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From: August 27th Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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to post pictures and screencaps

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Ivette: I'm gonna win teh veto, im gonna take janelles happy ass off, and then next week janelle will win hoh and take out my happy ass

a: you don't understand..james will bite us in the ass too...not YOU, but everyone else.

earlier edit**maggie is also in the room when ivette tells the the james convo.

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April is happy Janelle and Howie told James james was being backdoored.

a/i/b/m calling them 'all crazy'

a: best case scenrio, howie or janie gets pov...so they take themselfs off.

b: we should make ivette win if we can.

a: NO..not ivette.

b: she wants to do that speech.

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I: we broke up a 2 headed snake, but now we got a 3 headed snake.

they all laugh.

I: I dont fear james much for myself.. but i fear him for you guys.. but i fear janelle for ALL of us..doyaunderstandwahtimsaying??????? howie does what janelle does..shes thwe one to fear.. do yaknowhwatimsaying?????? i don't fear james.. janelle we're all on equal grounds..but you [a] have an upperhand with janelle i feel.

a: any of us could easily go up with her being hoh... i think if maggie and i went up it would be because we're threats, if you [i/b] go up its because they want to split up a partnership

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A saying its anybodys game next week.

a: we will never know who howie or janie would put up.

a/m/b/i talking about how inseperable/awesome their group is.

a talking how she has to play 'for jennifer' so the friendship are "really 6 people, not four"

A: yeah, ivette would be but in a bad siutation if she won POV tomorow.

maggie and april saying iv would be in living hell for 2 days when ivette tried to work her.

a: james will try to talk to you..work things..he'll be working it..

i: it bothers me how comfortable we are.

a: every single one of those people down there bother me

I: to be honest.. as a person..james is more pleasant to talk to then janie and howie... they drive me crazy sometimes.

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Guest Shockalot

Howie,Janelle, April and Janelle in the kitchen talking about Michaels bizzare behavior.

April recounts how in the first few days Michael would sneak up on her out of nowhere and grab her and kiss her and she was shocked "Dude.. I AM married".

Ivette recounts how he snuck up on her while she was sunbathing and bit her ass. She thought it was very strange.

They remember when even Kaysar said Michael 'Has to go!'

Janelle asks if they would admit Michael could be funny sometimes and Ivette says "No. I did not find him funny.. he was a fuckin retard"

Somehow Ivette noticed that Michaels 'Vote for me' segment had been edited up to 5 times.

She remarks how he would not stop talking and one day Shapiro had enough of him (Michael).

Ivette continues on complaining about how Michael would not stop telling people how he made a lot of money, how he was very wanted for his artwork which was very very good.

Ivette hates people like that.

Janelle asks "Do I talk about myself"

Ivette: "You are into yourself.. but Ive accepted it.. you have just kinda grown on me Janelle".

Ivette and Janelle agree that Michael and Ashlea did not like each other at the beginning.

They recount how Ashlea 'snubbed' Mike and later he ranted "IF SHE WAS .. the LAST GIRL ON EARTH... I would NOT... NOT NOT want to be with HER!"

[this happened in first few days in bedroom]

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Guest Shockalot

The Four were discussing how none of the DrugDealers use 'Beepers' anymore and you can barely find one to buy anyway.

Ivette and Howie go off by themselves and look at the picture wall.

At one point Howie turns to Ivette and says: "Only two people can win.. one in Second and one in First. Only Two"

Ivette considers that.

Howie>"I think they (BB) wondered if they could make a scenario where it was two couples against each other for the final spots.. but they can't now because only one couple is left".

Ivette agrees but says there could be more scenarios they have in mind.

Howie agrees with that.

Everyone claims they are going to bed now.

Howie and Janelle washing up.

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Guest Shockalot

2:00 AM BBT..

All the Peeps are asleep except Janelle who is laying in bed reading what is either a Bible (possibly Kaysars Koran?)

[no signs of her bursting into flames yet]

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Guest ranster627

A, B, M, & Iv are all in the HoH. They are settling in to take a nap

H & Jan in the GR goofing off. Jan just tied a huge purple veto symbol around Howie

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8:12PM BBT

Nerds in the hot tub

James, Jan & H in the GR


Ivette is still defending James about his lying (please give it up Ivette)

A: in order to stay in this game from here on out you have to win the HoH

M: someone like fucking Janelle can will this game

A: we will be 3 against 2 for the next HoH comp

(sry it is impossible to hear when they are in the hot tub)

Howie comes out to the hot tub

B: join us

H: I gotta go to the bathroom soon. I farted in the gold room (man Howie has pooped a lot today)

H & B talking about some location that they are both familiar with & blue crabs

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James & Ivette playing chess in the GR. James trying to scheme info out of Ivette.

J: so you don't know what she (A) is gonna do

I: no

(chess is really boring to watch, switching feeds)

A, H, B, & Jan in the hot tub

Maggie not on the feeds

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