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September 1st Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

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Beau and Howie are playing a games of coasters.

Janelle is in the Gold Room in bed.

Maggie and april are in the HoH room talking.

April: I saved our asses this week. One of us wold have gone home.

Maggie: Yup, we've all saved us one week. Janelle or Howie could have gotten me before this. I've not won the veto once and if they wanted me out I would be gone

April: What happens, if you dont get the partner off the next week. They ind forget about you.

April: Worse case, if one of them gets HoH next weeek I want it to be Janelle.

Maggie and April go on to discuss whole they would get ride of. They think that if Janelle gets Hoh she will put up Ivette and Beau to break up the pair.

April: If Ivette wins the veto they will have to put up either you or me.

Maggie: Me.

April: Then Beau would go to break up the pair.

April: Maggie if it's down to you and Ivette, let Ivette win it. But if it's like Howie or Janelle.. Dont throw it.

Feeds went out.

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April and Maggie trying to decide if Janelle and Howie would want to get rid of the strongest player (Maggie) or break up a pair (Beau and Ivette)

April is in the bathroom either sick or having the runs. She says the sushi is like a bomb to her tummy. Even through that she is giving Maggie instructions on how she has to play for herself.

A "Beau and I are the only ones who haven't been on the chopping block yet, feels like I was on the block when my partner was on it. "

Maggie found a quarter in the HOH room and offered to give it to April but April said to keep it, all the prizes were gone now anyway. Now April is going around the room trying to find another quarter.

A "I can't believe Janelle had the balls to say she never wins anything when she put that quarter in the machine and didn't win anything."

April just found another quarter in the HOH room. Maggie is now searching the bathroom in the HOH room. They have agreed not to tell anyone else about this and if they win something they split it.

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April, Maggie and Ivette in HOH room bashing Janelle.

they are all saying Janelle is so selfish

I: James wants me to hang out with him tonight so I probably will.

A: Is he sad?

I: He doesn't like to lose

A: Does he still think Janelle is going to give him a sypathy vote?

I: yeah

BB Maggie to the DR

Before this April explained that if she would of left Janelle on the block she would of been tempted to ask everyone to vote her off instead of James. Ivette assures Maggie and April that she would of stayed with voting James.

Maggie was going to the DR and James said, "are you going to go in there dressed like that?" Maggie said "huh?" James said are you going to go in there looking like that and Maggie said "yeah, are you going out the door tomorrow looking like that?" Beau and Howie both screamed "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and James giggled and said "I love her."

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Maggie and April talking in the HoH room.

They are practicing questions for the HoH comp.

April: It's gonna suck when we have to put up our own group. I felt like outta our group y'all felt like I was the weakest player cause I had never won hoh.

Maggie: I can only speak for myself but it was never that way for me.

April: There is a place and a time for everyone. Im just glad my time was now. im so happy.

Maggie. Mmmhmmm

April: I just hope I have that luck again and win another veto. Outta the group now I've won the most.

Maggie: You still wont be seen as the strong player.

April: I know why is that, its so messed up.

Maggie: Yeah it is.

April: I honestly think Janelle and Howie out of the four of us. I think they will take out Ivette or Beau. I don

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Maggie and April talking about why Beau is up Howies ass.

April: Where is Beau Beau? Is he up Howies ass?

Maggie: I told him it would be a good idea. Janelle wont be able to talk to Howie that way.

April: Janelle would have been out the door if it wasn

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Howie and Beau talking outside. They are having and intelligent conversation about meteors and comments. The dinosaur age and mammoths.

Janelle is out there with them...

Now talking about the lockness (sp) monster and big foot. Beau said. "You actually think there is a skunk smelling thing out there?"

Howie: Where do you think

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Beau: I think Janelle is voting for James to stay. I think they had something going.

Howie: REALLY?

Beau: We it's the only way he could win the money.

Janelle comes back outside. Now they are talking about JLo's nipples. :o

Howie asked Beau if he would vote for him. He said: Only if you give me head or jack me off.

They laugh...

Janelle has been abducted?!? ( by aliens :lol: )

She was on a dirt road with a bunch of friends. She said the car electrics went all funny and the people in the car were all acting like they were out of it.

Then when they came to (kinda woke up) they were 30 miles from were they were. She didnt see anything.

Beau thinks she was high!?!

(Peeing self here!)

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Ok, so Janelle say she was abducted by Aliens:

1 As a young child (she doesnt know if it was from watching scary cartoons as a child and having bad dreams)

2 On a raft while she was with a friend

3 In the car (as above)

Beau thinks she was smoking something.

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Guest somepeople

Beau said....he was 6 in Italy. He was in bed woke up. His sisters door was opened and he seen a spirit or angel and thought it was his mother it had a fowing white gown. Next day he asked his mother if it was her she said no..maybe it was a friendly ghost.

Beaus mom has seen a ghost ..shes a minister.

Janelle said her brother has seen a ghost.

Janelle played Light as a Feather stiff as a board w/a step sister. She does not like it.

Beau is going to give Janelle and Howie a facial.

Howie had to ask Janelle if she was still giving him her vote. Because when Janelle left for a min Beau told Howie that he thinks Janelle will vote for James

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Guest somepeople

Janelle being silly joking about a past HG Lori (she is funny) Howie and Beau cracking up. They hope shes at the after show party. Welcome to my banishment.

Julie where do i go. She got lost 5 feet from where she had to go.

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James and Ivette talking about the game. James would like to work for BB and Ivette said he would be good at it.

Ivette is telling James "I did one really sneaky thing in this house" He wants to know but Ivette is telling him she will tell him at the wrap party. [i'm guessing it was her spying on the floor outside the GR]

"Do you ever feel retarted here?" Ivette ask James James tells her not around them...."Fuck you James" a bitter Ivette tells James.

Camera switched to Maggie and April talking about Janelle...

Now she's rubbing Maggie's arm and April is talking about being fat. Start talking about PA's and it goes to fish.

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Guest somepeople

Ivette said Janelle thinks shes the last coke in the desert. Ivette is in a good mood laughing w/Janelle. They are talking about Lori again.

Ivette asked James if the CBS people have a obsession with the HG.

James told Ivette she better blow dry her hair.(must like it that way)

James cant belive he was nom buy a creature.

James want to work behind the scenes.

Ivette and James talking about how many times he was nom.

James talking about what he will say before he leaves.

James Talking about Kaysar being arrogant.

Ivette said she was shitting in her pants when Janelle put her up.

Ivette back to trashing Racheal (i think she forgot Racheals GONE)

James to Ivette said those girls are so fucking sneaky...Jen and not sure if it Rach or April he ment. Ivette asked James if he ever felt stupid here he said not around all you f people. James hope people dont think Sarahs the Holly of this season.

April and Maggie talking about Janelle changing April said she is about to say something to her? Fish

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April is saying "He is talking about it non stop" about James going to sequester.

She says when it's her time she talk about it but not like him.

"He controls her" Maggie talking about James and Ivette.

April is worried that Janelle may infact vote to keep James and Maggie suspects that James and Janelle may have a secret alliance.

"I don't think I'll be getting a vote from that mother fucker" April talking about James vote at the end. She guesses James may vote for her.(Maggie) .

April asks "Did you ever confront about that police officer thing" Maggie said they talk but never directly came up.

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Ivette ask Janelle what her goal in life.

Janelle wants to be rich and sucessful "In real estate of course" and have men fall over her.

Ivette asks her "You wouldn't want to be an actress?" Janelle says "NO"

Ivette says she could picture her marrying a rocker like "Dave Navarro".

Janelle "I would like to have children..Twins!"

BB "Janelle please put on your microphone" Janelles leaves "I'll be back"

"I want to get married and have twins..boys" Janelle.

Janelle say she doesn't think she'll have problems having children as she has her period "every two weeks"

Ivette asks if she just calls her MOM to talk and ask "do you ramble on about things you want to do"

Janelle say she has a nickname for her mom but didn't say..

Janelle says her MOM asks "when am I going to have grandchildren" and "You are the hardest person i have ever lived with" Janelle's mom says according to Janelle.

Talking about "sebastian" at work then fish.

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Guest somepeople

April Maggie in HOH. Talking about James . They said Ivette was going to go James said no no you are not leaving. Maggie.. yup he controls her. April i know i wont get a vote from that mo fo at the end..but i think you will Maggie she said no i wont. April sais the rats told her what if you get out of here and somebody you really believed Fish HOH room gone

Janelle and Ivette..Janelle i like men to fall at my feet giggle ...Ivette you are just saying that to get to me. Janelle said she wants to get married and have twins. James said and iam the one leaving. He said i hate to lose. Ivette said Janelle do you talk to yourself at home. Janelle being silly..Ivette laughing asking Janelle a lot of stuff. About her mom how she talks to her mom. Janelle said her mom tells her the same things all moms say. Janelle said her mom said...boy you are really a sweet girl but you are sure hard to live with. Janelle talking about her best friend the bus boy and DJ who helps her out when she has had 1 to many. Ivette said she and Janelle are different but she can get a kick out of her sometimes. They keep going off and on with the fish.

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Janelle professes her love for lingerie and tells her mom "I have a sex life" that's why she has soo much.

Janelle says "the diet is so poor" so what's the use of trying to stay in shape.

Ivette says "I get a kick out of you" to Janelle. "Do you like Lingerie" Janeele asks Ivette and says "I love lingeire"


Janelle tells Ivette she sleeps in the big BR because Howie farts too much.

"Good night"

James gets a long hug from Ivette before she heads up to what James says "The girl scout troop"

Now the sheep in HOH talking about J anelle "She's fucking clever as hell...that bitch"


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Guest Shockalot

Janelle telling Ivette she likes dressing in lingerie.

Ivette is incredulous: "You would wear it all day?"

Janelle: "I DO wear it all day.. .. Around my house. I feel like lingerie dresses up the body... ..and i can make sure everything looks good still"

Ivette seems to be getting a chuckle out of it.

Janelle notes:

"When I moved out im gonna lose the 15 pounds.

This house makes you gain it"

Ivette comments that she and Janelle are 'two different people' but that she really gets a laugh out of Janelle sometimes.

There is a very peculiar repatoir between both girls. Polite but with a sort of 'standoff' demeanor too.

Ivette questions Janelle about cleaning her room.

Janelle says it is not her room.

Ivette asks where she sleeps.

Janelle tells her.

Ivette then says "Goodnight Freak'.

Janelle says Goodnight to her then.

Ivette goes to the kitchen to give James a very good hug.

James wishes her goodnight and jokes he is done his 'campaigning'.

Ivette made a comment of some kind about Janelles Mascara and Janelle stops her before she leaves "I am NOT wearing Mascara"

Ivette "Your not?"

NO... I just washed it off!!

Ivette: "Well it looks like you are then"

Janelle: "Well I guess i have dark eyelashes then"

Ivette makes it into the GirlScout room and immediately complains about Janelle.

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James and Janelle go outside.

"Are you ready for your facial?" Beau asks Howie.

Beau is called to the DR and tells Ivette to go outside to watch James and Janelle.

Maggie "I'm waking those fuckers up tomorrow if I have to clean..I don't care"

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Guest somepeople

Maggie April HOH..Maggie i wont use my Q tonight. April..about people getting called to DR the want those mo fos's to talk meanig H and J. They are talking about Janelle (hard to belive) April..why does James hate me. Why does he not like Maggie..Iam good to James. Ineed a reason why someone does not like me. Thats never happend before. Ivette explaining the facts of life to her. Iveyye said you and Jenn made up stuff about Mike. Ivette said just like Eric and Janelle did not like each other..Maggie said that was Janelle. They called Jan to DR. Ivette said God will trample down their enemys. April has to brush her teeth and tickle Maggie( why Maggie has her tickle her at night?) HOH gone

Beau and Howie whispering. Beau telling Howie Janelle is going to backstab him. Telling Howie Janelles luck will run out. Beau said iam looking out for our best intrest. Howie ..well as long as i have you I and M..Howie said Janelle has changed.

(not sure whos playing who) Beau telling Howie Janelle is Hanging out w/James . Beau said if she wants you out Howie she will have us do it. (They keep calling H, Janelle and B to DR )

Maggie and April told Beau to stay with Howie an Janelle.

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Around 1AM BB time:

Janelle called to the DR. Beau telling Howie that Maggie pointed out that James and Janelle have been hanging out together a lot. Howie says she has been acting different lately, but that could be PMS.

Beau says that Janelle could decide to vote to keep James because she may have a better chance to get to the end with him.

Howie points out that Janelle wanted to win the veto when Rachel was up to save Howie and that she asked April to veto Howie this week.

Beau says but she could be acting, Howie says yeah you never know in this house.

Beau talks about how keeping James is bad for him but good for Ivette, how Janelle could use the other side to do her dirty work to get Howie out.

Howie seems to be taking it all in at face value.

Janelle returns and they go in to do facials.

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1:25 BB Time

Beau tells Howie if the vote is not 4-0 then Janelle voted for James to stay

Howie says then she will blame a 3-1 vote on Ivette.

Howie also says that Beau is the only one besides Rachel that has been straight with him since day one.

Janelle returns conversation stops and feeds switch

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