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August 13th Live Feed Updates


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11:20-ish BBT

April: (to Rachel, Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle) It doesn't matter who wins it, he [James] is going up. As long as somebody wins it.

A minute later April says "Out of six people, someone's going to win the damn thing. It's fun having a friendly competition, right? Less stress." She leaves Gold Room.

Big Brother: Janelle, please put on your microphone.

Howie: Sorry BB. It was her big boobies again.

Janelle: Sorry.

Rachel: I want to find out at the end of the season how many times they told Janelle about her mic.

Janelle: It doesn't go with my outfit.

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Jennifer and Janelle talking in the kitchen. April's up on the balcony and whispers something like "don't tell her anything" to Jen.

Jen tells Janelle to pack her bags. Janelle says that's the worst part [of being nominated]

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K: I stand by my decision and I didn't go off of getting rid of your from hear-say. I made the decision on my own.

J: If this ever happens to you, sit down with the person that heard the BS

Jen and Jan in kitchen talking about James getting emotional.

Jan is griping about packing.

Jen and April are griping about not knowing the rules and Jen says that according to their contracts, BB can do anything they want, including taking the veto away from Rachel.

Back to GR with James, Howie, Rachel, Jan and K talking about veto last week when James won.

R: comparing her 2 wins to james' 3 wins.

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In the HoH room, April and Jen are talking about whether to get rid of James or Kaysar. April says K's the leader of his group. "He's not going to be fully honest with us... he's disappointed in you" even if he says he's not.

Jen- it's all about trusting James. We can't, but can we trust him enough to get through next week?

They talk about acting like James manipulated them and promise not to tell the others what they just talked about.

April leaves and Maggie comes in.

Jen- "I would rather have Rachel up on the block... I hate Rachel."

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A and Jen in HOH room talking about who to get out... (a summary)

A wants to get rid of K. She says to tell them (when they do not in fact put James up at POV meeting) that James came in and told them all sorts of crap and manipulated them into believing him.

J is afraid that if they save James, and the other side gets HOH next week that James will jump over to them. That is Jen's only fear about keeping James.

Maggie comes into HOH room to talk to Jen...

Jen admits she is not ruling out putting up K. She rationalizes breaking only 1/2 a deal with K so far so putting him up is the other half and that adds up to only ONE deal that she has broken. (she does say that to K's group, she knows they see it as multiple deals broken)

M says she would rather come down to taking out K rather than J because K can manipulate and control his group whereas James' credibility is gone with everyone in the house.

J says she is tired of talking strategy and no one can change her mind but something someone might say can make her think and eventually change her mind. She tells M that they will not know exactly what her decision will be so that someone else will not just go along with it without putting their thoughts in instead of just agreeing. J wants ideas and to know what their thoughts and ideas are.

M: Can see how both James and K can be facilitated in the group.

J: I think James can be more facilitated in the group more if they can trust him. I don't trust James but what about next week if he flips out! That

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After Maggie leaves, Beau goes into the HOH room. He tells Jen he would want James out because "James has promised me stuff and hasn't come through." He tells Jen it's a hard decision. He's more threatened by James in a physical competition.

Jen says that James compliments you and tries to make you feel like you're on an equal playing field. She tells Beau she recognizes this strategy and plays along with it.

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2:53BBT summary

Maggie and April in HOH room talking about getting rid of Kaysar. since he is their leader. If and when Kaysar leaves Rachel would become their leader. But Janelle doesn't like Rachel and their group would break up.

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MY first post. hope this works.

April and Maggie talking. A is trying to explain what Janelle told her about how James and Kaysar were talking and J said he couldn't believe Kaysar would believe the Friendship's story that he, James, sold them out. Only April can't get it straight. She keeps saying "he said Maggie said..." but she can't remember what it was. Finally she just makes something up and uses that to say Janelle was lying. (In fact, what James actually said is that Maggie was the one behind their plan, not April.) She goes over and over this, and Maggie looks depressed.

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April, Maggie and Jen in HOH.

They think Janelle and Rachel can't stand each other. As soon as they get Kaysar out, the other team will collapse.

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Maggie: at this point, it is a numbers game. Got to look at it numerically.

Jen says, lets take a nap. Says she's made up her mind, doen't want to keep talking. It's back and forth, which is pointless

Maggie I find comfort in what everyone is thinking

Jen trust me

Maggie it's a comfort thing

Jen I seriously don't know what I'm going to do till last minute. I don't know, honestly

mag: you have a big responsibility

Apr let me ask you, if 3 want kayser, and you and I want James, what will you base the decision on?

Jen sayss something about whether it is all their decision

Maggie Holy shit!

April suppose you decide Kayar, would you tell him beforehand

Jen in this case no

Apri We were always honest with him (first time anyone of them have even mentioned honesty)

Jen I was honest with him before, but not as hoh. Admits she lied to him in the pressure cooker because she knew it was the only way it would work for her to get hoh.

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5:00 BBT Jan reading Bible in GR. R and K laying down. R is making fun of the others calling them idiots and saying "Do you not think we can hear you, idiots?' She is griping about how much you can hear in the GR.

BB: James please come to DR.

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Kaysar and maggie have been talking in the backyard for the last 20 mins or so.

They where talking about the HOH comp, the deal that jen agreed to in regards to kaysar letting go of the button, to which she threw back in his face.

Maggie is currently explaining to kaysar the last week, how the entire house grouped together and tried to get james out of the house. The entire house decided to get james and sarah out right after one another.

Kaysar is asking maggie questions as to why things changed, what happened, he doesn't understand why she was not really included in any of the conversations over the last two weeks.

(kaysar and maggie are really starting to get along)

They both agreed that someone is trying to keep them apart, someone in the house doesn't want them talking to each other.

M: last week, everyone agreed we had a common enemy, but when things didn't work out i just sat there and said "hrm"

k: everytime i ask someone "hey how was last week" people are like "oh great, we where like a big family" then i go and ask someone eles the same question and thier responce was "oh, weird, not good"

M: i have no partner, i have no safety net.. things have to be done as is. Because of last week i don't know what everyone was saying as i was not inculded.

K: i'm listening to get a jist of what happened, i'm still in the dark but at least i'm not in the complete dark.

M: ok. i spoke my peace.

(they are laughing)

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7:42pm BBT

All houseguest's are in kitchen eating at the dinner table (this must be one of the very few times all HG's have eating together at the table and being happy)

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Maggie and Kaysar talking outside. M telling K that she can't tell him everything that went on because she wasn't in on all the conversations. She's saying that everyone knows how she feels about James and that she still want's him gone next week. Aparantly BB has also asked her to not wear her PJ's to the DR everytime she goes in there.

Everybody siting at table eating dinner.

7:47 BB time.

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M, B, I, J and Maggie in the hot tub. They are asking Maggie about her convo with Kaysar.

They ask her what they talked about she says "what didnt we talk about".

She says she walked out there because they havent talked in awhile.

She says she told him "I was just to make it clear that as soon as James is gone, you are coming after me". (errrr......pretty sure thats not EXACTLY what you said"

she says's he asked "are we still on for getting out James"?

and she said "yes, there is no one I want out more then James"

She tells them how she told kaysar how there group doesnt have a leader but they know he is the leader of his group.

Maggie feels he was mad because she wouldnt tell him what happened last week.

Ivette is adament they have a dirty plan

Maggie tells them they talked about James. Beau wants to know if they are "having a meeting with James tonight"?

Jennifer is good....she wants to know why james is happier then usual. Beau thinsk maybe he has hope. Jennifer asks "what could he have hope for? Our group is the only one who has talked about this" (sounds like she is getting suspicous that someone *cough* Ivette may be giving James info)

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