julie)

Danica says “so I chat with men and women on the internet and they get me little gifts or pay me”

BB says they failed their task and will not receive a reward later.

Later – Situation is surprised by Danica’s revelation – Jasmine calling her out on that, he says “I liked her, then I found out that, and I was shocked” The other HG feel sorry for him for being shocked. Julian says “he’s hardly the Virgin Mary” (True!) Mike and Danica talk it out later.

In the DR Jasmine feels there is tension between her and Danica. Jasmine feels Danica is playing a game and playing with Mike’s feelings.

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Day 3 Recap

Link to watch:

Recap Day 3

Nomination Day…BB calls all the HM to the living room and tells them they will be nominating face to face and each HM is given 1 nomination and the HM with the most nominations will be up for eviction. The HM are all upset they have to do this face to face. BB has also told them they are not allowed to talk about nominations.

Each HM has an envelope with with a picture of each HM, they are to remove the picture of the 1 HM they want to nominate and keep it hidden from everyone until BB says to reveal it. They are ordered to throw the rest of the photos into the barrel and only hold the picture of the one they want to nominate.

Jasmine is first – She nominates is Danica because we have different moral codes and values

Julie – Nominates is Coleen – perhaps because she is missing her family so its best if she goes home to them (she is the most distraught for having to nominate)

Harvey – Nominates Danica – I associate with people who have genuine talents, and I don’t know what she does

Julian – Nominates The Situation – because I don’t know much about you, I don’t understand what you say about women, you seem to like them but then you talk badly about them

Coleen – Nominates Rhian – because I haven’t sat down and spoken to you the most

Lorenzo – Nominates Jasmine – because she came here for her son and I don’t know if she is going to have fun being here and I want her to go out and tell her story about her son

Rhian – Nominates Martin – because we haven’t really spoke, and your quiet

Ashley – Nominates Lorenzo – because I really haven’t gotten to know you

Cheryl – Nominates Rhian – because we haven’t had any conversations and a little bit because of the cleaning

Martin – Nominates Jasmine – I feel you need to go home and see your boy because I think your missing him

Samantha – Nominates Rhian – I feel judged by you because of my article

Danica – Nominates Jasmine – I feel awkward in your presence

The Situation – Nominates Coleen – I didn’t really speak to her much and I think she may miss her family (She says “Not really”) LOL

Jasmine seems upset because she was nominated because of her kid, she feels like it was a weak decision.

BB – The HM facing this week’s public vote – Rhian & Jasmine – Face to face nominations are over…HM are free to talk about nominations for 1 night only.

Jasmine is upset and leaves the group and goes to the bedroom. She is now outside smoking and appears to be crying. Rhian goes out to join her to smoke too. They are both talking about they weren’t expecting that. Jasmine is upset about Martin’s. Rhian expected to see Danica & Rhian up. Harvey goes out to join them. Jasmine breaks down and cries. Coleen is upset she was nominated for missing her kids when she says she hasn’t said it.

Show ends.

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Recap of the rest of Day 3

Link to watch:

(The previous recap was just nominations, this recap is the entire day 3 recap, 2 different shows)

Jasmine says she is ready to have an eviction tonight I am ready for things to get kicking in here.

Danica in the DR I have gotten along with everyone in the house except Jasmine. In the meantime Jasmine is talking about Danica saying what she is doing is not right (selling herself to men).

For today’s task BB has called Lorenzo to the DR. In the LV Coleen is filling in the rest of the house with the secret task. All female HG’s must flirt with Prince Lorenzo and try to make him make you his princess. BB wants you to do your best flirting. The secret task will start when Prince Lorenzo exits the DR. Loreanzo has no idea. The girls are having fun with this. Jasmine and Cheryl are giving him a full body massage and Julie is feeding him grapes. When the flirting is over, he has to choose his princess. He chooses Sam!!! He feels she has helped everyone in the house since they got there. They then show him crown her. BB provided the royal couple with Cupcakes, whom they shared with the entire house. Harvey then squished it on Danica’s face. She goes inside to clean up, and the Situation helps her clean up and they have a little flirt! J You can tell Mike definitely has a crush on Danica. BB calls Lorenzo to the DR, BB orders him to take Samantha on a stroll around the yard and give her plenty of compliments. In the DR, The Situation tells BB he really likes Danica, she is genuine and funny and fun. Later they quiz each other in the BY trying to get to know each other better.

BB then calls everyone to the LR for live nominations…I’m not going to recap this because it was already recapped above in it’s own episode.

After noms, Jasmine, Rhian and Harvey are on the BY talking about noms. Jasmine is REALLY upset, crying. Ashley joins them. She feels that it’s messed up because most people chose her because of her son and thinks she misses him and should go home to him. Lorenzo inside says he’s going out to talk to her. Jasmine feels totally betrayed by Lorenzo. Lorenzo says can we talk. Jasmine tells him to “Fuck off”. He says he’s sorry. She felt he was the last person she expected to vote for her. Later that night, Jasmine is in the bathroom with Julie bawling her eyes out. Julie tells her she adores her and she needs to go out there. Lorenzo doesn’t feel she should be upset because they are all there to get nominated. He is confiding in Julian. Julian thinks she may calm down, Lorenzo doesn’t think she will. Julie and Jasmine go into the DR. Jasmine is still hysterically crying. She feels she has tried so hard. BB offers to let her come back whenever she needs to talk.

Rhian in DR and said she feels gutted but it was expected. She feels she’s glad the reasons she was nominated weren’t for personal reasons. She feels Jasmine is making feeling uncomfortable. She feels Lorenzo is charming and genuinely feels bad but Jasmine is making everyone feel uncomfortable. Coleen and Marin meanwhile feel like they are on vacation in a villa. Coleen feels that Jasmine was overreacting. Martin feels Jasmine is being too fragile. In the Bedroom Danica tries to make nice for Jasmine, but Jasmine isn’t having any of it. Danica tells her your just not my kind of girl. Jasmine says “I don’t want to have this conversation with you” Danica tells her “you change”. Julie tells Danica to give Jasmine time. The other HG are trying to tell Jasmine she needs to rest and let it go, it’s just a show. Jasmine is saying “No it’s not just a show”

In the DR Lorenzo says he nominated the person who wanted to be here the least, not who he wanted to leave. He says he really likes her, he feels Jasmine won’t forgive him and it will be a black cloud in the house until one of them leaves.

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Recap Day 4 Aug 19 – Day 7 Aug 22 recap

Link to watch Day 4 Aug 19

Link to watch Day 5 Aug 20

Link to watch Day 6 Aug 21

Link to watch Day 7 Aug 22 (Live eviction)

Day 4

Jasmine is ticked she may be leaving before Danica. Danica keeps telling her it just a game, and you are making people feel uncomfortable. Jasmine says “I don’t like prostitutes” Danica is just shocked at what she says and says “I am very happy with what I do”. Harvey says “that was just not nice”. Danica is now crying on The Situation’s shoulders” Coleen goes into talk to Jasmine “You’ve really upset with Danica” Jasmine says “I really don’t care”. Coleen is telling The Situation Danica has a boyfriend, so be careful.

Julian & Julie have been called to the DR and BB tells them they are talent agents. BB tells them to go outside and pick their teams. Julie chooses Coleen, Mike (The Situation), Harvey, Danica, Samantha. Julian gets Martin, Rhian, Lorenzo, Jasmine, Ashley.

Ashley’s talent is a transformation from being a bad boy. He does a few acrobatics

Cheryl puts on a 1 woman play to show her attempt at getting on BB

Coleen sings “I’m in the mood for Dancing”

Danica says I’m talentless and strips down to her underwear and then does a back bend and walks that way

Harvey raps the song 21 seconds

Jasmine does contortionism in 6” heels

Rhian comes in Lingerie, puts on glasses and states facts. Julian asks her “Do you know what 20% of 100 is?” She says “5%” (Oh we are in trouble with this generation).

Martin reinacts one of his plays…(He brings Julie to tears)

Lorenzo is a human tipping calculator.

Samantha does yoga

The Situation’s talent is just being himself telling his history as to his past

Julian chooses Ashley has his star

Julie’s chooses Harvey as her star

Their videos went online and people voted for the winner for 2 hours. The winner is Ashley! That means Julian’s entire team wins a star studded party. The other team has to wait outside and are watching from outside. The winning team dances against the glass and the losing team can hear the music and is dancing on the opposite side of the glass with them.

Jasmine and Danica sit down for a talk. Jasmine is trying to explain her feelings about what Danica does…they have somewhat made up.

Lorenzo and Jasmine have a talk and make up. He apologizes for nominating her and says he really likes her.

Jasmine is asking Danica about her feelings for The Situation. She says she’s seeing someone she really likes, but Jasmine feels that Mike is holding out hope of hooking up with Danica. Danica says I have been honest with him.

Harvey tells Jasmine he didn’t like the side of her this morning when she was mean to Danica.

Day 5

BB is assigning Mike The Situation a secret task. 1. Hit on a HM. 2. Give a HM a hug for 1 minute. 3. Tell Julian you don’t like his makeup and give him tips on how to improve it. Then get Julian’s makeup and put it on him how you think he should wear it. 4. Go up to Julie and tell her you think her breasts are fake. 5. Tell Martin you think he has a BO problem and offer him some deodorant. If you carry out these tasks you get to host a sexy hot tub party later for everyone. He succeeds in his task. He decided to hit on Rhian and gave both Cheryl and Julie a 1 minute hug. They then celebrated with water guns and had a fun pool/hot tub party.

Rhian and Jasmine are talking in the bedroom about everything, being on the block, Ashley getting upset, etc, then suddenly Rhian tries to talk to Jasmine about how she is making Rhian feel and Jasmine gets ticked off and walks out of the room. 1 hour later they are sitting out in the BY on the couches with Ashley and Sam. Jasmine is telling Ashley that she believes that Rhian has led Ashley on, she believes Ashley is using him and manipulating him. Jasmine is telling Ashley that she told Rhian that she should apologize to Ashley for leading him on, Rhian denies it. Jasmine flips out and gets in Rhian’s face and Ashley gets between them and tells her to sit down, she walks off instead but not before saying to Rhian “the entire public will see you are a liar and you will see tomorrow when you are evicted” Jasmine is now crying her eyes out to Julie and Julie is trying to calm her down. Julie is suggesting she go to the DR. Rhian is now crying saying she (Jasmine) is awful. (My opinion is that Jasmine is CRAZY). Lorenzo thinks that Jasmine wants to be an actress and this is her way of doing that. Now she is clinging to Lorenzo huggin him and he is rolling his eyes.

Day 6

They are woken up with a show tune, and Julie and Harvey wake up dancing! Followed by Julie having a major coughing fit. The BY then opens up and they see various items out there but BB says you cannot touch anything. They are guessing it’s a food challenge. BB calls them to the sofas in the LR. Colleen reads the letter from BB: Congratulations HM you have won $1000 and you have to spend this money by the end of the day (Sam says no problem). The amount of money you manage to spend will returned to you tomorrow for your weekly shopping budget. BB has laid out a bunch of breakfast items with a price next to each item. The HM must consume as much as possible and write a check for the amount of money they spend.

BB calls Harvey to the DR for shopping. BB says “ In the chair is a red suit if you buy it you will have to wear it all day, do you want it for $5? “ he says “Are you kidding me? No one not even a boy band would wear this?! But I will take one for the team”. He then exits the DR wearing the red unitard (head to two including hands & feet), he goes to the BY and says “No one speak to me” They all laugh. He then is called back to the DR and BB offers to sell him a gold all in one suit for $5. He now changes to the gold suit. He says it’s itchy (and he is wearing it over the red suit). He is called back to the DR and they offer him a blue suit for another $5 he is wearing this on top of the other 2 suits now. BB calls Harvey to the DR again, they now put him in an Orange suit for another $5. Before he’s even done writing the check, they have him in a green suit now (yes he is up to 5 suits on now). He is now called to the DR for a purple suit. He’s being a great sport about it all. BB calls him to the Dr again, he says he isn’t wearing another one. He says no to the red suit. She says its larger, will you buy it for $10? He says no, I can’t even breathe, or go to the toilet. He stands his ground and says no!

BB now has opened a Fun Fair with games and rides for you to spend your money on. You have 2 hours to spend as much money as you can. BB tells them which thing he wants them to do. Sam is suppose to sit on a kiddy ride and will earn $1 for every 2 minute ride. Jasmine puts coins to go into a machine and she must lose as much as she can without the machine paying out. Situation and Lorenzo is to ride the spinning monster they will spend $1 per 2 minute ride. All other HM will participate in the pie throwing challenge. Each time they play the carnival tune 2 HM must get pied in the face. They cost $1 per pie. Julie and Julian go first. They have smeared a lot of pies on them.

The next stage of the shopping task the Swan boat is available for rides and BB has said Julie and Julian must ride it together.

HM have currently spent $273

BB calls Martin to the DR. BB has him dress like a 80’s rockstar. Martin has to smash up a special hotel bedroom rockstar style. He has 3 minutes to trash the room! He breaks things, furtniture mirros and glasses he has pretty well destroyed everything in the room. He has done $212 of damage to move the HM budget up to $485

Day 7

Eviction day, but before we get to evictions, BB has to finish the shopping task. Julie, Julian, Coleen and Samantha are sitting at a table in the BY, and BB has said they must say the brutal truth to whatever HM is chosen from the cards. For every home truth they dish out they will earn $10.

Colleen drew Julie – If I could change 1 thing about Julie what would it be? To be more honest than I think your being.

Julian drew Coleen – The word I would to describe you is – overweight

Julie drew Samantha – When you walk into the room I think…So you think your f&*ing beautiful do you?

Samantha drew Julian – The best thing I can about your career is…mediocre

Coleen drew Samantha – Your worst feature is….your roots need doin…

Julian drew Julie – I would describe your personality as….vulgar

Samantha drew Julian – I think your BB experience will result in….I think it will be underwhelming

Julie drew Coleen – If I could give you one piece of advice it would be …shut the f&%k up

BB reveals the Shopping comp budget that HG participated in is over and they have heard $725 however BB is going to allow 2 HG to leave and take part in a trader tonight. These 2 HM will be entirely responsible for the shopping. The 2 HM are Jasmine and Rhian. Everyone groans because those are the 2 worst pics. Jasmine says this is like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. If you spend a penny over the allowed $725 you will lose the challenge. BB puts those 2 in a car and takes them to a grocery store. Rhian thinks its huge. Jasmine goes first. She’s racing around throwing stuff in the cart and not paying attention to what she is doing. The each get a few minutes to run around. Now they have to total up what they have spent. Jasmine thinks they went WAY over but they only spent $438 so they passed the task. They get back to the house with the groceries and they do not have any butter or eggs.

Its time for Brian to reveal who is walking out the door. Jasmine is the first evicted HM. She is being nasty to some people on the way out. She tells everyone to be kind to each other. She has a cicagrette in her mouth as she walks out the door and she is smoking!!! She gets lots of boos! She is standing on the stage smoking (very cocky like). She is now sitting with Brian. She says she is so pleased its over. When asked why did the British public save Rhian? She said I don’t know she’s nice and dull. When asked who she wants out next she said Danica. When asked who she wants to win? She says Samantha.

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Link to watch Day 8 Aug 23 (Nominations) (This link is the unedited version of the DR sessions for nominating, it’s quite boring and you can get an idea of how BB makes the HM repeat themselves repeatedly. The next link will show the brief nominations if you don’t want to see the unedited version.

Link to watch Day 8 Aug 23

Day 8 Nominations

BB says they will need to nominate in 10 minutes and they cannot discuss nominations. (This appears to be happening right after the live show when Jasmine was evicted). During this 10 minute period nothing is going on except the HM are eating Doritos very loudly!!!

Julian nominates The Situation and Prince Lorenzo

Julie nominates Prince Lorenzo and Coleen

Martin nominates Coleen and Rhian

Cheryl nominates The Situation and Samantha

Coleen nominates The Situation and Julie

Lorenzo nominates Cheryl and Julian

Harvey nominates Danica and Julian

Samantha nominates Julian and Rhian

Ashley nominates Danica and Julian

Danica nominates Julian and Prince Lorenzo

Rhian nominates Samantha and Cheryl

The Situation nominates Coleen and Cheryl

BB gathers the HG on the sofa to announce the Nominees – Cheryl and Julian and The Situation and Coleen Prince Lorenzo. Cheryl is mad she has to pack her suitcases.

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Link to watch August 24

2nd Eviction

And recap of Day 9

Nominations were the night before. Danica pulls The Situation aside to talk to him because he can tell he’s bothered. He says he’s upset she didn’t stay up last night when he was upset. She doesn’t get it. Cheryl tells Danica she is not acting right by hanging all over him, she is sending him mixed messages. Danica still doesn’t get it. Julian is not liking being nominated. Lorenzo saying he doesn’t mind it, it’s expected.

Now back to the Live show – Brian (the host) announces that the 5 up for nomination are Cheryl, The Situation, Prince Lorenzo, Julian and Coleen. The 2 with the most votes (to save) from the public are Julian and The Situation. He then tells the other 3 to stand and tell the public why they should be saved. Then he says he will be back later to reveal the results. ALL The HM can hear the cheering and booing. It’s strange because The Situation and Prince Lorenzo have gotten the most boos. But yet The Situation was saved.

Back to yesterday (Day 9 Aug 23) Today’s task. BB has asked each person to the DR and shown them a bouquet of flowers then tells them to tell BB who they would like to give the flowers to (in the house). BB tells the HM not to talk about the flowers in the house. Then BB gathers all the HM on the couch with the bouquets in front of them. BB will read a HM’s name and then a statement or two from someone. If the HM guesses the right person then she can keep the flowers.

First up Danica – BB says “Who said I feel I misjudged her. It’s my way of saying thank you she is a beautiful person” – She guesses Prince Lorenzo – Correct

Colleen correctly guessed that Ashley gave her the flowers

Ashley received bouquest from both Harvey and Julian

Julian received flowers from Julie and Cheryl

Danica received a 2nd bouquet from Rhian but she guessed Mike. (Rhian doesn’t like that she got it wrong)

Cheryl received flowers from Coleen but guessed Sam

Julie received flowers from Mike and Martin

The Situation received flowers from Samantha

Later Harvey is venting to Danica because he feels that Rhian used Ashley last week when she was on the block but now that she is safe, she doesn’t talk to him. Coleen goes to Ashley and tells him that Rhian wants to talk to him but he says too bad, then let her come get me. She finally comes outside and says come here a minute. Meanwhile Harvey is somewhat lecturing Danica too about the way she is treating the Situation. In the Bedroom, Rhian is defending her actions for avoiding Ashley. She says its because she doesn’t want everyone to think she is leading him on when she has a boyfriend. Ashley says he is upset she has never said thank you for him being there for her.

Later Danica confronts Mike about all the things that came up during the flower task (Mike gave flowers to Julie for thanking her for being there for him last night when he was upset about Danica and being nominated, and he was disappointed Danica didn’t stay up. Then Sam gave Mike flowers because she felt bad that his heart was breaking because of Danica). She says she is upset because she doesn’t want things to change between them. Then she starts crying and hugs him. And when he doesn’t hug her back, she says “hug me properly”. (She really is leading him on IMO). He tells her she thinks she’s special.

BB calls the HM to the living room to reveal that a rule was broken that you can’t talk about nominations. Samantha had told Prince Lorenzo earlier than she did not nominate him. Also Ashley had told Martin he regrets nominating Julian. BB reveals this information to the HM and then tells them they have lost Hot water for 2 days as a penalty.

Back to Brian and he announces that Cheryl has been evicted from the house. Lorenzo is genuinely shocked (and I think disappointed) that he wasn’t evicted. During the interview with Brian….she thought she would go further, but she doesn’t seem to care she was evicted. She also thinks Lorenzo is a plant a spy. She says to be careful of The Situation he’s dodgy. When asked who would she like to see evicted next she said Charlie Brown…aka The Situation. When asked who would you like to see win the game she said Martin or Julian.

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Day 10

Link to watch August 25

This is the morning of the eviction. (Cheryl is evicted later tonight, but this aired last night). The older HM are talking about Rhian leading Ashley on. Now they are saying the same thing about Danica doing the same thing to The Situation. In the bedroom Rhian and Danica are both saying they don’t understand why everyone thinks they are leading Mike and Ashley on. Ashley goes to the DR to talk about Rhian and he says I need to follow my heart which says she has a boyfriend and I need to leave her alone. He also feels she is sending him mixed messages. He feels like he just needs to be only friends with her because every day I see her I get more and more hurt. Danica is saying to Rhian that she doesn’t think of Mike that way, Rhian says the same thing about Ashley. They are mad at everyone for making assumptions.

Today’s task the HM have to take turns sitting in the gunge seat. The other HM answer questions about the HM in the gunge seat. If the HM in the gunge seat guesses the majority answer correctly then they will stay dry. IF they are wrong, they will get gunged.

First up is Coleen – Is Coleen a gossip? The HM say Yes. Coleen says yes. She is correct so she stays dry.

The next is Martin – Is Martin the Alpha male of the house? – He says yes. The majority said no.

Samantha – Is Samantha beautiful? The majority said yes, she guessed correctly. She stays dry.

The Situation – Is the Situation a ridiculous name? The majority said yes. He said they said no. He is gunged

Julie – Is Julie playing a game? The majority says no. She guesses no so she stays dry.

Prince Lorenzo – Is Prince Lorenzo the most intelligent HM? The majority said no. He guesses they said yes. He gets gunged.

Cheryl – Is Cheryl a better actress than Julie? She guesses no. The HM said no. She stays dry.

Rhian – Is Rhian the most glamours girl in the house. She guesses yes. They said no.She is grunged.

Ashley – Will Ashley ever win an Olympic medal? They ALL said yes. He guesses they all said yes!

Harvey – Is Harvey a Mall Rat? He said yes. They said no. He is gunged.

Julian – Is Julian a team player? They said yes. He guessed yes. He stays dry.

Danica – Is Danica’s career immoral? They said yes. She guessed no. She is gunged.

They then show the eviction of Cheryl.

Lorenzo and Danica are talking and flirting a little. Mike gets jealous and says something to Lorenzo that he sees what he’s doing. Coleen is trying to calm Mike down. She thinks Rhian and Danica aren’t behaving right. Meanwhile in the living room, Lorenzo is telling Danica if she didn’t have a boyfriend she would kiss her. She said if she was on his show The Bachelor, he would pick her in a second. There is just something really good about you. In the DR, The Situation is saying “even if I was able to go out with her and go all the way, I would definitely have to get that prenup” In the DR Julian saying he is on a high because he didn’t get evicted, he says he doesn’t want to go home. In the BY Harvey is telling the Situation that Pauly D will be telling the Situation when he gets home that he got played. Both the Situation and Prince Lorenzo are both talking about Danica in the DR. They both have a crush on her, and they don’t like how the other

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Link to watch August 26 show

Recap Day 11

Coleen tells Julie she is so glad she was saved last night. And Julie says “Really???” Julie says she is having a hard time adjusting. Julie doesn’t seem like she really wants to stay. Danica is back to leading Mike on, she got naked in the shower and then asked him to try to see her. Julian is saying he is not a confident person and still shocked he didn’t get evicted last night. Rhian telling Coleen and Samantha that she is ready to go home now she doesn’t feel like she has a group. She is upset that Ashley won’t talk to her, Coleen feels that is best. Harvey told Rhian that if he was her boyfriend on the outside he would not be there for her when she got out. Coleen is now taking back her prior comments about Julie and that she feels she is genuinely a nice lady and not just acting and playing the game.

BB has a secret to unleash. Jasmine and her mother are in the DR talking to BB. BB tells Jasmine’s mom she is a psychic and they are a new permanent HM. BB says if any of the HM suspect she is Jasmine’s mother or that she is really not a psychic. She has to convince all the HM her name is Shelly and she is a new permanent addition to the house. Jasmine is behind the scenes watching on a spy screen. Coleen takes her under her wing and takes her around to introduce her to everyone. Everyone seems confusd as to why she is there. Harvey think she is a transvestite. Shelly is flirting with Lorenzo and Jasmine seems bothered by it!

Julian in the DR saying he feels uncomfortable around Shelly. He thinks she is either a fake woman or a fake psychic. He thinks everyone hates her being there. Out in the backyard everyone is very skeptic and think she is there on a task.

BB has called Shelly to the DR. BB wants her to use her pyshcic skills on the house and give readings to every HM. Jasmine will talk to you through the earpiece. If you succeed to BB’s satisfaction you will be able to grant immunity to 2 HM for this weeks nominations.

She starts by coming out and Jasmine tells her to Sam she has a wonderful energy around her.

She is talking to Lorenzo telling him there is a lot of love around you, but there is a lot of dark evil women around. She tells him to protect her heart then she kisses him on the lips and walks away.

Shelly is talking to Rhian saying she knows her secrets and they are safe with me.

Shelly tells Coleen and Lorenzo that Danica is a whore. (Julie says if she is pyshic then I am Mother Theresa!)

Shelly goes to talk to Danica, makes a car noise. Take Danica away from the rest of the HM to talk. She says “Danica come with me” Danica says “NO!”

BB calls the HM to the Living room to reveal that Jasmine & Marilyn a.k.a. Shelly are not really a new HM. BB asks Jasmine who you would like to give Immunity to if you win the challenge. Jasmine said originally I was going to choose Lorenzo, but I’m disappointed he has fallen under Danica’s spell, so I am going to choose Samantha and Coleen because they both are keeping it real. Since the majority of the HM did not believe you were a psychic you failed the challenge. The HM are cheering. They start talking about Shelly and the things she was saying. Coleen says she called Danica a whore. Mike goes and sit by her. Danica starts crying and gets up to leave. Coleen tells her not to worry she is the nicest girl in the house. BB asks Danica “if you could say anything to Jasmine right now what would you say?” Danica says “Absolutely nothing”. (Good answer!)

At the end of the night the guys, Lorenzo, Situation, Harvey and Ashley are talking about Danica and Rhian. Situation says things will be better when the “tits are out of the house”. I couldn’t tell by their responses if Ashley and Harvey agree or not….I guess we’ll find out during nominations tomorrow.

Link to watch August 27 show

Day 12 – Nominations Day

Before nominations Julie asks The Situation if he feels like he is being played by Danica because she really cares about him. He says “Yes”. The Situation is talking about his life in the US. He says he is banned from a few hotels out in Vegas.


Harvey nominates Danica & Coleen

Coleen nominates The Situation & Samantha

Rhian nomintes Martin & The Situation

Ashley nominates Danica & Rhian

Martin nominates Danica & Harvey

Danica nominates Martin & Samantha

Julie nominates Rhian & Danica

The Situation nominates Danica & Prince Lorenzo

Julian nominates Samantha & Prince Lorenzo

Samantha nominates Rhian & Danica

Prince Lorenzo nominates Julian & The Situation

The results are:

Danica – 6

Rhian – 3

Samantha – 3

The Situation – 3

Martin – 2

Prince Lorenzo – 2

Coleen – 1

Harvey – 1

Julian – 1

Ashley – 0

Julie – 0

BB has gathered the HM to the living room to announce the nominations: Danica, Rhian, The Situation, & Samantha

For today’s task. BB has assigned Julian to read the HM a bedtime story. He has provided him with a picture book where he has to make up a story (which he makes extremely funny and sexual). BB finds that Julian has won this challenge and BB has awarded him with a visit with his puppies (his dogs). He goes to the DR and gets to play with the dogs while the HM watch on TV.

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Link to watch Aug 28

Today is the shopping task. Every morning when BB plays the music to wake up the HG, Julie does a dance for everyone to the music.

They wake up to no couches inside or out, only benches and Greek statues everywhere. The comp is called Gods and Mortals. The mortals will compete against each other for trials, the Gods will vote on the mortals to who wins. Martin has been selected as Zeus as king of the Gods. Julie has been selected as Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. The remaining HM will be mere Mortals. Julie and Zeus are dressed as Greek Gods. The Mortals are dressed like Fred Flinstone/ Cave men which I guess is what Mortals would wear. The Gods are sent outside to go live on Mt Olympus. On Mt Olympus they have an all seeing eye and they can watch the mortals as secrets. The mortals will sleep on sack cloth bedding. Mt Olympus is a blue and white room with comfy beds. The Gods can’t mix with the mortals. Cherubs bring the Gods lunch. Models dressed in skimpy bikinis. The bikini models are now fanning them with feathers. Julie grabs the butt of one of the cherubs. Julie says she feels like she has died and gone to Heaven. Julie is really playing up the part. One of the male cherubs feeds Julie a banana and she eats it very seductively.

Now the mortals are doing their first challenge. Each one is painted like statues. They have to stand on a wobbly stand and the Gods will spray them with Earth (Dirt), Wind (a very strong fan), Fire and Water (super soakers) trying to knock them off. Julian is off first. Fire is a big beach ball that they keep throwing at them. The Situation falls off. Now the Gods much choose one to join them, they choose Harvey to become a God. Harvey is now Ares God of War. The God’s now retreat to Mt Olympus. They show him that they can watch and listen onto the other HM but they can’t tell the other HM. They are talking about Harvey and how he goes on a rampage when he gets started. He’s listening to them. He’s saying his instincts are good because Coleen and Danica are talking badly about Harvey. Julie is saying that Coleen has never liked her and during the pie in the face comp Coleen slammed the pie in her face hard.

Later the Mortals are in the living room and they must each make a sacrifice to prove their commitment to the Gods. Each mortal much choose a sacrifice. Whichever mortal does their sacrifice the best then the Gods will choose which one will join them on Mt Olympus. First up is Julian, he has chosen to sacrifice his clothes. He gathers all of his clothes and brings them to the living room to sacrifice them. Lorenzo has chosen to sacrifice his vanity and he must sacrifice all of his grooming products. Danica sacrifices her independence. The Gods must choose which Mortal to tether Danica to for 24 hours. They choose Prince Lorenzo. Lorenzo asks Mike if he is cool with that, and he says yes. Coleen sacrifices her glutiny. She can no longer eat any of the food in the house, she is only permitted to eat basic rations that BB has supplied her with. Rhian sacraficies her privacy. BB will now reveal her nominations for this week. Rhian nominated Martin & The Situation. The Situation sacrafices his status. He must do all the cooking & cleaning. Samantha sacrifices her beauty. They put a swim cap on her head and put mud looking makeup on her face to look like large moles. Ashley sacrifices his dignity. He must poor a buck of stinking fish guts over his head. He almost throws up. No one will sit next to Ashley now. The Gods have chosen Ashley to become the next God. He has become Poseidon the God of the Sea.

The Situation is upset about this task. He looks REALLY REALLY mad!!!! He is trying to get into the DR. The Gods bring Ashley into Mt Olympus and they reveal that he can now listen to the other HG. He is shocked. In the bedroom Rhian, Lorenzo and Danica are discussing the Situations anger. Meanwhile he is in the DR telling BB he is not good. He says “I didn’t like that Ashley took one for the team, and everyone was laughing at him and it makes me mad that everyone laughed at him and wouldn’t sit next to him. You don’t laugh at something that someone takes so difficult for you! I think the Gods made a good decision chaining Lorenzo and Danica together so they stay away from me. I’m slowly seeing Danica’s personality and character and it is not genuine. She’s playing her games again.

The mortals are back in the bedroom and Mike and Danica get into it and start arguing. He is defending Ashley for doing the hard task and everyone laughing. Coleen and Danica are getting defensive to their laughing. Danica is telling Situation to take his jealousy elsewhere and he says I don’t like you anymore. She says I want to be your friend, but if you can’t deal with that, then that’s fine. She says “I love Lorenzo, and you need to deal with it. You make me feel uncomfortable.” The Gods are listening to all of this and they are all getting mad at Danica. The Situation keeps saying “Your crazy” to her. She tells him “Don’t ever talk to me again”. Lorenzo is trying to drag her out of the room (they are chained together). She won’t stop going on about him. Everyone else in the room is just listening while they argue. He keeps telling her to walk away and saying “Your fake”.

Outside Julian and Coleen are telling her she was very articulate (she doesn’t know what that means). The Gods think Lorenzo is blind to Danica’s faults. In the garden the 2 sides of the house are discussing the argument. Samantha has sided with The Situation. Julian, Rhian, Coleen and Rhian has sided with Danica.

In the house, The Situation is doing the cleaning (basically he is doing laps back and forth around the kitchen).

Harvey is making Julie cry by talking so highly of her. She is telling her to stop! She’s having a tough time in the house missing her husband. She’s also saying she is so disappointed in some of them (mostly Rhian and Danica). Samantha in DR telling BB that Danica is not being nice to Mike.

The Gods are mad Danica is playing Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells her the kind of girl she is looking for is just like Danica. The Gods are laughing at him and Danica.

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Recap of August 29 (Day 14)

The Gods & Mortals challenge is still going on (for their shopping task).

The Gods get to boss the the HG around. First they order Danica and Lorenzo into the store room. Later they order the Situation into there with them (It’s a very tiny room) They order Rhian to the DR. Coleen to the Couches. The Gods ask Rhian “Do you believe you have led Ashley on?” She says “No” They ask “How would you feel if your boyfriend was in the house flirting with other girls?” At first she refused to answer, they then say you will make the whole house lose the challenge then. So she finally says “I wouldn’t care”.

The God’s get to recruit one more God to join them and they choose Samantha, as Apollo. She is watching over the HG. They are watching Danica go through everyone’s drawers in the bedroom looking for sweets. The Gods are getting angry.

Final challenge time. It’s slaying of the Gorgens. The Gods must slay the the snakes from Medusa’s lair. They are blindfolded and Martin and Julie must guide them. (Basically they must use plastic swords to knock off the snakes blindfolded off statue heads. They complete the task and have won a luxury shopping budget for everyone.

The task is over and Martin is telling the other HG that they (the Gods) saw everything and watched you all. They said it was like watching a soap opera. (Danica looks worried). Ashley is telling Rhian that the Gods saw everything and she wants to know what was said about her, he says they all think you are leading me (Ashley on). She says “OMG get me out tomorrow”.

Coleen is upset that the Gods were watching them. She is tired of all the talking about people and she doesn’t know how to be around it.

Later the Situation and Danica apologize to each other for their argument last night and she hugs him.

In the DR, Rhian is saying she is ready to leave, but she feels mixed about it. She wants to get tomorrow (which is really today) over with.

Brian now goes live to the house. The 2 HG with the most votes and therefore safe are The Situation & Danica.

The 2 HG left up for nomination are Rhian and Samantha. The HG with the fewest votes is Rhian. She says “Thank God”. She says she is relieved to be out. She feels like she didn’t have anyone in the house to talk to. She looks shocked by the fact that Samantha, Ashley and Julie all nominated her. She says she is really upset that Julie nominated her.

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Recap of August 30 Day 15

Julian is leaving the house today for an Emergency Dental appointment. The HG are arguing about the shopping list. A few are mad that they feel there is too much food and not enough cigarettes.

1 hour after Rhian is evicted BB announces that the HG must nominate face to face. They give them an envelope with pictures in them and tell them to choose 2 pictures of the people they want to nominate.

Harvey nominates Danica because of the love triangle situation. He also nominates Lorenzo because he should have put his friendship with The Situation first.

Julian nominates Samantha because when I was a God you said I looked great and I didn’t. He also nominates the Situation because you made a comment about some of the girls being too heavy for your taste and I find that offensive.

Coleen nominates Samantha because we are very different. I also nominate The Situation because he is happier with the boys and is not interested in what I have to say.

Lorenzo nominates Julian because I don’t know you that well. I also nominate Julie, I love you but I didn’t like how you treated Jasmine’s mother.

Ashley nominates Danica because it’s a bad situation with the argument last night. I also nominate Coleen because you sided with Rhian behind my back.

Julie nominates Danica because of the problem with Michael and Prince. My 2nd nomination is Coleen because of what I overheard in the God’s bedroom.

Martin nominates Sam because I know she wants to go home. 2nd Nomination is Julian because he is suffering from his dental procedure today.

The Situation nominates Coleen because he believes she is a pot stirrer. My 2nd nomination is for Danica because she uses my emotions between me and Prince.

Samantha nominates Coleen because I didn’t feel supported by you tonight. My 2nd nomination is Danica because of how you treat relationships and men.

Danica nominates Samantha because we do not have the same views. My 2nd nomination is for Ashley because I will always support Rhian but also because of the “gang” created (Harvey, Ashley & The Situation) and I see it as a form of bullying.

The HM facing this week’s eviction is Coleen, Samantha and Danica. BB tells them they are welcome to discuss this weeks nominations for tonight only!

Danica starts crying and she is mad at Harvey and the Situation. Martin follows her into the bedroom to comfort her. Mike also goes into the bedroom to try and talk to her. Danica is crying saying she would have never done that to you (nominating her). He says the real reason he nominated her was because he saw who else was nominated and he knew if he nominated Danica that it would mean he would be safe from nominations. Coleen and Julie talk and say they don’t like the face to face nominations.

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Link to watch August 31

Recap of August 31 Live Double Eviction recap

Day 16

BB has gathered the HG to the sofa to let them know that Mike cheated and will be punished. He is now banned from nominating for the rest of the series. The HG do not seem upset with Mike (personally I would be!)

For today’s task, the males will perform ballet dances. The females are the judges. They are to perform dances that are designed around certain comments were made in the house.

Harvey and Ashley are to perform to “I think things will be a lot clearer once the tities are out of the way” It was to the music of swan lake. Samantha gives them a 7. Julie gives them a 10, Danica gives them a 10. Coleen gives them an 8. Total 35

Lorenzo and The Situation “Lorenzo, he’s just a bloody sheep, OMG, he’s totally lost his balls”. Samantha gives them a 9. Julie gives them a 6, Danica gives them an 8, Coleen gives them a 7. Total 30.

Martin and Julian “You should have felt that impact of that pie in my fucking face and I would never do that, she nearly knocked my front teeth out” Samantha gives them an 8, Julie gives them a 10, Danica gives them a 9, Coleen gives them a 10. Total is 37, therefore they are the winners. They will attend a winners party later. All of the girls get to attend the party too. Coleen doesn’t like any of the food that BB has provided for the party. Danica and Julian do ballroom dancing. He dances with all the girls. He feels Julie was the best dancer. The Situation is listening from across the room and flexing his pecs one at a time to the beat of the music.

Back to Live, Brian goes to the house to announce the first HM to be leaving tonight will be Samantha. Brian asks her who do you want out here next? And she says Danica. He says who do you want to see win? She says Ashley!

Brian goes back to the house to announce the next HM to leave tonight will be Danica. She gives Mike an extra kiss and says “I love you Mike, I love you Coleen” (Didn’t hear her say Love you Lorenzo?!?!?). She walks out to lots of boos. They show her boyfriend who is in the audience. She admits she crosses the line and she constantly flirting. She is shocked herself by watching how flirtatious she is and how she can now understand why her ex’s were all upset about her flirting. Brian wants her to justify her occupation. She says “I do modeling and I added a wishlist on Amazon and people buy me things and I don’t have to do anything”. She goes on to say that Julie is very 2 faced and would like to see her leave next. She says Julie can hear the crowd in the house chanting “Get Julie out”. And she wants Coleen to win.

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Link to watch Sept 1

Sept 1 Day 16 recap

(Before the eviction of Danica and Samantha that aired yesterday)

BB gave the HG a basket of special cosmetics to play with. Julie is upset after the eviction because they could all hear the crowd cheering “Get Julie out”. Julian tried to cover and say they were probably saying Julian (but they really were saying Julie).

That’s about all there is worth to report for Day 15

Link to watch Sept 2 [media=]

Recap Sept 2, Day 17

The talk in the house is Julie told Harvey she is going after Prince Lorenzo and that is against the rules. So the house is all up in arms about it and looking forward to Julie’s punishment!

Later BB calls all HG to the living room to read aloud the quotes about nominations. Because Lorenzo and the Situation were talking about Julie saying it therefore Julie, Lorenzo and the Situation face punishment. First BB orders Julie to give up all her leopard print clothing and have The Situation and Lorenzo to carry the leopard stuff to the DR. The Situation feels he is being unjustly punished. They feel like they are owed a reward for finding out the culprit. BB makes Lorenzo and The Situation show BB all of her leopard clothes one at a time. The boys are having fun with this. BB orders the 2 to wear certain costumes for the rest of the time. They have to wear leopard boxer briefs only. They are embarrassed and everyone laughs at them.

Task time for letters from home. BB asks 1 HM to go to the DR, Ashley just gets up and goes. The other HG are watching Ashley on the TV screen and they can see him and the bag of mail and a bat of acid. BB tells him he can only take ½ the letters back into the house and Ashley must decide who can get their letter. He must take 2 out at a time and decide between the 2 of them. The first 2 choices are Julie and Harvey. He chooses Julie’s to go in the acid. Which means Harvey gets his letter. Julie starts crying. The next 2 are Julian and Ashley. He chooses to drop his own letter into the Acid and therefore Julian will get his letter. Coleen and Martin are up next so he decides to destroy Martin’s letter because he feels he’s a stronger character. Next is Prince Lorenzo and The Situation – he destroys Prince Lorenzo’s because he feels that Situation has had a tough time in the house. All the other HG feel for him. They are all waiting to hug him and cheer him on for his decision. He runs off to the bathroom to cry.

Harvey reads The Situation’s letter. It’s from his mother and he cries by hearing the letter. Harvey chooses Coleen to read his. It’s from his mother and he cries. Julian lets Julie read his. It’s from his mom and you can tell he is close to tears. Coleen has Julian read hers. It’s from her husband (and he says “thanks for saying you don’t miss us, it’s ok we don’t miss you either, now stop crying”. She cries. Meanwhile Harvey and The Situation are the most upset and still crying.

Later BB gets a rap party and they are dressed in florescent street type wear and they play lots of techno music.

Link to watch Sept 3

Recap to follow later

Link to watch Sept 4

Recap to follow later

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Link to watch Sept 3:

Day 19 Sept 3

Tonight’s nomination night, last one for the season.

Since the Situation is banned from nominations because he cheated last time, he has to sit on the naughty seat (the 3rd step on the stairs).


  • Julian nominates Prince Lorenzo and Martin.
  • Coleen nominates Julie and Martin.
  • Julie nominates The Situation and Prince Lorenzo.
  • Lorenzo nominates Julie and Harvey.
  • Martin nominates Julie and Julian
  • Ashley nominates Julie and Martin
  • Harvey nominates Prince Lorenzo and Julie
  • Up for nomination are Julie, Martin & Prince Lorenzo

Task for the day: 2 HG are in a speedo and a swim cap. Martin and Prince Lorenzo are the two chosen.

Their team must use a plunger get it wet then get it to stick to their bodies. The team who gets the most plungers on at the end of their time will win, the other team will have to eat cabbage out of a plunger. Prince Lorenzo’s team has won (Ashley, Julian, Coleen and Prince Lorenzo) and they get take out pizza. The Situation is mad because he spent 2 hours making dinner and they took his food and he has to eat cabbage out of plungers during the other teams pizza party.

Link to watch Sept 4:

Recap for Sept 4 Day 20

Their task today is to act in TV shows and they will all be watching TV in the living room.

The first TV show The Situation and Harvey must answer questions about the HG playing in a type of game show. The other HG have to guess which player will get the most questions right. Harvey did get the most right and therefore they have passed this part of the shopping task.

The 2nd TV show is called the Growlers like a fairy tale. Lorenzo is the narrator. Ashley and Martin are growlers. Ashley is forced to drink a garlic and chili shake. Then they both have to brush his teeth with fish gut toothpaste. Then Martin has to pour custard on Ashley to cool him off. Then they went to bed and gave each other a hug.

The next TV show is Julie doing the newscast. She breaks news about various things that were overheard in the house. They are things that the HG didn’t know. Most of the news was about Julie herself, she doesn’t look pleased.

The cigarette smokers (which is nearly all of them left) have lost their only lighter and can’t have a cigarette. They are all freaking out. I guess Julie has a lighter but she won’t share it with anyone. They are all ticked. Julian found one in his pockets. Julie is mad at everyone. The Situation says he’s not cooking enough food for her anymore. Julian is trying to calm everyone down and make them no longer mad at her.

Now another News broadcast from Julie. She gets to read her letter that was burned in the acid. The other HG are happy for her that she got some good news.

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Link to watch Sept 5 part 1

Link to watch Sept 5 part 2

Recap of Day 18 and Live Eviction on Sept 5

The BB TV task has continued. Coleen and Julian are up and they are doing a QVC type show and have to showcase 10 items. The first is “Chicken Fillets” (Bra inserts), Julian inserts them into Coleen’s bra for her. Next is edible underwear and Julian dimenstrates eating it off the mens and Coleen off the woman’s. Next is egg and mud mask and Julian puts it all over Coleen. After all 10 items are displayed, Lorenzo has to remember all 10 items and order them from BB. He succeeded.

The next BB TV news bulletin. Julie finds out about a comment Coleen made about Julie chain smoking. She comes out and rubs her lips all over Coleen’s lips. Later she lets the HG know that they have passed the BB TV shopping task and the HG will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget and food and drinks and music.

BB comes on to announce that as a further reward for doing so well on the challenge the remaining HG get their loved ones letters (that previously were burned in the acid). Letters are for Lorenzo, Martin, and Ashley. Most HG are crying afterwards. Ashley is the most upset and retreats to the bathroom. Harvey follows him to console him.

Now it’s time for the first eviction: Brian announces the celebrity with the least votes is Prince Lorenzo.

Later he announces the next celebrity that is evicted is Julie. They have her leave through the DR (I think because she has a problem with the stairs for medical reasons). She exits the house to a mix of cheers and boos.

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Link to watch Sept 6

The Final x2 Sept 7

Recap of Sept 6 Day 22

Apparently last night Harvey got pretty drunk and was jumping on each beds and rubbing his bare butt on different HG. Several of the older HG are upset about it. The HG are deciding on their shopping budget and arguing about how many cigarettes they need for the last 2 days. Harvey thinks its ridiculous and since he is the one in charge, he removed 2 packs of cigarettes and added his suits to get dry cleaned and Apple Crumble.

BB has called Julian and Harvey to the DR for today’s task. They need to put Ship Captain outfits on. They are to rebuild a boat and complete a sailing across the pool. The winning team will get hair cuts and hair coloring from a professional stylist. They have 45 minutes to build their boats. Harvey goes first and his boat stays afloat across the pool. Julian is up next and his boat makes it too. BB announces that Harvey took 19 seconds. Julian took 14 seconds. That means Julie, Ashley, the Situation and Julian all get hair stylists.

They have the stylist come into the Bathroom to give them their treatments. While the styling goes on, BB announces that the shopping delivery has arrived. Julian is really ticked that he had his suit dry cleaned and puts jelly on his suit. Julian is voicing his upsetness at Harvey. Harvey says he doesn’t care.

Recap of Sept 7 Day 23

BB provides the final 6 with a formal dinner in the BY. All the men wear tuxes and Coleen the last female standing has a formal gown on.

Each HG has a question they have to ask from BB. Ashley’s question is “Who do you think deserve to win? He says The Situation and Harvey.

Martin says “What has the past 3 weeks taught you about yourself? “He says when we were playing the Gods, because I learned that power can go to your head and we enjoyed it immensely”.

Julian says “Have you changed your opinion of anyone since you met them on day 1? He says I’ve changed my opinion of everyone. He has learned that heterosexual men are interesting and entertaining.

Coleen “Who has been your biggest ally?” She says “All of you”

Harvey “Who has made your stay most memorable?” He says “Martin is the kind of father I would like to be, Ashley is like my little brother and a mirror image of me”

The Situation “In one sentence can you sum up your BB experience?” “There is lots of ups, lots of downs, tons of breakups lots of makeups, and we aren’t going to forget this experience for the rest of our lives”

Brian is now ready to reveal the first HG with the least votes that will be leaving the house is: Harvey. Brian points out that he was never put up for eviction and he was only nominated twice, once by Lorenzo, once by Martin. Harvey says he would rather vote face to face. Brian asks him why he nominated Danica every time, he says because she was playing a game with The Situation and Lorenzo.

Brian is now ready to reveal tonight’s 5th place and next evicted is: Ashley. He too has never been up for eviction, you only received 1 nomination from Danica.

Brian is now ready to reveal tonight’s 4th place and next evicted is: The Situation.

Brian is now ready to reveal tonight’s 3rd place and next evicted is: Martin.

Brian is now ready to talk to the final 2 housemates! The winner of Celebrity BB is Julian!!!! He immediately starts crying. Congrats Coleen you are this year’s runner up! Julian says to Coleen “Can you ask them to cancel the fireworks, I don’t like fireworks”.

Brian interviews Coleen first before allowing Julian out.

It is now time for Julian to come out and the fireworks start and he looks nervous.

That concludes another season of Celebrity Big Brother UK!

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