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August 13th Live Feed Updates


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K goes into the common Bedroom and lays across the bottom of Rachel's bed - they are talking

R - dont give them any ideas...

K - no no I wont

R wants to know what he and A talked about. He tells her that he checked with A to see if everything was the same and he said she said yes. K says that she always (whoa, huge stomach growel from K ) acts like she doesn't have a clue what is going on (April)

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Kaysar on Rachel's bed, telling her not to worry too much.

K: Jenny lied; I talked to her in HoH. Basically, we cleared it up. Whatever happened, happened. But...(missed some)Jenny said she talked to James and they are friends now.

R: Whatever. We had an agreement but whatever.

K: This is bullshit.

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James and Jen are talking...he wants to know if he has a chance. Jen tells him no, she made a deal and intends to at least uphold the last half of it. 

James tells her he wants her to know that the mastermind behind all of this is the person she made a deal with.


(around 12:45 am BBT) but I posted this on another site

Well, anyway, here's what went down:

Jen secretly spilling all the beans to James, while Howie (?-its-dark-)overhears from GR.

Jen tells James the whole plan to backdoor him - every detail. then of course he tries to convince her not to. Here are some pieces of it:

Jen: According to them you're the mastermind.

James: Oh really? I'm just a mastermind that they put me on the block last week. They are scared of me.

Jen: Why.

James: Because I'm coming to you and talking to you. You guys pushed me to them. I had a group that turned its back on me.

Jen: But now they're turning their back on you and you're coming back to us.

James: I don't have a team. I just want a shot.

Jen: I just don't see how you had a team, and lost it, now it's your time to go.

You had two teams. You lost both.

James: No they both turned their back. The second one used me against the first one.

The problem in this game is that Kaysar got a second chance. I don't know why I can't have a second change. (editor note: Oh give me a break).

James: You need to step back. You guys have been so brainwashed. Maggie has a distaste for me because of the Eric thing. (missed something).

Jen: Howie and Janelle approached us ... I swear to go they had the plan way before they talked to me and April.

James: They gave you hope. THey were going to campaign against Ivette next week. You have to give me an opportunity to answer your questions. You are playing against dirty people. They tried to accuse you last week.

The moment I'm gone you are the target. Plain and simple.

(more about he can be ally to them).

This week we can get rid of one of theirs, they're coming after me anyway if they are HOH>

Jen: In my eyes, if I don't put you up,


James: I don't have loyalty to them.. I despite them. I don't care who goes up.. I would get rid of all of them first.

Jen: You would get rid of all of them first.

James: This is what is bothering me. I'm trying to be the real me. I would get rid of all of them first. I want all four of them gone. That is the only way.

Jen: It's never too late to turn back.

Jen: They wanted me to put up Ivette and I didn't.

James: I want the opportunity.

Jen: You stay and get HOH. Who would you put up.

James: I can't answer that. .... I can't be taken out without a cahcne.. I can't.

I stay next week.. make it to final five.. then we play fair, fun...

Jen: Who would you put up of the five?

James: It doesn't matter who... it would have to be one of you five after getting rid of them.

(Some of this is paraphrased because of background noise).

James: This means more than anything to be able to get one of those people out.

Jen: If I go back on my word completely... I'll have a bigger target on my back.

James: But at least one of them is gone and I can leave. It's not fair that I don't have a chance. I need to get rid of one of them. I have to. If I leave now, I've accomplished nothing. I need this more than anything. I can't go out like this. I need to do this for Sarah.

Jen: Isn't it really going to matter a year from now with Sarah whether you go this week or next week?

James: Yes.

Jen: I didn't think I wanted to go home before sequester.. now it's too late and after seeing pictures, I wish sortof I could.

James: It's not about sequester.

James: Until your team puts you on the block, you have no idea how it feels. I can't go out with them like that. I can't. I don't know anyway to prove it to you guys, but I have to do it for myself and for Sarah.

James is so dirty!

He's telling Jen that he pulled himself out of the game last on purpose last night bec he realized that he was going to be used by the others again, just like he was over the past several weeks

(ed: I think Howie is still hearing some through the walll from the GR)

(the following are all quotes from james unless they're in parentheses, or unless they say otherwise.)

I've been deserted by my team, and they turned their back on me, just like the first one did, now I am teamless, and I would love to be a part of your team

(he's telling her that she has to take a step back - they have been so brainwahsed to believe lies)

those (the other team) are dirty players - I am not dirty.

(wasn't James wearing a T shirt at least twice that says "I'm not a crook...?")

I'm trying to be the real me, ...

(ed:Wow, Jen is really way stronger than I thought she would have been - and I think she is proving to be MUCH more challenging in this conversation on the whole than James had counted on!!)

(Jen backs James against a corner and asks him who would he want to evict first if he were HoH - He tries SO hard not to answer it - he kinda says it might be Jen even -)

JEN: so you're telling me that you would strike a deal with a deal with maggie, and it wouldn't be ivette so it would have to be april or beau

I need just 1 more week

i need this more than anything

it's not about sequester, it's abt leaving them here to not feel that they beat me

jennifer, I can't go out with them like that

I don't have anything else

JEN: ok,, I've herard everythig you have to say, and im not abandoning you but I have to go - you have given me something to think about

Jen: I'm going to bed. I'm not going to give you hope. But it is something to think about.

James: this means so much to me. Thank you. Sleep well. Then he walks off.


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K and R talk back and forth about what went on the last week. K just can't believe that they would risk not backdooring James since James has been so successful at keeping himself safe for all these weeks.

K hugs R and then goes to bed

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Kaysar and April talking now...

Kaysar telling April that he just told Jenn, James is the #1 priority right now...  We need to him out.

April... ABSOLUTELY!!!

Now they are just talking about last week... James and Sarah... Veto... Blah, Blah, Blah...

April is like... A waste of air.

OK - this was also earlier this eve, but...


april explains to kaysar why jen lied and he says it's ok (ed: of course it doesn't really sit so well with him!)

Kaysar telling Jen and April how he wasn't here last week so he doesn't know what's been going on

k is expressing concern abt james' friendship with ivette - april tries to assure him that ivette says it's just a frieendship - like an "outside the house" friendship - and of course we can all understand how miserable James must be being so lonely...

Kaysar and April leave it with April giving Kay an enthusiastic hug and a few kisses and assuring K that she will tell him anything him anything that is pertinent and saying, all excited, "We're the bridge! We're the bridge! We're the bridge!"

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April seeking relief from severe constipation, first from Jen, then from Jan who had pills that she said really helped. Ape says that "ya know those days when I'm a real b*tch in the house? it's bec I'm constipated."

Howie says an apple a day will keep her cleared out.

April thanks him and prances off to find her Jen Jen.

later on she showed her tummy to mag and told her she was constipated and also on her period - a bad combination!

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10:20 BBT

James is on the treadmill.

Janelle's been putting on makeup for a couple minutes.

Rachel, Howie and Kaysar are sitting at the table and not really talking.

April and Ivette are sitting at the counter eating (?)

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rachel talking to janelle ,if jenn picks james for the veto comp. and rachel says we all know the story i dont want to be stuck in squester house with theese people. rachel says i have better things to do than hang out with them.

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Approx. 10:40 BBT

Howie and Rachel whispering in the Gold Room

R- Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'm more worried about you.

Talk about the veto competition and then we have fish for a few seconds. When the feeds come back, Howie's gone and Janelle is talking to Rachel in the Gold Room.

R- Wouldn't you rather go be with Michael than be stuck in the sequester house?

J- Yeah, kinda. These people are dorks (?) They don't like me.

R- Some of them don't like each other.

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cams switch to james and maggie real quick in the bathroom . i hear maggie saying wait so are you telling be you would never backdoor anybody . and james reply is he dont feel he has to.. that is what the veto is there for.. to stir up nominations... and he walks out.. maggie say interesting

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