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Just wondering if anyone else has seen the site? It's a new site that J K Rowlings opened and all that is being said is that it's not a new book, and it's not got anything to do with the last movie, that will be out next month...

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Pottermore revealed: J.K. Rowling unveils online 'experience'

for fans that will bring Harry Potter's world to life

By Andrea Magrath

J.K. Rowling has just announced Pottermore, a new online experience for fans of her Harry Potter books.

In a video released at midday, the author revealed what fans can expect from the website, including new information on characters and storylines, illustrations and interactive 'moments.'

Rowling said: 'Thirteen years after the first Harry Potter book was published, I am still astonished and delighted by the response the stories met.

'Even though the seventh book and eighth film have now been completed, I'm still receiving hundreds of letters every week and Harry's fans remain as enthusiastic and incentive as ever.

'So I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you, because no author could have asked for a more wonderful, diverse and loyal readership.

'I'm thrilled to say that I'm now in a position to give you something unique - an online reading experience unlike any other.

'Pottermore will be the place where fans of any age can read, participate in and rediscover the stories.'

In Rowling's new creation, the storylines will be brought to life with sumptuous newly-commissioned illustrations and interactive ‘moments’ through which fans can navigate, starting with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Users can read and share exclusive new material from J.K. Rowling - up to 18,000 new words about the characters, objects and places in the series.

Rowling said: 'I'll be joining in too, because I will be sharing additional information I've been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter.'

The author has often spoken of the rooms full of hand-written notes on every single Potter character's back story, family tree, likes and dislikes that haven't made it to the pages.

Fans young and old can visit Diagon Alley, get Sorted into a house, and cast spells and mix potions to help their house compete for the House Cup.

The Pottermore website will also exclusively sell all seven of the Harry Potter eBooks.

In a statement released by publishers Bloomsbury, Rowling said: 'I wanted to give something back to the fans that have followed Harry so devotedly over the years, and to bring the stories to a new digital generation.

'I hope fans and those new to Harry will have as much fun helping to shape Pottermore as I have.

'To add to my input into the website, everyone will be able to join in by submitting their own comments, drawings and other content in a safe and friendly environment – Pottermore has been designed as a place to share the stories with your friends as you journey through the site.'

The website will be open to users from October.

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Im just thrilled for this!!!! Counting the days to July 31st ,there will be new info...and I they keep adding little bits here and there too!!

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