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August 13th Live Feed Updates


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Ivette just asked James how America could have voted Kaysar back in the house..

James said that Kaysar was an evil, maniacle (sp?) person. Look at what his doing still has me in trouble to this day. (really james?? i thought that YOU were the one that came up to him with the plan, he is so full of Sh*t, UUUUGHHH)

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Guest Huntergreen

Jennifer and her group are in the HOH room preparing for bed and she is telling them how things will go down now. Yes, she plans to backdoor James. So whoever gets the veto (if there is one) will use it and Jenn will put up James. Then it is down to a vote. It will be a vote of 7 people. So the Sov-4 will have 3 votes against James and only need one more to send James packing. Ivette and maybe Beau will vote to save James leaving Maggie and April to vote. April did say she would like to vote Rachel out, then regained her thinking and will vote James. And Maggie will vote James out, as it is still her number-1 promise to Eric and we saw what happenned when she voted Kayser out.

They all asked Jenn what happenned when James had a one on one with Jenn in the HOH room. Jenn said that basically James pulled every trick in the book and even resorted to crying. Maggie was really loving this. James asked Jenn not to tell anyone that he cried, so naturally she told everybody. :lol: Jenn told them that James ended it saying that "if they needed an ally and vote on their side, he was their man". Maggie sarcastically said "oh yeah, we will remember that James on you way out the door. I hope Eric is waiting for him with a nine by four. I mean, how can anyone go back and forth so often and underhandedly and expect someone to trust him?

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Howie, Kaysar, Rachel and Janelle are going out to the hot tub.

Everyone is trying to get Howie to put on his black speedo.

April: Pack it in there really well

Everyone is gathered around the shower taking a look at Howie in his speedo.

Everyone is saying how hot he looks. (it actually doesnt look half bad)

April: Oh your butt looks great!

lots of "oooh howie" "oooo"

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Guest sunshine

rachel, howie, janelle, and kaysar laughing and having a good time in the hot tub.

maggie, jen, april, beau, and ivette bitching plotting planning in the hoh room.

not sure where james is.

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Beau, Ivette, Maggie, Jen and April talking in the HOH room

Ivette appears to be fighting pretty hardcore for them to consider keeping James. (it is actually ridiculous how much she is fighting for him). Jen is very much against it....but the others seem like they consider it on and off. Jen is raising very good points.... James is a big threat and she doesnt want to screw herself and April by putting a BIG target on their back if Jen breaks her word completely.

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Guest Nalapoo23

The Friendship is in the HOH Bedroom talking. They are all discussing this weeks evictions.

Ivette... Who's not to say that if one of them had gotten HOH, they would get dirty and NOT put James up. Rachel is one of our biggest challenges in this house. Janelle starts playing around and then in 2 seconds she's done... But Rachel on the other hand, is a Competitor. She tried so hard to get me out last week and save Sarah. This is the way I see it...

Jenn interuppted... James was even campaigning to get you out.

April... He and Sarah came to me and ask me to vote against you.

Jenn... Same here.

Jenn... Okay... for 4 weeks, we have been trying to get rid of this guy and now we have the chance to get rid of him, and now... we aren't wanting to get rid of him when we have the chance?!? Why are we doing this?!?

Beau... No, No... we're not.

Ivette... They have already proven that they will completely back out on their word.

Jenn.. Well you know what... James has too on more than one occassion.

Ivette... Has he been made out to look very untrustworthy just because he's been the target for 4 weeks?!? I'm not defending him, but...

Jenn... James made himself the target in this house. He did things that gives him this title. James is not in this room for a reason, so let's get him out now. He's a TOUGH competitor... and he needs to go... with him, you don't know if he's going in or out. Let's not make the same mistake twice.

Ivette is saying that she has talked to him alot lately...

And he's burning out on the Revenge thing. he says he doesn't want to be like Kaysar and Howie and them, lying and scheming... He doesn't want to play dirty anymore... WHATEVER...


Ivette... James let go of the button because he didn't want to play dirty.

April... You know what... Rachel told him he was safe this week if she won HOH. She said that she really believes that they had a dirty agenda... to get rid of one of the friendships...

Ivette keeps agging it on... trying to defend James.

Ivette... We have been seeing a nasty side of Rachel for the past two weeks. She carries out alot of what Kaysar asks... and the fact that she's been face to face with us... playing our side... it disgusts me.

April... Well then, should we just wait... wait until the Veto competition and see what happens?!?

Everyone... Yea I guess.

Ivette... Was Kaysar upset that you didn't put two from our side up?!?

Jenn... No, he totally understood once I explained the plan to him. We just had a little mis-communication.

*Ivette is REALLY working them to keep James...*

*She's Making Me Sick!!!*

Fish, Fish, Fish

Maggie... Wow... Howie is walking around here all smiles and he thinks that Rachel is safe... I mean Wow... His partner is on the chopping block... you would think that he would be a little worried.

Jenn... Don't put it past them... I think they really are worried. I already broke half my word... but I am keeping the rest of it.

Maggie... I want to know what he has against me to make a deal with you to put me up on the block.

Jenn... it wasn't about you Maggie. It was about backdooring James. He just said Maggie and whomever else. He said he's not after anyone on our side right now. He wants James gone. Gone, gone, gone.

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i, b, j, m and a still chatting and debating the whole James thing. Ivette is really going out on a limb here for James and feels " He deserves the opportunity.....as he now realizes how dirty he was playing."

Jen and April both think he has had more then enough chances and that James will play whatever side he needs to and he is still very much in the "grey area", whereas they at least know where Rachel stands.

( They all seem to be shutting down Ivette's idea's and thoughts very quickly and even throwing her some attitude)

Jen: "this might sound selfish, but me, M, B and A feel threatened by James, but you dont Ivette because you and James are friends."

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Guest Nalapoo23

Ivette... Can I tell you something without you getting mad at me?!?

Maggie... You can try...

Ivette... Do you remember when I had the gut feeling that they were coming afte rme on the chopping block?!? And they were?!?

Maggie... Yes.

Ivette... Well, I have a gut feeling that James is really regretting the way he's played this game.

Maggie... I believe that you believe that. But personally Ivette... He has fucked me over one too many times. He tried to get rid of me one too many times and he's partly to blame for Eric leaving... I like him now, but game wise, he has to go.

Ivette... But do you really blame everything on him?!?

Maggie... No.

Beau... Yes.

Maggie... He is responsible for his own actions and his actions in the game, tell me who he is and what he's done. And everything has been done dirty by James. But the rest of that group is to blame too, but James is responsible for his actions and he has just fucked me over one too many times. None of the rest of us, I'm not speaking for you... want him in this game anymore.

Ivette... He doesn't feel that April and Jenn are threatening... and he doesn't hold us responsible for Sarah leaving.

Maggie... I think that he wronged in this game, but we all have been wronged... But MYSELF... I have been wronged by him and so have alot of other people, mainly by him and no one else... So he is the one we need to get out of this game.

Maggie... If nothing changes and Janelle and Rachel stay up on that block... Rachel will go home. We have one chance right now... to do something major and we need to do it while we can. James knows that he is doing wrong by calling me a leader of this group in public. Everytime he does that, he's making me even more aggitating. He said it in the box last night too. If he has his best interest in mind, he would never say what he says about me in public. The nurse and cop thing, the leader thing... it just never ends...

Ivette making excuses for him again... I think he's was just drained when he said that.

Maggie... He's came after me almost every week trying to get rid of me.

Ivette... He doesn't want to come after you anymore... You are not his target.

Maggie... Well of course he is going to tell you that Ivette...

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Guest Nalapoo23

Kaysar and April talking now...

Kaysar telling April that he just told Jenn, James is the #1 priority right now... We need to him out.

April... ABSOLUTELY!!!

Now they are just talking about last week... James and Sarah... Veto... Blah, Blah, Blah...

April is like... A waste of air.

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Guest Nalapoo23

Posted: Aug 13, 2005 2:32 AM

April just announced to the world that she's on her Period... She's Bloated... She has not Shit in 3 Days...


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Guest Nalapoo23

Okay... It seems like everyone is getting ready for bed... So I am going to take a break for now, and come back in a little bit and see what's going on...

Other's with the Live FEed... Feel free to Interevene.

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James and Jen are talking...he wants to know if he has a chance. Jen tells him no, she made a deal and intends to at least uphold the last half of it.

James tells her he wants her to know that the mastermind behind all of this is the person she made a deal with.

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Janelle and Kaysar are playing chess outside the HoH room with Howie hoovering over them.

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Beau, Jen, Ivette, APril and Maggie are all being extremly LOUD in the HoH room...

Kaysar just mumbled "Oh God, shut the F**K up!"

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BBT 1:38

Janelle and Kaysar are sitting on the couch now after finishing up a game of chess....

(side note (sorry) ... im SOOOO excited to be writing about kaysar, I subscribed to the feeds after he was evicted so now that he's back i get to write about him....yipppeeee)

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Guest dudeTX

1:55am BBT

Camera men are watching the sleeping girls in the HOH room while sound is off the Kay, Jan, Howie talk going on in the living room.

If I were a lip reader they're probably catching up on 'ole times.

They said James was in the DR prior to messing with the HoH shenanigans.

Maggie complaining that 68F is too warm.

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Kaysar telling Janelle that the other group talks too much - talk before they think. He thinks they are morons. (lol)

K - we just gotta get through this week...

J, K and H head for bed in the GR - K to the bathroom first, washing his hands and face

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