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7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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4:10 PM BBT

Kalia is not going to be able to get work out of here. Not with an attitude like that. Unlike me, I will get work out of here, not super model work like Cassie. She told me she wants Victoria Secret out of this. I mean that's not a realistic goal. I just want tv." Says Porsche. "She was too skinny, very pretty, but too skinny." says Brendon.

Brendon called to DR.

Porsche wishes Dick was still here because she's knows that after he knew she had that key he'd give her some fun stuff to do to mess with people.

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4:16 PM BBT

"She's not going to make it that far, I assure you. And if she does, she's not going to get through the jury. She's a decent enough player but she's not that good." says Rachel.

"I started the WA so what the fuck are you talking about?" says Lawon to Dom in the HNBR. They are talking about Dom drinking the WA last night. "YOu know what they say Dom, once you go black you never go back." jokes Lawon.

"Kalia said she's give me 100 hours of a head massage if I'm heading out. Then she realized how wrong that sounded." Dom tells us.

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"Rachel wants us to feel sorry for her how her fiance had some scandal or something." Says Dom

"DO you know what it is?" Dani asks

"No, I heard he got caught sending pictures of his dick to a man on the internet or something."

"NO! He got caught jerking off in front of some girl on a web cam. I guess Rachel posted on Twitter that she was laying in bed with her man and this girl got in touch with Rachel and said "That's funny because he's online jerking off with me right now" and Rachel demanded proof and this girl sent her photos of Brendon jerking off and then there were all the others photos and they broke up but then he apologized and they got help. And this was all like 3-4 months ago!"

"No way." says Dom and we get WBRB

"Next time Rachel says something mean to you you should say, "Yeah well your man shows his dick."" Dom says. "I cant do that she'll lose it. She's so mean.

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4:34 PM BBT

Dani explaining how when she went on her trip with her Dad and she said it was awful. She had to get her own hotel rooms and everything. And after it was all over, when they got home, the last time she saw him he (Evel Dick) said "I hope I never see you again. That's it" Dani said that was it for her, she was done.

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4:37 PM BBT

"It hurt, it would be one thing and hurtful if it was a friend but he's my family you know?" Dani says

"Its weird that it's like that, you think someone is one way on reality tv and they are another way entirely, he always seemed cool on tv." Dom says.

"I like you though, you're genuine, you're really nice." Dani says to and about Dom.

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4:44 PM BBT

"I woke up this morning and thought, I don't feel like pretending today, I just decided." Kalia says "I am kinda glad that something happened today. I knew it was going to happen anyways it just kept building and building." She's talking at Lawon.

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4:56 PM BBT

"The quicker, quicker picker upper" sings Dom and an awkward silence ensues.

"How did all this start today?" Dom asks

"I think I started it." Kalia said "An announcement, I don't think it was meant to be made, was made that Dom was going home this week. Not even asking anything, just as if, I was so sick of being told what to do, I just let it go. I even left the door open so everyone could hear what I had to stay."

"Look at home girl go." said Dom.

"They were carrying on like it was a fact. And the ...woman comment was too much," says Kalia

"It was definately brewing up." says Adam

Porsche threw in something about great tv but missed the comment.

"I think the four of them, Jeff Jordan, Brendon and Rachel, we'll just kill em"

"When they warned us that we were going to be locked down in two hours I knew something was going to hit the fan." Says Kalia.

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5:01 PM BBT

Rachel, Jordan, Jeff and Brendon in Tarot room. Talking about driving. Rachel has a GPS but it doesn't help. Brendon has to print out a Mapquest map for her.

"Mapquest is on point," says Jordan "When it says 4 miles, it's really 4 miles."

Brendon tells us Rachel has no sense of direction, heas to tell her stuff like "Where's the sun? Go towards the sun!"

Jeff says he sucks with directions, left and right are challenging.

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5:08 PM BBT

Dom and Kalia talking in HNBR [i don't think they get that this is supposed to be the most uncomfortable room in the house]. Not talking about anything we haven't heard already.

Rach, Bren, Jeff and Jordan still talking about their driving follies. Le Car Aux Folles!

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5:12 PM BBT

Dani joining Kalia/Dom. Dom needs to talk to Porsche based on what Daniele just said about why Porsche might vote for Dom out.

Rachel asks what Daniele is doing. Bren thinks sleeping. "Oh sure, everyone in the house hates just me." she says. "Aww hun" says Brendon and hugs her.

Dani telling Kalia how Jeff gave her the cold shoulder. "How does that make sense? What does that accomplish?"

Kalia saying she apologized to Jordan saying "I didn't tell you anything because I didn't want to get caught in a shit storm. And apologized for causing trouble." Kalia is worried that she'll be out.

Rachel goes down to KT - "I only have 4 more days of this stuff. Four more days!" she's looking at slop. Rachel and Bren now in HOH. "Everyone uses my weakness against me." she says.

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5:32 PM BBT

"I wanted to get that out, I felt the trouble building up in my head. I had that pressure build up last year and nothing good came out of it." Rachel says "Baby, you did great I'm proud of you." says Brendon. "I heard you say "Don't call my fiancee names" I don't know, I thought you were getting a little..." WBRB

Lawon and Adam talking in LR as they lay on the couches. "We don't know what's going to happen with those keys tomorrow. It could be anything. It could be like Oh my gawd." says Lawon

"If I am still here, I'm getting that key." says Adam "I hope the key ain't worth nothing."

"It's a curse and a blessing..." muses Lawon

"It could be a curse because your partner goes home but a blessing because you are still here. I don't know, it's a guess. I don't know, I'm wrong half the time I guess." says Jordan

Lawon laughs "Except for David Hasselhoff"

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5:38 PM BBT

Porsche and Dom talking in WCA "If the plan has anything of Daniele in it, I don't want anywhere near it." says Porsche

Kalia talking to Dani, "I would never put Jordan up. I just never would."

"What about Jeff?" Dani asks

"Ok, but after jury. I cannot stand Brendon and Rachel. That's who I can't stand." Kalia says

"Dominic has to stay and one of you has to win HOH." asserts Kalia

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5:46 PM BBT

Porsche knows that "Jeff really wants to be here but for a guy like him, from Jersey, I mean we're young but we still have time to do all the stuff we want to do...."

Dom can't understand why she's letting that affect anything.

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5:54 PM BBT

Dani loves how Jordan told Rachel that Dani is jealous of her because she's the pretty one. Kalia says Jeff and Jordan are just playing to jury.

Dom hanging out in KT with Brendon as dinner cooks.

5:56 PM BBT

"Kalia swallowed everything but her family." says Lawon to Kalia "What?" she asks "You know, you swallowed everything about the family." Lawon says "I never hid anything from you, I told you about trying to get you out." [Are they having the same conversation?]

"Everyone in here is just so....not smart." says Kalia "We could have had it but no, you two retards had to go and spoil it.... you don't get to sit here and play the high road, you just don't."

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6:06PM BBT

Dom, Lawon and Daniele in Have Not room.

Daniele is tired, Dom is eating and my sounds keeps turning off and on. Kalia comes in and Dom tells her that "she" is definitely thinking about it. (not sure who "she" is). Shelly walks in to the room.

Oh..."she" is Porsche. Dom talked to Porche and she's strongly thinking about keeping Dom. Dominic says that he asked Porsche.. "what helps your game more? I stay and they're against me".

(I can see on Cam 3/4 that Porsche is up in HOH talking to B/R).

Talking about using the fact that Porsche knows Janelle as a way to get Porsche on their side. Appeal to Porsche that she should be more like Janelle and step up and make power moves. Tell her you can be the next Janelle.

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6:20PM BBT

Dom, Daniele, Kalia, Lawon and Shelly talking about Brendon and Rachel. Daniele telling them that Brendon would tell Rachel "You are not allowed to talk to anyone in the house unless Daniele and I are around". Rachel would say that she talked to Lawon and Brendon would get mad and tell her that she's not supposed to talk to anyone about the game without him there. She can't play the game if he's not around.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH Rachel Brendon and Porsche talking about previous seasons competitions. Spiderweb comp from All Stars.

Porsche: Talking about what kind of endurance comps are good for girls and which are good for guys. Says that "if it's a hanging comp then Shelly won't do good because she has a rod in her back. If it's standing up straight then she'd have a better chance. And Shelly really really wants to win. So does Kalia" and with that comment Porsche rolls her eyes.

Rachel: Kalia says that she wants to win and then doesn't even try.

Brendon: Complaining about girls with small butts have a better chance if you have to sit on small swing seats. But guys have bigger butts and it's not fair".

Rachel: If it's a prize comp and Kalia gets $10,000 I will go Bononkers

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6:50PM BBT

Feeds came back and Kalia and Shelly in kitchen. Kalia eating cookies and Shelly shooting hoops. Porsche gets called to DR, Kalia wanders off and Jordan shows up in the kitchen. Shelly heads to the bathroom and Jordan follows her. Shelly tells Jordan that she will meet her in the purple room. Jordan lays down on the purple couch and waits. Shelly comes in and shuts the door. Shelly tells her that the newbies/daniele are totally convinced that Dominic will stay. (Whispering too low for me to get the whole conversation)

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Feeds switched to the HNR, Dom, Dani and Lawson all laying down talking about Shelly switching to vote for Dom.

No real conversation going, sleeping on and off.

All 4 cameras on the HNR.

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Shelly cleaning the bathroom, Brendon in there talking to her. Not much being said right now just rehashing this afternoon abit.

Now just talking about the bathroom and the mess its in. Something about mouthwash all over and why don't people clean up after themselves.

Brendon just hanging with her.

Now all feeds in the kitchen, Jeff cooking and Brendon sweeping the floor.

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