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You Know BB12 is Bad when:


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I typically LOVE to read the funny stuff on Morty's boards, get creative and bash the HG's but this Season has just been - different.

So how about a special game - for a special season.

Let me kick it off with a couple...


  • You log into Morty's Chat at 9:35PM PST on POV Ceremony night and you are the only person in chat.
  • Letters from Inanimate Objects to the HG's has fallen into archives and not been seen in weeks
  • You find yourself creating a stupid thread around how Bad BB12 is just to find some form of BB entertainment

Go ahead you try it...

You know BB12 is Bad When:

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You know BB12 is bad when you go to the daily thread Live Feed and BB After Dark and the post comments it don't go past page one. These used to go into multiple pages and now seems only one page a day.

You know BB12 is bad when you tune in and the hg's have nothing else to talk about but Brendon and Rachel who are out of the house. I mean can they let it go now and find something else to talk about since Brendon and Rachel cannot respond back since they are in the jh now.

You know BB12 is bad when instead of watching BBAD I am here thinking of things to write in this thread. I am so happy I did not buy the feeds and waste my money.

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