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Thursday, August 11th Televised Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Okay Ranster I am here tonight , will do my best and copy all I type to word pad in case we lose the band width .

I would put in a request if can that people hold up for the live feeds , hopfully keeping the bandwidth down so those of us posting can get it in with hopefully stress free effort.

see ya'll at show time

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Guest ranster627

thanks wolfrider ... anyone trying to post live show stuff remember you can also e-mail it to me at ranster@mortystv.com if the posting doesn't work ...

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Guest ranster627

Live Televised Show: Thursday, August 11, 2005

expected tonight ...

The live eviction of Sarah or Ivette

The returnee: Michael, Eric or Kaysar

The next HOH competition ... it may be endurance and continued on the feeds after the show ...

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Guest ranster627

Julie Day 40

the BB House is on pins and needles to see who will return

they will reunite face to face and one of them will return

James won 3 record vetoes

she recaps everything up to Ivette nomination

Ivette thought she was safe, but safety is never certain

reaction to Ivette nomination

Ivette wonders if it is a plan to get rid of her

votes should be 4-3 ... April and Jennifer could be loose cannons

Ivette doesn't trust April

April raises Ivette and James friendship concerns

Howie wonders if Ivette is joining James ... but doesn't consider her a direct threat to him

Jennifer tells Maggie about the Ivette thing

Maggie talks to Ivette

Ivette feels sad no one thanked her for being a pawn

Maggie tells her she believes Ivette is safe

Ivette wakes up Maggie

Maggie directly confronts April and Jennifer ... they are silent

Maggie, eric may return

most awesome thing ever

Rachel, about Kaysar or Michael

anything that would happen would be very interesting

James you won veto ...

would be better for him to stay than her ... they can lose some sleep

Beau ... food comp

rather a week of deserts

... I'm a sweet person I like sweets

up next we will talk to returnees


B/A/ Janelle

Janelle doesn't want to keep Ivette

April wants calm

Beau loves Ivette

Beau voted to evict Sarah

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Re Capp of Last Show:

who will america send back and who will be new head of house hold , find out live tonight.

good evening I am julie chen and it is day 40 , hg anxiously awaiting who is coming back and tonight we will reveal who you chose to send back.

first is also eviction night , howie nominated sarah and james but james run veto 3rd time in a row a BB record and howie put up Ivette.

Its been promised to Ivette that the votes are not for her , but however nothing will shock her.

Votes are supposed to go 6-1 for me( Ivette ) to stay but if she can not count on rachel and janelle then should be 4-3 for her to stay but april and jennifer are lose cannons right now she says.

April says that all made a promise to vote sarah or james off , but howie put a big question into her head , but it showed her bringing up the connection between ivette and james.

jen says sarah knows where she is coming from but who is the bigger threat howie says Ivette or sarah.

Maggie says they got unfortunately dangerously close to not make this group vote the same.

Ivette says how would you feel if after you volunteered to go up no one approached you and said , its okay your staying and april went right up to hoh room after I was put up , Maggie says I think you are saying.

Maggie says the fact some are even wavering means there are people that don't care about there word in this game.

julie says lets talk to the guest

maggie what would it feel like to have eric back , she says she would love that and that is what she is hoping

ask racheal how would kaysar or mike coming back change things she says , anything would be a change and she would love to see any of them come back.

james says he feels would be better for him to stay around the extra week , just to scare people and sarah can see her family

Beau would love to eat a week of deserts the pb&j

Diary room

Janelle don't want to keep ivette

april says ivette gets riled easy , if I can not cut off the head of the snake which is james then has to go for his other part

janelle says she trust james

beau votes to evict sarah.

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time to talk to hoh howie , julie says

it was a tuff week , put james and sarah on block , do you regret it

he says this going to come back to bite me and so far is coming true

james insisted that he was not going to put racheal and howie on block does he beleive it

not at all howie says , if not now then later

julie who do you want to see come back

kaysar or michael , since michael did not stir anything up game wise , Eric since him and james left on bad terms if he can come back and protect him that would be good too.

Diary room:

Maggie alot of grey and people see ivette and bigger threat then sarah

Racheal says if Eric comes back then ivette will kling to him like saran wrap

james voted to evict ivette .

julie gives the to on block chance to speak

sarah thanks all who made her a part of this and this is a game and she understands why she is there and no hard feelings , and we are all friends. gets teary eyed

ivette says first and formost , thank you my girlfriend and family for being my heart and strength in this game , and some will be life long friends but all will be , thanks beau specially ,

by a vote of 6-1 Sarah you have been evicted.

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julie to sarah , hi , sarah says nice to meet you

people hugging , james looking sad.

julie ask sarah when howie won hoh you thought you was safe , how surprised are you ,

sarah says I am very surprised but I knew after this was going to happen

sarah thought she wanted kaysar , but finding out a few things this past week he might be a threat to james so really don't want

any of them back

james says she is amazing woman and he is very lucky to be with her and looking forward to seeing her again

and of course he loves her.

she believes she will be with her forever and he is her hero,

she says she got to know him more here than any other time and expericanced more here then many couples ever get the chance to do.

hopes he gets next hoh contest , he can be a mean guy if he has to .

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Guest ranster627

next the three evictees come face to face for the first time since leaving the Big Brother House

they have been sequestered in separate locations

no contact with the outside world

in just a few minutes they will reunite

HG's realize returnee will have impact

Jennifer thinks it's kinda scary trying to get people out not back in

Maggie would have to run over Ivette to get to him

sovereigns worry about eric

Howie wants Kaysar to think for him

Rachel said michael got a raw deal

he has the love story

Janelle wants him back

April wants eric or kaysar

AC will make a huge impact


if you go back? what do differently

first homework

who does he want to see ... Kay and Janelle


they shake hands

eric feels they made amends .. all good from there

if you go back?

same exact eric you saw before I left

next up Kaysar:

they all hug

Michael is very surprised

happy to see you but not in this context

Kaysar will stir things up once again

good luck to all three of you

back inside

on screen ...

more than 5 million votes

two highest ... Eric and Kaysar

Michael goes home

see him finale night when we return who goes in

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its a summer of secrets on Big Brother but these former house guest have not gone home and been sequestered in seperate locations with no contact with outside world , no idea who has been evicted since they left .

america's choice is kind of scary to us says jen , we want them to leave not come back

ivette says please bring my cappy back

maggie says she would love eric , but may have to run over ivette to get to him

janelle says didn't america see him as he was , his strong arm tactics

racheal says michael got a raw deal

janelle , god hope it is michael , I been so miserable with out him , even though kaysar a better game player.

April hopes is Eric or Kaysar , but kaysar would take maggie , beau and ivette before her and jen , where eric will side with the three

Maggie says Eric would make this place a furnace and americas choice will make a big impact.

enters michael , hi julie says and michael says good to see you

julie ask what he would do differently and he says has to do some homework to catch up , and wants to see kaysar and janelle first

enters eric , eric and michael hug and shake hands , eric says he thinks they made ammends before they left and all is good from there , michael says lets hang out in vegas , eric says he is a man of passion and attachement and he will be who he was and is

enters kaysar , eric says on wow , all hug and shake hands , eric calls them the three stooges and michael is shocked to see both the guys ,

kaysar promises more surprises if he goes back

julie telling the hg that the three are beside her , say hello and they all say hello

the response was over 5 million votes

two with most votes are

Eric is first person

joining eric is kaysar

one of them going back , michael not coming back

they say buy michael and julie says to michael we will see you back on finally night

when we come back america's choice is revealed.

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Eric and Kaysar one of you getting a fresh start but for the other the game deffenetly over .

hoh when you here the doorbell one of them coming back

America's choice is Kaysar . he rings the door bell and walks back in .

lots of people jumping and laughing about his return.

they are thinking america.

Kaysar got 82% of the vote says julie

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Guest ranster627

Kaysar and Eric are at the door ...

check in with HG's

are you ready ... when you hear doorbell ...

Kaysar wins

he rings doorbell ...

they run

they are soooo excited

they hugged Kay to the ground

he missed them

welcome home

Maggie hugged him

82% of the vote

next: HOH

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Guest ranster627

we come back to

HOH Competition

Howie can't play

back inside

Kaysar welcome home

everyone outside

"Pressure Cooker"

huge cage with clear walls

everyone enters

door closed

here's how it works

nine buttons

everyone pick and hold down a button

when she says go, do not let go of your button

hold button longest

takes three to let go to leave

then three more

no eating drinking or bathroom

more to game than HG's know

another surprise when we return

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with kaysar returning the hoh comp more important than ever .

julie tells kaysar welcome home and all go out to back yard.

the power is up for grabs , comp called pressure cooker and all but howie step in to it .

here is how it works , 9 buttons on wall each choose and hold down a button , when I say go the game will start and the room will lock don't let go of button no matter what you do.

the game has begun the one to hold it down the longest will win , the only way to unlock the box if three release the buttons , there will have to be another three for more to go , another surprise instore for them when they return.

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which house guest will be new hoh , find out saturday when we reviel the winner and the new house geust nominated ,

secret if you let go of button must open one of these boxes the 8 in room , some are good and some are bad , she opened first box , which was full of flies , now joining them in there presure cooker ,

last one with finger on button will be new hoh , no bathroom breaks or anything .

I will watch long as I can tonight on feeds to show who is doing what and who drops out.

though so far feeds not up yet , usually they are for me , maybe they going to fishy it till a winner.

we will find out

okay I have my feeds , when I can get back into mortys to post this last bit you all will find this out.

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