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September 1st Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest Shockalot

Friendshippers in bed talking talking:

April expressed how much she would like to hurt Janelle.

April: "Today when she was bending over the Gumball machine and she didnt win a prize and was mad... I just wanted to pull her fuckin hair extensions right out of her head!"

Some more farting talk. April: "Maggie can fart LOUD."

Various farting analogies and how they smell etc.

April is concerned about how deep and low-sounding her voice is.

She is worried she is getting sick?

Maggie: "Probably 'Nasal Drip' due to irritations"

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2am BBT

Howie, Janelle, Beau in kitchen still talking eating

Howie and Beau hug, Howie asks him to jerk it for him, Beau says he'll think about it, goes up to HOH to sleep.

Howie and Janie in kitchen, Howie flossing

Both in bathroom, silly conversation (you're cute, no you're cuter)

Howie and Janelle practicing (How many quarters)

Howie asks if the others were truthful about the number of quarters they found because they tried to deceive him today on another question about James' time.

Howie asking if she thinks for sure James is going home (Janie: Yes!)

Janelle going to bed. Howie going to bed.

No sheets on her cot, (Janie: They effen took the sheets off! Assholes!)

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Guest Huntergreen

3:00 AM BBTime

Howie is ready to do one last thing before bed - JO.

He heads to the BY by the pool, where he empties out a coffins size box and puts a cushion to one of the lawn chairs inside. He enters with his lotion and towel and tissue paper - and this has become Howies nightly JO chamber.

So he lays down, closes the top and no more Howie to see, but we can hear him moaning. This goes on for awhile and apparently things are not going as planned due to comments like "Jeez, my arms is almost ready to fall off" and "any day now".

The big moment never arrives and Howie gets out in disguist, putting everything back in as it was and leaves in disguist. :rolleyes:

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Guest supatah

10:21 AM BBT

James is the only one that is awake right now. Some exciting stuff.

James went to exchange batteries

James went to the bathroom (for quite some time) (sprays Oust)

Howie wakes up - exchanges batteries

James washes hands

James brushes teeth extremeley fast and hard for about 15 seconds - spits

James said to Howie that he just gave birth to a small child.

Howie takes his medicine - says nothing about the small birth james just had.

Howie asked if they were setting stuff outside for the HOH

Nah they both say

Howie leaves - he will now give birth in the bathroom as well.

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April and Ivette talking in the HoH room. APRIL is really worried about the Hoh competition and who will win.

April asked Ivette: How great would it be to send Janelle home?

Ivette: America would really love us then... (Pause) Screw America. You know. They are not playing this game.

April: They are not here, they don

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M is walking on the treadmill and she is really getting into it.

(I couldn't post earlier but when A and I were in the HOH room talking about Jan, A said to I that there must be something about her (Jan) because she has been cheated on so many times. I changed the subject and said she was going downstairs to do her hair.)

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Jan asked B if he had ever gone to a swingers party

B said no.

Jan says she doesn't want to talk about giving head on national tv.

B asks how many pairs of shoes she has (he tries to relate having shoes to giving head) B says will give head for shoes.

J said she never has gone to a swingers club.

J said she wasn't into group sex, just one guy.

Jan says she hasn't done anything sexual with the guys in Miami Beach. She said she had sex with a guy from NY.

H asks her who the next guy she will have sex with is.

B says Michael.

She says she won't say.

B asks J is she is H's type?

Jan says no she isn't and that he isn't her type either.

H agrees, that Jan is too big (tall) for him, he likes petite, little girls.

B says he has a friend a little girl that is beautiful but she doesn't have big boobies.

H says that he is not all about boobies that he likes butt and legs more. He told Jan that he would bang her even though she isn't his type.

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